Watch: ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Promo For Captain Pike

After a week of releasing Star Trek: Strange New Worlds character promos Paramount+ left the biggest one for last, releasing one for Captain Pike on Saturday morning.

Captain Pike

Anson Mount joined season two of Star Trek: Discovery as Captain Christopher Pike, from the original Star Trek pilot “The Cage.” The new series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is set on Pike’s Enterprise in the years before James T. Kirk takes command. The final character promo released on social media takes a closer look at Chris Pike on Strange New Worlds.

NOTE: this Instagram version should be viewable to all

More character promos

This Strange New Worlds promo follows Tuesday’s videos for Cadet Uhura and Security Chief La’an , Wednesday’s videos for Lt. Ortegas and Hemmer, Thursday’s M’Benga and Chapel, and Friday’s Spock and Number One. We have done an analysis of the first two promos already, and we will be doing the same for the others soon.

Coming in May

The series debuts on May 5th. Paramount+ has provided the following synopsis:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The series will feature fan favorites from season two of Star Trek: Discovery, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

And in case you missed it, here is the teaser trailer…

Find more news and analysis for Strange New Worlds.

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Finally, we know this is after Pike had his vision of his future.

We already knew that since this follows from Discovery season 2.

I wonder if Spock will do the mind thing to make him forget like he did with Kirk.

That would be the best way around it I should think.

Now Captain Pike’s journey will be finally told.

Exploring Pike’s inner fears of his eventual horrific accident is fine as long as it does NOT overshadow everything else this season and beyond on Strange New Worlds.

I think I’m going to rewatch S2 Disco to get fired up for SNW.

Good idea. I’ll try that as well.

Season 2 features my favourite episode of Disco: New Eden. The essence of Trek is very much to the fore in that one.

Mine too! That was kinda the pilot of SNW and it felt like classic trek after a long time. A pity that the didnt pick up the story in Disco again.

That is honestly the Only episode of DSC I like.

I remembered watching “Brother” again the day they announced SNW! It was both a great episode and an introduction to the character.

I remember watching brother for the first time and immediately thought, “that man needs his own show.” And it’s almost here. I’m super excited and ready!

Yeah… I’m not going to punish myself like that.

Lol. My first thought as well.

Love him sitting around drinking talking about his life – very nice callback and hope that features frequently. Too bad Boyce isn’t around but the idea is fun

The impending fate for Pike has implications on your approach to command, if you are certain you will meet your fate in the radiation accident on the space station, every mission you undertake until that point will be a success, there is no tension for the character as you have in effect made pike immortal up until that point and he knows he will not die. I would like to see Spock do some sort of mind wipe to take that memory away as it impacts on the commands the captain would enact.

Not if you don’t really know what causes the incident which kills you. It could make you super-cautious. Pike could also have been very cautious before, and now… he feels like he can break free a little. Not a superman.

He doesn’t know WHEN it happens, just HOW it happens. I think the effect would be just the opposite–he now lives in a constant state of stress.

Even if that is the case, you know you will meet your end trying to save cadets on a space station, I’d say any visit to ‘strange new worlds’ would be just fine in your mind.

Just because he doesn’t get horribly disfigured until the accident with the cadets, that doesn’t mean that every other reckless away mission doesn’t end with the death of everyone on the team except Pike. He still has to balance caution and assertiveness, even if he personally won’t die until later.

He just knows he will probably live, not that the mission will be a success. For a Captain, to live when their crew dies is even worst than dying. Besides, he doesn’t know for sure his fate can’t be changed. That’s what T’Navik told him. Is it true? He doesn’t know…

The accident took place during an inspection tour on a cadet’s vessel Class J Starship I believe. Not a space station. Am I correct?

Yes. You are correct.

That is another part of what is wrong here. If he really believes it then he would act as if he was invincible. If he doesn’t, he would go along as if he knew nothing. I find this dilemma problematic.

Pike’s Dilemma is the same as ours, the audience. By knowing what we know, or would have known, he may get to face what we would be facing as viewers. It’s an interesting responsibility, for the writers, and for Anson, to carry that character.

