James T. Kirk Is Coming To ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2, Played By Paul Wesley

The first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives in May, but production has already started on season two. And today Paramount+ made a big announcement about an iconic character.

Kirk on Strange New Worlds

The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley has joined the cast of season two of Paramount+’s Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Wesley will play the role of James T. Kirk, a character first introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series and portrayed by William Shatner. There are currently no details on if Wesley will be a series regular, or have a guest or recurring role in season two. However, Paramount has confirmed that Anson Mount will continue to star as Captain Pike and be a series regular in season 2.

Paramount has also released the first image of Wesley as Kirk.

Paul Wesley as Kirk in Strange New Worlds

In a statement, Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman and Showrunners/Executive Producers Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers said of the casting:

Paul is an accomplished actor, an astonishing presence and a welcome key addition to the show. Like all of us, he is a life-long Star Trek fan and we are excited by his interpretation of this iconic role.

Paul Wesley

UPDATE: Wesley statement

Paul Wesley has followed up the news with a comment on Twitter saying he is “deeply humbled” to have the “honor of playing the inimitable James T Kirk,” nothing he has been a fan of the franchise since he was a kid. He also shared a recent image of himself with William Shatner.

His Twitter thread goes on to conclude:

Can’t wait for all of you to see our Captain Kirk on your screens.

UPDATE 2: Shatner responds

William Shatner has responded to Paul Wesley on Twitter, offering his congratulations. He also said, “Keep my ship and crew safe, Captain!”

Captain Kirk?

In addition to Wesley’s comment, the image (above) released by Paramount+ also shows the actor as Kirk in a Starfleet uniform with captain rank in the command chair. The first season of Strange New Worlds is set in the year 2259. Kirk assumed command of the USS Enterprise at the age of 32 in 2265, taking over from Captain Christopher Pike. Before the Enterprise Kirk served aboard the USS Republic as an ensign, the USS Farragut as a lieutenant, and as an instructor at Starfleet Academy. If season two of Strange New Worlds progressed just a year to 2260, it would be too early in canon for Kirk to be a captain, and definitely too early for him to be serving onboard the USS Enterprise. Sticking with canon, Wesley’s Captain Kirk could appear if the show setting jumps forward, or in a flash-forward to the future, or even via time travel.

William Shatner as James T. Kirk in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”  

Already spotted filming in Toronto

Production has begun in Toronto on the 10-episode second season of Strange New Worlds, and Wesley has already been spotted in location shooting. Toronto Filming on Twitter posted an image of the actor on Monday, along with co-star Christina Chong (La’an Noonien-Singh). If you look closely, each is wearing a different badge, indicating Wesley’s Kirk is assigned to a different ship, as was the tradition in the TOS era.

TikToker savvvyyyyd got some footage of the pair and even got a selfie with Wesley.


ACCIDENTALLY MET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE TODAY @Paul Wesley ❤️#paulwesley #toronto #tvd #teamstefansalvatore #meetingpaulwesley #paulwesleyclosefriends

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

Wesley on Vampire Diaries

Wesley is best known for his leading role on The Vampire Diaries, which was the CW’s most-watched series for 8 seasons, where he also served as director and producer. In the below clip you can see Wesley both directing and acting in The Vampire Diaries.

Strange New Worlds season one coming this May

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuts on May 5th, streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada, with additional international availability to be announced at a later date.

You can watch the trailer below.

[International fans can watch at startrek.com]

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Curious why they’re releasing Season 2 news months ahead of the series premiere. Especially something this big.

This was leaked on TikTok already. This is damage control.

Aah… okay. Thanks.

The image was released. I heard theories it was Kirk but there was nothing official.

Why exactly did it need “damage control”? There are never going to be any other Starfleet Captains appearing in Strange New Worlds? Hell, that could have been a young Matt Decker (pre Commodore) for all we knew.

I don’t believe in “leaks” and “accidents”. They are out there and filming (?) in the public. So, the planet of the week looks like Toronto? This sounds very staged.
On the other hand people passing by might think that they were cosplayers or so…

Given all the crew and equipment involved, I don’t think people passing by would confuse a TV production with a group of cosplayers.

Or they thought it was a tv production about a group of cosplayers… hello Sheldon Cooper?! hehehe….

There are required public notice boards when parts of public streets are blocked off. It’s easy to look up that “Lily & Issac” is the working name for SNW.

Awesome! Can’t wait! Keep the reboot printer running.

This is embarrassing. Star Trek goes 2nd class series popcorn actors.

When you shoot in Toronto, you have to grab whoever’s around; otherwise, you have to pay to relocate them or pay them even more if they’re originally LA-based (SAG rules).

Paul Wesley is American and resides in NYC, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Ah, well, that shut me up.

Then when casting a marquee role, you hire the right person and pay ’em more.

This isn’t some second-tier character, like Adira or Zhaban; in some ways, it’s a make-or-break role for the series.

Now, I’m not offering any comment on whether Paul Wesley is the right person or not, as I’m unfamiliar with him, and it might make sense to hire an unknown. He does, at least, look the part, more so than Chris Pine.

I don’t think Star Trek is that big a deal outside the very small Star Trek bubble, and the only people it risks upsetting are the people who probably weren’t going to give the show a chance anyway, or will watch no matter what their protests because it has “Star Trek” slapped onto it.

I don’t think Star Trek is that big a deal outside the very small Star Trek bubble

The Paramount executives, in their analyst calls, appear to disagree.

Yeah, getting very mixed messages about all that, tbh. If P+ is merely “The Star Trek Channel” that might be why they’re iterating this IP as much as they are, because those are the only people subscribing; and if the general audience is only really aware of Kirk, Spock, and TNG, then that explains most of this stuff sticking to well-trod canon.

But just from surveying social media and YouTube sentiment, it’s nowhere near as popular as Star Wars or Marvel and a lot of anime. Of course, the fan interest-to-service subscriber rates might still be higher with Trek, and so trailer views on social might not be quite so telling. Then again, Viacom’s sock dropped 17% the day after the last investor call where they showed off and talked up all the Trek in the pipeline, so, yeah, again analysis-side of Trek is confusing.

I think there’s a lot of good will toward this series but, yeah, agree on almost every point you make in both posts. Star Trek is costing Paramount a small fortune and they’re willing to spend it to keep those viewers from cancelling their subs but, in the end, Star Trek still lacks what Disney+ originals are able to draw in: casual viewers in addition to an established fan base. It’s not that Paramount’s execs disagree so much as knowing that they have a product to sell and right now Star Trek is their top performer for Paramount+, even if it lags behind originals on Netflix and Disney+.

“But just from surveying social media and YouTube sentiment, it’s nowhere near as popular as Star Wars or Marvel and a lot of anime. ”

Well I have to sadly agree with this but it’s not exactly a surprise either when the highest grossing Star Wars and Marvel movies can make $2+ billion and the highest grossing Star Trek film can’t even do a half a billion.

And the best example of that are the SNW and Obi Wan trailers. Both released on the exact same day with big iconic characters in each respective fanbase and both premieres the same month. This is the current number of views from the official sites on Youtube:

Obi-Wan: 12 million views

Strange New Worlds: 3.6 million views

And to add a little more salt, the Ms. Marvel trailer just dropped today and that already has 8.1 million views. Again, it’s not even a day old yet and it deals with a character I doubt most viewers never even heard of until a year ago.

It’s just more proof as much as we love Star Trek, it’s not really hanging with the other big boys. But it’s also why I love being a Star Trek fan, we’re more like the cool scrappy underdogs of franchises. ;D

Just because more people are doing something doesn’t meant that thing is -better-. McDonald’s does have more clients than a store with high quality food. Which one is -really- better?

I never said or implied I thought those were ‘better’ simply more popular. And since I’m a bigger fan of Star Trek than those, then that tells you I don’t think they are better. Makes sense, right?

Sorry, I didn’t wanted to put words in your mouth, that wasn’t my intention.. I guess I missed your point maybe because I’m a German I don’t know

No worries! But I don’t want anyone to question which I think is better lol. For me it will always be Star Trek! :)

Your point is well taken. And there is another factor that figures into this to some extent at least. So far the general take on the new Trek shows has been they are not good. Disney’s first Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, was quite well done and helped propel the TV side of the franchise. CBS/Paramaunt’s first Trek show was divisive at best, downright awful at worst.

On the other hand… let’s talk about the quality of the New Star Wars movies… great faithfull design and producation, they made a lot of money… but… come on… REALLY?!?

But one could also argue that the last Trek film before the streaming shows started did not fare nearly as well financially as the studio had hoped. Even though it was better received by the fan base the bottom line was not many saw it. But my point was really the streaming side of things. Disney’s first streaming SW show was well received while Paramount’s first Trek stream was not.

