Patrick Stewart Gives A ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Update; Talks Changing Federation Politics And More

Today was the first day of voting for Emmy nominations and CBS boosted their FYC campaign for Star Trek: Picard with a new extended behind-the-scenes video and more.

Ready Room talks to Patrick Stewart and goes behind the scenes on the making of Picard

Today CBS released a special version of the official Star Trek web series The Ready Room hosted by Wil Wheaton, focusing mainly on the making of Star Trek: Picard, but also featuring a nice interview between Wheaton and Sir Patrick Stewart. During the chat Stewart gave an update on season two:

I had some encouraging news only yesterday about when we might be starting again. All these predictions are based on the best possible circumstances. I can tell you that CBS is utterly committed to another season of our show utterly committed. It’s going to happen. Other than that, I’m not being provocative, but I’m actually I don’t have much to tell you.

The video (which you can see below) also features a tour of La Sirena sets from production designer Todd Cherniawsky, a look at how creatures go from design to makeup with creature designer Neville Page and makeup designer James MacKinnon, and a discussion of the wardrobe with costume designer Christine Clark.

Stewart talks politics of Picard

Sir Pat was also the featured guest on today’s episode of NPR’s Fresh Air. During the interview, he talked about how Star Trek: The Generation evolved in terms of how it dealt with contemporary issues, and how it was important to him that Star Trek: Picard continued to take on issues of the day:

[Gene Roddenberry] made it perfectly clear to me that although he didn’t mind referencing the present day a little, he was not going to get the [Star Trek: The Next Generation] caught up in contemporary politics or contemporary society and so forth. And I respected that. When Rick Berman took over, that changed a little. And Rick was more interested, which stimulated me in talking, making connections. Well, it became perfectly clear that Alex [Kurtzman] and the team on “Picard” felt a responsibility to do that. And that impressed me a lot. You know, I’ve been an activist all my life, certainly politically. And we were living in a society two years ago when all this began in which there were profound concerns about not only whether U.K. or the USA but where the world was going. And so I was affected by that.

When NPR’s Sam Brieger brought up how he admired the utopian vision of TNG, Stewart said he believed Picard continued that optimism, but it took some time to get there:

I think that we have been fulfilling that in the series “Picard.” You know, the whole issues of international problems of of refugees, of organizations, whether it’s Starfleet or the Conservative Party in London (laughter) changing what they are, what they were and what their priorities were. So we did reflect that. I mean, even so, it was very modestly done in “Picard.” But it gave me a sense that we were behaving responsibly.

I think that “Star Trek: Picard” is still fundamentally optimistic, although it has taken Jean-Luc a whole season to bring himself around to that belief. When we first meet him, he is a rather severely depressed, anxious, guilt-ridden, bored old man. Well, some of those elements vanish during the course of the first season, I’m happy to say, although it was very interesting to have to perform them, to act them and make them real. And I am sure that whenever we get to start shooting Season 2, which we will shoot, that will continue in the same way.

The wide-ranging interview (which you can listen to below) covered a lot of ground, including Stewart’s difficult childhood and early years.

Twitter hype

The level of hype for the Picard FYC campaign also ramped up today on Twitter, including a bit of Academy shaming on the part of CBS, pointing out that no actor has ever won an Emmy for their work on Star Trek.

And actor Jonathan Del Arco got in on the action, with a bit of humblebragging about being part of the Emmy campaign along with the likes of Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis.

MORE on the making of Picard from CG sets to getting away from Seven’s catsuit

Visual effects supervisor Jason Zimmerman spoke to Variety about the Mars sequence and Borg cube, and some of the less obvious visual effects:

We extended the Borg cube interiors [through VFX]. I enjoy doing the invisible stuff because they see the breakdowns and they don’t even realize what we’ve done. They were just so much fun to do because the Borg cube is such a part of the “Star Trek” world and a big deal in the universe. The bridges of both the Federation and Romulan ships were all CG. Typically, we’ve built those in the past, but in this particular instance, it made it more fun to do it as CG, and most people don’t realize. It’s subtle and refined.

He was also interviewed by VFX Voice, going into some detail on his team’s process and the tools they use to create the effects for Picard. He also spoke in general about the approach the show took:

There was a specific tone planned for the show’s visuals right from the beginning, and that aesthetic breaks some from what had been seen in past series. We felt justified, given that a lot of time has passed for this character between his last appearance [in 2002]. Making it look more cinematic was an important concern, plus our new dramatic situation informed our choices, with more happening on various planets.

