Recording Has Already Started For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3

We are still a couple of months away from the debut of the second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks, but production is already underway for the third.

Newsome back in the booth for season three

In May Lower Decks creator and showrunner Mike McMahan revealed they were well into the writing for season three of Lower Decks. And now it appears the show is ready for voice acting production as well. On Sunday Tawny Newsome posted a selfie on Instagram with the message “SEASON THREE” along with a hashtag for Star  Trek Lower Decks. The image shows the actress in a recording booth, wearing a shirt from the Lower Decks  T-shirt subscription club, referencing Tulgana IV from the episode “Envoys.”


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Newsome is in a recording booth, which is another sign of a return to normal. Season two was recorded remotely due to the pandemic. It does appear that Newsome is alone in the booth recording as Ensign Beckett Mariner, without her co-star Jack Quaid voicing Brad Boimler. Quaid recently said he missed being able to record live with Newsome as they had for season one.  It’s possible Quaid wasn’t available to record with Newsome as he is currently in Toronto for production on The Boys. He did quickly reply to her post on Instagram with a series of party popper emojis, celebrating the event.

Season two of Lower Decks arrives on August 12th on Paramount+ (and CTV Sci-Fi in Canada and Amazon Prime internationally). Season one debuted in the first week of August 2020 so with production moving along at pace, the third season is expected to arrive in 2022.

Quaid and Frakes… and Urban

Speaking of Jack, last Thursday he shared an image of himself with Star Trek legend Jonathan Frakes, from that time they first met and Frakes spoiled the end of season one of Lower Decks for him.


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And speaking of Quaid being busy shooting The Boys, today Jack shared a fun happy birthday post with his The Boys co-star (and Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy) Karl Urban.

Please consider Lower Decks

We are now in Emmy nominating season as members of the Television Academy consider their options. CBS is starting up their “For Your Consideration” campaigns, including one for Lower Decks. Below is a FYC tweet shared by CBS Studios for members to consider Lower Decks for Outstanding Animated Series.

Lower Decks home release out now

The first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks is now available on home media, check out TrekMovie’s review for more details. You can pick up the Blu-ray edition at Amazon for $24.96. The limited edition Steelbook Blu-ray set can be ordered at Amazon for $29.99. And the DVD edition can be ordered at Amazon for $16.66.


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Wow, they are going full steam ahead on Lower Decks! They must have been greenlit for a season 3 for awhile if they are already doing voice work for it! GREAT NEWS! Hopefully they will be green lit for season 4,5,6 and 7 too! :D

Sadly it doesn’t seem like we are getting another Kelvin film (or at least with the original cast) anytime soon, but it’s great to see Karl Urban having a hit gig with The Boys. I’ve never seen it but planning on watching it when I can. I think McCoy is easily my favorite character in those movies and still hope we can see him again in some form….and maybe even on Lower Decks!

is it just me or is there a Starfleet delta casting a shadow on Tawny’s mike thingy?

It’s a shadow cast by the mic shock mount onto the thingy (pop shield) and it 100% looks like a Starfleet delta.

Huzzah! So glad to see it underway!

But wait, what’s this about a Star Trek: Lower Decks t-shirt subscription club?!

Argh, omitted a letter from my screen handle and now I can’t fix it.

Glad to hear there’s going to be a third season. If I enjoy the second as much as I enjoy the first, I’ll be even gladder!

Same here Bryant! First season of LDS just felt like a breath of fresh air. Even though it’s the most unconventional Trek show we ever seen, oddly, it felt like it was also the most faithful to classic Trek, certainly when compared to DIS and PIC.

It’s still crazy out of all the new shows, THIS, is what excited me the most out of all of them. I never would’ve thought it lol. I’m really hoping the show gets more fun and even wilder as it goes on. And it being in canon makes it even better!

I was skeptical of the show when it was announced, but it proved itself to me almost immediately. I loved all ten episodes! Here’s hoping the same thing happens with “Prodigy.” I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen so far, that’s for sure.

Good point about it being the most unconventional of the shows but simultaneously being very classical at its core. Pretty cool!