Exactly. This is ludicrous, wishful thinking that reminds me of those fans who use to day Discovery was being cancelled every year. LOL

Which of course explains why they are producing one new Star Trek series after another. They enjoy losing money and don’t care about their shareholders.


“I don’t think Star Trek is that big a deal outside the very small Star Trek bubble,”

Nope. It’s a very large hyperfield my friend! Paramount+ heavily relies on the success of this franchise…

I should’ve been clearer: I don’t think the casting of any particular character matters THAT much to MOST people. The value of the franchise to Paramount and P+ is clear, just as it’s clear that the overall popularity of Star Trek is not on par with other similar franchises. But, mainly, I was speaking to the casting part — I don’t think that many people care who’s playing Captain Kirk.

I dunno, other than the blue eyes, I thought Pine encompassed Kirk’s qualities admirably. I just think he did a wonderful job. Quinto was good too, but I had a bit of a harder time accepting him as Spock. I think it was mainly due to the difference between his voice and Nimoy’s. Nimoy was just such a unique actor. I think Quinto is a fine actor and I think his portrayal as Spock is great. The voice thing is just my issue though, being a huge TOS fan, and no refection on Quinto.

I’m currently watching Discovery Season 2 and haven’t yet seen Ethan Peck’s interpretation of Spock, so I don’t know how he compares with Quinto. I hope they got the right guy. Same with Wesley as Kirk. The one thing that Kurtzmann and company have going this time around is that the recasting of iconic characters has already been done with the Abrams’ films. I think people will be more open-minded this time around.

Agreed. I think both Pine and Quinto were hired for their ability to exude the feel of the characters. Pine does not resemble Kirk that much but I admit he felt like Kirk. Quinto looked the part and performed it admirably. But you are right. The voice just wasn’t there. It was too different.

I don’t think he felt like Kirk at all, possibly excepting BEYOND. He felt like an over-eager puppy crossed with a juvenile delinquent.

Kirk would never deliberately falsify mission reports to cover-up wrongdoing; indeed, in “Court Martial,” he reported a longtime mentor, Finney, for doing just that.

You also need to remember that Pine/Kirk is not Shatner/Kirk. Both characters had different upbringings. So it is not beyond reason he might fake a report in the beginning. Especially considering the theme of that movie was that Kirk had not yet earned the Chair.

If you remember there was a reference to Kirk’s unique solution to winning the Kobayashi Muru. There was no enlightenment as to how he won so no one knows if he perhaps did indeed alter the test. We all do things in our youth that we would not with maturity.

That, too.

Full disclosure: Totally hated Kirk in the first film. He came off more like an egotistical fratboy with serious daddy issues. It was a big reason why I didn’t like the movie more in fact.

But in STID, became more enamored with the character. Still no Shatner, but liked him a lot more.

By Beyond, I saw him completely as Captain Kirk, just a different version of course.

but he made a huge tactical error in ‘beyond’ that lost him his ship and some of his crew.

not something shatner would have done.

Well,OK. I just mean I accepted the character as Captain. And it’s not like Shatner’s Kirk didn’t make mistakes either. And Kirk is a lot less experienced in the Kelvin universe (that’s definitely an understatement ;)).

Shatner’s Kirk made plenty of tactical errors. Lest you forget, “we’re all just one happy fleet!” (Khan —> Kabooom!!!) Yeah he “won” in the end, but Kirk made his mistakes.

Quinto just doesn’t have that deeper, baritone voice that Nimoy has. Nothing you can do about that but roll with it. He’s a great actor and was committed to the Spock role, going so far as to form a friendship with Nimoy and picking his brain regarding Spock. It’s what Nimoy said in interviews when Star Trek 2009 came out. He said something to the effect that Mark Lenard was gone and the older actors couldn’t play these characters but that they’re work, as well as the writers and all the other creators of the TOS lived on in the characters and he thought they got a wonderful cast, including Quinto, to play those characters. I think he was flattered and humbled that, again, their work in a cancelled late 60s sci-fi show became so huge and influential on culture and bringing those characters back in such a huge way was the ultimate validation, particularly after Nimoy was treated so badly by Rick Berman and Paramount with Star Trek Generations.

Heck, Nimoy cried at the scene where Kirk met Mccoy for the first time and loved it when Quinto’s Spock rejected admittance to the Vulcan Science Academy with “Live Long and Prosper.” He also lauded Bruce Greenwood’s performance as Pike and Ben Cross’ as Sarek.

Ben Cross hit it out of the park as Sarek, more so than James Frain; I’ll say that much.

As a fan of Pine’s Kirk,I agree.
I sincerely hope that there’s more than two of us!

Quinto ‘s voice didn’t bother me since it’s an alternate universe. He did fine in the role and I enjoyed his take . I like the actor from the upcoming Strange new worlds a bit better than Quinto. But no one can ever replace Nimoy !

So you’re saying I can replace Nimoy?

I never really understand the “it’s a different universe” line of thinking. It’s the same universe until Nero’s incursion and Quinto’s Spock is still made of the same genetic material given the point of divergence is relatively recent, so his voice wouldn’t really be that different. For me, I just had to come to terms with the fact that Nimoy was one-of-a-kind and his voice hard to emulate or find in some new young actor. Peck’s voice is much closer (mainly because his genetic material includes one Gregory Peck).

Frankly, I just consider the whole Kelvin series a different take on Star Trek that references the prime timeline, but is not part of it.

“Peck’s voice is much closer (mainly because his genetic material includes one Gregory Peck).”

That’s quite an endorsement. I’m looking forward to seeing Peck’s interpretation of Spock (I just saw the fifth episode of Discovery season 2 recently). If his voice is like Gregory Peck’s, then that’s definitely a plus.

It sounds like Peck’s rendition of Spock went over well with the older fans of TOS and the films, which is great. Again, those original portrayals are so iconic. Nimoy has noted how there was just great chemistry between himself, Shatner, and Kelly, and that was something that you couldn’t necessarily count on that just elevated the show. I think a lot of care needs to be taken when recasting these iconic characters. I think Abrams got it right for the newer films and apparently Kurtzmann and company did so as well with Ethan Peck. The question is, can they do it again with Kirk? If I recall correctly, Bob Orci said that they tested a lot of actors for Kirk. They said he was the hardest to cast, which is not surprising. Shatner, like Nimoy, gave a very unique and definitive performance. Even George Takei, who’s made his dislike of Shatner well known, has said that Shatner’s portrayal of Kirk was definitely one of the keys of Star Trek’s success.

Ethan Peck doesn’t look as much like Nimoy as Quinto does, but he has a wonderful voice! It’s a much more Nimoy-like voice than Quinto’s.


I think you’ll be pleased with Peck. He’s definitely got “the voice” more than Quinto.

A make-or-break role for the series? An awful lot of doom and gloom there, considering season one hasn’t even aired yet.

Robert Pattinson was in Twilight. Look at where his career has gone.

Be gone, troll.

You are one to talk.

How is this any different that the selection of Shatner is 1966 ???

Lol, come on now. Shatner was a TV series and B-movie actor before Star Trek. Avery Brooks was in a show called Spencer for Hire (though he kicked ass in it) …like we really aren’t picking Oscar and Emmy winning performers here.

That’s true.

Although I wouldn’t call The Brothers Karamozov and Judgement at Nuremburg B movies.

Kingdom of the Spiders and Incubus definitely!

I love Incubus, such a different and unique film but in a good way. Also I always loved Shatners acting in The Intruder. Now that was a scary film.

Not really accurate about Shatner.

He was an art-house, film noir actor rather than a B movie actor in the 50s, and started in Shakespearean theatre at Stratford as Christopher Plummer’s understudy.

Star Trek Always casted B-list actors… Dont bei silly.

Lets just say they cast more “character” actors which usually ended up being very good. You do remember actors like Jeffrey Combs, JG Hertzler, Andy Robinson, Rene Auberjonois, Mark Alaimo etc..all wonderful actors but mostly known as character actors.

Especially Rene Auberjonois. He had so many great roles in films and on Broadway. He and Shatner became good friends doing Boston Legal.

Yeah not sure why casting the role of Kirk is like casting for Jesus or something. These roles never had huge stars or names attached. They casted a basic unknown for Kirk with the Kelvin films and Spock was an actor known for doing Heroes. The new Spock just had a bunch of small roles most people never seen either.

And none of that should matter. All that should is can they play the freaking role they went up for? And if they got it then I assume yes, even if their biggest claim to fame before was appearing in Insurance commercials.

Kirk has to command another vessel by this point before taking over the Enterprise.

Could Strange New Worlds lead to a rebooted TOS with new stories such as the first mission and the final mission?