And finally, Gold Derby has another interview with costume designer Christine Clark, who talked about the motivation to use certain materials for Jean-Luc Picard’s wardrobe:

I think oftentimes synthetic becomes the old reliable and there’s where you get that feeling. And because Picard is a lover of history and an archivist and a reader of paper books even in 2400, we really wanted to keep ahold of a lot of the natural materials, especially in … the beginning of the series. We eventually get into lots of synthetics [when he goes to space], but we transition,” Clark said. “We made almost everything that Patrick wears in the series. In the beginning, yes, it was very much grounded in natural materials — cotton, wool, linens — and doing blends of those. Because the ability to create depth of color and get textures and mixtures of those things without that glossy feeling, those materials are definitely the best. And they have an old-world feeling.

Clark also talked about working with actress Jeri Ryan on changing Seven of Nine’s look and moving away from the catsuit:

We both very, very, very much wanted to get away from the sleek, hourglass, sexy catsuit from ‘Star Trek: Voyager,’ It just didn’t fit the story and we wanted to show time passing for that character as well. So as much as we have reverence for that hourglass silhouette … we’re doing in a very different way, and the way to do that now is to show her power and strength physically for the journey that she’s on now. But again, using texture and knitwear to create a connection. We didn’t want to feel so distant from these characters that they were so far in the future that we couldn’t be emotionally connected to them. If you’re going to be kicking ass all the time, you should be able to do a little roundhouse.

Much more from the costume designer in the full video interview below:

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Our world is in a sad state of affairs.

We are in a global pandemic that keeps getting worse.

The economy is in shambles.

People in positions of power who are incompetent and corrupt, their actions are not in the best interests of the country.

My disillusionment with society is really taking its toll at this point, almost at the brink.

Star Trek has always critiqued societal norms from the very beginning. The social commentary was always there. Gene Roddenberry and his eternal wisdom.

Star Trek: Picard did a well enough job examining contemporary issues from a Star Trek lense.

The Romulan evacuation story was about refugees leaving their homeland and seeking a better life elsewhere.

The Federation is the European Union with some planets wanting to leave because of refugees and xenophobia. The parallels are undeniable.

Patrick Stewart made really good points here.

I absolutely disagree with your penultimate paragraph, Faze Ninja. Surveys have shown that the main reason for the Brexit vote and for the growing anti-EU sentiment in many Member States is the lack of sovereignty and accountability of the EU power structures. Immigration comes in usually as a secondary factor (, but this is mainly due to Freedom of Movement allowing unskilled (mostly white) people from poorer EU countries to move to wealthier ones to the detriment of skilled workers from all over the world rather than refugees.

I think there is a lack of understanding from upset remain voters (such as Sir Patrick) of why the majority of people voted to leave the EU. I’m sure he would have a better grasp of the issue if he had actual conversations with people from his home town, Huddersfield, rather than listen to the remain echo chamber with their preconceptions of leave voters (of which I don’t deny there are some who didn’t vote leave for the best of reasons).

Are survey’s always true? I find it hard to believe that people would answer “Immigration” over “sovereignty” and I don’t see how sovereignty doesn’t include “We can keep those dirty immigrants out”.

Globalization is certainly a touchy subject for many and I understand and respect individual’s different thoughts on the subject. Personally, IMO it is about evolution and natural change that has for the most part continued for the past 10,000 plus years. Individuals , then tribes learned that economic, social and military strength came in numbers so they slowly evolved into collective states and eventually united to become countries. Now economics are uniting trade regions such as NAFTA or the USMCA. It would make sense to see that 10,000 year social evolution continue into the future. There of course will be ocassional short term hicups or steps backwards, but it seems plausible that the united earth that is depicted in Star Trek, will eventually become a reality. I will not be around, but the questions are – how long will it take to get there and what will be the catalyst that makes it finally happen! I hope it will be a peaceful one.

The only way the Earth will unite is through a catastrophic war. Hundreds of millions will die, maybe even over a billion. It will be unification through conquest, not cooperation.

Let’s hope not. It is a Friday after all and for those in the US, Happy Fourth of July from a Redcoat haha! You’re welcome back to the UK any time haha!

