Watch: Patrick Stewart Talks TNG Typecasting And Wanting To Get Back To Work On ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Like many, Sir Patrick Stewart remains at home waiting to return to normal and get back to work, in this case on his new show Star Trek: Picard. We have a roundup of bits about Picard starting off with a new interview with the man himself.

Stewart on how the character of Picard impacted his life

Sir Patrick was featured today in a segment on CBS Sunday Morning, with an interview that was shot before and during the pandemic quarantine. In it he talks about his career before, during, after, and returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard, including the period when he felt Picard had become an “albatross” holding back his career. Stewart has, of course, returned to the role for the new CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard, for which he is also an executive producer. In the segment he explains how that would not have been possible during his time with Star Trek: The Next Generation, because he was “too naive” in the ways of making series television.

You can with the entire segment below.

During the part of the interview conducted from Stewart’s home during the quarantine, he talked about how he is ready to return to the set:

I miss work. This is the longest period in my career, which is well over 60 years, in which I haven’t been doing what I do, which is performing, acting.

Production on the second season of Star Trek: Picard was originally set to begin in June. Last week executive producer Akiva Goldsman said the writers are using this time to refine the scripts and once the lockdown ends, prep work will restart before they can move on to production.

Yesterday CBS shared a clip from their interview which did on appear in the aired segment on CBS Sunday Morning, where Stewart talked about his time playing Picard on The Next Generation and how “gradually the character and the actor grew closer and closer.” You can see that below.

Sir Pat takes sonnets hiatus for a mystery project

As discussed in the CBS Sunday Morning segment, Stewart has been using his time during his home quarantine to share a Shakespeare sonnet each day on social media. However, with Friday’s sonnet, Stewart announced he will be taking a brief hiatus while he works on “a very exciting new project.” He also promises that fans will be able to see this project in two or three weeks.

More behind the scenes from Picard

In recent weeks as CBS continues their Emmy campaign for Star Trek: Picard we have been sharing some of the more interesting bits from behind the scenes on the show. This week a few more bits have emerged.

Slow-mo stunts

We still don’t know what happened to Narek after his big fight with the synths in Star Trek: Picard, but a new video shows just what it took for the stunt team to make that fight happen.

Directing Picard’s start

Appearing in a virtual panel women directors, Hanelle M. Culpepper talked about helming the first episodes of Picard, including casting some of the show’s stars and updating the look of Romulans and the Borg. She also talked about the challenge of how the character of Picard himself should be presented, including just how much action this older Picard can he be seen taking on. On the dramatic fight scene in Picard’s chateau, Culpepper discussed how it took a lot of back and forth to get it right, saying “we still wanted him to be a hero, we didn’t want to see him do nothing in this scene and have [his Romulan caretakers] do everything, so we found that nice balance with that.”


VFX and Cinematography sizzle

CBS used Twitter to share a clip from the first episode of Picard, showing some of the processes used by Jazon Zimmerman and his team to create the visual effects.


CBS also shared a sizzle reel featuring the cinematography of Star Trek: Picard, showcasing the work of the director of photography Philip Lanyon.

There is no “i” in makeup

CBS hopes that makeup supervisor James Mackinnon will get a nomination for his work on Star Trek: Picard, as he did before for his work on Star Trek: Discovery. This week MacKinnon took to social media to share a list showing the dozens of professionals it takes to create the makeup and hair magic.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Stay safe and be with the people you love.

Eid Mubarak to all celebrating!


We need Season 2, pronto!

Wait for it…

I wonder if robot Picard will get as dressed down as human Picard did in season one. Also can’t wait to see if Raffie keeps drinking out of the bottle or if she’ll use a cup from now on. What’s the over/under on Elnor slicing people’s heads off in season 2? I say it’s 5. Can’t wait.

