Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Picard’ TV Commercial Gives Us More Riker & Troi

CBS showed a new teaser commercial for Star Trek: Picard during football last night. They haven’t posted it online, but fans have thankfully filled the gap and posted the promo online themselves.

New scenes

Troi greets Picard

Picard tells Riker and Troi he’s in over his head

Dahj, Picard, and an unknown local walk a wooded path

Troi walks Picard through the cabin

A facility is bombed out

A Vulcan? officer with an unusual rank insignia tells someone, “Everything is at stake.”

Picard is dragged out of a building by Romulans

Coverage of previous trailers

This is the third trailer for Picard to be released. The first trailer was brought to San Diego Comic-Con in July, and then earlier in the fall a second one was shared with the New York Comic Con crowd in October. A third was released on December 20 and shown in many theaters during the holidays.

Star Trek: Picard will premiere on January 23, 2020. It will be available on CBS All Access in the USA. CTV Sci-Fi Channel (formerly called Space) and CraveTV in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video for the rest of the world on January 24. Episodes will be released weekly.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Picard news at TrekMovie.

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Looks good but i’m so tired of every trailer for everything now having the

Its called drama


I am so bored with people who have nothing to do with a franchise destroying the characters just so they can build them back up again in this tired, predictable “hero’s journey”. Who even is the target audience for this? It’s absolutely incredible that everyone else can sense it’s a flop before it’s even out of the gate, but the producers think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Just rename it “Lets Kill Picard” and be done with it. Why do they think that we have an apatite for someone else’s interpretation of our favorite characters? It’s absurd.

Isn’t everything that ISN’T produced by YOU “someone else’s interpretation of our favorite characters”? Come on now.

Yeah, that overblown stuff is wearing thin.

Yeah, once – just once – I’d like to hear the protagonists say, “Oops. Um, can we take a mulligan on that mission?”

ST 2009 – A man angry at the federation tries to destroy stafleet.
ST Into Darkness – A man angry at the federation tries to destroy starfleet.
ST Beyond – A man angry at the federation tries to destroy starfleet.

I’m detecting a pattern.

LOL yeah, why the Kelvin films really bothered me. They could do ANYTHING and yet all three films rested on defeating an uber-villain who was out to destroy the Federation! It just felt lazy after awhile and they had no real ideas what to do with it. Another reason I don’t Beyond did that well either, it just felt like the same thing. If they ever get a fourth film made before I die, all I ask is come up with a NEW angle for pete’s sake.

Exactly. Total failure of imagination.

Asking for a new angle from Hollywood has a VERY low chance of success.

True facts

oh please stop acting like this only happened with the Kelvin films…

Outside of Episode 4: Whales in Space, Episode 5: The laughing Vulcan, and maybe Episode 1: Bad Space Gas, all the Trek movies were about some pissed off individual(s) wanting to destroy the Federation

Soran didn’t want to destroy the Federation or anyone in fact. He just wanted to get into the Nexus but the way he went about doing it would cost other lives. But he wasn’t angry at anyone or blamed the Federation for the Borg attacking his homeworld. His motivation had nothing to do with the Federation, they just got involved with stopping him.

The Son’a in Insurrection motivation also had NOTHING to do with the Federation. They just wanted their planet back from the Baku and in fact was working WITH the Federation to help them. So how exactly do they have something against the Federation if they are literally working together?

In TSFS the Klingons wasn’t plotting to destroy the Federation. Obviously they hated them but they just wanted the Genesis device. No one ever suggested they were going to use it to take down Starfleet or anything like that. You could argue they COULD do that but that wasn’t a story point in the film either.

The Borg in First Contact wanted to take over Earth and the alpha quadrant but that’s just the Borg being the Borg lol. It’s not out of vengeance or anger, its just want they do with everyone.

In TUC, again it had nothing to do with destroying the Federation. Some of the Klingons AND Starfleet feared a universe where they were no longer enemies and ironically worked together to keep the status quo. But no one was trying to destroy the Federation over it.

The issue with the Kelvin films is that LITERALLY all the main villains ultimate goal. Nero, Khan and Krall all pinpointed the Federation as their motivation to do all their crazy deeds and blamed them directly for their anger. Even in TWOK (where this all really started) Khan was never directly angry at the Federation, but Kirk himself. You can infer he would’ve used the Genssis device to attack other Federation worlds but he never said that, the film was basically wanting to get revenge on Kirk himself.

Nero in reality was really angry at Spock (which was really odd in itself) but used his anger to try and destroy the Federation over it. Khan in STID didn’t hate the Federation, but Admiral Marcus and Section 31 for what they did to him, but like Nero he basically wanted to punish the Federation as a whole over it. Krall made the least lick of sense out of all of them. He was actually a Federation officer who got stuck on a planet in a place he knows communication was hard to get through, especially in the 22nd century but decided in all that time the Federation should pay for his accident.

It happened over and over again. It’s even weirder because the Federation had really nothing to do with their plight and in the case of Nero and Krall they just blamed it just to blame it basically. And yes this was the same issue with Shinzon and Nemesis. The Federation had nothing to do with Romulans creating him and treating him like dirt but naturally he wants to attack the Federation because it’s there I guess. So we had four films in a row that did this but only the Kelvin films used it for every movie.!