I think you’re right, Dean. Even though I voted for Brexit, I do believe in a European Union and a United Earth eventually, but it has to be done in the right away, with democratic accountability of those in power and preservation of individual rights. Sadly the current European Union doesn’t measure up.

Agreed. I for one voted leave so that I can hold those leaders whose decisions affect my life accountable. Democracy is a good thing. The ‘isolationist, closed mindedness’ rhetoric that many remainers proport is just lazy and misinformed. Picard would value the concept of democracy, even if Stewart doesn’t seem to.

Unfortunately lazy and misinformed are prerequisites to the modern Left’s propaganda. How dare we have differing opinions or demand limits, accountability, and familiarity from government?


Thanks for the perspecrive and explanation. I think many may just assume that those who voted for Brexit were all backwards-thinkers wanting to stop what many perceive as progress. Like most issues, staying in or leaving the EU is obviously a complex decision. Democracy often causes me to scratch my head or even have disdain for the populace, but so far it has proven to be the best system we’ve got. So until something better comes along (and that may never happen) we must have faith that the system (whatever that may be) will eventually get us to a united world and do so in a just and peaceful way.

The world has changed more in the last 80 years than it did in the previous 500 at least. It’s actually scary.
Who knows what the next 80 years will be like?

I agree with Stewart when he said the real world connections were “modestly done”. So modestly done I might even say non-existent. Which was a tremendous relief to this viewer as Secret Hideout’s attempts to create analogies to the real world in their Trek have been… Dubious at best. Downright pathetic at worst.

Crossing my fingers for Lower Decks…. Just be funny!

Yippee let’s inject some more polarising politics into a sci fi series and divide the fanbase even more! Brexit voters and Trump/GOP voters (you horrible people lol) can look forward to the following in STP 2:

Episodes set on Brexitar Prime, a former Federation planet that dared to secede as the bureaucracy and centralisation of power on Earth grew unchallenged, where the inhabitants have a reputation as incredibly bigoted and have regressed to the stone age. Our plucky crew discover that actually they haven’t really regressed at all, that their withdrawal from the UFP wasn’t motivated by hatred but by the apparent loss of liberty. Picard gives a speech saying how their hatred is hidden, how the vote to secede was rigged (by Romulans!) and that, because Star Trek is huge on murder and genocide today, that La Sirena should vaporise the planet’s atmosphere… the next episode all is forgotten.

I’m also looking forward to a new antagonist race – the orange skinned Trumpians. A bombastic and annoying species with no diplomatic skills renowned by others as being practically Nazis even though their society is structured like the mid-90s President Clinton/Democrat run USA – for the avoidance of doubt, I am not equating the halcyon days of the 90s in the US with the Third Reich. President Clinton probably is my second favourite President (after Reagan) in my lifetime.

It’s like that classic Jonathan Pie video after Trump won the election, basically stating that Conservatives aren’t this big group of racist/sexist/misogynist/bigots. Hell being center right or even in the center gets you labelled as any or all of the above.

Jonathan Pie is amazing, Lukas. His most recent one on wrongthink is fantastic.

One of the other things that our friends on the far left need to be very aware of is that yes you may get some short term wins in calling someone who’s right of centre a bigot to stop some small policy or legislation, but you’re diminishing the shock value of the term. My fear is that increasing numbers of people will shrug off accusations of bigotry and ad hominem attacks from the left and an actual bigot/Nazi will rise up… it’ll probably be those in the centre/right of centre/left of centre to clear up the mess.

Maybe at the beginning, that’s why a lot of people didn’t like Trump and denounced his supporters basically suggesting if you support Trump you support racism, bigotry, etc. I NEVER subscribed to that idea alone of course. I understand there were plenty of good people who supported Trump for various reasons, the biggest being economical. But yes there are definitely his supporters who DO believe in his nationalistic mind set but I do think they are the minorities.

But the reason why most people hate Trump today has very little to even do with that now. Most just think the guy is simply unfit and unstable for the job in general now. He comes off so erratic and with the covid 19 issue has really proven to be his downfall more than anything else. America is the ONLY western country where the cases have shot up to a crazy degree while everyone else from Canada to Europe all the way to New Zealand have mostly contained it now. Trump doesn’t even follow his own damn guidelines on this as he is holding a holiday for literally thousands of people as I type this without masks and no social distancing of any kind. How tone death can you be????? He just DOESN’T CARE! And that’s why this man is just unfit to be in any office of leadership because he has no idea what that means.