The arrogance of this man is breathtaking. He now thinks he is qualified to exec produce a TV show. Well, we have all seen where that ends, the hero character of Picard obnoxiously terminated, to be replaced by a mish mash of Stewart’s hairbrained political leanings, poured into a doddering semi senile pathetic old fool.

Wow, that’s pretty harsh. I think you may need to look in the mirror a few times a day and do a little self reflection before dishing out such word vomit. I mean you talk about arrogance, and then proceed to say all that.

I also find it funny that the same crowd that screams for Trek to have “MORE OPTIMISM!” is the same crowd that injects nothing but negativity into a reasonable discussion.

Hear, Hear, T’Pol’s Beard!

Wait, T’pol has A BEARD?

She got it in Season 2.

Like Trump, Picard just needs to die.

Take a chill pill Soren. Calm down

“Producer” is not the same as “writer,” of course.

No comment on whether Stewart’s political leanings are more harebrained than your average Trumpaloon. Oops.

It’s interesting that the Wall Street Journal, of all media, is noting that human beings get a rush of pleasure from letting off a lot of anger.

We are pretty much aware at this point Soren that you are deeply disappointed in the first season of Picard. So, I’m thinking that you must be getting something else out of coming here and venting.

But from my perspective, this comment is just hateful. And I’m not interested in reading venom. I’m not someone to use the ‘Ignore’ feature, but you’re motivating me to figure how it works on this board.

Trust me when I say there is no ignore feature here. Sad, but true. I would’ve been using it a long long time now for a few people. You can only keep scrolling basically.

There is no ignore feature, so I have no idea what you’re referring to.

Yes. There is no ignore feature here. I wish there was. When I put people on my personal ‘ignore’ what I had to do was see the name of the poster and just scroll past it without looking at the post.

There are no qualifications for executive producer. If you can get someone to give you the title, you earned it.


Reminds me of this:

Got Meth?

As a Brexiteer and somebody who doesn’t view President Trump as basically Hitler, I was bracing myself for a really heavy handed allegory about the evils of both following comments from Sir Patrick and Alex in the run up to Picard’s release. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the show was quite restrained in the politics in my humble opinion.

If anything, it showed that an inflated union can overlook the moral good (a second attempt at evacuating Romulus (and Remus presumably)) once its own status is threatened (with 14 worlds threatening to secede). I’m not sure that was a message that Sir Patrick was going for about the EU!

Picard as a show had problems, lots of problems, but its politics weren’t one of them. Besides on today of all days, we can all appreciate that we have the luxury of discussing politics in entertainment due to the sacrifice of others. To our friends in the US and those who’ve lost family and friends in the services to defence of western democracy, thank you.

No one who supports Trump should be taken seriously. He’s an illiterate, half-senile, racist, rapey bully who has had more corruption and scandal than all other U.S. presidents combined. He’s gutter trash, and he’s a moron.

Donald Trump is a moron. A pile of human filth.

Agreed 100%.

You forgot ignorant, egocentric, narcissistic, rude, corrupt, egotistical, selfish, victimized, childish, vindictive, misogynistic, insecure, … I have to stop here, this will never end.

Trump is a total disgrace and has greatly lowered the office of the President when you talk and tweet things out like a 70 year old man child and who clearly has no idea on how to run a government beyond the 12 advisers who still has a job telling him what he can’t do.

This guy is so corrupt and inept it’s amazing he still has the supporters he has. His entire handling of the pandemic has been shameful and why America has so many people dead now.

The Collector Trump is not my president. Trump is a stupid no good racist bully who is dividing America on Twitter. Trump is Hitler like you said.

Brexit is also horrible. The UK should stay in the EU not leave it. Those are my personal opinions. You don’t like EU. I respect your opinion.

I support the EU not Brexit and nationalism. Picard did not have a lot of politics surprisingly.

Can we keep it down a little with the Hitler comparisons? Trump may well be a “stupid no good racist bully who is dividing America on Twitter” but he hasn’t started a World War nor has he tried completely wiping out large groups of people. Let’s not trivialize what Hitler did.