Let’s hope so. I think that will give the writer-producers better clarity of purpose in what they’re doing. Their shows might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at the end of the day, a coherent vision will produce a better overall product. Secret Hideout has struggled with trying to shoehorn everything into canon, and refitting it for their purposes might finally let them tell all the stories they want to tell in the ways they prefer to tell them.

These are good points. I was initially skeptical about Ethan Peck playing Spock and yet I have come to like his portrayal. I will try to keep an open mind with this choice as well. However let’s hope we get more information about characters from the first season of Strange New Worlds soon. There is still much to learn about them. Although according some other posters that may have been the intention all along but leaks forced this news sooner.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit but I don’t recall if Kirk took command of the Farragut or was he just on the command crew.

Kirk was a lieutenant on the Farragut and that’s all we know canonically. Therefore, he could have taken command of the Farragut or another ship before the Enterprise. This is something that is a bit of a blank slate for the writers to determine.

I have some very vague recollection of a TOS novel (non-canon, of course) referring to Kirk actually captaining a vessel called the Lydia Alexander before helming Enterprise. Am I completely mis-remembering?

Lydia Sutherland. It’s mentioned in Vonday McIntyre’s books.

I think its a soft reboot that plugs in many of the holes from the original series and also enhances a lot of things. The original series needs to be modernized. It is a great show but it does not hold up. It does not disrespect Shatner and Nimoy to have other actors playing their roles. Nimoy gave his blessing to Quinto taking on his role. He passed the baton.

In 1991 when Undiscovered Country came out Johnny Carson joked about the age of the original cast. That was in 1991.

I think we are going to get stories that take place around the original five year mission at some point. I knew this was coming. I am happy it is happening.

Agreed. Everything old is bad, everything new is good.

I don’t think that the original series is bad. It was shaped by the social mores of the 60s. I still watch it. I love it but it does need a modernized reboot. Star Wars has never erased the Original Trilogy. Shows like Clone Wars and movies like Rogue One have enhanced it. I think the original series needs enhancing and clarity.

But Rebels and Rogue One did not change anything. Things look EXACTLY like they looked in A New Hope. It fits visually. Yet Secret Hideout Trek doesn’t fit visually at all. At least not for the TOS era.

And yes, I get the idea that a Trek set in that time frame the aesthetic needed to be updated. But, and I’m really tired of saying this as I had always felt it was obvious, the update still needed to evoke the feel of TOS. Not obliterate it completely and look like something that came AFTER TNG.

It seems we’ve found something we can agree on. It’s just too bad it’s something that displeases us both about current Trek than something that pleases us both about it, but oh well…

On the other hand they modernized the look of Star Wars in the prequels and made it look too advanced and too CGI-y.

First, there is the argument that Star Wars is “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.” So who knows what kind of advances they had. Next, I think think there was a bit of a style change between the prequels and the originals. The sounds were different as well. (It felt a little like a joke from Airplane! but the ships used propeller sounds.) The CG thing was just an update in filmmaking and that early CG use doesn’t stand up too well today. So I don’t think it fair to go there. To me the production design of Star Wars looked fine.

But Rebels and Rogue One did not change anything. Things look EXACTLY like they looked in A New Hope. It fits visually. 

No, they didn’t change anything, they “rechanged” it to look like 1977 again because the prequel trilogy was changed too much and looked way too CGI and too modern.

 Yet Secret Hideout Trek doesn’t fit visually at all. At least not for the TOS era.

Star Wars already went that path with the prequel trilogy. On the other hand, if Disco and SNW would play at the same era as TMP they would have no problems to use the TMP design because it already was updated. Star Wars and TMP came after 2001 space odyssey whose design became the standard for all Sci-Fi after 1968 and still looks modern after half a century.

But I understand your point and I honestly would like to see a nice blend between “updated visuals ” and “closer to TOS” too.

I do not agree at all on it needing a modernized reboot. If the current custodians of the franchise are really so embarrassed and ashamed of this groundbreaking work that made everything they’re doing now possible, I wish they’d just stay the hell away from it entirely rather than trying to totally overwrite it all.

If only the modern Trek shows worked with TOS the way The Clone Wars, Rogue One, etc. do with the Star Wars OT. Alas…

From 30 Rock: “Sometimes you have to changes things that are perfectly good just to make them your own.”

For all the complaining SW fans do these days (but not as much as before) the great thing is how visually strong canon has remained throughout that franchise, even with the new shows and films.

For me, with the classic shows and films, TOS-ENT, I felt visually Star Trek stayed on course. People did complain (bitterly) about Enterprise originally, one of the reasons fans hated that show. But compared to stuff like Discovery it feels much more in line with the PU today than was originally given credit for. And I think all the past shows including Enterprise honored the look of the TOS era to a crazy level when we did get peaks of it back. Every spin off, from TNG to ENT showed off something directly from the show or films. Of course, those were just mostly for fans and done in 1 or 2 episodes. Creating an entire new show around it was never realistic.

But I kind of wish they just stayed away from this era entirely and focused on post-Nemesis shows as they are doing now. It just creates a lot less scorn IMO even if you are a big fan off the era.

I was one who felt that Enterprise did a very good job right from the start. One thing they did that really made things feel like an earlier era was shrink the size of the sets. Made things cramped. And there were other small details I noticed. On TOS there were displays with lots of little lighted rectangles. On Enterprise, with each succeeding season the displays added a another row of little rectangles like the ones seen on the TOS bridge. Suggesting that one day they will evolve into that. Overall I really liked what they did. It was modernized without looking like it overtook what we saw on TOS and it looked like it very well could become the TOS one day. There were some things I was not a fan of. I understand a lack of space on the earlier star ship but putting the transporter right there in the hallway never felt right to me. But hey… Overall they did a really good job.

I know these artists are quite good at what they do and I sincerely believe the aesthetic set by Star Trek Discovery was not due to the artists but what the producers wanted. I’d wager they were simply following instructions even though those instructions were horribly wrong.

I disagree. I think TOS holds up quite well and they don’t have holes that need to be plugged. And I have no issue with others taking over the roles.

Since Disco Season 2 led to Strange New Worlds, it sounds logical that Strange New Worlds Season 2 could lead to a TOS reboot. Hasn’t that been obvious when the Enterprise (no bloody ABCD) appeared the first time in Disco?
I have been foreseeing this for years but thinking they would use deepfakeCGI-technology to bring back young Shatner, Nimoy & co. Which still could be happen in 10-20 years.

Over the dead bodies of at least 50% of the members of SAG/AFTRA.

do you recognize the irony in your statement?

Sure would have appreciated some sort of deepfake approach to this like Book of Boba Fett with Luke. To me, every new actor playing a beloved role is starting to de-value the job Shatner and Nimoy did. I don’t know how to feel about this. I’m just beside myself. This doesn’t feel right for me.

Well, there is a simple solution to the devaluation…

IMO deepfakes are NOT the solution. The challenge isn’t looking like Shatner, it’s embodying his vibe while also giving a performance that works in a contemporary acting style. IDK if this actor can pull it off or not (I hope so and wish him well!), but a copy-pasted Shatner face definitely could not.

Thank you, Kane! I’m sick of emotionless CGI being the solution to bringing “legacy” actors back to their iconic roles.

I remember James Lileks’ reviewing the 2009 film by saying that Pine was wise not to mimic Shatner too much, apart from the moment at the end when he walks on the bridge.

(On the other hand, he said approvingly that Urban acted like he’d received Kelley’s katra.)

I think the deepfake only works for a scene or two, and on first watching. Anything longer than that, or watching the clip on Youtube or whatever, you notice that it’s not quite real (or too real)

It feels line to me. Will reserve final judgement when I see the final product.

Deep fakes creep me out. It’s probably okay for a brief shot or two, but I’m always aware I’m watching something manufactured with pixels (or whatever). The worst by far was using the likeness of a deceased actor, ie., Peter Cushing in Rogue One. That was like reanimating a body, and how his family didn’t find it deeply disturbing I’ll never know. Unless they got paid and felt that was worse the ghoulish spectacle.

*worth the ghoulish spectacle.

Peter Cushing’s estate granted permission to do it, but I think the crucial point isn’t even that they recreated Cushing. Rather, they recreated Tarkin, who happens to look like Cushing. There’s no one in Rogue One addressing remarks to “Governor Cushing” or “Grand Moff Cushing”.

It should also be noted Tarkin wasn’t just a digital Cushing puppet superimposed over background plates of a empty spot on stage; he was played by Guy Henry, who actually looks a fair bit like Cushing to begin with.

No, no, no!

Bill Shatner Mark 3

Hopefully he’s on the Farragut before the events of Obsession.

He was only a lieutenant then.

I heard the other vessel he served before the Enterprise was the USS Republic or USS Saladin from the comics.

There’s zero chance of them using the Saladin.

Why is that? Do you have an inside scoop of this? Why is there a zero chance?

To hazard a guess, because Saddam Hussein cast himself as a modern-day Saladin.

