Now Riker Is Getting His Own ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Facepalm Bust As SDCC Exclusive

San Diego Comic-Con may be going virtual this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have its own exclusive—and real—merchandise. Another Star Trek SDCC exclusive was announced today, which fits right in with the 2020 mood.

Riker Facepalm Bust

Earlier this month Icon Heroes announced a Picard facepalm bust, and today they announced their second Comic-Con 2020 Star Trek exclusive, the Commander William Riker Facepalm Mini Bust Paperweight. This 7.9 inch mini bust paperweight is made of polystone, hand painted, and includes a painted Starfleet insignia on the base.

Icon Heroes Riker facepalm mini bust paperweight

The bust memorialized an iconic moment of frustration from William T. Riker from the third season episode “A Matter of Perspective.”

Riker does a facepalm in the TNG episode “A Matter of Perspective”

The Icon Heroes Riker facepalm busts are limited to 1701 pieces with each one being individually numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. They are priced at $90. They will be released on July 22nd and you can pre-order them now at

Detail on Riker bust

And if you want to make it a set, you get Icon Heroes other Comic-Con 2020 Star Trek exclusive, the Picard facepalm mini bust, at your local comic shop with the (item code OCT198763) or pre-order it from Entertainment Earth for $79.99.


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Its a bug that developed after we upgraded the discussion section. The ad company is working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Good to know! Very reasonable answer. Thanks for clearing it up. Sorry to be a pain in the ass commenting about it.

I will start using ad block really soon. The amount of ads on this site is unbearable.

Is clear how TNG and TOS still sell. Is clear how Disco sell (no merch at all).

People still claim this is the golden Star Trek era.

Yep in lieu of viewership data the best way to measure the success of these shows is through the licensing.

It seems to me that you are cherrypicking merchandise when you comment on licensing.

While some of us love a collectable like a face-palm bust, that is a very narrow market, and one that is targeted to long-term fandom.

Let’s look instead at some larger market items with less of a collectable dimension.

It seems as though the IDW Discovery and Picard comics have done well, especially as some sold out the first-run on pre-order.

The Simon & Schuster tie-in novels certainly are selling well within the tie-in novel market, but as ViacomCBS owns the publisher, it won’t show up as a separate financial line.

When I’m at cons, I see new Discovery and Picard merchandise moving. Perhaps some of the vendors who post her might weigh in, but I don’t hear them saying that there isn’t a market for merchandise from the new shows.

Great post — I agree.

Discovery has already had multiple Hallmark ornaments, collectible pins from Fansets and QMx, over 30+ ships from Eaglemoss, and Funko Pops coming out later this year. Plus numerous books and comics, cd/vinyl soundtracks, model kits, trading cards, etc. And that’s just the things that pop into my head.

That seems like a good amount for supposedly having “no merch at all.” In fact, it seems almost comparable to the amount of TOS and TNG merchandise, and significantly more than DS9, VOY, and ENT merchandise.

Agreed — and I own several of those that you mention here.

Yes, fansets pins, lol.. and also they have tshirts and tea cups..
That is not merch, that is something you can do on any store.

The only real merch is the Eaglemoss, and belive me, they already went out of ships before they started with the Disco line. Now they are doing STO ships.

I am talking about real merch, no tshirts and pins. Toys, ships for kids, ships of lego, phasers, comunicators, etc.. nothing at all from disco.

Facepalm for everybody!

I guess he just watched the season finale of Picard.

I thought he had just read Trekmovie’s “Gayest Moments” article.

I think he was just reading the daily posts from the handful of people who post at least twenty times per day here. LOL

I didn’t even click on that article until now. I see what you mean lol.

And both season finales of Discovery- I’ve been face palming for three years running. Each year harder than the last…

This makes less sense than the Picard one. That really wasn’t a signature look for Riker like it was for Picard.

What’s a meme?

Can we get a Titan series?

Waiting for Kylo Renn FP…

What the heck is going on with the infinite wall of advertisments to get to the comments section. I have given up on check, reply, or making comments as it takes way to long to scroll down to the bottom of your page due to all the garbage ads

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This scrolling ads thing should be fixed now. Flow should go

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I kind of wish these included the other arm… at the very least for the Riker one because… I’m not sure, but something about his other arm adds to the facepalm in it for me.