That was the thing I was really surprised by and that how it managed to feel so much like classic Star Trek. I was ready for it to be unconventional. I went and watched a few episodes of Rick and Morty (which, true story, I’ve never heard of until this show was announced) and after watching it I wasn’t sure what to think lol. It was very clever, funny, but NOT Star Trek obviously. In fact it’s a very cynical show. So I expected the show to be something closer to that. But instead they did a great job of making it feel a bit off the wall, but still inherently Star Trek. And I think keeping it in canon was a great choice because they can’t go too ‘wacky’ with it if we are to believe all these events happened in the same universe as TOS, DS9 and VOY.

Now its not perfect. I agree with a lot of people who think they took the references too far (but I really like them in general) and they can dial down Mariner a bit, but yeah it’s just a really solid show for me. Much more than I ever thought it would be. And I also agree, while I expect it to be a completely different show, I’m more excited about PRO now.

And it’s great CBS has so much confidence in the show to already give it a third season when second season hasn’t aired yet. That tells me unless season 2 and 3 just totally tank, it’ll probably go a few additional seasons as well!

I agree that the references could stand to be dialed back a bit; they are mostly fine, but occasionally just don’t work in-universe. But even then, since I feel their heart is in the right place, I’ll give them some slack I won’t give Discovery or Picard when I feel their hearts are in the wrong place. (Or even Deep Space Nine, for that matter.)

I love Mariner and don’t really mind her coked-out energy. I think this may be largely because I find Tawny Newsome to be hot, though, so all in all it would probably be for the best if she chilled out a bit.

Is PRO the acronym that’s been decided on for that one? I’d have thought PRD was better, but then again, I thought LWR made sense for “Lower Decks” and that never even got off the starter block!

I definitely like the references too but it can be too much like when they reference episode titles. And Mariner is a hoot. I HOPE we have more scenes of her and Riker together. I love their interaction in the finale! I have a feeling we won’t get it though. But at least keep Riker in a few episodes. If they can bring in Pike for an entire season on Discovery, we can get Riker for at least 2-3 more episodes next season!

As far as Prodigy, no it’s just my own acronym, but I do that with all the one name shows and just go with the first three letters: VOY, ENT, DIS, etc. I don’t know if those are all ‘official’ or not but everyone gets it either way. So its PRO, at least for now.

I have no doubt that the Lower Decks people’s hearts are in the right place. But I would argue that they are too much in the right place. It really feels like they have so very much respect for the franchise that they are refusing to push the envelope on poking fun at it. It seems like they have a huge fear they will get ripped apart by fans if they make a joke about something some might find sacred or something. I feel like the best move for that show would have been to have the nearly entire writing staff NOT be familiar with the Trek universe. Those would be the ones who would have no fear poking fun at the franchise. I’m a HUGE fan but let’s be honest… There really is a lot they could have fun with.

And I’ve always like LDX myself. Saw someone else use it here and it just felt right. So that’s what I use.

I envy you for not having seen Rick and Morty. I had so high expectations after watching R&M that LD in its generic tone and tameness could only dissappoint.

It’s not the same show but yeah…. I see your point. R&M does go awfully zany, even more so that I would expect from a Trek Comedy. But the thing is the cleverness found on R&M doesn’t even find it’s way to LDX. Which is another big disappointment.

As I said I watched it after I heard about this show. It’s funny, but it was a bit too much for me lol. But I definitely see the appeal of it, but I got through maybe 7 or 8 episodes before I stopped watching. LDS is just more my speed I guess.

Interesting what you said about Rick & Morty. I have a friend who turned me on to R&M a few years ago and boy… When that show works it’s one of the funniest things out there! So when I heard McMahon, who was a part of that wonderful R&M zaniness was running Lower Decks, I had some hope it would be good. At the very least, kinda good. I mean, R&M didn’t hit on all cylinders every episode. Especially the most recent season. (although the trailer for the upcoming season looks promising) But then we got NONE of that. None of the cleverness. None of the zaniness. And worst of all, none of the laughs. In Lower Decks we essentially got Big Bang Theory. Maybe I was expecting too much but honestly, while I was somewhat expecting some good laughs here and there I really was willing to accept mediocre at worst. Anyway, getting off to things that have been said before. I was just intrigued by your R&M comment.