And when you have SO many Republicans of authority now speaking out against him, including people who has worked in his cabinet from James Mattis to John Bolton saying he’s uninformed and a danger to democracy, people who has been Republicans their entire lives should tell you something.

There are so many Republican groups now running ads AGAINST Trump urging not to vote him. A George W. Bush alumni group is now organizing to support Biden and now raising money for him lol.

Trump just should not have EVER been President. His policies are one thing, but he’s clearly unable to know how to be a leader when we really need one or can unify anyone beyond his base.

This guy was IMPEACHED for a reason. He’s just corrupt who at the end of the day really only cares about himself. Trump is not just a bad President, he’s just a horrible human being in general who will use, cheat and/or abuse anyone he thinks is against him.

Yes the bleach speech was the icing on the cake surely. He’s funny but he also is the most powerful man in the world. That’s a serious responsibility!

The most responsible people in the world right now are the ones who are or aren’t going to keep him from frying us all after he is defeated. This is the living embodiment (in all sorts of ways) of the phrase ‘poor loser.’ Scorched Earth (see B5 near end of season 4 and President Clark.)

If you still support the party, you earned that label. Republicans are awful. They have spanned the entire phase space of evil/ questionable Trek societies in the last 3 years. Your vote enabled them. In a binary political system you made the choice to side with the bigots. So you are one.

Yes Rob thanks for proving my point, stupid statements like that will continue to lose your side elections. Unfortunately Biden is no better than Trump, he’s a pedophile and a creep, add to that his severe cognitive decline. The democrats could’ve had Bernie or Tulsi but I guess they didn’t have enough dirt on them to control them, both were excellent candidates though. Furthermore I’m not American but I do pay close attention to what goes on over there.

Also Tiger while I agree in part with your statement about Trump’s handling of COVID, I think more of the blame lies with the disgrace that is the U.S Health system, this is what happens when everything’s privatised and for profit. No one can get on the same page in regards to a response. All those other nations you mentioned that have done better at managing the virus have public healthcare.

Um, Trump is the guy who has done ZIP with healthcare since he’s been in office. He was the one who said he was going to appeal and replace Obamacare and said it would be ‘easy’. And what’s even scarier is that he is trying to get Obamacare dumped RIGHT NOW…in the middle of a health crisis although he has nothing to replace it with.

And healthcare is NOT the only reason man and stop pretending like it is. Trump is the one who has defied his OWN rules on what to do in the pandemic. Most of the states opened up waaaaay too early and didn’t even follow the government’s guidelines of cases subsiding in a 14 day period before they would reopen again. Do you know how many states followed that one simple rule? ZERO! Not a single state followed it. And because of that half are now suspending their reopening plans because they admit they tried to cut corners.

A big part of the population refuses to even wear a mask, a very simple and effective means to stop spreading the virus while most of the other countries hasn’t turned it into some silly political debate. And Trump is one of the MAIN problems since he refuses to lead by example. So again. don’t pretend its bad healthcare that is main the issue. That’s part of it, but its mostly from a lack of guidance and leadership and not following one national plan like MOST of the other countries are doing and treating it like 50 separate plans which is why America is in the mess that its in now.

And the responsibility starts at the VERY top!

I agree with most of what you’ve said, but again, individual states I noticed from my short time in the U.S can be very stubborn, they all feel like independent countries sometimes, you can’t have a national health/virus response plan without a national health plan.

Granted Trump’s done zip with healthcare and I wasn’t trying to defend him in any way. But how many of these asshole career politicians like Pelosi and Biden have had forever and a day to bring healthcare reform and improvement to the U.S and haven’t done zip.

Career politicians seem to be the U.S’ biggest problem now merely Trump who’s been in politics all of 4 years.

You’re not doing yourself any favors even mentioning Reagan as a fave prez. It’s amazing and disgusting to realize that of all the Republican Presidents in my lifetime, Nixon (of all the horrible people!) was the best.

Maybe you can get a job showrunning an AntiOrville series on Fox, now that Seth’s ship is docking at Hulu. Those premises of yours run counter to what McFarland would do, yet are in a similar mocking vein. Am figuring the dumbness would outweigh and undercut any entertainment value, but then again, there’s still a third of the country (is it really that much still?) that would swallow it down like it was honey.

