All Access Star Trek Ponders The Possibilities of ‘Prodigy’ And ‘Picard’ And Enjoys “The Spy Humongous”

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 57 - TrekMovie

[Lower Decks review starts at 29:46]

Tony and Laurie talk about the restructuring at Paramount, round up more details from Star Trek Day (especially Tony’s red carpet interviews) about Strange New Worlds, Picard, and Prodigy, celebrate Discovery‘s Emmy win, look forward to the 4K remastered Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Director’s Edition, then dive into their review of the latest Lower Decks episode, “The Spy Humongous.” They wrap up with a look at William Shatner reviewing impressions of himself and some fascinating Rick Berman interviews from 2006.

Links to news topics discussed in the pod:

Paramount Confirms Multiple Star Trek Films In The Works Amidst Management Shakeup

Interview: Akiva Goldsman On Q, The Borg Queen, And What Season 2 Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Is All About

Pike’s Kitchen, Spock’s Love, And More Revealed From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Panel

Book Review: ‘The Autobiography Of Mr. Spock’ Fills In The Gaps For Star Trek’s Iconic Vulcan

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers On USS Protostar, Holo-Janeway And How The Show Is “Big”

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Wins Emmy For Visual Effects

Watch First Clip Of 4K Remastered ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Director’s Edition’

Review: ‘Star Trek: The Original 4-Movie Collection’ 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Is A Big Upgrade


Tony: William Shatner Reviews Impressions of Himself | Vanity Fair

Laurie: Academy interviews with Rick Berman

Rick Berman Talks 18 Years of Trek In Extensive Oral History

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Does anyone else not like the SNW uniforms? People seemed to go crazy for them when they were revealed, but to me they just look like pyjama tops. Personally, I think the uniforms from Beyond are the best interpretation of the classic uniforms (on a side note, I would be happy to see more Kelvin stuff for design alone, interpretations of TMP and TWOK-era uniforms would be great).

I think they’re an improvement over the ones we saw on Disco in season 2, which looked really starchy and uncomfortable. (I’m also pro-pajamas.) I always felt like those earlier versions didn’t look like something you could work in.

I get the discomfort, but I don’t like base version of the new uniforms.

My spouse looked at the trailer and said “Why did they do that? Those are really dull looking. Do they think the viewers have no style?”

My worry is more the decolorization of the bridge (red versus multi-colored lights) and shots of doors in the background. My worry is that the take away from the big E bridge looking better in Discovery than any of the bland door in the background sets of the new series is that they decolor and blandify the TOS bridge that the new sets compare better as opposed to making their new sets colorful and full of activity and information (you know… like a real information centre).
Someone really likes showing pictures of people sitting on chairs in front of doors and monocolor walls and keeping people from being too close together to communicate information effectively.. keep whoever that is away from SNW.

Have you guys been following Fansets’ Twitter feud with its own customers? It’s crazy. Star Trek fans are criticizing the quality of the licensed pins Fansets sells, and the person manning the company’s Twitter account is fighting with them instead of accepting the criticism. It’s bizarrely unprofessional; this licensed vendor is acting like an angry 12-year-old. Someone at CBS should have a talk with them, as it reflects badly on the Trek brand. And someone at Fansets should examine its staffing choices, because whoever is posting to that Twitter account is not doing Fansets any favors.

What are you talking about???

I am talking about the situation I just outlined pretty succiently.

Wait what? Laurie is old enough to have a kid in college?? Maybe it’s just me but you, like Anthony, have a really youthful voice. I really enjoy listening to you guys talk trek news and give your informed balanced views.

So glad you’re enjoying the podcast! I do indeed have a son in college… I am the same age as Star Trek itself. Six months older, actually, but every Star Trek anniversary is also a Laurie anniversary, in my book.


I’d really loved your analysis of the theme of LD episode. So often, fans who dislike any of the new treks go out of their way to destroy everyone elses enjoyment of it. It’s ok not to like a particular show, it’s not ok to be disrespectful to others who do like it. I’m not the biggest ENT fan, but I’ll still watch it with people and celebrate with others who do like it.

Thanks. No one likes a buzzkill.

As ever I really enjoyed your round-up of all the news plus your review of LDS, which I also thought was good episode. I really think they are hitting there stride now with the perfect blend of comedy, character development and action while showing some restraint on the Easter eggs.

Any idea when we’ll get to see some footage from SNW? I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with my beloved Original Series characters and iconography.

Hi Scott. We were hoping to get a full trailer at Star Trek Day, alas. I was also hoping NY Comic Con, but it looks like they are focusing on Prodigy and Discovery. Maybe they are waiting until they are ready to announce a premiere date.

It seems to me that since then merger, the Communications Powers That Be, are really limiting all the shows to one trailer per season.

Picard seems exceptional with two trailers, but given the mixed response to the first season and the lengthy delay in the start of production, perhaps there was a sense that more promotion is needed.

Also, we’re not getting any of the early production behind the scenes shots the way we did from Discovery season two or Picard season one.