Interview: Kate Mulgrew On ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Reunion And Why It Would Be “Delicious” To Play Janeway Again

On Tuesday, the cast of Star Trek: Voyager will celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary with an online reunion at, where they plan to raise some money for The Actors Fund.  To get a sense of what to expect—and also catch up, since we haven’t spoken to her in a year or so—we chatted with Kate Mulgrew about the event itself, what she’s up to in quarantine, and her thoughts on what castmates Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill have been up to.

We started out talking about current events, then quickly switched to “happier Star Trek things.”

Kate Mulgrew: It’s so surreal… talk about science fiction, right?

Well a lot of people are watching Star Trek now for comfort, either because of the familiarity, or for the optimism. So I think it’s a good time for it. In terms of the reunion you guys are doing. I read that Robert Picardo got the ball rolling, but how did getting the full Voyager cast come together?

Yeah, he’s terrific. He did. He manages these things with such dexterity. I am appallingly bad at them. Especially in quarantine, he’s been quite productive. He’s wonderful with press and he’s even better with altruistic stuff like this, like The Actors Fund and gathering us together. He has the energy for it, and he’s got the heart for it. He’s one of the most decent people I know, and we’re very, very close friends. So of course the minute he asked me I said, “I’d be delighted to, sweetheart.”

I read that you two talk all the time. Have you been keeping in touch with anyone else in your Voyager cast group, or will this really be a reunion?

This will be a reunion, but I feel like I just saw them. We were all on a boat in March [Star Trek: The Cruise]. Afterwards I got very, very sick and thought I had caught the virus. I was convinced that I had it because I was in bed for almost a month. But I had my antibodies results last week and they are negative! So, I can’t figure it out, at all, but there is a 50% false-negative on those results, so we will see.

But we had a great time together on this cruise. The only one missing was Robert Beltran and I think that was only because he had last-minute things. We had a great time. One night I threw a huge party and everyone came. Jeri Ryan and I sat out on the deck for hours, reminiscing and catching up on stuff. Everybody came in from Next Gen. It was just a great party that lasted all night long. So I feel that I’ve spent some quality time with them all. But it’ll be fun to do this Zoom with them.

Do you have anything you know you want to talk about at the virtual reunion, or are you going to just let things roll?

Well, I would love to talk about acting. The future of acting. How we feel about it going forward. And I think certainly what it has given to us, looking backward. It saved most of our lives. Some of us have diverged. I think Garrett [Wang] has gone off and done other things, but most of us have stuck with the game plan, which is to act until we stagger into our graves. But I think it’s been imperiled by this pandemic. Also, a lot of us are getting older. I think we should talk about what acting has meant, what it means, and what it means to people.

You just said that everybody is watching Star Trek. There’s a reason for that. Acting is more than just acting. In situations like this you see that it is an imperative in the culture. And for some reason, and this is what we’ll talk about largely, Star Trek signifies hope. Of course, the parallel is terrific, isn’t it:  a capsule lost in a dark and dangerous place, the Delta Quadrant, could really be a wonderful comparison to where we are now. The planet is jeopardized, I think, and everybody’s scared and quite overcome by the magnitude of this pandemic, the perniciousness of it. And what it’s going to cost us coming out the other end. And how will we survive? We survive with art and this is an art that we cannot practice while we are contained like this.

So, all of these subjects will be touched on. And I think very well , because it’s an articulate group,  and they’re funny. And they’re very very smart.  And they’re all very decent, so it’ll be a good and lively talk I should think.

Because this is the 25th anniversary of Voyager, there was a big reunion planned for Star Trek Las Vegas convention this summer. Do you think that’s even possible at this point?

It doesn’t feel like it will happen. Although they have not definitively stated anything. I think they’re clinging to the last hope. But, do we really want to walk into a confined area with 10,000 people is the question, right? For me, I will tell you it’s particularly hard—and probably my cast mates will attest to this—I’m not a touchy-feely person, but when a person in a wheelchair approaches me with a passionate either declaration or confession, or something he or she wants to share with me, it is my absolute instinct to touch that person. So I think that that would probably win out in Las Vegas this year, and I’d  be right back in trouble again. [laughs] That will have to be well-considered.

I don’t know. I don’t think so. And too bad for us, too, because it was supposed to be a sort of… the year was supposed to be an anniversary tour. All of those conventions in Europe have been canceled as well as everything domestically, so it’s too bad. It’s not fair! [laughs] But let’s wait and see what those guys think. [Creation Entertainment’s] Adam Malin and Gary Berman are wise, straight shooter kind of guys. I don’t think they would imperil thousands of people for any number of reasons, foremost among them lawsuits. But it looks doubtful, don’t you think? I think most people are just too nervous until a vaccine is available and approved. I’m with Anthony Fauci on this one.

I suppose talking about what else we might talk about, we might also talk about is politics.. Because it’s a cast full of liberals. We’ll get into it.

People are so polarized. How do you anticipate people reacting when you guys start talking politics? 