I would say he portrays himself to Nebuchadnezzar rather than Saladin.

“In 1979, he was quoted by his semi-official biographer as saying: “Nebuchadnezzar stirs in me everything relating to pre-Islamic ancient history.””

At 40 years old he seems a little long in the tooth to play Kirk at this point in the timeline.

One assumption here is that he’s playing Kirk during the period of “The Cage,” and not TOS itself.

I’ve often wondered if they’ll take a “Better Call Saul” approach and show Pike *after* “The Menagerie,” likely resurrected/healed in some way, as well as during the period when he commands Enterprise. (In other words, Pike’s story doesn’t end with the wheelchair.)

Yeah we’re dealing with a Kirk before the Enterprise. Now bring in Gary Mitchell.

The braids on his uniform appear to show the rank of captain, rather than lieutenant. (Admittedly, I hate TOS rank braids.)

I preferred the sleeve ranks to the collar dots myself. Made identifying rank easier.


its a valid theory. I have to assume though that this show will run for more than 2 seasons so I think it’s likely that when we see this new Kirk in season 2 it will be around 2260 when he was probably meant to be around 28. However, I think you’re probably right in that it’s likely that the show will eventually catch up to The Menagerie. It’s also possible that they’ve cast somebody older because they have long term plans for the actor. For example if the plan was to eventually replace Strange New Worlds with a show set after TMP focusing on Kirk’s second 5 year mission then he’d suddenly be the right age.

According to the TOS writers rules Kirk was supposed to be 34-35 I believe. I personally don’t think the actual age of the actor matters much so long as they LOOK the part they are playing. The images I have seen I feel he does look a little on the older side to be playing a 25 year old Kirk.

Yeah I assumed it was somewhere between 32-35. Personally I’d have rather they’d have held of on casting a new Kirk this early in the show but I’ll keep an open mind. So long as they keep him away from Pike then canon remains intact and it would be interesting to see Kirk and Spock’s first meeting.

Crazy idea for Kirk and Spocks 1st meeting – A recreation of Shatner/Nimoy 1st meeting on Man From UNCLE

This tracks with my expectations. I’ve always expected Kirk to appear in the first season finale and then in the second season.

I was wondering, when they introduced Pike and Spock in Season 2 of Discovery if Kirk was going to appear too. I guess this answers that question.

The question I now have is is McCoy with him? I got the impression they were initially better friends at the beginning than Kirk and Spock were.

I had that impression as well. It wasn’t specifically stated but it really felt like McCoy was Kirk’s friend from before he was Captain and he named him to his crew.

I will be shocked if they remember that McCoy exists and that he’s friends with Kirk (and Spock).

That’s just silly.

Huh? That makes no sense given Kurtzman worked on Trek 2009, where there friendship in their academy days was covered?

Maybe he’s on the same ship Kirk serves on.

That would make sense, too.



I thought they would have waited until season 6 or 7 to bring in Kirk. It will be cool to see Kirk’s first meeting with Spock anyway.

Especially in the Prime Universe.

Not me. I been saying for over a year now I expected to see Kirk in season 2 and here he is. And there’s probably a 99.1% chance he’ll be in the finale of season one.


Really? You don’t know these producers by now? They can’t help themselves to bring in the legacy characters as soon as possible.

Perhaps not that long but I, too, felt we would be seeing Kirk eventually in this. I’m not entirely surprised it happened so soon. I hoped it would be longer, however. This is Secret Hideout. They just can’t resist.

I knew this was coming. I have a theory that Picard Season 2 softly reboots the Prime Timeline. I don’t think they are erasing the original series at all. I think they are enhancing it. Think about it. The original series is dope but the stories are antiquated and there are a lot of things that just don’t hold up in 2022. Look at how women were treated on the original series for example. I have been saying for years that the Original Series would need a soft reboot. I am looking forward to this. I think it is long overdue.

Well then, I can hardly wait for the eventual reboots of TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

I don’t know if “The original series is dope” is supported by the follow-up points of “the stories are antiquated and there are a lot of things that just don’t hold up in 2022.” They seem to suggest the exact opposite. That doesn’t leave very much at all to actually be “dope.”

Wasn’t that the whole point of the Kevin movies though? It’s basically what you’re suggesting.

People seem to have a trouble of TOS existing just because it has outdated values. I can’t understand why most people can’t just ignore those problematic aspects and just watch the show for the excellent stories it had. Remember everyone we wouldn’t have these shows now if TOS didn’t exist and I think it deserves much more respect than it is currently getting.

Besides if they wanted to enhance the original series they could have made its world bigger. Instead of getting Kirk and changing the characters that were already established they could have tried new things like having a new female captain in this era to erase that stupidity of TOS of not having any female captains. They can modernize the property without the need to “change” what came before.

To give them credit, they did. Hence Captain Georgiou in charge of the Shenzhen. But that plot point was already retcon a long time ago thanks to Enterprise and Captain Hernandez in charge of the Columbia.

That was probably the point of Discovery, to expand the world of the 23rd century….and then they made Burnham Spock’s sister. Ugh

But then they sent the crew to 32nd century and we didn’t see anything else in the 23rd century after that until SNW premieres. I am talking about something definitive in the 23rd century, some new crew there with more of TOS aesthetics. I always felt Discovery was kind of an experiment even by Starfleets standards at that time.

I’m surprised this is happening so quickly. I expected it in, oh, season three, with a Lt. Cmdr. Kirk having a cameo, but to have him join the cast some six years before Pike moves on seems premature.

…but then again, this is an old “Trek” fan thinking back on tons of beta canon. It might make Spock and Kirk’s friendship even more meaningful to have them serve together earlier.

Lastly, can we all just accept that this is a new timeline? I’m fine with that, because I’d love to see this generation’s take on this beloved series. As far as I’m concerned, we’re in one of the thousands of alternate timelines that Worf observed in the TNG episode “Parallels.” Doesn’t make it any less “Trek” to me.

I think some people (myself included) might feel that the TPTB playing coy with what they’re actually doing (soft rebooting the franchise) is aggravating and unnecessary. Maybe they’ve been withholding this or will outright lie and say they’re not (when all their actions demonstrate otherwise) because they risk pissing off the fans, but the only fans who would be pissed off are the ones pissed off that they’re withholding or lying about it. Star Trek fans will watch anything that has Star Trek on it, so, they should feel free to say and do whatever they want without fear of repercussions. In that sense, the people making these shows are being really obnoxious.

I get those obnoxious vibes as well in some of the interviews with the people who make the shows.

I would hope he’s not a series regular. That this is just a guest spot.

And I am of the opinion that all the Secret Hideout shows would work a little better if they were just reboots instead of 100% linking with established canon. But that is not what the producers keep telling us.

The alternate timelines would free-up the creative staff to take the stories in any direction they wanted to rather than be beholden to a narrative put down decades ago. Not that I have any issue with that narrative. However I do tend to view these new shows as being a bit separate from the prime timeline. I do acknowledge that as far as the staff is concerned it’s the prime timeline. I however agree with Trekyards who calls it the disco-verse. This doesn’t take away from my enjoyment rather it enhances it. I no longer expect a great deal of canon compliance. I only hope for an enjoyable story.

Yes, its what we call a reboot. They should’ve done it with Discovery in season one and could’ve just done whatever they wanted from that point on. It would’ve both made their jobs a lot easier and fans less biter at the same time.

I do believe there is a corner of fandom that will never accept an alternate take of Trek. But I do not believe they represent the bulk of the fans. I strongly think that most fans could accept a 100% reboot. Which is what Star Trek Discovery should have obviously been. There would have still been major problems with it. But the canon and production aesthetics would not have been among them.

However, as you have oft said… That ship has sailed.

I don’t know. To me this just tells me they aren’t all that confident in their show.

But it’s not unexpected at all.

That being said… I did say the same thing when Pike showed up on Star Trek Discovery. And even though the season was crap and the show was still terrible Pike’s portrayal was a bright spot and did work. So I guess you never know. But I would have rather they not touched Kirk until the series finale.

I knew it! I been saying this for a year now and that I expected to see Kirk show up in season 2. This is the same group that put a Noonian Soong on the Enterprise as an actual crew member, It was NO way they were going to wait until the last episode of this show to present Kirk. He’s the most iconic character in the franchise (or second to Spock, I guess it’s who you ask but for non fans it’s definitely Kirk as the most known at least) and Paramount+ is trying to get subscribers anyway they can.

Me and you were predicting for Kirk to show up in season 3 of Discovery before it jumped to the 32nd century. So you shouldn’t be surprised at all. By the time season 4 rolls around, I’m guessing every original TOS character will have been presented on this show. There are already four of them at this moment.

Sadly I am pretty much ready to see all the TOS characters by the time that show ends. I bet they will find a way to shoehorn a teenaged Chekov in, too.