ST TMP – Probe mad at Earth tries to destroy…everything
ST TWoK – Man angry at Kirk tries to destroy Enterprise
ST SfS – Man angry at Kirk tries (and succeeds) to destroy Enterprise
ST TVH – Probe mad at Humanity tries to destroy Earth
ST TFF – God-like thing mad at life tries to destroy everyone
ST TUC – Klingon mad at Federation tries to destroy Federation
ST GEN – Mad angry at time tries to destroy lots of planets
ST FC – Queen mad at humanity tries to destroy Earth
ST INS – Guy mad at Federation tries to destroy Ba’Ku (and Enterprise)
ST NEM – Guy mad at his clone tries to destroy Earth

The trend you can call out is someone mad tries to destroy things. I prefer to look at the trend as awesome startship crew saves the day.

Yeah, having a bedridden Picard staring at the ceiling for a few seasons would be so much more interesting.

I don’t think OP meant this. But sometimes smallers stakes work perfectly well for a series premise, too. It doesn’t always have to be the end the world or even a worse threat, especially not in a first season of a series. Because then it is kind of hard to increase the stakes in the future. And going from the end of everything stuff in season 1 to a season 2 storyline where at most a few lives are in danger, doesn’t work so well either.

Picard is only planned to go three seasons.

In theory 3 seasons Ernst, although originally they said one 10-episode novel.

If it’s doing well and Patrick Stewart is up for more, I suspect ViacomCBS will let it go longer.

Or, there may be a hand off where his new crew go on to their own adventures. It seems we’ve heard some hints along those lines already.

We also have to remember they were already planning a Section 31 spin off show with Yeoh before Discovery even officially premiered, so my guess is the same thing can happen with Picard and one of the characters from that show OR maybe another TNG era character might get a show if Picard proves to be a big success but Stewart doesn’t want to do anymore beyond three seasons.

I have a feeling though if the show is a genuine hit Stewart will probably go as long as they ask him to since he has so much control and clout on this show.

Back in the good old days a series ran for as long as it was well received, not because someone decided before the first episode airs how long it’s going to be watchable for.

Mr. Hattrell, that is true. But with that logic, we wound up with so many shows that just dragged on well past their prime because people tuned in regardless. I have absolutely no problem with a series having an endgame in mind when they debut. None whatsoever.

I basically agree with Ambassador Sybok, but 8 do think there should be some flexibility to change the show based on circumstances. Jesse was originally supposed to be killed off in season two of BREAKING BAD, and we can all agree that the show was better off for deviating from the plan.

So two more seasons they will need storylines for, too. And I bet they don’t want to lower the stakes. I mean just look at DIS. They started off with the end of Federation and in season 2 it was already the end of all life in the galaxy. And now in season 3 they seemingly couldn’t really top the stakes anymore in the present and decided to land Discovery 1000 years in the future to come up with stakes for the characters.

Come on… It’s pretty obvious Burnahm will single handedly reform the Federation else some horrid apocalypse puts an end to everything.

That is part of life, even if you don’t train for it. The point is entertainment and to inspire people. Just read some history and this kind of thing happens in certain human beings life a LOT. Sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug. lol

You’ve just described all of Star Trek. They’ve all had their end of the universe events. I mean what if Picard didn’t fix time in All Good Things. The universe would’ve ended. Think about that, it’s silly when you do but there you go I guess…

Picard didn’t do anything in AGT. Q did it all.

And it was just a test the Q devised for him. I don’t think the universe was really going to end. They would’ve fixed it if he failed. The Q can be bastards at times but they aren’t evil and actually try to keep to the status quo of things. That’s why Q was thrown out of the continuum in season 3, because he was messing around with things too much.

Super stoked! We’re so close!

The girl with the arrows reminds me of classic TNG at its corniest! Ha ha

Really buzzing for this here in the UK on Amazon Prime the day after my 61st birthday on the 24th January!

Who’s at piano?

Amarie’s daughter

This has not been discussed before, but it is interesting that the font for Star Trek in the logo if the TOS font.

I think it is more that they have decided to standardise the Star Trek brand on that font

It’s called a “cash grab”.

Mr. Hattrell, the logo you see in early publicity seldom translates all the way into the series. Yes, the TOS logo is a grab, but I have faith (not of the heart, btw) that it’ll change. I remember that DS9 had some downright terrible logos before the series debuted.

It’s not a cash grab. Much like Doctor Who recently, CBS has decided to unite the Trek branding with one Star Trek font. Other franchises have a font that immediately announces what you’re seeing (Star Wars being the most obvious), it makes sense for Trek to have that as well. Besides, while I loved the TNG font back in the day (and still do for nostalgic reasons), it looks much more dated than the TOS font. I don’t see how any of that can be interpreted as a cash grab.

Every tv show is a cash grab.

its has been discussed before.

After watching that last trailer and now this one… is that Mars where that romulan armada is headed and could that be the reason for the bombardement, that is seen in Picards Ten Forward scene?