I think that we will state what we will state. We will stay composed. And we will take the questions accordingly. I’m the most outspoken and the most dangerous on her feet. So I’ll have to really sew my lips together. But I will state my mind if asked, that’s for sure. I mean, I’ve got to stop fooling around with this. And if I turn some people off, so be it. That is the way it goes. We have a future to think about here. I have a granddaughter coming in October and I’ll be good and damned if she’s going to walk into this thing, if I haven’t done something. I’ve been out stumping for my native state of Iowa, we’ve got to flip those seats. I am doing everything I can to change this. If Trump gets four more years, I am promising you, I will leave the country. And I will go and live in Ireland. There are very wise people over there. They get it. Anyway, let’s go on.

Yes, back to fun Star Trek things! Robert Duncan McNeill and Garrett Wang have been talking about resurrecting Captain Proton. Is that something you would want ever to do with them? Does that sound fun to you, being Queen Arachnia again?

As Queen Arachnia, that could be fun. What do you mean? How are they are thinking of doing it?

They are talking about making some kind of series or shorts. Robbie says he has talked to David Goodman, a producer on The Orville, about it. Garrett has suggested they could crowdfund it.

Huh. Well all I can tell you, is that was probably the greatest fun I had in the seven years on Star Trek. And I had a lot of fun doing that series, but playing Queen Arachnia with that guy, that actor [Martin Rayner as Doctor Chaotica], who was so good, and so alarmingly funny. I could barely make it through a take. You wouldn’t know this looking at my portrayal of Janeway, but when I go, I go. I am a complete corpser. I just lose it. Tears streaming down my cheeks. The guy was brilliant. S, the memory is sublime, but they haven’t talked to me about it. We’ll probably talk about that on the Zoom reunion.

But you would consider, if the circumstances are right, doing something like that with them?

I never say never, and never say die.

Bride of Chaotica - Star Trek: Voyagerc

Martin Rayner and Kate Mulgrew in “Bride of Chaotica”

Those two also have a podcast where they are watching every Voyager episode in order and talking about them. It’s called The Delta Flyers.

Tell me something: Are they drinking? [laughs]

[laughs] I’ve been listening to them, and I don’t know if they’re drinking, but their actor insecurities are on full display, because they’re rewatching their own work from twenty-five years ago.

That would go right to my head. Yeah.

Garrett seems obsessed with his ADR recordings and Robert is very worried about how Tom Paris comes across. [Kate laughs] If they asked you to join them for an episode, would you?

I don’t know, they haven’t asked me! Let’s see what they come up with, the little devils. They’re afraid of what I’d say, do you know that? They’re afraid. And Garrett Wang has been dining out on an impersonation of Janeway for years. [laughs]

Oh, they do that a lot.

I wouldn’t mind dissecting his performance. That would be interesting. Mr. Kim, Mr. Kim.

Would you ever undertake such a project, rewatching every episode of a show you were on?

Absolutely not.

How come?

Because life’s too short. I’m trying to write a novel here. I’mm in quarantine, but I’m struggling with this third book, which is a novel. My publisher thinks I can write a novel. Oh my god, I just want to  stick needles in my eyes! It’s so hard sometimes. But no, I would not do that, because if  you think they’re critical of their performance? I haven’t watched myself in thirty years on television. I haven’t watched myself in anything. No I simply will not. My ego is otherwise directed. Freud would have a field day with me. God knows it’s a substantial ego. But I refuse to endanger myself by watching myself. [laughs]

I’m fascinated by this, because if they did ask you to be on their podcast, you would have to watch the episode they were going to talk about.

Yes, but then I’d say to them that I get to choose the episode. I would choose one that I know I was proud of.

The Delta Flyers podcast

The Delta Flyers podcast, where you can hear many Kate Mulgrew impressions

I think that it is funny that they’re doing that. And great, because it’s great for the fans. But I remember it as being such a… it was so big, shooting that series in my life. It was just huge. I’m only now sort of resting. That’s how I feel about the rigor of it and the reward of it, certainly. But Captain Janeway really worked her little patoots off, there’s no question about it. And I wanted so much to make her great, because she was the first female. And that determination was always in my sights, regardless of what was going on at home. And there was a lot, because I was raising two little boys all by myself. And it was tough! Those were tough years. But if you can pull that off with some success, there was a great sense of satisfaction. I saw my great constitutional strength. I can really stand on my feet for a long time. My mind is strong, and my retentive powers are very robust. But my longing was to endow her with such a complexity that the audience would find her very, very compelling and endearing, and I hope I achieved that. I don’t know that I did, but I think that I did. In the later years I did.

You showed a type of female leadership that was so important to so many of us watching. And not just women, very important to men too, to see it.

One could argue it was more important to men to understand that a woman of childbearing years is capable of that kind of single-minded command, that kind of dedication, and that kind of strength. It was great! But you can imagine it was everything.

My sons were not very pleased.. That was hard on them. So  they’ve never seen it. And I don’t think they ever will. They’ve come to see everything in the theater. But they won’t watch me on TV. They don’t like it. To them, it touches that nerve of my absence, which for a child is a permanent kind of wound. It was a decision I thought I made in a clear-eyed way, but looking back, their vulnerability is a knife in my heart. But we do what we do. And I cannot tell you I regret it. I am glad I did Janeway and I’m glad that I had my kids. Life goes on, right?