As for the UK staying in the EU. It’s too late for that. The UK has left the EU already. They could reapply for membership in the future but for now they are out.

I agree that he is Not HitlerTM. But it does concern me that so many of his supporters wave literal swastika flags, and Trump himself does little to quash that part of his party, where every previous Republican leader has.

It’s scary when I am told, as a jewish person, by former friends, that Trump being President has “emboldened” people like him to finally say what they think about “people like you” (IE: we can now be openly racist).

This is why I think Stewart’s politics absolutely have a place in his series.

It is so very true that weak minded-idiots feel they now have the right to spew out their racist closed-minded drivel because of the moron in the White House. First of all a president should not put out that kind of message and secondly, it boggles my mind how people can be influenced by him and his way of thinking. Absolutely incomprehensible.

It is. Trump has destroyed all decorum and civility of what people expect of a President, any President. When he spends his days yelling at reporters and, ironically, calling them nasty people because they ask him questions he doesn’t like or simply cite him basic facts of his failures is someone who is clearly too immature or unhinged to handle the job. If you can’t handle people asking you uncomfortable questions then you are in the wrong damn job. It’s just embarrassing every time he talks and acts like this.

And he always wants to play the victim. He didn’t get impeached because people simply don’t like him, he got impeached for clearly ignoring ethical standards that every other President wouldn’t dare ignore and then (shocking) caught lying about it.

Just to be clear, I didn’t say President Trump was like Hitler – I just commented that’s what some online opponents of his say.

I think he is a divisive and brusque character, but comparisons to Hitler are totally disproportionate and unhelpful in swaying unaffiliated voters away from voting for him. Putting the 6m+ poor souls who lost their lives due to just their ethnicity and religion to one side, Hitler burned down the Reichstag and installed a one party state when he couldn’t govern. Trump lost the House in the mid terms in ‘18 and didn’’t burn down whichever wing of the Capitol in which the representatives sit. So far, also, he hasn’t cancelled the 2020 elections, which I’m sure Hitler would have done, Covid-19 or no Covid-19.

I don’t have a dog in the race, but I’m sure I speak for a fair portion of neutrals when I say that Hitler comparison really is cringeworthy. I fear also that like the boy who cried wolf, if people keep these ridiculous comparisons (Hitler killed 6m jews for Pete’s sake), when someone pops up in the future to be President who genuinely has genocidal or authoritarian tendencies, the masses would say “well you’ve called everyone else you disagree with Hitler and they’ve proven not to be, so what’s different now?”.

I think a lot of people have lost their heads over Trump and Brexit. In the case of the former, I’d encourage you to oppose him smartly in the general election campaign rather than jump to hyperbole.

To be fair, I think the comparisons to Hitler is not intended to suggest that Trump is a monster, but is evoked by the fact that before his rise to power, Hitler was called a clown who nobody thought could win the election and if so couldn’t hold his government for much longer than a few month in a country that considered itself civilized, enlightened and humanistic. Germany had a leading place in the scientific world at that time, not to a small part due to the contribution of jewish Germans.

@odradek: Have to disagree on that. People are generally compared to Hitler to suggest how monstrous they are.

Yes Einstein to name a few… But I must agree with DIGINON below. I don’t think it is a known fact that Hitler was considered a clown who couldn’t win the election, unless you’re German or a History enthusiast. I would think people equate Hitler with an evil narcissistic individual. Or maybe I’m the ignorant one…


Is it a known fact that the Nazis called the former government “a morass of corruption, degeneracy, national humiliation, ruthless persecution of the honest ‘national opposition”? That they spread the conspiracy theory: the political opponent colluded with Russia. That they called minorities rapists. That they persecuted the press as enemy of the nation?

Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I should have said it’s not a widely know fact… I’m not saying what you’re saying is untrue. And as I said in my closing sentence, maybe I’m the ignorant one, because I didn’t know this. Thank you for the information. And I mean that sincerely.