I understand why they are doing it but I just don’t think it a good look for the show. I would think the actors and some others involved might feel a little short changed by this attempt to distract from their show and keep reminding viewers of the existence of TOS. A little like how there was resentment from Enterprise regarding their finale that felt like it was not their show but TNG’s.

They shoehorned a teenage Chekhov in the Kelvin movies, so you bet. ;)

As far as the cast feeling resented by having all the TOS characters show up, remember that was the biggest argument when Pike and Spock showed up on Discovery lol. In fact I argued how unfair it was once we learned Pike would be in every episode and was afraid he would over shadow the Discovery characters because they were still so new.

For the record, I think it worked out. It definitely worked out for Pike lol. But I also felt they did a good job balancing the Discovery characters too and make it feel it was still about them. And I thought having Spock there enhanced Burnham as a character. I was skeptical about a lot of it but they won me over (we’re not talking about Section 31 though ;)).

In other words, I understand why this is bothering people, but this could be a really good thing for the show too. And still, we don’t know how much around he’ll be around. He may show up in 2 episodes for the season. But I do expect him to be around every season unless the Enterprise jump to the 33rd season by the end of season 2 (but they will definitely have to come back at some point ;)).

I dunno. Filming season 2 before season 1 airs indicates that they’re pretty confident in their show.

Or that they have planned and mapped the show out very well.
Unlike Disco and Pic season 1 which felt rushed.
Either they learned from the mistakes and/or they used the prolonged time, caused by the pandemic, to fine-tune everything.

There are lots of examples where the extra time hasn’t helped. Including Star Trek Discovery itself.

And yet the appearance of a major character like that indicates they need that to garner viewers as they have little confidence their own show will accomplish that. Star Trek Discovery did the same thing when they introduced the Enterprise, Spock and Pike for their season 2. The Spock connection was an obvious safety net in case the show needed a boost. They dove into that well awfully fast. In general it’s not a good sign.

Why? They only announced it at all because it was leaked. They clearly weren’t planning to use this to pull an audience for Season 1.

But how can they shoot Star Trek outside in the public and claim it as a leak? This is obviously promo to get what we are doing here right now: Talking before the show starts.
I don’t believe in leaks and accidents.

Grainy, faraway, poorly-framed, BTS shot as the very first reveal of a major canon character re-introduction? It’s a leak, they did not intend to show this.

For all we know he shows up in the season 1 finale.

Personally, I hope this is a one episode thing. Kirk and Pike can interact if this is a time traveling future Kirk. But that is the only way I think they can get away with that. Otherwise they cannot share a scene. Fans will have a sh!tfit.

Remember from Discovery Season 2 when Burnham’s mom talked about how Time Travel impacts technology? I really think that Picard season 2 is going to change things. It is an amazing time to be a fan of Star Trek. It really is.

Not really

Well, we’ve already seen the effects of Time Travel on Star Trek. Clearly the events of First Contact (movie, not episode) led to Enterprise, because there’s no way ENT as aired leads to TOS (it could lead to TNG, but not TOS). Me thinks that the “original” events of the 2150s had Archer and crew on some other looking ship (perhaps Daedalus Class?) with a different name (which then would fit into ST:TMP canon), but between the events of First Contact and that nonsense with the Temporal Cold War and the Suliban, all kinds of Trek events were changed from the “original history” (such as Klingon first contact seemingly occurring a few decades early from what was spoken in TOS).

I have a feeling that every time travel excursion messes with the look of the timeline a bit. So some other time travel excursion led to the Prime timeline getting windows on the bridge, the updated tech, and the DOTs.

Now, as for why Kirk has captain stripes in the leaked Twitter picture (the one where he doesn’t have an Enterprise insignia), that is a question that I cannot wait to see answered. The Paramount+ pic has to be from some flash forward/time travel episode.

because there’s no way ENT as aired leads to TOS

Not sure how. Enterprise totally feels like it will evolve into the TOS aesthetic in 100+ years. Regarding TMP canon the only reason the NX-01 wasn’t there was because that movie was made 20+ years before Enterprise. One could argue there were only so many spaces for past Enterprise images. But that sort of “cannon” doesn’t bug me. Hell, on DS9’s Tirals and Tribblations the guys from Temporal Investigations said there were 6 Enterprise’s. Did they forget about the NX-01? Or any potential Enterprise that came after that one but before the 1701?

That picture of Wesley in the command chair. Looks like he needs to do a few more sit-ups!
I know Shatner got a little chubby here and there, but don’t introduce a young Kirk already sporting a paunch!

Jesus. It’s a skin tight uniform and the guy is slouched in a chair.

A little chubby? Shatner was a big guy, even in his prime. And so what?

Body shaming? Really not cute.

For that matter neither is the “HES TOO OLD PLAY THIS ROLE” card. Ageism is gross.

Puh-lease. Should they get a 50 year old to play a 10 year old? That’s not ageism. That’s reality. Good grief.

39 is too old. Unless it’s a future Kirk somehow.

This dude in no way resembles Shatner’s Kirk. I have never seen him act so I can not comment on how good he will be but I would have a hard time getting past his appearance to accept him as Kirk.

Strange New Worlds would have to line up with Star Trek’s second pilot, where Spock wore the yellow uniform and Sulu was a botanist before being helmsman.

Here ‘s a Star Trek thread:

The Cage -> Discovery -> Strange New Worlds -> Original Series

LOL, good luck! ;)

Didn’t work out with Discovery that much style wise. Nevertheless, if you ignore the other shows, Discovery felt like a natural progression of Enterprise. A “TNG” of Enterprise. First season had a vibe of “Enterprise meets Galcatica”, which I liked.

I didn’t mind the aesthetic shift between TOS and DSC in S1. Enterprise was already a 10+ year old ship (of a class that might have been even older) by the time Discovery was launched as a cutting-edge, customized, refit science vessel.

Of course the fancy new Enterprise undermined that, but I’m not losing sleep over it.

I’m not losing sleep over it either. It’s just a show but I am a fan and as a fan I found the aesthetic shift to be incredibly jarring. Upon first viewing it felt like it belonged in the KU and if not the KU then well after TNG. It was just not a good look at all.

That said, and I have said this often, if the show was actually decent all of that would be downgraded to minor nitpicks.

So is the first season of SNW going to be a lead-in to a reboot of TOS? Because that is what it is looking like seeing this new Kirk in the captain’s chair. Are those captain stripes on the cuffs of his sleeves in the photo?

I’m not sure what to think about this yet. I mean I am excited, but what does this mean for the Pike series?

I seem to recall that before SNW was announced, Mount was tentative on the idea because of the time commitment and not wanting to be away from his family. Maybe he only signed on for a one season deal and Season 2 time jumps to the Kirk era?

That was before SNW was announced, and I always took it as basically Mount playing a bit coy for better $$ or terms. Keep in mind that Mount above maybe all other actors in the recent Treks (other than Tawny Newsome) was dreaming about being on Trek. I would think they have figured out a way in which he can do his 10 shows a year pretty easily, whether it is housing his family in Toronto or whatever necessary. If 82 year old Patrick Stewart can do Picard, then it’s no sweat for Mount to do SNW.

The rank was pointed out when I first saw the photo. I was thinking at the time that if it was Kirk it might be some sort of time travel episode where older Kirk goes back for some reason, fixes things, then goes back to his time. At least, that is what I am hoping…

Wouldn’t that be a “Reverse Generations”? Instead of meeting Picard from his future, he meets Pike from his past.

I never thought of that, but… Yes.

If it helps I wouldn’t have included Kirk in this show at all. And I still consider Kirk to be the best Captain of the entire franchise.

It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility that they made a mid-course correction after completing season one for a variety of reasons, and Wesley was brought in to assume the lead role, while Mount stays on in a lesser capacity. Seems kind of unlikely, but given Mount’s statements from a couple of years ago about not wanting to be away from his family, it’s a possibility.

I really doubt it. I know this is the internet and we love jumping the gun to every crazy idea out there but I’m guessing this is more of a Mandalorian/Luke Skywalker situation and like how they are using him on that show to flesh out his story and interact with the other characters but not become the main lead.

Why go through the motions of creating a Pike show just to replace him a season later? That was the case, they could’ve just did SNW as a mini-series and did a full on TOS show.

And for all we know, Kirk may be in one episode in season 2.

You know this makes me think that, Strange New Worlds might end up as an anthology show starting with Pikes tenure and then jumping to Kirks and after that maybe to Enterprise B and C.

I think there is no Pike series anymore. As of S2, it’ll be the young Kirk series… This is year one of his Five Year Mission, with TOS being years 3,4 and 5…

I am good with this. I mean at this stage we have not even seen season 1.