How would you sum up the legacy of Star Trek: Voyager, looking back with twenty-fifth anniversary eyes?

I would say Voyager, intrepid vessel, was full of passionate scientists. Before she was a captain, Janeway was an ardent scientist. I think that our exploration of the Delta Quadrant… let me just speak for Janeway. Her absolute immersion into what it was like to travel within that quadrant and to discover species and to relate to them, and to communicate with them and sometimes to fight them, was just, for Janeway, the very, very pinnacle of life.

It was a wonderful crew. I think that Janeway led with her humanity and therefore each one of them followed. I think having the Maquis on board, that mix was somehow magical. The introduction of Seven of Nine as a half-Borg/half-human was also intriguing. I think the writing was great. I think the intention was sublime. And I think tthat we captivated, or should I say captured, the universal imagination in what we did in those seven years. That’s the legacy.

The last time we talked, Star Trek: Picard had not premiered yet. Have you had a chance to see it?

I haven’t, I am sorry to say. I think I told you at some point in time—and I think this goes for both Patrick Stewart and Bill Shatner too—captains can be quite territorial. We’re on our ship and we shoot our seven years, or at least Stewart and I shot our seven years. And you become very possessive over those seven years. I haven’t watched it, but I don’t have a good excuse.

When we talked about it, I asked you if you had ever thought about what Janeway would be up to after twenty years, or what you might want to explore with her. At the time you said you hadn’t thought of it that much. Have you thought about that at all since?

Only because people are asking me about it all the time, since Picard came on. When are you coming on? When are you coming back? When will we get Janeway on? Blah, blah, blah. On the web somebody created an idea of what Janeway would look like, and it was actually quite stunning when I saw it.

I think it would be wonderful to explore Janeway’s continued love of adventure and perhaps even, love of power. So, there are any number of things that could be delicious to dip into. But I don’t think it is going to happen. I am not saying that summarily, but time’s a wasting, you know?

Vice Admiral Janeway in Star Trek: Nemesis

Vice Admiral Janeway speaking to Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis

There is a Janeway memorial going up at her fictional future birthplace. What do you think about that and would you go to the unveiling on October, if it was safe?

Well, my granddaughter is due in October. So I think that I will be falling in love in October. I think it’s a terrific honor. We talked about this on the Star Trek Cruise a lot. I saw the image of it and she looked sort of intimidating, formidable actually. I think it’s a great honor, and I think it’s wonderful. If I could possibly attend, I would. Why wouldn’t I? How many people get a statue made of a character that was so meaningful? It’s quite lovely. Of course I’ll go, if I can. I hope they invite me!

You have been doing a Zoom happy hour with fans during quarantine, how has that been going?

Yes. You should join one, but I only take seven, because we have in-depth conversations about whatever the theme is. Last week was bibliophiles, writers, librarians, editors from all over the world. It was fascinating. What they’re reading and how books have saved them, what they’re writing and their experiences. The week before was fathers alone with children, really fascinating. I thought this week I’d do psychiatry and psychoanalysis, just to see if they’re still practicing, which I’m sure they are, and what they’re getting from the public at large, what they’re feeling about this pandemic and the change it has made to our minds. So, it’s great fun. But that’s just my way little way of saying I’d like to connect with people throughout this time.

It’s such a smart way of doing it—the way you’re grouping people is fascinating.

It is. I mean, we’re talking to somebody in Siberia, and somebody else in New Zealand and somebody else in New York, and it’s all so very moving. At the end of them we’re always—you know it’s a cocktail hour, so everybody’s had a a cocktail, and at the end we’re all quite aware of the fact that this is an extraordinary thing that’s happened. I’m glad I did it.

What’s your cocktail of choice for the happy hours?

A vodka and lemonade, or something like that. I like vodka. [laughs]

How is the novel going?

This is because my editor has asked me to do it. It’s harder than the memoirs, there’s no question. A narrative is a linear kind of thing and for me, a degree easier. A novel has a mind of its own, and a heart of its own. So I have my protagonist and I have my story, but then she goes off and does something I hadn’t planned at all, right in the middle of the chapter. And I have to sort of go with her.  It’s intriguing, but it’s also very frustrating. There are days I just want to throw the computer out of the window and myself right out after. But I can and I must persevere. I will. It’s a good day to spend my days and I am a very disciplined person.

Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway

Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway

Tickets available for Voyager’s virtual reunion on May 27

On Tuesday, May 26th at 8 PM ET (5 PM PT), the cast of Star Trek: Voyager will reunite live on “Stars In The House.” Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Tim Russ (Tuvok), Roxann Dawson (B’Elanna Torres), Robert Beltran (Chakotay), Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Ethan Phillips (Neelix), and Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) will all be together for a virtual reunion panel celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show. The live event will be streamed on the Stars In The House YouTube channel and on

During the event, fans will be able to donate to The Actors Fund for the chance to have their names read on air. The Actors Fund is a national human services organization that fosters stability and resiliency, and provides a safety net for performing arts and entertainment professionals over their lifespan.