Is this the first confirmation of a TV-MA rating? Not terribly surprised, but a little disappointed.

EDIT: I guess it has been confirmed before. Still disappointing.

I guess to answer my own question with a few seconds of Googling, I guess it isn’t. Still disappointed.

Anyone figured out who the target audience for this is? STD fans?

Funny thing is most* of the Discovery/Short Treks episodes that get the TV-MA seem to get it for PG/PG-13 language that give some other shows a TV-14. (Star Trek Generations would get a TV-MA by the same standard, and it was rated PG.) Kind of wish they’d standardize these things a bit more. Though at least they rate each episode individually.

*There are definitely a few significant exceptions.

The ratings systems are weird animals. I’m not as well versed on how TV vs movies. If you want to get a decent idea of the goofiness of the MPA ratings boards, check out the documentary “This Film is Not Yet Rated.”

Nude Picard and 7 of 9 scene confirmed 👍👍

Does that mean Picard becomes one with the Borg?
(runs and hides)

Just toot the flute, my dear.

Just close your eyes and think of the collective!

Oh, Hawke!

You win the internet today, Harry.

Oh, goodie, ML31. Where’s my prize?

What do you mean nothin’? Why I oughtta…

You won pride for a day. Now back to normal. :)

Oh yeah 😋

There… are… FOUR… cheeks!

Well, EIGHT cheeks if you count faces!

Hmm, the combadge looks 25% different to the All Good Things combadge. Very similar indeed but not quite the same.

Is it the truth? Or did you hear it from midnight’s edge?


Facepalms are the only logical response to this persistent silliness.

The bloody 25 percent conspiracy theory is one that cleverly self-perpetuates precisely because you DON’T want to keep replicating everything to look exactly like what became standardized on Berman Trek. It IS going to look different. If it doesn’t, then you’re not letting your artists and designers actually do their job.

Which moving forward in time, it is fine for designs to change and evolve. It is only when they are in a prequel with already established designs that you get issues. So it is not really an issue with ST: Picard (unless, of course, they use that right quarter line on the insignia like they do in ST:Discovery, which is a very direct flaunting of the 25% rule, but I digress.).


Exactly! That’s why moving forward is always generally better because people EXPECT change and why by the time TNG got to Nemesis they were already wearing different uniforms, on a different ship, etc. You can change as much as you want. When you do a prequel though, you expect almost the opposite and for that universe to be graved in stone in a way.

And when they don’t get it right like Discovery didn’t for many, well….

And exactly why they moved that show to the 32nd century, they can change whatever suits them and give the writers and artists the chance to break free without paying the price as they did in the show’s first season.

So basically, this is the real reason why fans don’t like ST to be making prequels. Because they just already know the production team is going to update ST regardless of when it’s set, guaranteeing that the conspiracy theorists will always find fuel for their “25 percent” lies and BS. It’s artistic license.

STD never looked too “advanced”, it looked like an entirely separate lineage that very occasionally paid homage to the original. It’s incompatible with any prior ST look, and it’s retroactive. Hopefully STP did the same (it would be silly of them not to after STD).

The difference is so new merch can be sold without encroaching on the licencees of existing merch. it’s as simple as that. The only reason for changes is as a new revenue stream. New models, new merch, new action figures, new cosplay uniforms, yada yda yada..

That’s not the only reason by a longshot. They do it because as filmmakers they know ST can’t continue on looking like it’s stuck in the ’90s (as fans would seemingly have it do for continuity’s sake).

The Youtubers who spread lies about a licensing directive to make things 25 percent different do so with the cynical hope of triggering fans who share their frustration whenever ST gets updated. Their goal is to de-legitimize everything that does not conform to their expectations. And within this mindset is a stubborn refusal to accept and acknowledge that ST already crossed this bridge under Roddenberry and Bob Wise with TMP. It is nothing new.

Those Youtubers are just stuck in their ways and they clearly have enough people to agree with them to keep spewing obvious lies and falsehoods.

That said they are still very much in the minority. As much as we talk about things like Discovery and its ‘visual canon’ most fans in fact do accept change. As you pointed out it happened with TMP, then again with TNG and then again with DS9. Yes at the beginning some fans question it, say its not ‘real’ Star Trek but eventually accepts it.

DIS is a different animal because it’s basically a reboot of the show but pretended it wasn’t. That’s going to confuse people, especially if they wanted a return to the original universe as much as possible. But even with that said in time people would’ve just eventually accepted it IF they think the show itself is good and worth watching. It wouldn’t be an issue at all if people fell in love with the show and that seems to bare out because the people who DO love the show now don’t really care about how it looks (and many love it because it does look different). It’s the ones who don’t that still needs to be convinced.

And I guess you can argue its a chicken or an egg situation. Do they not like it because the story and character lacks for them and that colors how different it looks or is it because it looks and feels so different that it negates everything else? And of course it could be both lol.