Trump voters’ opinions don’t matter. These aren’t rational or intelligent people, and they’ve done a LOT of damage by protecting a profoundly corrupt, racist, incompetent, lazy, abusive sociopath who has no clue what he’s doing and no respect for anyone.

The moment you say someone’s opinion doesn’t matter you become a Fascist. If you want a war I am sure they are happy to give you one.

When that other party’s opinion is an uninformed, underinformed or willfully unreasoning one, that opinion ceases to matter to me. Is that qualified Fascism or just plain common sense?

Exactly. A lot of people misuse the F word these days, but you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Tezna: That is not what fascism means. Try again.

Short of repealing the Trump years like a DALLAS Ewing-in-shower reset, there’s no way to undo the damage that’s been done since 2016. The courts alone are going to be setting us back to the stone age and keeping us there, and god help everybody when another Republican gets into the WH.

Trump and his enablers have done a lot of damage to this country since 2016. The election is our only way to repair it before it’s too late.

I think you need to get on the phone to the Democrats and tell them to get their act together to make sure of success in November.

I honestly think the only way to ensure victory would be to have Tulsi Gabbard on the ticket. I think a lot of middle America look at who has power in the Democratic Party and are disgusted by some of them and their loathing of their own country. By having Gabbard there (even if just optically), she is articulate, intelligent, personable, seems to want to work for Americans cross party lines and most importantly she served (two tours I think).

I can’t think of another who matches up to her. Anyone else (e.g. Harris, Warren) and I think it’s more of a coin toss.

Joe Biden should have Kamala Harris as his running mate. I don’t like Tulsi Gabbard, she didn’t get along with Hillary Clinton.

Whoever wins in November, the truth is America is in deep trouble for the foreseeable future.

I don’t agree with you but you should vote Democrat too you know.

That is just plain rude for you to say that. Trump voters’ opinions do matter, you don’t have to agree with them. Trump is everything you said and you’re right about that. Trump voters are too ignorant and brainwashed to see the truth in front of them.

You think you made a point.

You did not.

I was talking about your point. You are one rude dude.

You did not. I was being straightforward with you.

Actually he did. A very good point in fact. Sadly you just refuse to hear it.

And plenty of Trump voters are changing their views on this guy. There is a video series I been watching on YouTube for weeks now of Trump voters who once supported him saying why they won’t this election. Because of how divisive, racist and unfit he has come off.

So yes, you can’t peg them all as bad. Hopefully we will get a DIFFERENT silent majority this election.

Interesting that you say that as I have uncovered data that supports the idea that a lot of people who didn’t support him in 2016 ARE supporting him in 2020 for a number of reasons.

Anyway, I still think the economy is his biggest strength and if it improves, as early indicators are showing it could, he will likely win his 2nd term. If it sinks back down in the next 4 months, he will loose. I really believe it is as simple as that. So it is in Biden and the Democrats best interest in keeping the people unemployed and and trying to stretch out the COVID related economic shambles for as long as they possibly can. If they can do that they MIGHT even re-take the Senate.

He’s losing in literally every major poll for weeks now, by double digits. Biden is doing better then him in states Trump SHOULDN’T be losing at all.

Now it doesn’t mean Biden will win, but yes it’s definitely his to lose at this point. The last time an incumbent President was doing this badly in the polls at this point of his presidency was George H.W. Bush.

And what ‘data’ did you uncover exactly? Trump has not gain any major supporters beyond his base in nearly four years. That’s literally why he’s the ONLY President in decades who has never gotten an approval rating above 50% his entire time in office. Most of the country HATES this guy and that hasn’t changed much. It looks like it’s gotten worse in fact.

And dude, you’re better than this. Are you seriously suggesting the Democrats are trying to keep people unemployed and Covid-19 in a worse state? Aren’t they the ones BEGGING Trump to do more testing and to follow his own guidelines so that less people will get sick and eventually can reopen things again?? Aren’t they the ones saying the economy won’t reopen fully until you get the virus under control–something Trump has basically now ignoring. They would be the ones shunning face masks or ignoring basic science.

Don’t sound like Trump man. I know you like him, but seriously.

First, I’m not a fan of Trump. Not a fan of Biden, either to be honest. I’m not too happy with any party’s actions over the last decade to be perfectly honest. You know, I’ve been on other boards where Trumpers tell me how lefist I am! I’m just looking at things realistically. Before COVID Trump was as close to a shoe-in as a President could get 11 months before an election. The impeachment actually INCREASED his popularity believe it or not.