For more information visit

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I’m confused. Didn’t she SPECIFICALLY say in a recent interview, when asked about the Picard show, that she had no interest in ever playing Janeway again?

EDIT: just found the interview in question. Here’s the actual quote:

“I don’t know what to say about Janeway. Seven years is a long time to play a character. I’m not sure that she would enjoy resuscitation. She was a very, very vibrant person, while she was. … I would have to cross that bridge when I got there. It’s nothing that I have entertained.”

Remember Patrick Stewart said he wasn’t sure he wanted to play Picard again…until he did.

I think they probably mean it at the time but minds can always be changed. She doesn’t sound like she’s begging to be on Picard or anything but she probably can be persuaded if the part and money is right.

As she literally said in your quote, she would cross that bridge when she got there meaning she’s not completely against it, it’s just not something she really see’s herself doing again and it has been almost 20 years since she last played her.

That was Laurie’s trekmovie interview from a year ago, as linked in article you can see her asking follow up question now that Picard is out

Yep. Was just surprised to see the sudden turnaround. “It would be delicious!” is a far cry from “I don’t know, I’m not sure she would stand resuscitation.” I would have expected something a bit less enthusiastic if she’d had a change of heart, but I suppose seeing Picard may have completely changed her mind.

again, it was a year ago so not sudden. Also she says she hasn’t seen Picard yet. Not to be rude, but did you read the interview?

I’m not trying to argue with you, just stating my opinion.

I think your answer is found here…”… I would have to cross that bridge when I got there. It’s nothing that I have entertained.”.. she’s at the bridge and considering it now. It would be fantastic to see and she is right in that time has passed, her Character was lively and active (physically) so this version would be older and maybe, just maybe, not so much, still there is a way if the will is there. It sounds like the will IS there!

Agreed! Would LOVE to see Janeway back on Picard! Clearly many want to see her again. I hope eventually they make it so!

Yes, please, add Janeway to Picard. I love her acting

Which makes me wonder if the bridge is there. Clearly over the last year she’s been giving this a lot of thought, despite that this wasn’t a role she ever seemed interested in returning to. I think as production ramped up on Picard, and seeing Jeri Ryan make her return, probably got her a bit more interested.

Backup a shuttlecraft full of credits to her front door (along with a GOOD idea) and I’m sure she will have a change of heart.

Kate Mulgrew should play Janeway again.

I’d like to see a flashback of her, right after returning to the alpha quadrant, on trial for all the war crimes and murder she committed in the Delta Quadrant.

Yes, she needs to answer for that. She got a free pass on that in my opinion.

You know, a war crimes trial for Janeway would make and interesting ep in Picard. That’s not a bad idea.

Sisko got off for all the things he did, so I don’t see any difference with Janeway and she was on the other side of the galaxy.

And last we saw her she was an admiral over 20 years ago so clearly she was never in trouble.

Maybe you’re being a little draconian… when you’re so far from home and years away, and you feel responsible for stranding your crew, you kind of do what you feel you have to do to get them home.

Yep. And when she gets them home, time to face the music.

She was inconsistently written at best, and her morals flip flopped from episode to episode. One day she’d preach about noninterference in local affairs (demonizing the crew for wanting to make a deal with the Maquis because it might affect the balance of power in the quadrant) and then turn around and make a deal with the freaking BORG.

Arturis was right in his speech. Janeway claimed “I couldn’t have known.” But it was her job to know. She claimed that 8472 was the greater threat? BS! She acted out of PURE self interest. Made all the worse when it turned out 8472 weren’t evil, and she was 100% in the wrong.

That episode always bothered me: it’s a GREAT episode, but the writers didn’t seem to grasp how bad it made Janeway look. If they were smart, they’d have played up that fact, rather than gloss over it. In that one, and with Tuvix, I always felt the show should have had her have to deal with the ramifications of her bad decisions.

Janeway: worst written Captain ever!

I totally see the 8472 issue completely different. I don’t blame her at all for what she did. But I DO agree she was written inconsistently a lot of times. That’s definitely true.

Whether you agree with her decision or not, it flies directly in the face of other preachy sermons and decisions she made in previous and subsequent episodes. One episode she’d talk about starfleet duty being the moral superiority, and her needing to be the moral compass for the crew, and the next she’d nearly murder a man (and sometimes JUST murder a man) because she wants revenge on an Starfleet captain gone rogue, or because she wants her friend back.

It makes me think they were trying to emulate both the better aspects of Picard, and the moreally grey areas of Commander Sisko. Yet they made no effort to reconcile those two disparate sides.

They tried to be TNG light, while still trying to be edgy, but couldn’t make up their minds about who they wanted her to be. When what they should have done was make Janeway the moral compass, and Chakotay (the Maquis commander) the edgy, morally grey character. That’s how it was early on, but at some point they just said f*ck it!”

Now, if Chakotay had slowly become the moral compass, and Janeway slowly become more morally grey– over time– that would have been interesting, and almost was. But Janeway just kept going back and forth. She was ready to slaughter 8472 with no diplomacy, yet held back in the subsequent episode, urging 7 not to judge people too harshly (even after 8472 explicitly said they were going to invade Earth).

