Terry Matalas Talks TNG Reunion On ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, More Legacy Characters, And Possible Spinoff

One of the most anticipated things going right now is the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation coming together for the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, which has already been filmed and is expected to arrive in early 2023. The reunion is the vision of executive producer Terry Matalas who is the sole showrunner for season three. A lifelong Trek fan, Matalas began his Hollywood career as a production assistant on Star Trek: Voyager. Leaving the franchise after Enterprise, Matalas successfully rose through the ranks to become showrunner on other series including Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, before returning to Trek for the second season of Picard.

In an excellent extended discussion on the latest episode of the Inglorious Treksperts podcast, Matalas discusses his long career in and out of Star Trek, and he offers a lot of insight into the upcoming third season of Picard and how it could be setting up another Star Trek series. You can listen to the full podcast below, and we have pulled out some of the big highlights.

Channeling love for TOS movie-era for season three

Little bits about Picard season three worked their way into the conversation, which spanned over an hour. As he talked about the origins of his Trek fandom, Matalas dropped tidbits about the kind of feeling he is evoking in season three of Picard:

I grew up Sunday afternoon on the couch with my dad as young as eight watching The Original Series, but I would say my first falling in love was Star Trek II, III, IV–you know what, I’ll throw V in there–VI… That would be an event, we would go to the movies to find out the next chapter of Captain Kirk… It was actually Star Trek III, where I remember vividly the Enterprise pulling up to spacedock and the Excelsior and all those things and feeling like the majesty of Starfleet and just the with today’s ILM visual effects, and it left such an impression on me. So much so that you’ll see a lot Spacedock in season three of Picard… But it felt like a fleet. It that felt like the Navy I loved so much. And again, that goes back to The Original Series [makes bosun whistle sound] and all that stuff, which I made sure in season three is just everywhere.

And when asked if he sees optimism as a core component that should be in all Star Trek, his answer swerved into season three hints again:

I think all these things are true but not necessarily absolute. Is Wrath of Khan, which some people would arguably pick as their one of their favorite Star Trek things, is that an optimistic movie? I guess it’s about new life. But then I would argue doesn’t all good drama always lean towards optimism in which good and love prevail. So, I don’t know if it’s a hard and fast rule of Star Trek. It certainly wants to be your North Star… There’s a moment in season three, which I’m cutting right now… it’s very much in the respect of those movies… But there was a moment I was like, “This episode has to at least come to the conclusion of incredible optimism and sense of wonder, and having Picard see a science fiction thing that makes him go, ‘Wow.’” And I think that that is an important aspect of Star Trek.

A Picard behind-the-scenes Tweet from Matalas shows how he has put his love of the TOS era movies into the series with this deep cut of a boatswain’s whistle (an homage to Star Trek IV).

Different visions for each season of Picard

Matalas talked about how when he joined season two of Star Trek: Picard, he saw he had some different ideas from the other executive producers and showrunners:

When I came on to season two of Picard, I was in the writers room with these giants. It was Michael Chabon and Akiva Goldsman and a host of other really brilliant writers. And we all started to pitch ideas. All of them were Star Trek ideas, and all of them were different. Like Michael’s Star Trek, what he loves about Star Trek, we share elements of it, but it’s different than mine. And it’s different from Akiva, which is very different. And then I have a different one. So it’s something I never really thought of. And I thought it was extraordinary in that room, which is: these are all valid Star Treks… For me, it’s a story of friendship, I think is really interesting. The crew and their bonds with these insurmountable odds and coming together. But it is different for everybody.

Reflecting on this, Matalas sees how it has made Picard an anthology series, with each season having a different vision:

In a weird way Picard has become a kind of an anthology. Season one is very different from season two, from Michael’s vision to Akiva’s deep dive into deconstructing Captain Picard. And season three is different from from those two… All of them though with the focus of Picard now dealing with some emotional aspect of his life. That’s important.

For his season, Terry returns to his TOS movie era focus, which played into how he pitched season three, particularly to the TNG cast:

Say what you want about Nemesis, bad or good. It didn’t feel like the end of those characters. They needed a sendoff. And that was the core pitch to Patrick [Stewart], and all of them. I called every one of them and I said, I want to talk about your characters where you think their characters are and want to send you all off the way that Star Trek VI was a pretty great sendoff for the original crew.

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in season three teaser

Getting chills on season 3 from TNG cast… and other big cameos

When asked if being on set with all these legacy stars was overwhelming as a fan, Matalas said it is especially hitting him now while he’s in post-production:

You had them all the time… there was one moment in particular… it’s a legendary moment, let’s just say. I will say they’re all reunited. And there’s some things going on and I remember turning to my assistant, and saying, “Right now, I should be in tears, but I’m too fucking stressed to get this right.” Because I don’t want to fuck it up. That’s the key.

The moments really hit in post, when now I can watch that moment and it’s not Patrick, Frakes, LeVar, and Gates, and Marina, and Michael. It’s Picard, and Riker, and Geordi. And the music is up. One of the things I’ve been spending a lot of time on right now is the music. It is very much in the spirit of [Jerry] Goldsmith and [James] Horner… And so when you see those moments with the score, then that hits. You’re like, “Oh, my God, we did this!”

As he discussed these special moments, he talked about how season three will include familiar characters beyond the main TNG cast:

And funny enough, there are moments that are–because there are some people who come back from Star Trek in this season that aren’t just the Next Gen cast. There’s one character who is in Next Gen who I was like, “I really want this character to come back.” And when they did, that was weirdly more thrilling than everything else in totality.