If the election happened right now Biden likely wins, sure. And this was while he was sequestered himself from any real sort of campaigning. The current situation works against incumbents. But things might be different 4 months from now.

There were articles I’ve read back in ’19 that reported how people who were concerned about a Trump presidency no longer are. Who knows how that has changed now that COVID has entered our lives. But it was indeed a thing less than a year ago.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I never suggested or even hinted at democrats were TRYING to keep the economy down. I was only saying that a terrible economy works in their favor come November. Trust me, if the economy bounces back it will only help Trump. I say this as someone who is no fan or Trump nor am I a fan of Biden. I think they both are seriously flawed candidates and honestly don’t think either one would be much worse than the other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses if one looks fairly at them. Sadly, both lists of weaknesses are pretty extensive.

Aren’t you a little, intolerant, close minded pissant. And Wrong.

The only way to dissolve the cult of Trumpism — in the long term, long after Trump has left office — is to have what is essentially couple’s therapy between Democrats and Republicans, and you can’t get anywhere in therapy by dismissing the other person. Yes, the husband is being an irrational jerk, but what are the deep seated reasons for his being a jerk? Once we understand those reasons, and listen to one another rather than preach and shout slogans and other nonsense, then we open the possibilities for dialogue and persuasion, which is what the political forum is supposed to be about.

LOL. Why are you so easily offended and so easily divided? All of us, regardless of our beliefs and regardless of our politics are confronted with it daily. Why shouldn’t a show about humanity exploring the unknown touch on politics? Its a bit absurd. Divisive? Perhaps. But that is our story. Why feel accosted by a different point of view? No one is forcing you to adopt the point of view. You are merely being exposed to it.

Its funny you write that, the Picard book that came out as a precursor story about Picard’s time with Raffi evacuating the Romulans had a subplot about a few worlds in the Federation threatening to leave because of all the resources going to the evacuation. It was a contributing factor in Star fleets eventual abandonment of the Romulans.

Sorry, back to polarizing politics ; )

So basically Patrick will go wherever his boss at that time leads him.

This was a nice surprise. I didn’t think there’d be more of The Ready Room until Lower Desks. I’ve been re-watching the first session of Picard and I so enjoy it. It’s nice to see what went into making it.

Why in the world would Del Arco be on an Emmy list for PICARD? He barely appeared on the show, and when he did he said and did little. That’s absurd–there was no performance there.

Nominate everyone, and see what sticks.

I prefer this to GOT where TPTB picked favourites and then was embarrassed when others were nominated.

Why not promote everyone who might be considered?

If anybody saw the VFXV article before midday yesterday, yes, we know about the error in the first caption (since corrected.) I didn’t realize the article was live till about this time yesterday, and as soon as I started reading, I sent a correction to the editor, who passed it along to the web dept to get it addressed.

(it was a small stupid mistake, identifying a past visual reference as being from PICARD when it was TNG, but it WAS a lousy first step forward … I know that when I read errors at the start of an article, my inclination is either to spend the rest of the read looking for more mistakes or to go to another story. Still it’s not as bad as my CINEFEX First Contact story that is forever immortalized as identifying a particular letter of Enterprise as being the hero vessel on STAR TREK VOYAGER. Still don’t know how that got messed up either. Or a GODZILLA article for that mag where I made the mistake of skipping research and relying on a book reference to make a claim about KING KONG V GODZILLA that was completely wrong, and which still embarrasses me. That last one was all on me.)

Anyone else think that Picard is going to continue to move forward but integrate more of the TNG cast now? I know the crew is doing a lot of “for your consideration” campaigning for awards, but there seems to be a LOT of focus from Stewart on the performances and acting alongside Sirtis, Spiner, & Frakes again. That didn’t seem to get a lot of attention while the show was on, so it’s standing out as something different to me now.

I’m a little confused on your point, Stewart with Sirtis, Frakes and Spiner again got TONS of attention, if not the most. The stuff the fans talk about over and over again is the Nepenthe episode and the final scene with Picard and Data in the finale. Certainly here.

And they basically said to expect to see most of the TNG cast eventually. Stewart himself said that and while nothing has been ‘official’ both Levar Burton and Gates McFadden said they are both in talks to come back. And the production made it official we will definitely see Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan back. I’m shocked so far Dorn is the only one that hasn’t been mentioned at all yet but he may show up at some point too.

