The Shuttle Pod Gets Excited For The Star Trek Universe Unveiled At Comic-Con 2019

Shuttle Pod 69 – San Diego Comic-Con 2019

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The Shuttle Pod crew assembles to discuss all the news out of San Diego Comic-Con. The Star Trek Universe panel didn’t disappoint, giving us updates on the new expanded universe of CBS Trek on TV. The big one, of course, was Star Trek: Picard, plus the irreverent fun of Lower Decks, more Short Treks coming this fall, and a small glimpse into season three of Discovery. The podcasters also discuss the happy surprise that there may be a Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition 4K version in the works, and The Orville‘s move to Hulu for season three.

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The physical Fox movie lot is still owned by Murdoch. Disney is leasing it from them.

For the record, I was in Houston some 8 years ago and DID go on the tour. And it kicked ass! We saw mission control from behind glass but the only way it could have been better would have been to walk in there.

I’m one of those who see show Picard and movie Picard. (And I prefer movie Picard for reasons I’ve stated before) and I agree, it is entirely possible this could be a 3rd version of Picard. And I am trusting it will continue the trend of making him a better character.

I have to say I’m not a huge fan of them diving into the Borg pool yet again. I feel like the Borg have been done to death and they really needed to move on from them. So that is the first negative thing I’ve seen. That said, it could still be done well. But that doesn’t change that I feel like the Borg have become tiresome.

Regarding the B-4 Data thing, I think it was obvious that the humming of Blue Skies was merely an “out” in the event another movie happened.

I, too, am VERY interested in Lower Decks. More so than anything that has been green lit thus far. I feel like Lower Decks will be what The Orville should have been. And it makes sense it is set in the TNG era. There is just a lot more there that lends itself to comedy. Regarding canon, in this case I really don’t care that much if they adhere or not. But I would like it if they did. But in the end, just be funny. I would have loved to hear a bit from the table read, BTW. I also think they can still mock Star Trek. In the same way that Family Guy did their Star Wars parodies. They lovingly ripped on Star Wars. It was funny but I didn’t feel like they were being cruel or anything. This can be done with Lower Decks as well.

Regarding the ‘official’ Star Trek podcast… I really don’t want to hear from someone who is beholden to the ST Universe. My fear is it will just be a love fest no matter what.

BTW… Since Disney now has Fox, does that mean the next Star Wars movie can have the Fox fanfare? To be fair, I wouldn’t say that the positive comments from Seth Macfarland or others in similar situations automatically = everyone loves the move. They are in a situation where they pretty much HAVE to say the move is positive even if they don’t really see it that way. Seth’s comments may indeed be genuine. But I think it a stretch to assume everyone is good with the move for sure. I mean, if someone’s boss moved them to a terrible location would you complain publicly? Unlikely if you wanted to keep your job. And I know a number of people who have cut the cord. None of them subscribe to HULU. I know one person who did and stopped. I honestly do not see this as a positive move for the show. I will be surprised if they get more than two more seasons now. Really. I, too, am not a fan of these huge breaks between seasons. Now I’m older so I’m still used to 3 month breaks. So 10-13 month breaks feel way too long to me. But when you go more than a year, that’s rough. I recall going quite some time between Hell On Wheels seasons. I liked the show but completely forgot what went down the previous season! And the only reason I saw it when it came back was because it was programmed on my DVR. I would think that would be a problem. And a TON of viewers will be lost with this move, for sure.

And I don’t say this enough… Thanks for the entertaining 72 minutes. Helps me get through one of my more rote responsibilities at work. :)

I’ll be okay with the Borg returning–if–they take the opportunity to do some sort of commentary on our current relationship with technology. Because it’s changed quite a bit since their last appearance on, correct me if I’m wrong, I think it was ST: Enterprise around 2004 or 2005.

Anyhow, what with smart phones, social media, the surveillance state, etc., I could see them doing something with that material. Hopefully not too on-the-nose though. I don’t need to see Seven asking Hugh to be her Facebook friend.

Thanks so much for this.

It was great to chill on a Saturday afternoon, and listen to the ShuttlePod crew work through all the news from Comic-Con.

I’m chiming in here: Thanks for the podcast, it’s one of my favourite and I always squee a bit when Kayla and Brian are introduced in each episode. (don’t get me wrong, I like all the others too 😀)

The fewer comments on Discovery is because there was no footage from season 3 Picard and Short Treks both had trailers.