Listen To Lt. Matt Of Cetacean Ops Personal Log From ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

Last month’s season two finale of Lower Decks still has people talking, including the final reveal of Cetacean Ops, and ending on a cliffhanger. The official Star Trek Logs Instagram account has updates on both of those. Plus, you can now pre-order your own USS Cerritos.

Matt’s Log

On Tuesday Paramount+ released the personal log of Lt. Matt of Cetacean Ops on the USS Cerritos. It might help if you can speak Beluga, as the universal translator appears to have malfunctioned.


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Mariner is ready to do the unthinkable to help her mom

There is also a log from Mariner from after the events of the season finale. Voiced by Tawny Newsome, Mariner reacts to her mom being taken off the ship by Starfleet Security, and she is ready to go to Earth to “bust that trial open.” She is even going to hit the books with Boimler’s help to research Starfleet law.


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Cetacean Ops Merch

If you want to bring Matt and Kimolu home you can with a new line of Cetacean Ops merchandise from the Official Star Trek Store. These include beach towels, mugs, tees, and sweatshirts.


Hero Collector releasing Lower Decks ships, starting with Cerritos

Eaglemoss Hero Collector has announced they are adding a series of ships based on Lower Decks to their lineup of Star Trek Starship models. This will start in January with an XL version of the USS Cerritos, measuring 10 inches in length. You can pre-order it now for $79.95.


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That clip is totally pointless and not even funny. Why post it?

Your post is totally pointless and not even accurate. Why post it?

Universal Translator offline……

LOL, this show! I laughed at this so hard. It’s why I’m enjoying LDS so much. Hopefully Mat and Kimolu will be back for season 3. Its great to see them getting their own merchandising too!

LDS seems to be getting the biggest merchandising push out of all the new shows so far. At least that’s the way it feels to me.

Clearly created by someone who has actually experienced Belugas.

“Hello you human you. Glad you came to entertain us.”

Even though LDs is not always my cup of tea, I have to admit I laughed out loud listening to Lt Matt’s log entry – universal translator OFFLINE! Too funny.
I originally thought that they could only show Cetacean Ops in an animated show, then I remembered Enterprise depicted the Aquatic Xindi characters pretty well. It would be great to see Cetacean Ops in a live action show sometime. Yes, I know that the NCC-1701 blueprints from 1973 didn’t have Cetacean Ops, but I wouldn’t be too upset if they showed up sometime in the future on SNW. Maybe to keep fans happy, they could be on a science vessel instead of the Enterprise.

I believe there was a sign on the 1701-D pointing to Cetacean Ops. It was certainly in their blueprints.

But not the no bloody A, B, C or D NCC-1701 ;) I.e. the Enterprise we will be seeing in “Strange New Worlds”

This would definitely create a continuity problem with Star Trek IV…

Good point Jenkins – uh yes another wonderful canon quandry. How could Cetacean Ops be on the Enterprise D? There seems to be no way any whales could be around on the 1701 or a 23rd century Federation science vessel. How inconvenient haha!
Maybe there were dolpins and belugas, just no humpbacks!

Pretty sure IV said that humpbacks were extinct, not all whales.

I wish these clips were available at Paramount+. Social media is too transitory, so they could all go away.

They seem to have made the model a little cartoon-y.

Great voicework by Tawny Newsome.

When I saw this on my usual morning interweb fix, I was all like “I’ve gotta watch that shit”, and it was worth it! Sometimes I regret things, but not this time – well I don’t think I regret it… or do I? Naaa, I’ve loved this site since circa 2008 (or was it 2007?) and I will always watch/look/read as long as the ‘Trek keeps ‘trekin’ – keep on keeping on you guys/gals, I wouldn’t know how to start my day without you.