Sorry if I sounded brashley, Silvereyes. Your response was fine and I don’t disagree with you in general. I just find it important to point out that a lot of Trump’s actions follow dangerous patterns and should be called out for that.

@odradek: Just to confirm that I understand you correctly: Are you suggesting that the Hitler comparison is actually valid, not because of the level of evil but because Trump’s actions show parallels to the path early Hitler took? Basically a Hitler in the making vs. a fully fledged Hitler.

Spot on, Collector. The Hitler comparison is just something that is done so often that by now it has really lost its effectiveness. And to me at least, someone who would use such an analogy has pretty much lost credibility. Regardless of how one feels about a person politically, it probably would be best to stick with more credible critiques. Yes, a lot of people have seemed to have lost their heads over Trump and Brexit. What a lot of them don’t seem to realize is their over the top reactions only fuel the other side. It feels like the extremes on either end of the spectrum are getting a lot louder these days. I don’t think that is a good thing. But then, I have always preferred reasonable discourse. That doesn’t really sell papers, as it were.

I was pleasantly surprised there really were not overt personal politics in season 1. I truly was expecting the worst. But it never materialized. I never saw anything comparable to Brexit or the EU in this. So at least it had that going for it.

An executive producer is not a line producer. Often it’s just a way to pay people involved in bringing a movie or tv show to the screen.

Yep. When you see an actor listed as a Producer it is mainly a way to get them more money and a perhaps bit of a say in what happens to their character.

Soren, stick to what you do best: not writing comments.

All this bile thrown at little old me for daring to question whether the mind numbing swill we’re being served up now is in any way watchable. Most on here obviously can’t handle differing opinions.

The “bile” you so describe is not because you “dared ask a question.”

It’s because of the vile, poisonous way you asked them. You personally insulted him and his beliefs, calling him a “hair brained, doddering semi senile pathetic old fool” when all he did was produce a show you didn’t like.

You and people like you have no place here.

I suggest you re-read my comment before getting on your high horse. My last statement was about the character of Picard and what Stewart has saw fit to turn him into. Other than questioning his hair brained politics and arrogance I didn’t say anything personal about him.

I suggest you re-read your own comments before you wonder why people push back against you. You’re comments are filth, and you’re poisoning the water around you.

This isn’t a case of us disagreeing– this is a case of someone bringing abject negativity and outright poison to what was a civil and reasonable discussion from Mr. Stewart.

If you want to have a discussion about what you didn’t like, but insulting Stewart as “hair-brained” (and yes that was directed at him), you can take that over to Midnight’s Edge, or a Trump rally.

I’ve as much right to express my extreme displeasure with whats being put on screen as anyone and that’s exactly what I’ll do. It’s an abomination it even bears the name Star Trek. You don’t like that? Tough.

A lot of people who claim to be open minded are often the ones who are the most closed minded in reality. It’s a bit ironic that such folks have such a hard time with civil conversations with people who see things a little differently than they do. I’ve noticed this decades ago. It has really only become super obvious over the last 4 years.

So naive, so sad…


And here is yet another example supporting my comment.


Amen, Brother! Sir Patrick just needs to shut his trap!

Same to you, fella!

I grew weary of Stewart’s Shakespear readings on social media while in the midst of a global pandemic. Perhaps his intent was to bring hope but coming from a global hotspot where if you were not losing your life, you were losing everything you worked for decades, it seemed arrogant and privileged to me.

You can say that about anyone who is just trying to distract or bring people together online. There are thousands of people online who are doing things like this, but sure if you’re somewhere that is facing real hardships due to the virus, you’re not the intended audience. It’s for everyone else who is just trying to keep their sanity being cooped up all day.

I will say that about every celebrity that suddenly discovered that they were no longer the center of our attention. Instagram bikini photos, collaborative social media songs, all calling for unity from their privileged ivory towers, while 99% of America was wondering how they will feed their families, pay their bills, and meet their non-COVID-19 healthcare needs.