Yes Bill Shatner is iconic, but the quality of Paul Wesleys characterisation we can judge in 2023 (I guess!).

We can all have our ‘favourite’ actors who play a role, but Kirk is a role, its ‘bigger’ than Bill, and thats saying something! We have everything to thank Bill for, because without him Kirk would never have been so iconic.

That said, as time goes by, if we want to enjoy stories set in this era, rationally we have to accept that new faces will portray the character, and we have to give actors a chance to do their job and create the illusion we are watching the same character…. You never know, they might be good! We might enjoy it! But I for one wont know till I see it on screen.

Good luck to Paul Wesley, lets hope Anson Mount/Pike is still in season 2 (as Kirk is wearing Captain stripes).

I am just looking forward to May when I get to sit down, and enjoy this new chapter in the Star Trek story.


They replaced Shatner with a new Kirk over a decade ago already but I get your point.

But it’s crazy, now we are possibly going to get not only two Spock’s next year but now two Kirk’s if the Kelvin film doesn’t depart from it’s 2023 opening date. Pretty cool!

why??? this is too early and highly unnecessary

I TOTALLY AGREE. My first thought was “What In The Hell????” Why would you introduce Captain Kirk in Strange New Worlds anytime before the 6th or 7th season, around the time Pike has his accident????? When I saw Anson Mount in Discovery season 2 and then signed the petition for the new series, I wanted to see Captain Pike’s story play out, for several seasons, before there was even any mention of Kirk! Cadet Uhura I can handle, along with Spock, Number One, and Pike, but no more TOS characters for at least a few more seasons. We don’t need or want Kirk in this series!!!!!

Since you haven’t seen an episode yet, you have no idea if it’s too early or unnecessary.

Even if the story is a good one and the appearance of Kirk works out and Wesley’s portrayal is spot on… The argument that it is too early and unnecessary still holds for reasons already mentioned above.

It would have been nice if they had cast an actor who had even a slight resemblance to a young William Shatner. Chris Pine has a hint of Shatner in him, and Anson Mount has a passing resemblance to Jeffrey Hunter, but Wesley looks nothing like Shatner.
Same with Ethan Peck. Quinto bears a strong resemblance to Nimoy, but Peck looks nothing like the late actor.
There must be some GOOD actors out there that have a closer physical resemblance to the originals. No?

There’s been hundreds of actors who played Hamlet and didn’t look like Sir Laurence Olivier.

None of the subsequent James Bonds looked or sounded like Sean Connery.

The actor is not the character, even if a first, role-defining actor becomes indelibly associated with it for many decades.

There will be new Kirks, Spocks, and McCoys; and new retellings and interpretations of Star Trek as long as it remains a popular fictional universe. Some will be great, others will be good, some will be so-so, and that’s normal.

None of them have to look like the original actors, but they have to evoke the spirit of the character. John Belushi looked nothing like Captain Kirk, but managed to bring Kirk-like sincerity and accuracy to his portrayal, with only a little exaggeration, which made the sketch even funnier – and it wasn’t even a Shatner impression per se.

Peck and Wesley are both fine choices for the roles.

From his scenes on Discovery, I see no evidence that Peck is a good actor.

I think we really need to move away from a superficial take on the canon, though it pains the pedant in me.

We are watching various depictions of a platonic future history- a written or imagined world. We can no more expect every depiction of Kirk to look alike than we can expect every depiction of Bronte’s Mr Rochester to look alike.

Let the events and the facts be canon. But the sets, the makeup, the ship models, the actors… we’re going to have to let a lot of this stuff go, or else never revisit the same events more than once. If we want Trek to continue, we have to let go of this this surface detail obsession.

The alternative is CG actors voiced by their aging real-life counterparts. Until they die, and then what? CG actors voiced by impersonators, and then by reconstructed AI voices. Star Wars can have that.

Roddenberry wrote the foreword for the TMP novel in Kirk’s voice, in which Kirk casts doubt on the accuracy of various media depictions of his adventures. I think about that a lot.

I’m not placing that much value on these actors needing to bear a resemblance to Shatner and Nimoy, anymore then I need the production design of this Enterprise to match what was done in the 60’s. Not seeing a console TV in Pikes quarters won’t take me out of the experience.

I think its about the performance and not the looks. Chris was playing Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Not James T Kirk. And his background in the film was more Luke Skywalker. They tried to make it Star Warsy. He even had a hint of Hayden Christensen Anakin and James Dean in his KIrk performance but nothing, not a scintilla of Shatner

Fair points, skyjedi. When I said Pine was a bit like Shatner, I wasn’t thinking of a physical resemblance, but more of a “ larger than life” vibe, where they both seem to grab life by the horns (or some other part of the anatomy). :-)

I’m good w/ Kirk’s character appearing. SNW is to focus on Captain Pike and the current crew of the Enterprise, so I hope his presence does not detract from that.

I was *really* hoping we could hold out until later seasons for JTK to show up. I have been very excited for SNW so far, but this dampens my enthusiasm a little. I want this show to stand on its own.

They’re using too many TOS characters. This was supposed to be about Captain Pike and *his* crew, not tiny toon TOS.

If your going to use a younger version of older characters cartoon show baby looney tunes or a pup named Scooby doo would be better examples as tiny toons were new characters taught by the older looney tunes characters in school

I really wish we could get through current seasons of Picard and the upcoming SNW S1 without getting all of these spoilers for the subsequent seasons. YMMV

Why!? This ruins it for me 100% we don’t need Kirk! We’ve seen Kirk for the last 55 years, exploring pike further is fresh.

I was hoping they wouldn’t have introduced Kirk till the end of the series run. Was hoping for a change of guard type of situation

Was never going to happen! I’m really surprised how surprised others are over this news considering every returning character so far. They figured out a way to bring Data back and he was dead.

These are the same people who swore up and down we would never see Spock on Discovery only for him to show up in season 2 and then given his own show…which Kirk will show up in. It does kind of fit their M.O. ;)

This is interesting. Wesley is 39 years old and is playing “Captain” Kirk in the photos. I was assuming that when Kirk appeared it would be later in the series in an arc that would see him assume command of the Enterprise in the series finale. OF course that still may be true and the producers are going to jump around in time or something. One potentially odd quote in The Hollywood Reporter‘s story:

While Pike is the ship’s captain, and Kirk will eventually be the ship’s captain, Mount will continue as a series regular on the program in season two.

That sounds kind of vague about Mount’s status, but of course I could be reading too much into that.

I’ve never seen The Vampire Diaries, but watching some clips, I can see how he’s a good choice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqkluewPpbE

Anyone know what Anson Mount’s contractual status is? Maybe SNW was a one and done agreement for him?

Maybe there’s a 2nd season storyline that’s like a flash forward ala Lost?

James T. Kirk is a fictional character and while William Shatner will always be the original actor to play him, beloved characters should be carried on and interpreted by other actors as long as there are new and good stories to be told. Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Batman, or Kirk, just be true to the character, the source material and give me a story to invest my time in. That’s all I ask.

Just think, unless you’re ready for a series devoted to Wesley Crusher, our next reboot will probably involve TNG characters.

Kirk is differs from Holmes, Bond, and Batman in that he originated as a screen character through an actor’s portrayal, while each of those other three originated in print media and all the screen portrayals we’ve seen are adaptations rather than the originals. That doesn’t necessarily mean Kirk is untouchable in a way those others aren’t, but it’s a significant distinction.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Anson Mount’s Pike is a recurring character in Season 2 as well.

Interestingly, this site https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a39441612/vampire-diaries-paul-wesley-star-trek-strange-new-worlds-season-2-set-pic/ has a different photo that shows the actor wearing a different insignia on his shirt.

He does! It also says that he will be serving under Captain Pike. So two captains? Or the two of them could team up to solve some mystery together like Pike and Burnham did in Discovery.

“The show will pick up as Kirk is serving as part of the crew onboard the starship USS Enterprise, under Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount).”

Canon? What is this “Canon” thing you speak of?

If you look closely, Wesley is wearing a different badge, indicating he is assigned to a different ship, as was the tradition in the TOS era.”

With one single exception that was a production error, different badges for different ships is complete fannon.

Mistake or not, canonised now after they couldn’t get a close enough look at the Defiant uniform emblem in “The Tholian Web”… and so made one up for “In a Mirror, Darkly”.

I think within two years of those ENT episodes, TOS-R provided HD images indicating same Starfleet delta on the Defiant uniform tops.

They’ll inevitably be some compromise to show that yes, other starship and starbases have assignment patches, while mixing in the Starfleet delta. I suppose the interesting thing to establish, is how the Delta was chosen to represent the whole of Starfleet and then also Enterprise… I suspect one day it will be retconned right the way back to the change from Earth Starfleet with its sideways arrowhead, to the same service operating within the newly formed Federation.

