Podcast: All Access Places Its Bets With The Return Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 78 - TrekMovie - Star Trek: Discovery "All In"

[Prodigy spoiler talk starts at 07:08 / Discovery review starts at 16:57]

Tony and Laurie talk about the legacy of VFX legend Douglas Trumball and the way Star Trek: Picard plans to tribute him, take a look at how Michelle Yeoh’s popularity could affect the plans for the Section 31 show, and give an update on The Orville: New Horizons‘ new premiere date and just-released opening teaser. They chat about Tony’s recent and delightfully nerdy interview with Prodigy producer Aaron Waltke and round up the latest comments on the show from the Hageman brothers. After a look at Out magazine’s cover stories on members of the Discovery cast, they review the new, post-hiatus episode of the Star Trek: Discovery, “All In.” They wrap up with a Star Wars/Star Trek crossword crossover and a fun video about Doug Jones’ creature-filled career.


Star Trek Community Remembers VFX Pioneer Douglas Trumbull, ‘Picard’ Will Name A Ship In His Honor

Shang-Chi’s Michelle Yeoh & Destin Daniel Cretton Reunite For Disney+ Series ‘American Born Chinese’; Chin Han, Yeo Yann Yann & Daniel Wu Also Star [Deadline]

Watch Opening Teaser And New Title Sequence For ‘The Orville: New Horizons,’ Now Arriving In June

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producer Aaron Waltke Talks Timelines, Janeways, Combadges And Much More

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Showrunners Offer Clues On Janeway, Chakotay And More From The Rest Of Season 1

Star Trek: Discovery’ Stars Talk Representation, Backstories, And Coming Out In The 32nd Century

Gideon Seyetik from DS9 “Second Sight”

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin


Tony: Last Sunday’s New York Times crossword had the clue “The better of two sci-fi franchises”

Laurie: The Most Famous Actor You’ve Never Seen (Doug Jones)

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Who was that alien with the big head? The actors name? He was good. Whoever he was. I wonder if he is one of these actors that go back and forth between all the shows? He’s on Star Trek then Law and Order then NCIS then The Good Doctor basically doing these one episode bit parts.

His name is Daniel Kash, he’s been on Discovery before and a lot of other shows. He was great! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0440511/

He got killed on Aliens

I checked out your link. Oh no – Spunkmeyer. His big scene is he gets killed by an Alien and causes the shuttle craft to crash. Christ, he has even been in shows I didn’t even know existed. A Matrix tv show? When was that on? I must have missed that one.

Hi Laurie. Big article today about the launch of Paramount+ in the UK on the BBC News website, Entertainment & Arts tab which I thought you and Tony might be interested in. Article also comments on it’s commercial prospects, being a little late to the streaming party.

We have our own coverage about UK/Global stuff coming up soon as part of larger coverage of Paramount corporate news. look for that today.

Thanks Tony. Great article.

He’s an established Canadian actor working in the Toronto area.

So, it’s not surprising that he gets called in for guest star slots.

I was so excited to see a changeling! I wonder if Odo is still around :)
I really want to know more about this new future and what has been happening to all our familiar races. That´s another reason to hope for a Starfleet Academy (or another) show in this future, that would give them the chance to flesh things out a bit more.

Yes! I feel like everyone has a list of aliens we want updates on.

Yeah I really want to hear about SO many species in the 32nd century: Bajorans, Cardassians, Founders, Hirogens, Klingons, Breen, Xindi, Borg, the list goes on and on.

Seeing these species is overdue but I’m more interested in the political implications. If the Burn crippled all warp-driven goverments within the galaxy, that means that Klingons, Hirogen, the Dominion etc. were without FTL capability for decades. But what actually happened to the four quadrants?

There is a great risk that any definite answer to that question would render the 32nd century incoherent because if only a handful of species had been able to achieve alternate means of FTL drives they would have most certainly risen to great power and be now dominant. That potential was sort of wasted on the Emerald Chain – underworld rules aftermath – trope.