The Janeway in THAT episode played things more consistently with the character as conceived.

“One day she’d preach about noninterference in local affairs (demonizing the crew for wanting to make a deal with the Maquis because it might affect the balance of power in the quadrant) and then turn around and make a deal with the freaking BORG. Arturis was right in his speech. Janeway claimed “I couldn’t have known.” But it was her job to know. She claimed that 8472 was the greater threat? BS! She acted out of PURE self interest. Made all the worse when it turned out 8472 weren’t evil, and she was 100% in the wrong.”

Exactly. It was disheartening how how hypocritical she was. And no accountability for her actions when she returned home.

Only if they put her on the Mark Hammil/Carrie Fischer fitness program. And I would put Shat under the same constraint if he were coming back. These characters need to look fit in terms of what we would expect the characters they are play to look like in the far future.

Janeway will be a role model for HAES body diversity, which the Federation has surely embraced.

I don’t think a 90 year old man should be put on a drastic weight loss plan…

I agree of course. If he wanted to play Kirk again in a major role beyond a simple cameo, I see CGI as the only option.

Anyone who cares about their weight is really thinking about the wrong things…

Actors have to lose or gain weight for certain parts. They know this and it’s part of their job. Pretending this is not the case is unrealistic.

Not when they’re freaking NINETY YEARS OLD!

Emphasis being on “for certain parts”.
Unless you count the Kelvin movies or any fan films the character of Kirk was last seen more than 25 years ago. Depending on how he spent those 25 years the character of Kirk may look like Shatner does now. This may come as a surprise to some but even starship captains get old, and they may gain weight as they get old, especially if they leave active service. You may not like it because it doesn’t fit your mental image of that character decades ago but time can do that to a person.

Wow, Harsh.

Acting is a profession where looking the part is essential, and actors know this.

The part we are talking about is that of an 85-90 year old man who retired from his job decades ago.

Well I guess Ms. Mulgrew is the first person on my list to leave the country. I will wait until November and find out what excuse she uses to not leave….like every other showbiz person that didn’t leave 3 1/2 years ago.

“Love it or leave it!”
“But then I’d be subjected to our foreign policy.”

Joe Biden will win obviously.

Take NOTHING for granted, Faze. Orange Gul Dukat is going to make this an ugly, tough election at best. Biden may win, but unless it’s an overwhelming, decisive victory, Hair Furor will petulantly screech that the other side cheated. I’m preparing for what will likely be a nightmarish November-January (and that was BEFORE the prospect of a third wave of COVID).

It’s going to be a long Fall and Winter.

Trump’s already laying the groundwork for voter fraud no matter how wide a Biden victory could be. He will have to be dragged out of there kicking and screaming. Plus, just like Sadaam Hussein, he will probably be doing his best to set the country and the world on fire in the process, not that he isn’t doing that already. Putin, with all his wealth, couldn’t buy a better saboteur.

I never could get into Voyager, partly because there was something about Kate Mulgrew’s performance that felt stilted. Now, I like her, and I think I might give Voyager another try.

I’ve said this before and it’s worth repeating. This pandemic is the best thing that has ever happened to the Democrats in their effort to retake the White House. Before Covid-19 it very likely was an impossible task to beat Trump. The economy was really moving and even many fence sitters who were against him the first time seem to have been swayed as things did not go the way that was feared. The longer the pandemic goes the better the chance Biden has. A struggling economy and a yet to be resolved pandemic in November is Biden’s best chance.

Also, I would wager no matter what the result someone on the losing side will whine about someone “cheating”. It happened last time. Why would it not happen again?

Expect a lawsuit if Trump loses, mark my words. He is not one to go quietly and admit defeat. But frankly, since 2012, Democrats can’t seem to get out of their own way. Plus, Trump has a way of spinning any negative into a positive for himself, and put the fault the other side.

Because didn’t you know, the places in the US hardest hit by coronavirus are blue states (because they’re densely populated cities which almost always lean Democratic due to their diverse demographics), and he’s already begun seizing on that. Expect that to be a major talking point in his debates. Also expect Biden to not do well in debates, as he seems to always trip over himself.

Trump’s a master of obfuscation, manipulation, and spin. Combine that with a group of supporters who don’t ever think critically about anything, and it all adds up to a second term.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

Maybe. But should Trump win we can expect the other side to continue their moaning and groaning and not learn from their defeat. It seems like instead of working to figure out how to beat him they decided to focus on failed attempts at trying to bring him down. Perhaps even produce their own lawsuit.

“Trump’s a master of obfuscation, manipulation, and spin.”

You just described nearly every single successful politician ever. It seems to be part of the job description. Trump certainly does not have a monopoly on these characteristics. And ripping a candidates supporters is pretty low. Anyone on the opposite side of issues could claim the same thing about those who support the other side.

What adds up to a 2nd term would be a brilliant economy like we had before the pandemic. If the virus stipulations can be scaled back to zero and the economy rebound in time THAT will add up to a 2nd term. I think he has already won over many fence sitters who were not on his side in 2016. Before the pandemic I though it likely that not only he wins the electoral college but also the popular vote.