That is one of the things I think they could change and most won’t have a problem with it.

As soon as I saw the image of him in uniform, I knew he’d be Kirk. :)

No telling where this is going considering their fondness for trashing established history.

If by established, you mean “made up”, then you may have a point. Thing change, and have in Trek from the beginning.

Maybe I’m imagining this but wasn’t there a rumor quite a while ago that Kirk would appear in SNW and they were toying with the idea of making his character bisexual?

Hah, that idea tracks. The only thing the general audience knows about Kirk is that he sleeps around, even if that’s not totally accurate, and if you actually watch the show he’s much more dynamic than that. But, yeah, making him non-cishet would be their 21st century “take.” Can see that, easily. Though, bi as an identity is still problematic for a lot of people (it reinforces the gender binary). Hopefully, they push him towards being pansexual if they’re going that route or really go for it and make him a transgendered pansexual.

Since Kirk already laid down alien characters in TOS, the original Kirk already was some kinda pansexual. Yes, these alien beings were supposed to be female…but since ST VI we know that “not all species have their genitalia at the same place”.

Sleeping with alien beings from another planets is way beyond “bisexual”. 😉

This news actually makes me less excited about SNW. I am still looking for a show that has new characters exploring new things.

SNW was never going to be that. From the beginning, it was always just a nostalgia fest featuring old characters in a familiar premise.

The unfortunate thing about that is we already have a nostalgia fest show. It’s called Lower Decks. I knew we would get some from SNW but I was hoping it would be kept to a minimum. But we are dealing with Secret Hideout so I know what a pipe dream that is.

Well, that was fast. Shatner’s Kirk is pretty much my childhood idol, so there’s no way this guy is going to fill those shoes, but I wish him luck. More so, I wish the show luck. I hope the writing is good, because if it’s not you can cast Kirk and Spock and whoever else ad nauseam, bad writing will sink the show.

Kirk wasn’t supposed to meet Pike until shortly before he took command of the Enterprise. If this is an alternate reality, like Prime Beta or something, then fine, I’m down with it, but you can’t call this a prequel and crap all over canon this way. I already had serious misgivings about SNW, but this just about tears it for me. I shan’t be watching. I don’t mind the other shows being hit or miss, but messing with TOS is hitting me right where I live, and I’m not paying for that.

This is exactly why they should just stay away from prequels and I’m very excited about SNW. But as Discovery proved, once you realign from canon, even a little, it puts a bad tastes in fans mouths.

That said, we still have to see how they are going to do all of this.

I disagree. You can do prequels if you follow the established guidelines. If you can’t resist rewriting a franchise history then you should should stay away from prequels.

There are ways to get Kirk in a SNW story that makes sense and very well could work. I was just foolishly hoping they wouldn’t touch Kirk for a while.

I know! We’re saying the same thing. The only point I’m making is that this team seem like they CAN’T or simply don’t want to follow the established guidelines which is the problem.

Now, if you CAN do that, fine, but that’s always been the issue. And remember Enterprise was accused of the same thing with instances showing the Borg and the Ferengis way too early for example. That show got dinged a lot of times for it too and why fans had issues with it. Discovery just took what Enterprise did and tripled the complaints lol.

Prequels seem pretty hard to do on Star Trek for some reason. But I also think because of the obvious, writers have a century of lore just sitting there they want to tap into and make the universe feel more connected. I get the temptation but maybe why it’s best to just avoid prequels if you want to do stuff like show more advance tech….or Romulans.

But SNW may do a great job, I’m not trying to just be a hater of all prequels or anything. That phase for me has ended and I am OK with them now that we are getting post-Nemesis shows at least.

But the fact we are all talking about this still goes to my overall point…

Personally I don’t think Enterprise should have dove in the Ferengi story or even the Borg story. But the end result didn’t destroy canon. Even their encounter with the Romulans didn’t break canon. But I sorta would have rather they not decided to walk those tightropes to begin with.

But I’m not anti prequel. I just consider them a greater challenge for the makers. And I would hope they are up for it. Like they were with Rogue 1. Which I liked a ton.

But Rogue One was just a two hour movie. It’s a difference when you have multiple seasons of a show. Star Wars is actually doing a lot of prequels right now though and been doing it since TCW. Maybe Star Trek just has a lot more content to weed through but once again it’s amazing how all the Star Wars shows, both animated and live action are handing it’s canon even if it’s still not perfect. But nothing really jumps out at me (but am a bigger Trek fan).

The reason Star Wars is doing such a good job of canon is because they have something called a “story group” I believe who check every single script and thing and see and decide where or whether it fits into the canon. I think Star Trek could use something like that too.

Ah, I didn’t know that. That’s interesting. Yeah Star Trek can definitely use something like this; especially with all these various shows and timelines happening at once. I can barely keep up minus the really big canon stuff.

I’ve just resigned myself to the alternate reality thought. It’s going to be much easier to brush it off when they mess with 50 year old canon, which they will undoubtedly do.

I just hope the writing actual interesting, compelling sci-fi.

You do know nothing in tos gave years when Kirk meet pike or even took command of the enterprise the 2265 date is fan speculation the only year givin in context to any of kirk’s time on the enterprise was givin in the voyager Q2 episode wer one of his two five year missions as captain of the enterprise ended in 2270

Is Paul Wesley any relation to Bob Wesley?

Well, that’s cool. I was hoping that there would be only one Kirk scene: final minute of the series finale, Kirk, Scotty, & McCoy show up on the bridge, Pike hands over the “keys…”

I still want Scotty as a member of the engineering staff on Pike’s Enterprise. Still think he makes the most sense to be there of all the Kirk crew.

In fact out of all the legacy characters I think Scotty made the most sense to appear in the show canonwise and of course in their infinite wisdom the producers don’t bring in the one character who’d make the most sense. These guys are really smart.

Yep. It always made sense to me that part of why Scotty was so attached to the Enterprise and her “ample nacelles” was because he was on board for some time. I feel like they will find a way to bring in a 13 year old Pavel Chekov before they mention that a Lt. Montgomery Scott was running diagnostics on the impulse engines.

Season 3 man….season 3. ;)

Was a tad crestfallen when I saw this on Weibo… I was hoping against hope that Paramount Global could come terms to with Hayden Christensen for the role of Kirk in what will undoubtedly be an essential untold chapter in the life of this legendary champion.

Honestly, I feel so bad for anyone making anything in private today. That’s what sucks about this. This isn’t Shakespeare, it’s not a history book. We don’t need the ending before we start.

It’s 24 hours later and I am even more depressed about this. Social media ruins us.

Any relation to Commodore Bob Wesley?

I just hope this doesn’t mean they’re getting rid of Pike after the first season

Whoa P+! Slow Down! I’m still on a Trek high from Pic season premiere, Disco’s coming finale, and the Enterprise returning to the screen. Now you tell us Kirk is returning too. Wow! Great time to be a trekkie!

This is cool, but why not have William Shatner play Kirk in some fashion? There is plenty of room between the various Star Trek series and upcoming film to have the most iconic member of the Star Trek family make an appearance. It’s such a no brainer to involve Mr. Shatner in Star Trek.

Because they killed him off 27 years ago.

They killed Picard last year. That didn’t stop them from this year’s season.

That is a very good point.

They killed Picard off for ten minutes and brought him back in the same episode. Kirk has been dead for 27 years lol. I’m not saying they can’t bring him back. It’s Star Trek, it’s what they do. Lower Decks made an entire joke about it last season with Shax. But it’s a lot more heavy lifting at this point with Kirk for many many reasons. We can all agree with that I think. One of the biggest the guy has aged, well 27 years….unless they bring him back on Lower Decks! ;)

One would wonder if they eventually might decide to sort of “redo” TOS, which could mean updated eps of the originals stories, plus new stories as well?

I love TOS as much as anyone, but it’s getting pretty darn dated at this point in time.

I think the better option would just be to let TOS be as it is but create something more modern in that time period with those aesthetic but changing some of the outdated elements. For example they could create a ship with a new female captain and redo that stupidity from TOS about there not being any female captains at this point in Starfleet. That was one of the most dated elements of TOS. TOS can be like a time capsule, something cherished but also it can be used as a way to understand how problematic some of the issues were. I would have liked it better instead of going back to the well of Kirk here producers had more guts to try something new and create a wholly new crew with much more modern sensibilities.

Keep readng this in these comments and maybe others (same poster?). theres no way they would ever flat out remake TOS cmon!

That is the first time I have said this anywhere. I think you are a bit naïve on this, but who really knows? Neither you are I get to say never on this.

Here’s one way. They cover the final two years of the five year mission, and then cover the adventures up until TMP. “Star Trek: Kirk” I am not predicting this, but would I be shocked if 7 years from now something like this premieres? No, not at all. And I think one would have to be a tad naïve to just out of hand rule this out. My opinion.