Aside from politicians, celebrities are the most useless group that exists today.

There was an episode of ST:ENT that referenced that professional sports were no longer as important as they were in the 21st Century. I hope that soon applies to all entertainment.

I mostly agree with the first statement, but I just can’t compare posting bikini pics to reading Shakespeare sonnets. Relax. The negativity around here is astonishing!

I thought what Trek needed was optimism??! Maybe you should write for Discovery! It can be even MORE gim!

One artist reads Shakespeare in a soothing, Shakespearian voice, and another post Instagram photos of herself in a bikini by a pool. Seemingly disconnected, both are attention whores clamoring for attention when the majority of the world is just trying to live.

But watching said entertainer on a TV show or movie while happily paying for it during a pandemic is different how exactly?

Stewart is a Shakespearean actor. This is what he does. If he read Picard lines from old TNG scripts and he gets an audience for it, then why do you care? It’s just the oddest thing to moan about, ESPECIALLY when you are on a Star Trek site which isn’t here to raise money for the pandemic but to talk about a TV show. And my guess is you probably still watched a few of these ‘whores’ acting while the world was still dying just the same.

America is not the only country in the world going through this and the internet reaches everywhere.

If you don’t want to watch, fine, simply don’t click. But many others do enjoy and appreciate it.

You are correct.

To the families of the world’s 5.5M dead, just watch Patrick Stewart read Shakespear and all will be well.

1st of all, 5.5M cases, 345,000 dead.

Yes the pandemic is bad, and people are suffering. So what are you going to do? Cry about it and whine how everything is doom and gloom? Why don’t you do like the Brits did when London was bombed in WW2… Keep calm and carry on! And let others deal with things the way they do. Sure we all know entertainers are attention whores, but guess what, they entertain and that’s what we need right now, not your dramatics.

I don’t need entertainers. At all.

Dave, you are on a site about ENTERTAINERS. Trekmovie isn’t a site discussing history or geography, it’s about pop culture! Seriously, you’re coming off pretty hypocritical. We get what you’re TRYING to say but it’s all the same thing. If you’re willing to pay to watch these guys on a TV show during the pandemic, you can’t be shocked people will want to watch them for free as well.

It is interesting how hard Dave gets attacked just for saying something that precisely hits the Star Trek mindset. A few decades ago the episode “Cloud Minders” criticized exactly the same thing which Dave does. A decadent elite in their ivory tower practicing arts in swimsuits versus a population who is faced with economical hardship while forced to wear masks. Astonishing how current this episode has become suddenly.

Then he shouldn’t be on a Star Trek board complaining about it. Right now people are paying tons of money to view TV shows and movies that make these people rich in the first place. So you’re now upset when they entertain via Youtube or their Instagram site? What’s the difference? Distraction is a distraction.

It’s the oddest argument to have, ESPECIALLY given the one industry that is making more money with the pandemic are naturally all the cable, network and streaming sites. How many millions have they all made in the last one or two months alone? So clearly MOST people have no issues with this and still willing to fork over their money even if they are unemployed or even sick. Hence we’re all still here begging for the next Trek show to come out pronto and all willing to pay for it even if we still other issues to think about.

I don’t think the purpose of Star Trek is simple distraction. On the contrary I believe it should point at social problems and discuss moral values and politics. Therefore those topics should also be allowed to discuss on this board. Regarding Stewart’s reading of Shakespeare my opinion is that Shakespeare should be used to educate and not to serve somone’s own vanity. Stewart was harsh to fans who visited his plays in Starfleet uniforms. But now he cheapens Shakespeare himself by presenting him in a throw away manner on facebook. You don’t consume a sonnet like a burger at White Castle.