BTW.. I think large cities tend to lean to the left less because of diversity and more because of population density. But that’s another issue for another place.

However, most of the non mask wearing clowns who are going to beaches and going out like it’s business as usual are in Red States — just give it another 3 to 5 weeks, and the Red States where that is happening now is unfortunately going to result in large increases of cases and deaths. It’s coming — this virus is easy to transfer if you don’t social distance. Just wait.

I don’t know about that… California is as blue as it gets. San Francisco even more so. Yet thousands of people flooded Ocean beach last weekend.

It was the blue states, NY and NJ, whose idiot liberal Democrat governors ordered infected people into elderly care facilities! It was Cuomo who said the virus was a hoax (odd that the liberals only call a Trump on that) and urged New Yorkers to keep riding the subway, meeting friends downtown, and to keep living their lives! Those two states account for 80% of the US deaths! Either liberal Democrat politicians are incredibly stupid, or they knew full well what they were doing and just hoped to get the death toll as high as possible so as to hurt Trump as much as possible. Either way points to the fact that liberals are not fit to govern, and again how odd that the liberals only pin that on Trump.

Good point on the liberal democrats messing this up. If they has just listened to Trump, there was no need to do anything until April when the weather would kill most of the virus, and then for the ones still sick with it, you simply inject infected people with Lysol and shove some UV flashlights up their ass, and problem solved!

I don’t know what the big deal over COVID is anyway. Everyone knows this whole virus was made by the Chinese in a Wuhan Lab, in cooperation with Hillary Clinton and her Deep State assistants, right?

“Orange Gul Dukat”

Please stop insulting Gul Dukat! Gul had a brain.

I came here for the Star Trek, not the 21st century politics. ;-)

“This too shall pass.” All the Holllywood types are hoping it’s like another Buchanan to Lincoln situation, a bad president leading into a great president type of thing.

Dump is a failure and your country really will prove that it’s worthless if you elect him again.

I loved Janeway, and would love to see her play the character again, but I don’t believe she’ll be leaving America any more than all her fellow celebrities who threatened the same and then stayed. In any case, she could escape to Canada and still play Janeway since Star Trek: Picard is done in Toronto, right?

Uh, no. Star Trek: Picard is filmed in California.

Then she can play a 1,000 year old Janeway on Discovery.

I’m moving to Canada if Trump wins the election. I’m not kidding about that.

Where do you live now, Ninja?

Good luck. I tried moving overseas in 2016, it is not easy (and no, I didn’t try to move because of Trump).

I don’t think you’ll be missed. 🤣

Was that really necessary, Hoosier?


That was inappropriate. Final warning.

Oh noes, I’m shaking. Seriously, get a grip and check yourself.

No one on this planet would miss you, trust me on this.

see ya!!!!

Wow when one of favorite startrek actors start talking politics and being a baby if Trump is elected for another 4 years… Lost all respect for her and won’t be watching anything Voyager related. Peace out



Wow, people get so sensitive over Trump.

Bye, watch out for the door on your way out.

I agree that even thought she’s threatening to leave her country of birth, it’s really other people who are sensitive.

I’m talking about Tyler D Anderson not her. He’s upset because she threatens to leave the country because of Trump.

You threatened the same thing elsewhere on this page.

She couldn’t help but slip in that customary Trump jibe. Utterly pathetic. It’s getting harder to separate the character from the actor/actress. Not everything needs to be politicised.

The only thing that is pathetic is Trump with his idiocy and corruption. He’s a total disgrace.

You’re ridiculous!

Do you ever listen to Trump talk for more than a minute after he ran out (or forgot) his talking points? THAT’s ridiculous. The very stable genius sounds any thing but stable or intelligent most of the time.

…..types Tiger2 on his cellphone, as he takes a short break from screaming at the sky.

Is that the equivalent of Trump LITERALLY sending hundred tweets in one day like a teenager? ;)

The only reason you’re upset is because you don’t agree with her. Rest assured if she were pro-Trump, you’d love her.

I on the other hand don’t have any problem with ANY entertainer using their position to spread a political or social message they are passionate about. It’s 100% their right, and I applaud them for it, regardless of which side they fall on. Many entertainers I follow have expressed right wing beliefs, and on some occasions made me cringe and lose interest in their professional work. It is what it is.

I am certainly not offended by their desire to speak up about something they believe in.

And why should she NOT? Because she’s worried about alienating fans? Why should she care?

I disagree. I don’t like them expressing political views because they usually come across as acting as if they think their views are more important than the views of the rest of us. They are ONLY people. We the fans are the ones who have made them rich and famous. Just because they become well known doesn’t make their opinions on ANYTHING more important than anyone else’s. Many of them act as if they think they are superior to the common man. Especially if they don’t agree with your viewpoint.
They only get one vote, same as the rest of us. They aren’t ANY BETTER than the rest of us, even if they think so! I get tired of their self important attitudes!

Yes, those celebrities and their high and mighty opinions. Why can’t they be more down to earth, more humble, not feeling the need to express every knee-jerk political opinion for all the world to hear? Why can’t they have more self-control?