For me, I still think if they wanted it to look and feel so different they should’ve A. put it in another era altogether, especially not one that is already so iconic like TOS or B. if they really wanted to stay in this era then just CALL IT A REBOOT and people would’ve been fine with it because they aren’t trying to fit it in with 50 years of previous canon. It would just be its own new thing. I still have no idea why this would be an issue. People keep so ‘I’m so sick of dealing with canon’ but yet the idea of starting completely fresh is almost blasphemy at the same time. If you don’t want to have a show that will begin anew then clearly you actually DO care about canon lol. You can’t have it both ways.

But the show runners themselves finally realized they WERE sick of dealing with canon as well and that they needed to finally go with one of these options rebooting the show a thousand years into the future. Let me make this clear, I don’t think the show NEEDED to go that far in the future to resolve the issues nor do I think it really needed to even leave the era it was in to rectify it, but I think putting it in an advanced era was just more about both fans and writers wanting to go forward again and probably felt being a prequel inhibited them story wise, which of course was another problem entirely.

I think overall this will be great for the show IF the story is great but it will get more fans on board who didn’t want another prequel or TOS based.

Fans would kill trek if they had control of it. I could never stomach those lame fan movies.

I think you are underestimating the bulk of the fans when you say they prefer the look of Trek “stuck in the ’90’s.” I think most want continuity to make sense. If you make a new show and set it in the same time from that TNG took part in, people expect that show to LOOK like it belongs in that time frame. It’s the reason why a lot of fans took issue with the look of Discovery. Because it didn’t look like it belonged in the time frame producers claimed it did. At all. (of course the show itself not being very good helped) If the Picard show, a show we are told is set some 30 years after the TNG days mind you, looks like it actually took place IN the TNG days there will be a lot of fans unhappy with it. That show should LOOK like it is 30 years after TNG. Does architecture from the 70’s look the same as that of the 40’s? No. The world of Trek should be no different.

My god there is some rampant cynicism in here. Trek is not like Star Wars when it comes to merchandising. I doubt CBS brings in that much from it. The idea that they would mandate the creatives on Discovery to change things in order to sell some new Eaglemoss models is tough to believe. These changes almost entirely come down to the vision of the showrunners, who are not making decisions based on merchandising.

So true

Yeah a pretty silly idea. Only hardcore fans even knows about or buys those models since you can only buy them online. Its not like the old days in the 90s when Trek was really huge and merchandise was in all the department and toy stores. The stuff today is more niche and I highly doubt anyone is making a huge amount of money to the point they are making story decisions over it.

I doubt any of the old shows ever did anything for merchandise reasons because during those times fans would basically buy whatever the shows produced anyway. That stuff were instant sellers.

When they remake TOS in 50 years. It won’t look like anything you’ve seen before.

The TOS design was garbage btw.

Even IF this WAS True… the 25% Thing.
It is 100% History now. Meger! Both Companys are the same now.

It was a joke not a dick and therefore not to be taken so hard.

I think STD is trash, but I’m still smart enough to know most of what comes out of Nerdrotic and midnights Edge is crap

Yeah it’s nice hey changed it slightly. That way you can easily spot if we are in an alternate future (anything with the All Good Things badges) or the “real” future ( the Picard badges)

The uniforms and comm badge make me so happy, it’s a recognizable evolution of the uniforms that they left off with and it looks great. They even incorporated a better looking version of the TNG All Good things comm badge. Curiously this show doesn’t seem to have any of those huge VFX set-pieces you expect from modern Sci-Fi, and the shots they do show aren’t particularly state of the art.

“Everything is at stake.”

Modern storytelling summed up in four words.


At least Picard has enough earned history to be credible as a hero at this scale.

But as a form it’s getting tired.

Every Trek series has had episodes where “everything is at stake.” That just goes with the genre.

Sure, that’s fine if it happens once in a while in an episode or a movie. But with serialization it’s been building to that EPIC story every time – in the two seasons of Discovery and now, apparently, Picard.

One of the things I liked about The Mandalorian is how small the story is (so far). They’ll probably go bigger next season. That’s the nature of the beast. It’s refreshing, though, to take the finger off the epic button now and then.

When you know a series will last a bit, and Picard is practically garantueed to get three seasons, you could start on a bit smaller scale and increase the stakes over time.

There is no point making season 2 and 3 when season 1 has nosedived before it’s out of the gate. TNG fans don’t recognise this, STD fans don’t care, so who is the target audience? A few select fanboys?

There’s a group of us (probably a large group) that will watch anything with the name ‘Star Trek’ on it.

Mr. Hattrell, apparently you missed the news that season II is in production. Apparently someone a bit more farsighted saw the point…

Whoever the audience is, it’s there and it’s excited. Just walking around in NYC I’ll pass a poster for Picard and hear ppl talking about how they’re excited for it and will tune in. We’ll see in a month who actually tunes in

Everything is at …Picards Steakhouse! Best ribs this side of Mars!!


There are FOUR SIDES with your ribs!

Mmmmm….extra spicy Picard sauce….

Phil, good Homer Simpson there.Yes!

Trek novels have had a tendency to have these giant stakes for decades. Casually have Borg fleets invade the alpha quadrant and XXL Planetkillers devour Pluto for fuel etc.

To some extent Ernst.

