New Licensee EXO-6 Launching Line Of 1:6 Star Trek Figures Starting With ‘First Contact’ Data

There is a new name for collectors to get to know: EX0-6, a brand new collectibles company that launched Friday, announcing plans for a new line of one-sixth scale Star Trek statues and articulated figures. The first offering will be a Lieutenant Commander Data figure from Star Trek: First Contact. TrekMovie got some details on the company’s plans for 2021 and beyond.

EX0-6 is focused on Star Trek figures

Born from the same team behind the highly-regarded 1:6 figures made by QMx, EXO-6 has been launched as a self-contained development, production, and manufacturing entity. Showing their focus on making Star Trek collectibles, the company’s name is derived from Exo III, the android-making planet from the Star Trek episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

EX0-6 is spearheaded by entrepreneur Schubert Tam, who said in a statement: “Being able to bring these characters, that I’ve loved since childhood, to fans around the world is a dream come true. I’ve always been fascinated with the hyper-realistic 1:6 figures and I feel this is the best type of collectible to celebrate the characters of Star Trek and the actors that portray them.”

According to EX0-6, each of their figures is “sculpted to perfection one by one” in their own workshop. The designs are approved by ViacomCBS Consumer Products and evaluated by the actors for authenticity. The first release will be a 1:6 scale articulated figure of Data from Star Trek: First Contact.

EX0-6 Data figure

The EX0-6 1:6-scale Data figure re-creates the character from First Contact in “exquisite detail.” The figure stands approximately 12-inches tall with “every element authentically reproduced.” It comes with two different sculpted heads, promising sculpts of Brent Spiner as Data with “authentic, hand-painted likenesses.”

EX0-6 Data figure with second head sculpt

“Data is an android striving to become human. He is one of the most popular characters in Star Trek, and no other character better expresses the wonder of discovery that is the heart of Star Trek than this android with a soul. The EXO-6 1:6 scale figure of Data will not only embody the hopefulness of the character but also bring an element of Brent Spiner’s performance into collector’s homes,” said Tam.

In addition to the second head, the Data figure comes with a number of accessories and hands.

EX0-6 Data figure with accessories

The tentative retail price for the Data First Contact figure is $189.95. According to EX0-6, it may be a bit more expensive than future releases due to having two sculpted heads. The figure should be solicited and available for pre-orders from retailers in February, and ship in April.

More to come in 2021

A spokesperson for EXO-6 tells TrekMovie their license covers the entire Star Trek franchise of film and television and they are planning on rolling out a variety of releases in 2021, with an aspirational goal of six total figures and statues by the end of the year. No details are available yet on what is coming next, but EXO-6 is committed to never releasing solo figures from any given film or series, so an additional First Contact figure is expected in 2021.

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More images of the Data figure

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Damn solid likeness.

Cool. Does that mean Quantum Mechanix is done?

And Macfarlane? And…who was doing it before them?

This won’t make it past Data.

They should follow their namesake and make an Exocomp next.

The only thing they missed is a forearm with the grafted skin on it. Otherwise, a solid set. Of course, my greatest fear is they’ll never release the entire crew in these uniforms (Picard will be next, no doubt, and Riker, LaForge, and Worf stand a good chance, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on Crusher and Troi) before moving on to another facet of the “Trek” franchise.

For an extra ten bucks, Brent Spiner will have coffee at your house and b**ch about LaVar Burton for an hour….

A newly released model from a film released what 25 years ago (crikey, that makes me feel old) for just shy of 200 bucks? There is a market for this… at least the creators are convinced of. I’d be amazed if in 25 years, there are models being made of Discovery characters… even if they had a crying feature.

I help at some conventions with a buddy of mine. He sells all the scifi collectible stuff. Some figures will sell better than others but, there definitely IS a market for this stuff. It surprises me, sometimes…

The eyes have a creepy blood-shot look to them.

So did Spiner’s. I noticed it when I last watched the picture. I think just how Brent’s eyes took to the contacts.

With Christopher Walken as Data.

i really hope ALL tng characters get one.

How about someone take up the toy license for those of us that can’t afford $200 a figure? I had my hopes high for MacFarlane and all they gave us was Kirk and Picard and the failed DISCO phaser.
Meanwhile we are about to get more Trek than ever before, even shows geared especially toward children. Seems the perfect time to reissue the master toy license