I wasn’t saying Star Trek was a distraction, I’m saying its ENTERTAINMENT and end of the day it’s not going to do anything against the problems facing the real world now but to do just that, entertain. And yes Star Trek is still made to entertain first and foremost like every show and movie out there. And if you want to make the very flawed argument listening to Stewart isn’t going to do anything against a pandemic you can say that about every piece of entertainment you’re watching now, right? So again, WHAT’S the difference?

It’s just hypocritical to decide an entertainer should be condemned to reach out to his fans on the internet if you’re willing to watch the same guy on a show you’re willing to pay for, which he’s doing the same thing, to entertain you and getting paid millions to do it in the process. So when he does it in his spare time for free that’s now a bad thing? You don’t have to care obviously if he reads Shakespeare or not but many people DO because they are fans of the actor in general and his work. That’s the point being said. But if you make the silly point watching him doesn’t solve the ills of the pandemic then how is watching Star Trek any different? Yeah it isn’t outside of just wanting to escape.

And I’m completely on Stewart’s side over him being upset about people coming to his plays in Star Trek uniforms. He doesn’t have a problem with fans loving him for Star Trek but there is still a time and place for everything. So I don’t think the two are remotely the same. He loves his fans and expresses his love for Trek and what it did for his career many times over but he doesn’t want people to look at him as Picard playing a Shakespeare role, he wants to be seen as Patrick Stewart playing Shakespeare and I totally get that.

And he’s not reading Shakespeare at White Castle, he’s doing it on the internet, which most people consume pretty much everything these days including Shakespeare. This is just the world we live in now as I’m having this discussion with you.

Neither do I condemn him for reaching out to fans, nor do I think I have to be in awe for it. I don’t think it is hypocritical to be a fan of one thing he does and not a fan of anything he does. In the end it is a matter of taste if something is appropriate for you or not, you can’t argue about taste.
Regarding Stewart loving his fans, I think that term is overused. One of our presidents was asked if he loves our country. His answer: “I love my wife” That is at least an honest answer. I can respect that.

Well all I meant by that is I never heard him shun his fans and has a record of always taking the time to take pictures with them, sign autographs, etc (and we know many don’t like doing that stuff). But yes how much he truly loves them, who knows, but it doesn’t matter. He’s courteous and take time out to be nice to them when they do approach, that’s part of the job. I use to work in customer service in college, the smile was not always 100% genuine but I always wanted people to feel like they got good service, respected and was treated fairly just the same. That’s all most people should be expected to do when you deal with the public day in and day out.

I do hope they can start back to work soon. Based on reading on other movie/TV productions (and currently where things are in California where I’m from) it’s starting to sound like maybe August production may start happening. Again, all speculation for now and who knows what will happen in the next few months but the state is reopening more and more now and testing is going a lot faster as well.

But more importantly I hope they have a stronger story next season, period.

I’m a big baseball fan, and live in New York, and from what i’m hearing baseball teams– even the local Yankees and Mets– are being allowed to open training facilities within the next 2 weeks. That tells me it won’t be long before Hollywood allows crews to start work.

That said, when your lead actor is in a very high risk group, it does create some additional concerns.

Oh I agree obviously. Clearly there will be all kinds of vigorous testing and probably tons of measures they have to do before anything, especially in regards to Stewart. So however long that takes, nothing should be rushed or skipped.

But yes things are getting better here overall but California probably has the most strict guidelines compared to every other state, but when it’s also the most populated it’s just common sense to do it.

This is a case where I would totally be fine with filming Stewart’s scenes by himself, and compositing him into the scenes. As much as I liked Season 1 and am eagerly waiting for Season 2, nothing would be worth risking people’s lives.

I’ve been on the more conservative side of this: i’d be happy to wait a full year for new movies, TV, and sports, and frankly, I think they should. Things should remain closed for a quite a while longer, if you ask me.

Then again, I personally know several people who have died (including 1 healthy person under the age of 40), so maybe i’m biased.

Minnesota my home start is starting to reopen now too. California is in a better shape than New York.