The Relaunch novels did work off a writers room and allow the situation to evolve over the books, but not every book had that level of stakes. As time went on both the DS9 and TNG Relaunch novels tried to recapture the spirit of exploration.

And as much as I would like to see the Destiny trilogy or other excellent Trek-lit brought to streaming, one of the challenges of these books from a marketing perspective is that it was hard to start reading the books without going back and catching up.

Too many new readers were turned off by the changing roles and development of the main characters. For me, seeing Worf develop as a First Officer under Picard was fantastic, but for others it was a barrier. This is all the more an issue if some of the books along the way aren’t of as great quality. If one realizes that one just wants to avoid books by a couple of the authors, one has to accept that stuff will happen that will change characters and the timeline that one will skip over. (Although Memory Beta helps fill in a lot…)

One wonders if this will be a problem for streaming Trek down the line. It’s easier to skip over the lower quality episodes of the early seasons of TNG, DS9 or Enterprise and follow the larger arcs than it would be to skip the entire first two seasons of Discovery and start on S3.

Finally a few new shots. Is that a Vulcan or an Elf in the Starfleet uniform? :/

Vulcans are the Elves (as in Tolkien) of Star Trek.

Those ears do look odd. Are we sure it’s a Vulcan?

The ears had to be 25% different.

On a serious note the ears do look a lot different to say Ethan Pecks

Not all humans have the shaped ears! Viz., Ross Perot, Prince Charles, and Ernst Stavro Blofeld!

Since it was only comprised of two second snippets (at least thats how it looked) I had to read this article to catch all the details. Many thanks.

Looks amazing! So great to see Picard, Riker and Troi in the same room again after all these years! :)

Just a little over 3 weeks to go now! But I’m just excited for everything that is coming next year. It will be the first time we will have three Trek shows on in a single year and ALL of them will be going forward from the 24th to the 32nd century. I have not been this excited for Trek since the 90s.

It’s a shame it bares no recognition whatsoever with TNG aside from the old cast playing rewritten characters. I don’t think CBS are prepared for the lack of interest in “Picard” outside of a bunch of fanboys desperate to see something better than STD.

Mr Rob Hattrell, if business press reports for the investor community are accurate, ViacomCBS knows precisely what it is about.

1) Trek fans are the most stable subscribers on CBS’ streaming platforms.

2) Picard is the #1 most anticipated streaming show of 2020 (in terms of audience searches).

3) in 2018, 26% of CBS revenue came from streaming subscriptions on CBSAA and Showtime, and in the last month before the merger was finalized, streaming subscriptions were 34% of revenue.

Just because it may not represent your ideal of ‘TNG continued’ doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful.

(Besides, I agree with Tiger2 as usual. I’m excited and so are the rest of our household and fans in our extended family. We’re not going to let some ‘it will never be the Trek I want’ voices dampen the excitement.)

If there ever is a Showtime/CBS All Access single subscription fee, that could motivate me to have a full time subscription.

It wouldn’t motivate me. But what would motivate me to get Showtime would have been had the new Trek show aired there in addition to or instead of CBSAA. I probably would have subscribed year round. Won’t do that for CBSAA.

Agreed TG47!

It’s obvious this show has a huge interest with fans, probably the biggest since the first Kelvin movie. Most seem fine that it’s not a TNG clone but same time a continuation of that universe.

I’m actually surprised just how much fans are excited about the show even after they learned it wasn’t going to be Picard on the Enterprise again and that it does look and feel different. This is a great sign fans are willing to accept differences because I think honestly most are just excited to see Picard back in any form and of course a continuation of the 24th century mythology and concepts which many (like me) really missed.

Of course it doesn’t mean people will just love the show and it could still be bad. But I think what they did was really smart to bring in characters the fanbase love like Riker, Seven and Data while centering it around the Borg which MOST fans still love to this day. That was probably the smartest move since we haven’t seen them since Endgame (well we did see them on Enterprise but that was the past).

But that said its certainly nothing wrong for some fans to be skeptical as well. It’s Star Trek, this is par for the course lol. No matter what happens some fans are going to hate it no matter what, but hopefully the show will convince most it’s a worthy continuation of the TNG era and Star Trek in general.

Personally I just hope they make Picard interesting. He had potential to be a good character but the TNG writers were handcuffed by GR and his “future humans were perfect” edict. It wasn’t until DS9 that Trek spinoffs produced interesting characters. Which makes sense to me. They learned from TNG what worked and what didn’t. To be honest, had DS9 not wrapped things up as well and as neatly as they did I would be wishing for them to return. But that window is permanently closed now. And I’m totally fine with that.

Yes I know your feelings on Picard lol. To me he was always interesting. Obviously to a lot of people and hence why he is so popular now to get his own spin off show. He is probably the most popular Captain in Star Trek in most polls or the second most popular in others. Its usually always between him and Kirk. But yes hopefully the show will change our mind on him.

I meant your mind.

It might. The main thing that caused me to really like First Contact was because it showed Picard succumb to a MAJOR character flaw. Quite frankly it was completely out of character for him based on what we saw of him for 9 years. But I let that go because it made the movie better.