I thought Rick and Morty was funny but it’s just not my thing. I really enjoy LDS though as you know. But I was worried I wasn’t because it would be a too zany for a Star Trek show although I would’ve gave it a real chance obviously. But it has hit a real sweet spot for me, at least first season did. I never seen the Big Bang Theory although my brother swears by that show.

Well… Apart from not being funny… Which is the #1 problem… The two main characters, Mariner & Boimler, are just too… Well… Boimler is Homer Simpson stupid and Mariner is just far too frantic. It’s like she’s on speed or something all the time. It is animated so things get exaggerated, I know. And if I found it funny these things wouldn’t bug me but… It isn’t and those things do. Sorry.

See I love both Mariner and Boimler. But I know Mariner is a more divisive character. Maybe not on the level of Burnham….or maybe she is lol.

And if you don’t like the show, then you don’t like the show. Nothing wrong with that. I love it so far personally.

Is Mariner divisive? I mean, she IS a cartoon. How divisive could that get? I get why Burnham gets criticized and seems to be divisive. The show really doesn’t treat her very well, IMHO. But Mariner? I don’t expect the same level of character in a cartoon that is supposed to be funny than I do in a more dramatic live presentation. So I really do not get the divisiveness there…

Well you’re the one who suggested it lol. That some people like you don’t like her. Others seem to love her. But yes she is divisive in the sense that she’s the first Starfleet officer we had who doesn’t seem to like being in Starfleet much or at least the way it does things. The way she bucks orders and authority would definitely be pretty controversial if it WASN’T a comedy show. She would probably last about two weeks on the Enterprise working under Picard for instance. NO WAY would he tolerate someone like that for too long.

And probably why they made the captain her mother so they can kind of have her get away with things without just being transferred or plain run out of Starfleet. But for others like me, that’s why I like her!

And I disagree with you about Boimler. He’s not ‘stupid’ he’s actually one of the smartest people there in terms of being a Starfleet officer. But he’s socially awkward and not very street smart and where it gets him into trouble. But he’s quite intelligent and why he got promoted to be on the Titan.

OK. I see what you meant now. Divisive in that there are people who do not like her. By that reckoning, I would say that Boimler is divisive as well. Honestly, my annoyance with him is much higher than my annoyance with Mariner. I don’t think they presented him as being very smart at all. At best he knows how to read and retain some of the written word. But that is about as far as it goes. It’s almost as if the guy was raised in a cave with absolutely zero contact with other people. Even the some of the stupider characters in animation are somewhat capable of regular interactions and can kinda sorta function socially. (Even non-animated dumb characters like Michael Scott come across as sharper than Boimler) He doesn’t even seem capable THAT. And again, things are exaggerated in animation so I get that aspect of it. That’s just part of the deal. But because I am not distracted by laughing such flaws tend to stand out far more than they normally would. Homer Simpson is an idiot but when funny things happen the viewer doesn’t dwell on it. If the gags don’t work then there is time to think abut how ridiculous his actual incompetence is.

Same. I’m hopeful it’ll get the full 7 seasons. I find it comfort food for all the other drek we have gotten so far. Lower Decks puts me in a happy place.

Same. I’m hopeful it’ll get the full 7 seasons. I find it comfort food for all the other drek we have gotten so far. Lower Decks puts me in a happy place.

It’s the only Trek my son (eleven years old today) will watch with me. So, I look forward to many more seasons!

Happy birthday to your son! And happy he’s liking LDS!

Not so sure it’s a good thing to get such a quick turn around when no one has even seen S2 yet. This suggests to me that there were no real tweaks made to the show for S2. If there were, they would delay production of 3 until they saw if S2 worked or not. This does not bode well for the show. It really could use some fairly major changes in writing and even in at least two, maybe three characters but it seems like they are happy with the show as is. I’m going to watch because I’m a fan but Secret Hideout Treks feel more and more like a crappy sports team that made some really bad signings and are now stuck in salary cap hell because of it. So you pretty much know that unless some new rookie comes up and outperforms everyone the team will almost certainly suck for a while.

insert that GIF of the guy just blinking incredulously

Such a GIF would be a very strange response. In fact, that same GIF would be a good response to that GIF.

It … wouldn’t, actually. At all.

Well… Perhaps to you. Not, I suspect, to others.