This is a bit naive.

I remember, not really that long ago, that we told we would never see the TNG era again. No one cared about TNG or those characters anymore, it was dead and buried. I even remembered arguing about it with someone on Reddit a week before they announced the Picard show.

I also remember hearing that the Prime universe was dead and gone for good after the first Kelvin film came around. They washed their hands of it. It was time for something new to take its place. The Prime universe will still be represented in media and non-canon stuff like novels, comics and video games for the sad people who can’t let go of the past, but don’t expect anything more from this point on. Uh huh.

Even people like Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew were saying they were done with Star Trek for good or very least didn’t see what could drive them back to the franchise. Brent Spiner swore he would never play Data again. Nimoy swore off not once, not twice, but three times he was no longer playing Spock and every time he thought he was out they pulled him back in.

There is always a lot of ‘never again’ comments made about Star Trek, sometimes from the very people involved. But we learn with enough time (and nostalgia) anything could be brought back.

And while I get why people have an issue with Kurtzman and his version of Star Trek, the one thing you can say is that thanks to him, now anything is possible.

well maybe who knows.

and of course not to mention the big one. the kelvin cast returning for a 4th movie. when you were absolutely adamant they were 100% gone lol

And that was only because Pine walked and three years on it seemed like neither side was budging.And they did move on to other ideas without the Kelvin cast. But yeah, it really does prove you never can say never. Even I learned that lesson lol. But I also said we would probably see more of the Kelvin universe in the future, just not necessarily with this cast.

For the record, I really hope we don’t get another TOS reboot, but it would be highly naive to think it would never happen at this point. SNW hasn’t even started and four of the characters from TOS are already cast on that show. And we remember how much fans pushed to get the Pike show on. I imagine it wouldn’t take much at this point if they started shouting they wanted a TOS show later. And they already have the entire Enterprise set built and ready to go. ;)

SNW hasn’t even started and four of the characters from TOS are already cast on that show.

More than four, actually; at least seven:

“Number One” / Chin-Riley

And that’s not counting others who aren’t known to be in SNW specifically but who have already been seen in this timeframe with recastings in Discovery, like Sarek, Amanda, and Harry Mudd. I’m not crazy about it, but there it is.


I was actually hoping they would leave Kirk off the series. Don’t get me wrong, I love the character. But this was supposed to be a chance for Pike (the Enterprise’s actual original captain) to shine. A return to the very beginning of Trek with its original crew prior to Paramount forcing Roddenberry to retool the series after a failed pilot episode featuring Pike in the lead.

Hopefully he only makes a cameo so as not to upstage Pike.

Then again, Anson Mount’s effortless charisma is going to be tough to top.

Agreed or at the very least introduce Kirk when Pike is Promoted to Fleet Captain.

Maybe that happens at the end of season1

OK, I been thinking hard about this and I think I have a (crazy) theory how Captain Kirk could meet Captain Pike years earlier without breaking canon!

In that episode Captain Pike time travels to past Earth trying to stop a rogue Vulcan who wants to take down the Federation by by killing the future American President in the past!

But, just by crazy crazy chance he bumps into Captain Kirk ten years from his future who just happens to time travel to past Earth trying to stop a rogue Romulan who wants to take down the Federation by setting off a nuke in the past!

But we’re not done. They then bump into Captain Archer from the 22nd century who also time traveled to past Earth on the same day to stop a rogue Andorian who wants to take down the Federation by releasing a deadly virus in the past!

Final twist in the last scene: Pike, Archer and Kirk ends up meeting Picard, Seven of Nine and Rios already in the past tracking down the watcher before Picard says, “We should tell them the truth!”

Cut to dramatic music and ‘To Be Continued…’

OK, maybe not, but it would make the beginning of a fantastic season! 😁

Oh and it all takes place in 24 hours.

Will each episode be in real time?


Wouldn’t a Starfleet mission where both the Enterprise and the Farragut are two of the ships involved, be the easiest way to do this? And this could be somewhat recurring.

No, because in canon Kirk said he didn’t meet Pike until after he took over for him on Enterprise. Isn’t that why all the nerds are in a uproar now?

But if you can get around that (which I’m guessing they will), it’s possible, but up until now no one even knew he was Captain of that ship either. But I guess we’re going to find out!

Oh, right, thanks. But do we know that Spock also didn’t meet him until then? And the ships could be in the same op, with some of the crews mixing it up, so long as they avoid Kirk and Pike directly meeting then, right? Fun to think about the options here!

Agreed. I always thought Spock and Kirk met before he joined the Enterprise actually. If you watch Amok Time Kirk says he has known Spock for years. It could be two years it could be ten. It definitely sounded much longer than one. ;)

So yeah, if they can find a way for him to avoid Pike, I think it will be fine.

Nothing in canon says that Kirk meeting pike for the first time when he was promoted to fleet captain was at the same time he assumed command of the enterprise plus nothing in canon give a year for when Kirk takes command and the 2265 thing is only fan speculation never been said or seen on screen

I mean it’s very, very thin. Kirk didn’t seem like he knew much about Pike at all watching that scene in Menagerie. At the very least, you don’t get the sense they ever had a beer together in a bar.

But look, of course, they can find ways around this stuff. Discovery was the show that just ‘classified’ everything when it was out of line from TOS or 23rd century canon. And this is what prequels do. So yeah, it won’t really matter that much. Fans will either accept it or they won’t if they are showing them together. And they know they will definitely watch. ;)

So we are going to be running two TOS reboots at the same time, one in theaters and one on streaming? That’s what this feels like once they re-introduce Kirk so early in the series.

To be honest I’m a TNG+ fan, TOS means little to me outside of it’s context in TNG, so I have very little invested in this one (unlike Picard). This can’t be how they wanted this news to unfold, which is unfair to the creators who have a big story to tell I’m sure. So give it time before assuming anything, but my interest in this show does drop off with this news.

I think a big reason why the Kelvin universe exists is because not to just step on canon, but also if CBS ever decided to do another TOS show then they wouldn’t have to worry about aligning the two.

But it is a crazy coincidence they will both be happening in the same year. A lot of us thought the Kelvin cast was done and now we are getting two versions of these characters. As an original TOS fan, I don’t think it’s needed but intrigued on how they will pull it off.

I am a little surprised how negative this news is, but I always assumed Kirk was coming in season 2. Am surprised he’s already Captain though.

“But it is a crazy coincidence they will both be happening in the same year”

You honestly STILL believe this movie is happening? Lol?

Sometimes I want to pull my hair out on the internet.

Sounds like you might need a hairnet.

It’s just funny, when I say I still have doubts a film will happen, one side is telling me how can I still have any doubts now????? They announced a filming date and everything.

Then when I concede it will most likely happen, the other side thinks you’re beyond naive for listening to the propaganda that’s apparently being spread by Russian bots.

You just can’t win lol.

This may signal a lack of coordination between Streaming and Movies. I somehow doubt either would appreciate the confusion created by this, or the fact that the reboot premise is happening across two properties simultaneously, watering things down further. I really suspect there is some conflict going on here, especially since the Kelvin movie appears to have been greenlit hastily.

Honestly I don’t think so. Remember when we all thought another Kelvin movie was coming back in 2018 or 2019, Discovery was already announced and it was going to basically take place around the same time as the Kelvin movies, just in the Prime Universe. But that alone always meant we could see Kirk, Spock and the others, just in a different point of their lives from their Kelvin counterparts.

In other words, this was ALWAYS a possibility even if SNW never existed. They could still bump into the Enterprise, which they obviously did. They were still going to travel to Vulcan since the main character grew up on that planet and so on.

So the ‘confusion’ was a possibility from day one. But the Kelvin movies stalled to say the least and Discovery just went on to do what it did. Now we have a more direct spin off with SNW, but again, even without that show the chances of seeing the TOS characters was always pretty great IF Discovery stayed in the 23rd century.

And I just don’t think people will be that confused. There will be three different Batman’s running around on screen in three films this year. Dr. Strange are bringing not just multiverse characters from the MCU but also variants of other past Marvel properties like X Men and Fantastic Four if the rumors are true. And we saw how true they were in Spider-Man No Way Home.

This is just how things are being done today and audiences seem more than game to keep up with it. Maybe because we have the internet now, it’s not really as complicated to keep up. I think Star Trek will be fine. The Kelvin characters simply take place in a different universe and has been the case since 2009 already. I don’t think it’s an issue between the studios at all.

And in fact, it could be the opposite and they welcome it because it now gives them the chance to do their own big multiverse crossover some day which I suspect will happen sooner than we think. Hell it already happened with old Prime Spock from the beginning. ;)

I have a feeling the powers that be might be working towards some grand Trek multiverse shenanigans and having two different TOS crews might be a part of that.