Doug Jones, Nana Visitor, Robert Beltran, Nichelle Nichols And More Join New Summer Virtual Trek Con

At the end of last week, the official summer Las Vegas Star Trek convention was moved to December, and we will have an update on that developing story soon. This move was expected, leaving many hoping to still replicate some of that STLV fun for this summer… virtually.

Free Virtual Trek Con in July

The team behind the 7th Rule show and podcast (co-hosted by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Cirroc Lofton) are among those working to create something as close to STLV as possible but done entirely online. Today they announced Virtual Trek Con, which will be a six-day event running from July 22-27. This online con will be done entirely through live streams on YouTube and will include a combination of interview premieres with live chats, panel discussions, live guest-fan interactions, virtual hangouts/after parties, and compilation videos from clips sent in by the fans.

So far they have lined up over 20 guests from across Star Trek, with more being added. In addition to Lofton himself, the celebrities confirmed include Star Trek: Discovery’s Doug Jones, DS9’s Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik, and Alexander Siddig, Voyager’s Robert Beltran, and Enterprise’s Gary Graham. Star Trek: The Original Series star Nichelle Nichols will also participate with a special prerecorded message for the fans.

They are also lining up a number of behind-the-scenes Trek luminaries, including DS9 writer/showrunner Ira Steven Behr, TNG and DS9 writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and makeup artist Thomas E. Surprenant. There will also be panels featuring Star Trek experts and consultants, including Larry Nemecek, Dr. Mohamed Noor, and Dr. Erin Macdonald.

Best of all, the Virtual Trek Con is entirely free, with all the events being streamed live on two ‘stages’ on YouTube. The 7th Rule YouTube channel will be the Aron Eisenberg Stage, with the Falling Tower YouTube channel being the Rene Auberjonois Stage. Participants will be able to watch virtual panels and events live on both stages and it is recommended to subscribe to both to keep up. The live chat element of each event will allow for fans to interact and ask questions of panelists. The streams will also remain available to be viewed later on demand.

You can find out more at the official site:, or by following The7thRule and VirtualTrekCon on social media. While the convention is free, those who want to contribute to support the costs can make donations via Paypal or Patreon.

Connected Community Con creating virtual vendors room this weekend

One popular element of STLV is the vendors’ room. The team behind Science Division (see our recent review of their app-enabled Tribble) want to recreate that vendors’ room vibe online and have announced Connected Community Con, which will be held online on Sunday, June 14th. The event will include artists, podcasters, small business owners, scientists, and fan groups. You will be able to visit their virtual tables via Skype and Zoom meetings. More info an a schedule is available at

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I’ll be watching!

An just to say it again, Cirroc Lofton has matured to look so much like Avery Brooks. I always do a double take when I see his current photos and think, “Wait! What? Is Avery doing Trek interviews again?”

Last thought, would someone please write a cool Short Trek for Lofton. I’d be delighted to find out what Jake Sisko, writer, is doing at the turn of the 25th century. And perhaps he could be given an opportunity to reflect on-screen about the bonds of friendship and Nog.

Just recently I thought, I would like a mini series, in which Cirroc Lofton would play a young Benny Russel in a prelude to “Far Beyond the Stars”.

Yes! Take my money now!!!

Can’t wait for this. These virtual events should stick around after the virus. The vast majority of Trek fans can’t get to the conventions due to time and/or money.

They will stay after this stubborn virus, that’s for sure. Everyone is adapting.