I want them to wait until it is safe to resume production again.

There are two productions on location that carried on, basically isolating the entire cast and crew.

One is for a streaming series that was being shot on location in Iceland. It was in progress and carried on.

The other was a film being shot in Australia. It sounds as though everyone isolated before production started, and some of the cast that were coming from a distance backed out.

So, it possible on location, but incredibly tricky to do, and increased production costs significantly. In a studio in an urban area, it’s hard to conceive at this point.

I think one possibility might be be to take the opportunity to film some Star Trek Picard focused short Trek’s or specials before jumping straight into season 2. These productions obviously require less people on set allowing them to trial new COVID safe production techniques, they allow CBS to potentially get some new material out there relatively quickly and crucially they can focus these Shorts on characters who are not portrayed by actors from the highest at risk groups.

I have always envisioned a short trek with Picard in his vineyard talking to Q. Reminiscing. Set it just prior to Season 2, as he questions his existence in the golem, and Q could expound on the nature of life. You could film them separately, on a soundstage, too.

Maybe Picard might restart production soon. States are starting to reopen across the country. Minnesota where I’m from is already in the process of doing it.

Hopefully the next season learns from its past mistakes. I want to see a stronger story period.

The story was VERY strong. It had a few missteps in execution, but that’s true of LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I’ve said it before, but no Trek has ever been perfect.

I too hope it improves in a few places, but I don’t expect it to, and i’m totally fine with that. Enjoyed the series quite a bit, and 2 or 3 more seasons of the same quality would be wonderful!

I, too would like to see them learn from their season 1 errors. I’d like to see a stronger story too. There really wasn’t much meat on the 4 story lines they set up in season 1. The good news is Secret Hideout recent history is that each season of their shows has gotten a smidgen better.

Congrats to Patrick Stewart and Alex Kurtzman for a great Season 1 of Picard.

Can’t wait for Season 2!

I wanted to like it, I really did.

It was not everyone’s cup of tea, but considering that Discovery being so far “out there” in terms of style and story was proof to Sir Patrick that this was not going to be a remake of TNG – I was expecting something different with Picard and that is what we got. Overall, I liked it a lot, but I can see why some may have been disappointed.

It was different. Which they did come through on. I was never expecting it to be like TNG at all. But just being different doesn’t make it good. There is potential there, however. More potential than Discovery has.

You’re not alone but that is always ignored by the crowd on here. Any dissent and you’re automatically a neo nazi. I’ve now given up on nu Trek and my politics is actually left of centre. Picard is ham fisted badly written tripe.

No, what causes people to push back is the way you express yourself.

Saying “I wasn’t a fan of the way they injected Stewart’s own political beliefs, and turned the character into a pale imitation of the captain we knew and loved” is a far cry from “the hero character of Picard obnoxiously terminated, to be replaced by a mish mash of Stewart’s hairbrained political leanings, poured into a doddering semi senile pathetic old fool.”

Express yourself maturely and reasonable, and few people will call you any names. Express your opinions like a 4th grader, and you’ll get push back.

Playing the victim isn’t doing any favors either.

Overall I was pretty happy with S1 of Picard and looking forward to S2. Unfortunately, who knows when that will be. Considering Sir Patrick is closing in on 80, even though he looks vital and healthy, I would completely understand if production is on hold indefinitely. Of course in a year or so, if they still have not come up with a vaccine, then people over 65 or with health issues will have to decide how they want to continue their lives – let’s hope they can make something that is safe and reliable sooner rather than later. Until then, I would totally understand if the producers of Picard decide to put this thing on hold – of course younger productions might be more willing to take risks, but who is to say if that is appropriate – I’m just a fan of the show.

If Season 1 is all we end up getting, for whatever reason, we should all consider ourselves very lucky. The notion of getting a big budget Star Trek TNG sequel starring Patrick Stewart seems like fantasy just a few years ago, and to get one, regardless of what you thought of it, was a miracle!