Good gods! More garbage from Paramount and the show-runner they hired to run these shows!

The costumer should have been fired in the first week. It was bad enough to see Spock in a wrinkled, puckering UNIFORM – and the woman with a zipper – now the Captain in a costume with fabric, again, that is so light-weight that it puckers (standing sitting or walking), that has been tailored to square the shoulders and one side looks like an 80s-style-Dynastey-Diva-Gown while the other shoulder is sagging into his arm!

I have lost all faith that Paramount has anyone working for their in-house productions that knows anything about making television… It is just jaw-dropping! And it’s not just Star Trek. They should have licensed Star Trek tv production to Warner Brothers!

I’ve so looked forward to this show and everything they sneak has just broken my heart…

I’m so glad I don’t care about things like uniforms. I must be honest, I’m completely oblivious to it. It goes right over my head. I’ve always been a story and characters guy.

Oh please. This is just trolling.


Then go watch Discovery, Mr sensitive. Will be perfectly suited to you

This isn’t much better than the original post to be honest. The way that some people will bend over backwards to insult and belittle Discovery in threads that have nothing to do with it is disturbing.

Even though I share Commander’s views on Disco, I do agree with you. There’s a place and time…

Troll on the bridge!

Seriously, this is your main complaint? Ill-fitting uniforms have been part and parcel of Star Trek in TMP and since the third season of TNG (whenever Data was seated at his station, as one of the most egregious examples). Heck, the “Picard maneuver” was a result of such costuming.

VOY and DS9 got around this problem with uniforms that were mostly black and could hide zippers. And ENT had loose-fitting uniforms, so any wrinkles weren’t so obvious.

Try again, troll.

I know what you mean. After seeing an episode of TNG in 1987 where Engineer Argyle had a piece of lint on his shoulder, I didn’t watch Star Trek again for thirty-two years.

Somebody should have alerted the church elders!

Your post is so extremely negative, it’s clear you’re in a dire need of attention and are just trolling for replies. I suggest you get a dog. They give unconditional love and affection to all, regardless of their annoying idiosyncrasies.

Yes, but he should avoid a Shar Pei, since they have wrinkles.

Wrinkles in uniforms? Great Scott! Now that you said it I couldn’t get it out of my mind… So I watched lots of great supertrailers on YT, with images from all Trek shows… Lo and behold… They had wrinkles on TOS, even TNG S1+2, ENT…
They are EVERYWHERE! It’s an invasion. Gosh, I love Trek uniforms and I LOVE the variety of uniforms on SNW… and I love every little wrinkle… But at least your post gave me a welcomed reason to watch Trek trailers again :-) Thanks a lot…

Now I can’t unsee the wrinkles. Seems Bee Dee’s got a point :D, at the least you’ve got a passion for fashion Bee Dee. I admit there might be some untapped star potential in those costumes. So leave Bee Dee alone y’all! Let’s assume they’re made of a supremely comfortable and practical material designed for optimum performance in a space environment at the detriment of wrinkles. Let’s also assume heated discussion on the production team with half of them for smooth sexy superhero and the other arguing the benefits of projecting character accessibility via the addition of ordinary down-to-earth wrinkles. Then advisors would have remarked that if there were no wrinkles someone would sorely miss them because they were an integral part of the Original Series visuals. That would have settled the debate. See, headcanon works!

The final character promo should be the Enterprise.

Hear hear

I totally concur.

I feel like the most tragic scene of entire Star Trek will be the exact moment we witness Pike’s accident because all the actors who have played Pike so far (maybe except Jeffrey Hunter) have made the character so memorable and charismatic like a father figure and seeing him suffer like that would really tug at the heartstring perhaps much more than the deaths of Spock or Kirk.

Pike’s successor, Jim Kirk, was many things, but he was never a Boy Scout.😃

After decades of wanting this to be, it finally is. Thank you.