Did Jason Zimmerman go on strike and not tell anyone? It can’t just be me that thinks the Borg cube sets on Picard look utterly unfinished. They are generic, bland, and without character or atmosphere. I’ve been through automatic car washes that felt more Borg-like!

Zimmerman is VFX, not art dept. But all of these Borg interiors look like a low-rez version of TRON to me, major disappointment.

My bad blaming Zimmerman for something not his fault, but yes I’m glad to see someone else found it all a bit cardboardy.

Interesting that Sir Pat had to reassure that there would, in fact, be another season. Honest. Having a Simon Pegg moment there, perhaps?
Makes me wonder if it might be a while, now.

He’s 80, cut him slack dude.

I actually liked Wesley as a character but Wil Wheaton often tries too hard with this stuff.

This show is not canon. It goes against all of Gene’s principles.
Star Trek has been a dumpster fire since the end of the first Nu-Trek film.

Spiner and Stewart’s personal politics were behind IX & X
they destroyed TNG with their ego and lo and behold they
are in the first scene of this show.

They could have made a show with the virtue signalling,
without swearing and be able to be shown at 6pm in
front of the family.

Kirk is still in The Nexus, why couldn’t he be guiding Pat?

STAR TREK hasn’t been Gene’s STAR TREK since The end of Season 2 in 1968. He’s had nothing but interference (not to mention his own indifference with Season 3) right through the end of his 2 1/2 years on TNG before he got ill.

What you consider canon is really trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Star Trek means something different for everyone.

i really like will and the ready room… he’s having so much fun and it’s great to hear from someone who actually likes star trek… i mean it’s obvious if he was never in trek he’d still be loving trek.

The Ready Room is nice right. Watching how everything was put together was interesting.

Star Trek Picard, made me ANGRY and most of the audience gave up after a slog of episode 2, 10 episodes done on a penny budget.
The plot was extremely under written and filled in with 100% pure SJW socialism, its “illogical” to the story, no writer can front load militant ideology as a plot, who the heck paid for that to happen. Its done the exact same thing as Star Wars, insidious nonsense, nobody buys. Star Trek cannot in no way virtue signal, and Star Trek is not cheap politics.

It doesn’t fool nobody. It doesnt fool any audiance, and I would count myself as integral life long, multi-generational Trek fan. I found Picard to make me very angry, and my first recourse is to ignore it, but I love Trek so much, i’m voice my discontent.

S2 Must not do these things 1) Hyper sexualise Picard, my fear is S2 will open to Picard having a very very LGBT orgy. I fear it.
That wont divide the audiance like in the last of us part 2, which was very very under written like Picard, it will plainly destroy any audience, its far too gratuitous, and militant sjw agenda, nobody will be convinced it plays any part in the story and is pure front loaded attack.
Full disclosure I dont mind nonconformist scenes/stories/plots one bit (i’ll watch brokeback mountain till the cows come home)
Its the counter culture activism, which is designed to just divide. Its not fooling anybody its not brave like TOS in the 60’s. Its childish and infant like story telling. Who watches that?

Picard can tell a brilliant story. S2 may but its very slim have an improvement in its story.

Ultimately Patrick Stewart / Brent Spiner has suck the ship, (since Nemesis!) and Alex Kurtsman has made damn sure nobody finds the wreckage.

I’d rather see S2 Directed by William Shatner
Beam me up Scotty.

Suck the ship?
Was it a late night lol?

Centuries from now, historians will look to the video productions of Alex Kurtzman to truly understand Brexit.

So they’ll be good for something? Or is the reverse, will Brexit be cited to explain the kinds of early 21st century misthinking that led to Bad Robot and its offspring?

California is in a completely different world to the one inhabited by those millions of leave voters in GB.
Pat Stew also bless him doesn’t really get it because he’s basically in that lovely world of Hollywood. Simple as that. The country has changed since his days in England in the 70s and 80s!


Just an observation, was the background behind Patrick Stewart a photo? Usually with Zoom or Teams backgrounds there is some telltale distortion around the person. There was none with Stewart. The reason I ask is because there was a dog sitting outside. If it wasn’t a Pict, either it was a stuffed dog which is upsetting or a dead dog which is also upsetting…

I’m pretty sure it’s a picture fixed to the wall or cabinet (oir whatever it is) behind him. So the background is real, but he has a picture of his dog hanging in the background.