Who Are Your Top Three?

How well do you know the Shuttle Pod Crew? For that matter, how well do you know your Trekkie friends? Think you could guess their top three favorite characters in all of the Star Trek franchise? This week, Kayla, Brian, and Jared sit down to discuss their top three, but with a fun twist. They first have to try and guess each others’.

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Not even a contest. Kirk, Spock & McCoy.

Spock and Kirk for sure. I’m trying to decide if my third would be McCoy, or if it’d be Data or Janeway or Seven. Maybe by the time we get more Discovery, it’ll be Saru… :-)

They are the foundational characters of Star Trek. It is their friendship and working relationship that grounds TOS and everything that comes afterward. They are my three favorite characters in Star Trek, and maybe in cinema.

You people

Without a doubt, agreed.

As an avid listener I can tell without checking that Kayla will have Beverly in her top 3 ;)

Spock, Kira Nerys, 7 of 9

Kirk, Miles and Julian

top three what? marry?

easy: Mr. Spock, Dr. Julian, Harry Kim

wait… Mr. Spock might be #1 and #2!

Hmmm…. T’Pol, Droxine, Tonia Barrows

I think I’ll go with The Doctor, Data, and Damar. It’s hard to pick just three though.

Legate Damar chooses himself, but only after years of reflection.

My top three are Brian, Jared, and Kayla.

The only reason Matt didn’t make the cut is because he missed this episode :)

You guys (and gal) absolutely rock and ShuttlePod is my absolute favourite podcast. This one was so entertaining I didn’t want it to end. Just go down the list and talk about every single Trek character please!

I would pic Picard, Data, and Garak, with Odo as honorable mention. My wife managed to guess all 4 (in no order).

Really enjoyed this episode, nice work Shuttle Pod team. I will say that one of my favorite Kirk/McCoy moments is in Search For Spock as the crew watches the destruction of the Enterprise. Kirk says “My God Bones, what have I done?” Bones: “What you had to do, what you always do, turn death into a fighting chance to live” illustrates what you discussed on this podcast, that Kirk is full of doubt and a lot more nuanced than Pine’s Kirk (as talented as he is) and how McCoy knows how to say the real truth to his friend . Always gets me that scene.