I don’t consider it a miracle. All it took was CBSAA looking for something to energize subscribers after the under performing Discovery and a very large paycheck for Mr. Stewart.

Wishing I could know what y’all are talking about. When episode 2 introduced the swearing as normal I had to just walk away. The TNG series was able to communicate to more viewers because it did not alienate those of us who truly believe foul speech is part & parcel of a foul mind. Some of us aim to improve human interaction. Foul speech feeds the opposite. Don’t you think?

Swearing is one of those subjective issues that matter to some and not to others. Back in the 1960s, the term “damn it Jim” was probably deemed extremely offensive by many and a few decades later when Data was yelling “sh*t”, I am sure that also offended many. Heck even Kirk using the term “ass” in the movies was also offensive to some. I will never think that my values or opinions regarding swearing are more or less important than others, but I will say these Star Trek shows (at least up here in Canada) are not “rated G for family” entertainment, and viewers are warned to be appropriately prepared for violence and language when they watch.

Well put, DeanH.

This show is a dumpster fire. Season 2 will be a treat. More anti-Trump more anti-brexit. Its just garbage. Poorly written garbage.

Someone call the waaaaambulance! I’m sorry you dislike liberal politics in Trek lol

There’s a youtuber i’ve followed for years who recently started talking openly about his nutty right wing beliefs to the point where I didn’t like his videos anymore. You know what I did? I stopped watching his videos.

You know what I didn’t do? Comment on every video about how garbage he and his content is now that he talks about building the wall and sacrificing old people for the economy.

It’s disappointing to lose something you enjoyed, but it’s really not that hard to stop watching it. A fourth grader could do it, i’m sure you can do!

Here we go again… Trump and Brexit stuff. If you don’t like the politics, don’t watch it! Simple as that.

Too funny!!

Sir Patrick, with all do respect, your word used to mean something. Now, it’s just shit falling out of your mouth. Just, go away.

The show was wonderful and soooo entertaining! I loved every minute of it. It did what it was suppose to do…entertain. I am so grateful and thankful to all the people who put so much hard work and love into this project. It shows. So looking forward to next season. Job well done!

I was watching Sunday Morning and I liked hearing that story about Stewart taking things too seriously when he started TNG straight from the Royal Shakespeare Company over in the UK. As many fans have heard before, Denise Crosby let Sir Patrick know he needed to to lighten up and have fun and he responded, this is not supposed to be fun!! Haha, I like how CBS showed clips of Gene Roddenberry, Michael Dorn and guests from the episode Up the Long Ladder singing and laughing away! That talk obviously was a life-changing moment for Sir Patrick – and perhaps the impetus for him ALLEGEDLY suggesting that Shatner try to enjoy and embrace the Trek fandom.

I had heard that on the set of TOS it was mainly Shatner who broke the ice.

And I heard he was famous for burning bridges on set. Maybe he broke the ice to push someone in ???

I’m naive, I’m sure, but what are the chances Patrick Stewart watched STP in its finished entirety?

To paraphrase Counselor Troi, I believe *he* believes the show was good, but he’s probably basing that on his own performance, his ability to get “whatever” after getting TPTB to ensure that this wouldn’t be another TNG-style show, and the fact his pals got some work thrown their way.

Honestly, I’m disappointed he thinks Season 1 was worth two cents!

It is so interesting to see the variety of opinions regarding tv shows and of course forums such as this one, allow us to see the vast array of reviews. You obviously didn’t think much of it, others thought it was quite excellent. My personal opinion really doesn’t mean much, what really matters is what the ratings were and what CBSAA thinks of it. As far as I know it was renewed so I guess that’s all that matters and Kurtzman more or less said recently, they will keep making the show as long as Sir Patrick wants to do it. He will be 80 soon, so who knows how long that will be. For the immediate future, I hope they make changes that viewers such as yourself will appreciate while still keeping the fans of the new show happy too.