SNW has a lot of people having high hopes. Let’s hope it does not Disapoint.

You mean, let’s hope it does not Discopoint?! 😜

Like I said in another thread- the fact that some people will find any excuse to trash Discovery even when the discourse is in regards to something completely different is a disturbing indication of the toxicity from some parts of the fandom. The fact that some people cannot go one article without denigrating and insulting a show they don’t like says a great deal about them.

I figured they would play up on his viewing the future. But to be honest I’m really surprised at how much he seems to be thinking this is set in stone. Seems to me that the future is not set and he could change it. Honestly it seems the most healthy way to deal with this is to just not believe it.

But it looks like this is how they want to play it. Weirdly Pikes intro is not the best one of these because of that.

Wasn’t that the conundrum the Enterprise-D faced in that time loop episode? They know some calamity is going to happen, they wonder if they should reverse course, then wonder if that action would cause the calamity, but then Picard decides to press on ahead.

Pretty much all anyone could do in that situation, or else drive yourself crazy wondering and second-guessing.

Tenavik told him that once he viewed his future it would be set in stone, and apime has no reason not to believe Tenavik. And living in denial isn’t exactly healthy. Pike needs to learn to accept his future.

There is every reason not to believe it. The future is in flux. What if he took a phaser to his head to avoid it? Would it jam because “that future is set in stone”? Suppose he decided to step outside an airlock? Suppose a situation came up where he decided he needed to sacrifice himself to save others?

Sorry. He should not believe it.

At all.

As someone who wasn’t keen on how the Discovery and Picard shows turned out, I previously preferred to look on their disappointing storylines as being set in some kind of ‘alternate universe’ to the characters and events seen in the ‘prime universe’ TOS show…..just as I did with certain movies such as ‘ST Generations….but then simply decided to discard them from my own ‘Trek canon’ altogether, as there was just too much about them that bugged me for a re-watch in the end.

However, I’m still cautiously hoping that the Strange New Worlds show’s more ‘episodic’ storylines will throw up something that I find more to my liking. That’s not to say that I put the entire classic TOS show on a pedestal, as there’s several episodes that I exclude from my ‘own Trek canon’ too!

In fact, despite ‘The Menagerie’ two-parter being held in great esteem by many fans, it’s actually one of the TOS storylines I choose to ignore altogether these days….as I much prefer to just include the original ‘The Cage’ storyline in it’s glorious entirety, rather than also re-watch a chopped-up version which is cobbled together with a Spock and Kirk storyline who are kinda out of character with each other at that point in the show. Just my own take on that.

So seeing as this also gives me the benefit of no longer having a non-Jeffrey Hunter actor playing a ‘disfigured Pike’ character in my ‘own canon’, I can easily look on this whole Strange New Worlds show as being set in an ‘alternate universe’ to my favourite TOS episodes once again to allow for all the ‘updated’ visual inconsistencies and actor/actress differences….which suits me just fine….and I will just look on this Pike’s knowledge of his ‘future fate’ as being an ‘new’ backstory for this particular ‘alternate’ character….with no viewing of Discovery necessary.

Now I’m just hopeful that the excellent Anson Mount and his fellow cast members are given some storylines I actually like this time around. ;)

I respectfully disagree… 100%

And I respect your right to do so…100%

Fully understand your desire to avoid what you consider “problematic” episodes or films. I do that myself with “The Voyage Home.” I know it is out there. I know it exists. But I find I enjoy Trek better if I just ignore it. Essentially pretend it never happened. Again, that does not mean I am not aware of it or unaware of what happened in it nor do I dismiss it as not “official” canon. Nor do I tell others on sites like this that the film is not canonical. I know it is since it appeared as a feature film. That decision is just a personal one to help me, myself, feel better about Trek. I don’t push that view on anyone.

For what it’s worth, I definitely choose to include ‘The Voyage Home’ amongst my own re-watched Trek material. ;)

Picard face palm gif.

All the trailers and 9 promos available globally on Universo Star Trek channel.

Anson Mount’s got the classic look.