But in order to assess that situation, we would have to know more about the pre-Burn 31st century. What were the dominant powers outside the Federation? What happened to the Dominion, the Borg? Was there one united galaxy prior to the Burn and what were the leading powers in addition to the Federation? And what about those Fedraish – Federation being bad guys for some time – implications? So much to depict, so little time…

I have a feeling they are saving at least some of those for possible future stories. You don’t want to “waste” a major player from Trek’s past on a throwaway line in an episode when that might prevent a good story idea that comes up later.
The reality is that they probably haven’t mapped out what happened to all the major players from previous shows. It’s probably a case of “make up as you go”. That’s not a criticism necessarily, coming up with almost a millenium of history (between the old shows and Discovery’s new setting) for a whole galaxy is a big task.

Exactly, writers will want to maximize the story potential of reintroducing these species and their intervening history.

Frankly, I don’t get the complaints about this at all.

It actually is evidence that Kurtzman has turned the supertanker away from burning through legacy characters and cultures for minimal benefits. Those monthly show runner meetings where they have to talk about which legacy characters they intend to use etc. seem to be doing their job in terms of challenging writers rooms who think it’s necessary to burn through franchise IP irrecoverably.

Discovery, in its earlier seasons, and Picard have both been guilty of this.

– Killing off Prime Georgiou; wasting the potential of the Control storyline lifted from the Litverse in Discovery.

– Icheb’s and Hugh’s deaths in Picard.

Well of course. I’m just hoping at some point they make stories around some of them (and not just throwaway lines), which they may not ever do either; at least not with those species. And I don’t expect to hear about all or even most of them, but a few would be nice. At the very least they will have to address the Klingons. They are too big of a glaring hole to ignore them forever.

In fact I was going to mention the Q but then I remembered one episode stating they haven’t had contact with them in 600 years, so now we know lol. But they can still show up again at any time. And that’s kind of how the Q rolls anyway. ;)

Laurie: i thank you’re right that Michael could have sussed out the information about Tarka being from another dimension or something. She could have used the Socratic method to get Book to reveal his distrust of Tarka. I think Tarka has nothing to worry about, his friend or lover is in the other dimension.

Moreover, It’s kind of weird that 10c is so overwhelmingly powerful they don’t even know there are beings on the planets they are culling resources from. Are they giants? Is this going to be something that makes most of the characters we know in Star Trek relatively atom or flee sized ants?

“Moreover, It’s kind of weird that 10c is so overwhelmingly powerful they don’t even know there are beings on the planets they are culling resources from.”

I believe that’s the whole point if it! THEY KNOW! Trek has alwass been good at social commentary and this has “Cutting down the rainforest” written all over it. Just like we know we kill thousands of species every day by cutting down the rainforest and exploit our planet for resources, they simply do the same with the galaxy. They know there are “primitive” lifeforms, but they simply don’t care…

The only question is: why now? Have they run out of ressources in the halo regions outside the galactic barrier or is this a fairly new technology they need to fuel…

I would love for there to be an unanswerable question at the end of this season. If it’s all just a Waiting for Godot kind of Trek!

I really, really, really hope it’s the Borg.Some kind of different Borg, evolved. Maybe it’s a single huge organism underneath that shielding. A mess of meat and wires, the size of 5 planets.

To be clear, I dont think it is. However, this was first time I thought there was a slight chance.

Hilarious in this artwork how Janeway and Georgiou have to stand up in the back of the room while Michael, Book and the others get seats at the table. LOL

I am so happy you noticed the artwork! I spend too much time on those images, but it’s fun, so I keep at it.

Sweet — nice job!!!!!

Wouldn’t it have been great to hear “Bad Boys” during Owo’s fight? I know it’s crazy but I always hear her name in that song: Bad boys, bad boys, Owosekun ado, when they come for you? :-)


The episode was good but not what I was expecting in a return episode. The return of the show didn’t have the effect that Kobayashi had on me for Prodigy. But, it was a good episode.

One of my favorite characters is Owo. I’ve been waiting for them to give her more. And I was pleased with her performance. I hope they do a tie in novel about her. I would read it in a heartbeat.

And please…..no Borg.

Great podcast!

Agreed. No Borg… this time. It just wouldn’t be a fit. I WANT to see the Borg on PIC or any other 25th century show though…

I would be disappointed if 10C turns out to be the Borg. It would ruin the season for me, honestly. I want it to be a new species.

thanks for the feedback.

I don’t think the Borg would really make sense for this story. If the Borg are behind the DMA, then that means that Tarka and Book are right. It is impossible to negotiate or make peace with the Borg, and the only choice is to try to outfight them.