Check Out New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Character Posters

The animated kids series Star Trek: Prodigy arrives in one month, debuting on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 28th. We learned a lot about the show on Star Trek Day, including our exclusive interview with the series creators. And now we have some new character posters.

Character posters

The following six posters give us a better look at the seven main Prodigy characters, plus the USS Protostar.

Key art poster

On Star Trek Day, Paramount+ released key art poster for Prodigy.

ICYMI – Star Trek Day trailer

Star Trek: Prodigy arrives on Paramount+ October 28th.

Find more news and analysis for Star Trek: Prodigy.

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I wish the names weren’t nearly exclusively 3 or 4 letter names. (On a side-note, haven’t loved planet named nearly as much as I did in previous Trek era. They feel like SW planet names, now. Never with a number after them.) Beautiful posters, though!

My only gripe with the names is the name of the ship. I think they could have come up with a better name for the ship. It sounds like the name of a second or third tier X-men character.

To be honest I never cared for the ship names starting with TNG onward. But that’s not a deal breaker in any way for me.

The only thing about these names that bugs me is the one name that also describes the character’s look. Rok. For the rocky looking guy. Ingenious. We can put that name right up there with unobtainium.

I love these designs and am very excited about this show’s premiere. My only gripe: I wish Pog looked more like a Tellarite and not a Talaxian. It’s an odd look for a Tellarite. He looks like Neelix after too many Big Macs. It’s a minor gripe, though. I really do love the designs otherwise.

I kind of think anything is better than the TNG-era tendency to name species with a four-syllable word that starts with a T: Tamarian, Talarian, Terellian, Terrellian (Alpha Quadrant), Terrellian (Delta Quadrant), Talaxian, Tarkalean, Tandaran, Takarian, Takaran, Taresian, Tilonian, Tygarian.

Yeah I was thinking that too… Is he going to be a Talax-arite or a Tella-xian perhaps? I suppose we’ve not seen a teenage Tellarite before, maybe they just coincidentally look exactly like Talaxians, just with big teeth.

I don’t see Talaxian when I look at him at all.

The porcine elements seem so totally dominant.

OMG I totally thought that he was a Talaxian! I just assumed from the overall look and because it’s a kids show; a Talaxian seems like a great choice for kids!

Aw man, I’m kinda bummed he is a Tellarite tbh. With the brown spots, the sideburns, the little slit on his nose I was sure. There are none of the hooded eyes, flared upward nostrils or even facial horns that they introduced into the Tellarite design in DISC and Lower Decks.
Golly, the Tellarite design is getting almost as inconsistent as the Klingons.

She is not “Captain Janeway.” She should be referred as “Janeway ECH!”

I dunno…. she’s a hologram of CAPTAIN Kathryn Janeway. I buy calling her “Captain Janeway”
for publicity reasons.

I wonder if it means anything that Janeway is standing outside of the ship in the poster, or if that is just artistic license. It will be interesting to see if she has some kind of mobile emitter, or if she is limited to a few places like the Doctor was.

I have a feeling she will be seen outside the ship. My guess is either they have reversed engineered the Doctor’s mobile emitter or they have came up with something on their own for holograms to roam freely.

I’m sure that she will almost always be referred to as Captain Janeway. Just like when people talk to Professor Moriarty, they just call him Moriarty without directly stating that he is a hologram and not the actual fictional character.


I guess she is the Captain (in Prodigy) because the real one is the Admiral!?

I am thrilled with this show. Can’t wait to watch the premiere.

I hope this doesn’t mean she will develop her own personality and then get declared a sentient life form. Not only do I think that is a bit of a stretch but we’ve already seen it done in Trek.

*looks askance at that sentiment*

Images look great. Can’t wait to see all the new (and old ;)) characters and very excited to be back in the Delta quadrant again. It’s just great to see Star Trek being expanded again and extension of the classic shows like Voyager.

Not quite sure what to think of the spindly character design.. Though it gives the series an ethereal Tim Burtonesque beauty, on the back of the whole Disney princess body image development it’s a bit surprising to find in a Trek series aimed at a teen audience

I love this ship. It gives me the same positive vibes when Voyager premiered in 1995. Can’t wait to find out how this ship, with no one on board, ended up in the Delta Quadrant. Where is the crew? All dead? Or stranded on a different planet? I just really hope Chakotay is alive. Kim and Chakotay (like La Forge), need a better script, to be exactly where they deserve. No surprises like Icheb, please…for the love of God, for our mental tranquility during these difficult times. :P

Same Jay! I get the same vibes when VOY (it really does saves time ;)) premiered. It’s clear the ship itself is going to be a big part of the story line so I’m just excited to hear all about it.

As far as the Voyager characters, I would assume they are all alive being it’s only five years after Voyager came home and they probably want to keep their options open to bring in any character. And Star Trek doesn’t really kill characters off screen unless it’s a real life death like Nimoy and Spock dying in Beyond.

As for Chakotay, Robert Beltran let it slip not too long ago he will show up on the show. Sure maybe he’s not playing Chakotay but it would be very strange to bring him back just to be a different character.

I wonder, if Pog’s prosthetic arm is a conscious reminiscence to Doohan’s lost middle finger?

I am getting the distinct feeling that this show will end up being the more “adult” show while LDX is in actuality the children’s show. At the very least a show that is aimed more at teens and young adults.

…except for the fact that Prodigy literally has the kids’ network Nickelodeon branding all over it and Lower Decks has basically turned into a sex farce.

I cannot speak for LDX season 2. Haven’t seen it yet. But season one was awfully childish and I would have had no problem whatsoever with my 6 year old son (if he was that young) seeing it.

Obviously I haven’t seen Prodigy yet but shows like Rebels and Clone Wars, while viewable by youngsters, deal with more adult themes and situations than LDX ever did. And my guess is that Prodigy is aiming for that level. Whether or not they succeed is yet to be seen. So yes, it very well could be that LDX will end up being the children’s show while Prodigy is the more mature one.

I’m hoping it’s like Transformers Prime with well thought-out characters and story arcs.. way WAY better than the movies supposedly for adults.
Let’s remember that most of TAS is more grown up sci-fi than most VOY episodes.