Well, let’s hope this way of thinking never reaches the highest office. That power coupled with the ego and neediness of a celebrity, it could lead to some real unfortunate situations.

” I don’t like them expressing political views because they usually come across as acting as if they think their views are more important than the views of the rest of us. They are ONLY people. We the fans are the ones who have made them rich and famous. Just because they become well known doesn’t make their opinions on ANYTHING more important than anyone else’s.”

How in the world is that any different from Trump himself???? This guy did NOTHING but mouth off about every President he hated for decades. Wasn’t he also just a celebrity like you are slamming her for??? What’s the difference? Because he owned hotels it’s OK for him to show up on every talk show and bad mouth politicians? Or show up on FOX news?

Guess what, now he’s getting it. At least Mulgrew didn’t create a fake investigation to find his tax returns like he tried to do with Obama and his birth certificate. Remember that? Total idiocy.

Everyone should have the right to say what the want. I highly doubt you cared one thing what Trump said about Obama because you probably didn’t like Obama. And yet Trump stayed on that train for years before he ever ran for President.

You sound deranged. There’s an acronym for that.

VSG: Very stable genius?

And I notice you didn’t put up an argument how this clown could mouth off for years AS a celebrity against every President he hated but then you want to get on another celebrity case for it when they mouth off against him? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me, doesn’t it? Am I missing something? You’re clearly missing an argument.

We all notice how you’re incapable of actually REFUTING a single thing he said and attempted to deflect, like a true Dumper. Congrats, you support a demented sex offender/serial liar who doesn’t actually care one whit about you.


I would argue that your little insulting interjections sound a bit more mentally unstable thant T2’s reasoned, well-articulated comments.

Disagree all you want, you’re still wrong, Hoosier! Nobody said their opinion was more important. They are using their position to spread a message they’re passionate about, and one could argue they are morally obligated to do so.

You are the one that sounds self-important here, that’s what’s ironic.

“one could argue they are morally obligated to do so.”

One could argue. But they would be wrong. Entertainers have no moral authority to tell other people what they think and/or what other people should think.


That’s not what i’m saying at all.

I’m saying some people believe that those with the privilege of an audience are morally obligated to use their position to spread awareness of important issues.

It’s one thing to spread awareness. It’s quite another to tell everyone in your audience what you think they should think.

This reminds me of what Ricky Gervais said at the Globes in January. He was suggesting winners not spout off about politics and other such issues because “You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

Doesn’t sound like you’re much interested in peace, but rest assured nobody will miss you.

It’s fine. When Trump gets re-elected she can just work from Toronto. They shoot Trek up there, win/win. No biggie.

I didn’t read this close enough. I just figured she was moving to Canada like everyone else that hates Trump. She said Ireland. My bad.

Oh he will DEFINITELY win, but only because the average IQ is under 100. And people writing in Bernie Sanders.

Excuses already? Wow.

I’m surprised you’re shocked, considering how open minded you are. Man, where’s the block feature, it would be handy for whiners.

?? If you know how open minded I am then you wouldn’t be shocked.

Ah, found a snowflake. Dump is a failure. Learn to live with that FACT.

If I bailed out on a show because of something stupid said by one of the actors or producers I would have a lot more time on my hands.

Please don’t do that. You’re better off with science fiction than the political fiction you clearly spend most of your time ingesting.

Really? And what political fiction do you surmise I have been ingesting?

BTW… I think I must be doing something right. Often when I talk to lefties on line they think I’m a righty and when I talk to righties on line they think I’m a lefty.

Kate Mulgrew getting political doesn’t annoy me at all. She can leave the country anytime she wants.

Ireland is a great country, I would love to visit Ireland in the future.

Trump is a moron and he is the most corrupt president in American history.

Hopefully Americans make the right choice. Voting is no joke, your vote matters.

Mentioning politics because of an article is one thing. Or because of an episode. But I think we should stay away from the “vote this way!” posts if only because it leads to very little productive discussion here.

I was really disappointed you felt that way toward our president. Anyway I’m sure gonna miss you.

I didn’t vote for this sideshow clown. Sadly most of the country didn’t either.

I didn’t vote in 2016. 2020 is the most important year in our lifetime. I’m voting to get rid of Trump.

It would be a lie to call him a competent President or even decent human being.

At this point I would care more if he just came off like a decent human being over being a competent President because at least he would show he had a heart and cared about people and acted like he wanted to do the right thing. Even the bad presidents did that.

Me, if my only choice was an effective President but he’s a narcissistic a-hole or he’s the nicest guy in the world but a terribly ineffective chief executive… I choose the effective but a jerk side. Obviously I want both but if it has to be one or the other, that is how I would rather see it.

Well, he’s neither….

I’m done with politics. Just utter nonsense.

Your president. Not mine. Remember the 3 million.

Or the 4 million he lost California by?

Or the 63 million legal citizens who voted for Trump in a landslide victory.

And will give Trump another four years in office – and perhaps more?

(Feel free to reply with your “FACTS” because your delusions become real if you spell them in ALLCAPS.)

I was pointing out that while Trump lost the popular vote by less than 3 million Clinton had a lead of 4.3 million votes in California alone. That’s all. He still won the presidency by 77 electoral votes. No judgement. Just the facts.