Thank Buddha it looks nothing like TNG. That would be an instant turn off for me.

Agreed, we don’t need to emulate 30 year old last generation Trek. We need something bold and different, and by all accounts Picard looks like it will be

You really are a real Debbie Downer aren’t you?

Debbie Downer is a hottie.

I still believe that Dahl will be revealed as Picards’ daughter. Some sort of Picard clone, perhaps a Romulan experiment, mixing Terran and Romulan DNA. This could be a bridge too far, but she could also have some borgification somewhere. It makes sense with the Romulans being central to the show.

I am Shinzon of Xerox..

Sadly I think you are right about being Picard’s daughter. Even if it’s a riddled cliche mess I’ll still watch the show largely because of the presence of Patrick Stewart.

I think she will be Khan’s granddaughter.

I think she’s a liberated Borg child, or perhaps a potential Queen. The reason why she trusts Picard without hesitation is because she remembers Picard’s “essence” from his time as Locutos.

”potential Queen” Yeah, never thought of that. Why do I get the funny feeling Picard’s out to SAVE the Borg? What a bizarre reversal if so.

I’m pretty sure that is where the show will be ultimately going.
The Borg are the ultimate “other” and still the greatest threat to the Galaxy we know of in Star Trek, so coming to terms with them would be a very Trek thing to accomplish.

Beverly and Data’s love child….I am FULLY functional, damnit!!

Patrick Steward sounds really, really old.

>>Phil said, “Patrick Steward sounds really, really old.”

Sir Patrick was 79 this year. He IS really, really old. Keep that in mind when viewing Star Trek: Picard. We aren’t going to see the Sir Patrick or Picard of 30 years ago. We can’t. Out of biological necessity Sir Patrick’s role is going to have to be smaller, less taxing and physical than his TNG days. And viewed through the haze of nostalgia, there will no doubt be fans who will be disappointed by this.

Damnit, hoisted on his own…..picard!

Yes, it’s bit of a shame they didn’t do this show 10 years ago when everyone was a little younger… Oh well, better late than never!

Ten years ago no one seemed interested in doing another Trek show and Stewart seem like he was really done after Nemesis. But yes I imagine the story would be different in the sense not so many are retired from Starfleet. But I’m not bothered by that either way.

I think he’s playing old. In interviews and at conventions he seems very different (acts younger).

Yeah, they may be going for old, retired Picard vs. reinvigorated Picard when he gets back into action.

That’s what I’ve been thinking too DIGINON.

I think you’re spot on with this. Stewart is playing an older and at least partly broken Picard. He’s weary of the universe and of the organizations he once believed in whole-heartedly.

And then he gets his groove back.

The officer seems to be Romulan. Her ears are different from the Vulcans we have seen before.

I like that they are using the JJ movie Romulans and not the TNG Romulans. I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about this.

They’re also the TOS Romulans. TNG’s Romulan makeup was silly.

I never understood the TNG Romulan makeup. I guess they just liked slapping weird foreheads on every alien. Also it’s a little racist to give them darker skin just because their the bad guys.

I have no idea why TNG felt forehead appliances were necessary for Romulans. It’s almost as if they felt they needed to differentiate them visually from Vulcans yet they were supposed to be nearly identical. So what was the point? All it did was add to the production cost it seemed.

I will agree with everyone here. To this day it NEVER made sense the Romulans would look so different in the TNG era since they are basically just Vulcans. I never understood why Roddenberry made that decision on the show??? They are the same species as each other so why make them look so different biologically? It only confused people.

And this is the one proactive change I think the Discovery producers will actually be applauded for and not booed over lol. So yeah its a good change for sure.

I’m pretty sure since the Romulans were the big bad of the show, it necessitated a more sinister appearance

Weren’t the Borg the big bads?

Why assume the officer is Vulcan rather than Romulan?

Its possible, but it seems unlikely that there are any Romulans in Starfleet.

Nice to get a little new stuff. But for me, showing more of Troi is certainly NOT a way to get me interested in the show. There were a handful of subjects in TNG that guaranteed the episode would be terrible. And a Troi centered episode was one of them. The good news is I already know she will not be playing a major role here so that’s a good thing.

Interesting that CBS has been marketing this show WAY more than they did for Discovery 3 years ago. I barely saw any Discovery promos anywhere. But I see a lot of Picard stuff in numerous places. It’s almost as if CBS didn’t really trust Discovery to bring in subscribers but feel Picard can. I honestly don’t think they are wrong.

“There were a handful of subjects in TNG that guaranteed the episode would be terrible. And a Troi centered episode was one of them. ”

“Face of the Enemy”

FotE was an okay show with a good cast, but it is still an ep with a black hole at its core. Honestly, if they’d dropped Troi back in s1, I think the show would have benefited. She barely did counselling (didn’t even see her office till middle of s3 I think) and the best counselling scenes for Picard wound up being done by Guinan.

It’s funny, one of my spec scripts for TNG — not the one that got me in to pitch — actually addressed the Guinan counselling thing, where she blows off Picard with, “a bartender’s prime directive is to tell ’em what they want to hear,” and if he really wants answers to his personnel dilemma (a kid died on the ship — as in how can a kid die on the Enterprise), he HAS to talk with Troi. I actually had Troi do a mix of traditional counseling and made-up pressure point stuff to make it seem advanced, but the best stuff in the script was the Guinan scene.

Personally I always loved Troi! I couldn’t imagine the show without her but I know everyone has a different opinion. I mean if they erased Chekhov out of all the TOS episodes and films I don’t think I would notice but he’s still a fan favorite for many.

In jr high, a friend and I both tried writing trek short stories (they were godawful bad), and each of us killed Chekov right out of the gate! (Mine also killed off about 300 other crewmembers, as Kirk had been promoted off the ship and they had a clown running things. My friend’s story had the Enterprise break in half at the end — always write what you want to see, I guess, was his inspiration.

About the only interesting takeaway I recall was my story pointed out that it wasn’t just the Enterprise needing Kirk as captain, but that Kirk absolutely needed it — he immediately went to fat and had no attention span for diplomatic meetings.

That is pretty funny. To make this clear I don’t hate Chekhov obviously and in the movies he became the comic relief, but he really seemed to have no real reason to be there at all other than they need a navigator. But character wise you can replace him with an android and I doubt anyone would notice.

I would’ve liked to have read some of those Trek stories, they can’t be any worse than a lot of the fan fiction you see posted today lol.

Oh, they can be worse! When I was 19, the summer after TMP came out, I worked two months at a Dunkin’ Donuts. Tons of down time, so I handwrote about 70 pages of a post-TMP Trek story (closest thing I’ve ever done to novel-length, except for several screenplays.)

I dug it out a couple months back, 39 years later, and instead of being able to appreciate the bits of good stuff, found that none of it was any good at all. I was clearly ticking off boxes that TMP hadn’t (phaser fight in engineering with Kirk leaping onto the core and edging his way round while wondering if having his junk up against all that radiation was going to be a bad thing, plus ship battle with three Klingon cruisers), but it was strictly amateur-hour, and I actually threw it away, something I don’t think I’ve done with any of my spec writing except on two other occasions. I’ve still got bits from two other scripts that are just as old (pages really have gone yellow) and I’m keeping those because there are nuggets in there, but this novel really was full of it(self) and just had to go.

I never saw him as comedy relief except in the KU where they poked fun at his accent. And I found it funny you said he could be replaced with an android because TNG nearly did just that in that an android sits at Chekov’s station! (Although in TNG they simply replaced Spock with an android but that’s another can of worms).

I also think it funny you said this… “but he really seemed to have no real reason to be there at all other than they need a navigator.” because that is exactly how I felt about Troi. Checkov was there because they HAD to have a navigator. Even if was only to say “plotting course, aye.” Troi didn’t even have a reason to be on the bridge. Ever. She served no command function. In fact, it seemed like she should have been on Crusher’s medical staff. And Crusher didn’t have a bridge station.

What I’m saying is they didn’t have to make the navigator a main character, which he (or she) wasn’t in the first season of TOS. It was always just some random officer until they created Chekhov. What’s funny is that’s the case in basically all the shows. On TNG, Voyager and Enterprise they never had a permanent one. The pilot was always stressed for obvious reasons although in TNG it was a random person a lot of times for that role too, especially when Wesley left. I guess the woman on Discovery (can’t remember her name) is the navigator but she’s kind of like Chekhov, mostly just there.

But I thought he was funny in all the movies from TSFS on. He made me laugh the most anyway, especially in TVH and TUC.

And it really has nothing to do with the crew position, Chekhov was just given nothing to do. You could say the same for Sulu and Uhura but they were at least more interesting characters.

As for Troi, I think she was on the bridge because she was used for her telepathic powers when the ship encountered a new ship or foe. That wasn’t being a counselor, she was basically used more strategically because she had an ability Picard could use, especially in first contact situations with a new species they met. But no I don’t think counselors normally were on the bridge and why we never saw others on them. She was more of an exception I think for those reasons.

But if you didn’t like her as a character, I certainly understand. I think the fanbase has always been divided on Troi. I’ve always really liked her though and especially her relationship with Riker. That was probably the most mature relationship arc on all the shows.

I get what you are saying about Troi’s limited ability to “read” people even over visual transmissions. But from my point of view she never offered anything that wasn’t already pretty darn obvious. And she would often make vague analysis like, “he’s hiding something but I can’t tell about what.” When pretty much everyone looking at the man could make that deduction. I’ll give you the Riker relationship. That actually did work. So let’s end on that positive comment.

As much as I loved TOS the Chekov character was probably the weakest. In fact, all beyond the main three weren’t fleshed out in any significant way. Maybe Scotty a little. But then, that show really did not set out to be an ensemble like TNG set out to be. I do wish they did work with the other characters more than they did. Seems there was a lot of story potential there. But that was not how shows in the ’60’s worked. I guess Chekov has his fans. And I thought he was a nice addition. But he wasn’t missed in that first season, I can tell you.

I don’t know the bulk of the TNG episodes by titles. So I have no idea what FotE was even about. If you said, “the one where…” I would have a much better idea. And I’m too lazy to look it up on Memory Alpha. If it’s a Troi centered episode there is a very good chance the episode was garbage.