You clearly don’t know what a landslide is sparky.

I would argue you do not know what one is. Ronald Reagan won a landslide in 1984. 54.4 million to 34.5 million. And 525 electoral votes to 13. Trump was hardly a landslide. But I guess that’s subjective.

What on earth are you talking about? I’m replying to Palizia, who claims that Dump won with a landslide, which he most definitely didn’t. He essentially won with the votes of 70,000 absolutely moronic/idiotic/self-absorbed people.

The way these posts are arranged it is difficult to know what post is being directly replied to without referencing it. I will only agree it was not a landslide. But I would restrain myself from ridiculing any candidate’s supporters. I know people of varying political persuasions and I wouldn’t call any of them any of the put downs you just used. I see plenty of sharp people on all sides.

She’s not going anywhere.

Why couldn’t Paraount back in the day do a few direct to video tv movies to cap off Voyager in particular? This was a series that didn’t have a satisfying conclusion.
Endgame itself is somewhat underwhelming of itself.

If paramount were smart they’d have took a few years off from doing the weekly tv shows after Voyager ended and just did a few DTV releases for a few years that would have satiated the fanbase and given Trek a more sustained break while recharging the creative juices BTS. It would have been cheaper than putting out weekly shows with already reduced ratings year on year and costlier production costs. DTV could have been done for the cost of 5 or 6 episodes of a tv season.

Nice interview!
It’s always nice hearing Kate & Jeri are getting along well – they appear to have long moved on from the past which is great for them and us fans! =)
Janeway and Seven were a great pairing on the show and would love to see them together again.

I wonder how a hypothetical Star Trek: Janeway would turn out if Kate Mulgrew was given the an executive producer role as Patrick Stewart was. I didn’t entirely understand what Stewart and the writers were trying to do with the character of Picard through watching the show alone and have only now, via articles, interviews and post-examination of the show, worked out just what they were going for. If we take this template as a standard for any returning ‘legacy’ captain character, that the actor has the EP role, I’d be curious to see if Kate’s direction for Janeway would please a bigger percentage of the auidence than that of Stewart’s.

Say there was a show in production for each previous captain where the actor would have the same role as Stewart has in the Picard series, I wonder which actor would keep their character closest to how it was portrayed in their earlier series or which would be most pleasing to the fanbase. Something tells me Bakula would keep Archer pretty much the way he was on ENT. I can’t even begin to imagine the direction an Avery Brooks executively produced post DS9 Star Trek: Sisko show would go.

I really had to laugh sometimes. Kate comes across as such a warm person, just lovely. You can tell how much of herself she invested in her character, she gave Janeway everything. Makes her fallout with Jeri in the past really relatable, I totally get why she would be hurt and upset when Jeri joined.
Anyway, If I’d had to spend 7 years away from home on a ship lost in space, I couldn’t imagine having another captain than her. Really really hope Janeway will be back on Picard. Or in another series set in that period. There can never be too much Star Trek!

I absolutely love reading and watching interviews and con panels with Kate. She’s so eloquent and animated. She’s an amazing actress. Thank you to the author here for a top-notch interview!

I don’t think Jeri Ryan would be enthusiastic about Mulgrew joining in. She made it very clear Mulgrew made life on Voyager difficult for her. That’s why I’m glad Ryan was solicited for PICARD and not Mulgrew. She gets her revenge.

You’re stuck in 2005. They’ve openly talked TOGETHER about these things, and put it all behind them.

Celebrities have always used their voice for politics and charity. Bottom line is it is still an individual choice when it is time to vote. I would not be influenced one way or another based on any celebrity endorsement. Perhaps some are and if so that is their choice. Hopefully voters listen to the candidates platforms and make a choice they are most in agreement and comfortable with.

Totally agreed. I am not offended when Eastwood talks to a chair, and nobody should be offended when Stewart or Mulgrew talk their politics.

You’re not offended to the extent that you’re compelled to reply to every single post to tell us all know how “above the fray” you are. T’Pol’s Beard wins the award for most self-important poster at

Palizia T’Pol’s Beard has their opinion. So do you, let’s keep it civil please.

No one is offended by Mulgrew and her politics. Everyone has a prospective of their own.


Well, based on some comments here some people are definitely offended by Mulgrew and her politics.

guess she will be moving to Ireland then…..

Nothing wrong with that. A beautiful country.

Of course Ireland has better people.

Nothing wrong with that. Ireland is a beautiful country.

Bye Felicia.

If Janeway had the license to be put against the backdrop of a grittier Star Trek setting, you know it would be worth watching. She was a badass, she just needed a little more freedom to be ruthless, fair, but ruthless. I could see her going down Kamikaze-ing an enemy ship. She’s done it before a few times even

Oh God, I love Janeway… She was a great Captain, absolutely confident in the values of the Federation and co-operation, single minded in her determination to get her ship home and like a she-wolf in protecting her crew… and she loved her coffee.

Best line ever: “You know I’m really easy to get along with most of the time, but I don’t like bullies and I don’t like threats – and I don’t like YOU”

I love her too best Captain ever