The problem with Troi was the character was so amazingly worthless. She contributed NOTHING except the amazingly obvious. There was no reason for her to be a regular character. Much less have a station on the bridge. At best she should have been a recurring character on the odd chance someone needed a counselor. Although as kmart said, the ships bartender tended to handle that role far better than Troi ever did. And all this was on top of the same problem all the regular characters had on TNG. Save for Worf. They were all nearly perfect people who had no real character issues of any kind to make them unique or interesting.

Never much of a Troi fan either, but her main job was exposition that didn’t feel right coming from other characters. From other characters on the Bridge – exposition had to come from either technical knowledge or information they had (from experience or data [not Data] from history/the computer). Having Troi allowed the writers to have someone who could give emotional exposition – explaining why someone might be doing something. The writing for her though was just never really great.

Usually some character stands in for the audience, sure. But I don’t recall her really doing that. Other shows managed to get by without the ships shrink on the bridge. Even the post TNG shows. So I really still don’t see what function she served.

FotE is the episode where Troy is surgically altered and under cover as a Tal Shiar officer on a Romulan ship.

It was written by Naren Shankar, and it was his first script credit.
I saw him at a CreationCon not long after and he said that he felt most of the writers didn’t know what to do with Troi and her abilities. FotE really marks a change in her role that progresses through Chain of Command (where she gets into uniform) and on through her testing as a commander.

It’s not surprising in hindsight that Shankar was the one to see how strong Troy could be given what he’s doing with female characters as showrunner of The Expanse.

I vaguely recall that episode. It left no lasting impression. I’m re-watching TNG for the first time. Nearing the end of season 1. When I see FotE we shall see what kind of impression it gets years later. Sometimes my mind changes on things over time.

They promoted the hell out of Discovery when it first premiered. I have no idea what you’re talking about. They even showed the first episode for free on CBS after a major football game.

One of the pictures looks like Picard & co. are visiting the planet Lothlorien… ;-D

It still bugs me that Troi suddenly got Marina Sirtis’s accent 20 years ago, or so.

It would have been difficult to sustain the fake accent (that’s not based in any real one) once Marina Sirtis was not regularly playing the role for TV.

At that point, Troi has been around a lot of English and American accents, probably rubbed off on her. :-)

So, she has a Riker accent now? Sounds Alaskan to me!!

I liked it in the last few seasons of TNG. In the later movies it got a little Cockney-er. I think I remember Sirtis saying that some fans at conventions had told her that Troi should be more like Sirtis.

Still, it’ll be neat to see her play Troi again.

Seems like Mariana Sertis isn’t engaged in this trailer. But considering what has been going on in her life, it’s understandable. Sigh…

That footage was probably shot months ago.

Is that Tamlyn Tomita as the Vulcan officer?

Super excitement-overload!

It just doesn’t get any hotter than this!!!

I can’t help it, but I’m so not excited for this. I should be. I liked the Character und am still a huge TNG fan (however, DS9 is still my favorite) but those trailers do nothing for me. I don’t see Picard, Troi and Riker but Steward, Sirtis and Frakes in what will very likely be another generic Revenge/Save the Universe/Authority is evil Story.

I think, Rich Evans said it best in one of the Discovery Re:views — “Do they ever just explore something anymore?”

In TOS, they never really “just explored” anything. There was always a conflict.

Exploration and conflict aren‘t mutually exclusive. The Exploration was usually the backdrop for the character drama or the morality tale. The Orville does this quite well actually, though that show can feel a bit too 90s at times.

That being said … I respect TOS for starting the franchise and some other things but it‘s not a show I revisit too often except for the movies.

To me, Star Trek always was about life on a Spaceship. It did‘t really matter that ist was the flagship and most of the Adventures didn‘t matter in the grand theme of things. As they wouldn‘t realistically do. That‘s what diferentiates it from Star Wars, where everything is destiny and you don‘t matter unless You’re born special (with the refreshing exception of Last Jedi) … it makes that universe feel small and cold on an interpersonal level.

I think Orville feels like the ’90’s because Seth is a HUGE TNG fan and that show was really just a slightly reshaped TNG. The first season it was TNG with laughs. Now it just want’s to be a TNG clone. So the ’90’s feel is obviously intentional.

I’m also with you that I think Last Jedi was a bit on the refreshing side. (Yes, there were a couple of amazingly goofy plot elements in it but overall I liked it best of the three sequel films. And TROS ranks down with Phantom Menace. In a number of ways is even worse. So much so that my head canon will just pretend the series ended with TLJ as that felt like a final film anyway.

Canon is overrated anyway

Glad to see a RedLetterMedia shoutout

Is this the TrekMovie message board or the Facebook comments on Star Trek Sh*tposting? Suddenly everyone got much funnier and more negative lol if you haven’t checked that page yet, it has incredible memes and will leave you laughing.

As for Picard, I’m quietly stoked! I will be watching it before I even get to Disco season 2

I wish TrekMovie would make more effort to source videos for the 95% of us not inside of the US