Jonathan Frakes as Riker in season three teaser

Giving the TNG characters their moments

Picking up on how hard it was to pitch the TNG reunion, Matalas talked about how the cast was involved and contributed their own ideas as well:

When we sat down with Patrick for the first time, it’s like this absolutely feels like what we should do. And Patrick had a key idea, which was an element of the story that was absolutely pivotal to the focus of it.

He also revealed more about how each character fits in to the season:

I didn’t want to make anything that they didn’t want to make… They all have big things to do. We all meet them and find out where they are now. And some of those those answers as to what they’re doing now are unexpected. So I wanted them to be happy and have input… They’ve lived with these characters. They go to the conventions. They know the stories that matter to these people. For Gates [McFadden], I wanted to make sure that Crusher really had a very strong story. That was a fascinating—it’s a fascinating character who let her son go off into the universe, who had once had a romantic relationship with Captain Picard. And where are they now? And sitting with LeVar and saying: “Here’s what I think’s going to happen to Geordi.” And LeVar [Burton] made me cry. There was a moment when I pitched it and he was so emotional and I got emotional. I was like, “This is one of those cool moments.”

Jonathan [Frakes] was working on season 2 and I said, “Hey, I have this idea. I want to tell you about Riker, and it’s a lot of Riker.” He’s like, “You want me to act?” They had to be happy or else I wouldn’t have felt good. And Brent [Spiner], we had many discussions with Brent about it. And all of them brought really great ideas to it. It wasn’t a stinker in the bunch. It was it was great.

However, bringing in the TNG cast did have a downside:

I think probably it’s a bit more difficult to go to the studio and say, “Great, we’re doing this, we need to make deals now with all of these legacy characters, and financially what can we afford and what does that mean for some of the new cast?” I think that was probably the hardest thing is that we just don’t have infinite cash or run time to do justice to the characters.

A Tweet sneak peek of season three from Matalas hints at Dr. Crusher’s return:

Seven’s arc and setting up the next 25th-century Trek show

Matalas started his Hollywood career back on Star Trek: Voyager as a production assistant. He talked about how it has been for him to be working with Jeri Ryan (Seven) again and talked about her arc in season three:

Jeri and I talk about this a lot because I was a PA on Jeri’s first year… And it’s kind of extraordinary to see her and to be there for her whole story. And we were friends back even then. And now to be directing her and taking her character to where her character goes at the end of season three. It’s that extraordinary thing that is happening now in television of characters of actors who can play the same character over 30 years.

Matalas has previously hinted at a potential Picard spin-off, possibly including Ryan and Michelle Hurd (Raffi). He was asked if he sees season three as a backdoor pilot for a potential future show and while he didn’t come out and confirm it, he did drop some hints about what is possible:

Uh, umm… I guess if this was a printed interview you would say, “The showrunner smiled devilishly…” To me, this is a period of time in the Star Trek universe that I would love to spend more time with. I think there’s nothing less than 30 legacy characters across these–Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Next Gen–that you would love to check in and see. We can’t get to them. We don’t get to Miles O’Brien. I’d love to get to Miles O’Brien! I could say one name you right now that comes back and you’re like, “Oh, my God, I really want to know what happens!” And you’re going to find out. So I would love nothing more than to stay in 2401 to tell more Star Trek stories in this universe. And so that’s all I will say…

In a weird way, it kind of feels like the present day of Star Trek to me, the Picard universe. That’s where we left off. It’s awesome that Discovery jumps back and Strange New Worlds jumps back and then Discovery jumps forward. But to me, there’s something very now still about that universe and the fallout of things. There’s quite a bit of in season three, the fallout of the Dominion War is important in the plot. That is so rich for exploration.

With season 3 involving so many legacy characters, which is a trend also seen with other franchises, Matalas was asked if he could see a show with entirely new characters, and he indicated that season 3 is sort of setting that up:

I think Star Trek is infinite. I think any one of these could not necessarily have a tie to a legacy character. And when I was talking about continuing to tell stories in this time period… season 3 is very much a passing the torch from one generation to the next. I love the moment where old Bones is walking around the Enterprise with Data. It’s a passing of the torch that feels right. I love when Spock came on Next Gen and had that arc with Sarek and Picard. That tapestry feels much richer to me when that can happen. So I think there are opportunities to tell the story of the next generation that crosses with the last because that’s the universe, right?

Matalas has had a varied career working on a number of series, but when asked what he might be looking to do next, he seemed to be happy sticking around:

I love Star Trek. I’d stay in Star Trek as long as I could. Star Trek is your way into every kind of story. It’s a can be a romance. It can be a Western. It can be a spy thriller. It can be a space opera. It can be space magic. Especially if you have the craving for science fiction and fantasy like that you want to do and time travel, there’s no better universe for that.

Jeri Ryan as Seven in command of the Stargazer in the season two finale

Hope for Enterprise too

After Voyager, Matalas stayed with the franchise on Star Trek: Enterprise as a production assistant working for co-creator and showrunner Brannon Braga, and it is also where he got his first official writing credits, providing the story for two episodes. He even got a planet named after him for the episode “Dear Doctor,” which Matalas revealed gets referenced again in season three. Matalas reflected on the show and how it fit into the early 2000s:

I think there’s something really cool about it being this submarine in space like the first time they go out there. I think maybe you could argue they got to things like transporters a little too soon… but I think those also comes down to budget, which is like, “I need to get them on a planet, I can’t get them in the shuttle every time I can’t burn this money.” But you watch the first episode now and it is of a different time. Would you be doing the decontamination room rub downs in today’s world? I don’t think so. I think even then we were like… But it’s got Scott Bakula, there’s a lot of interesting things. I think Connor [Trinneer] and Dominic [Keating] are fantastic. I think John Billingsley was really, really fucking good. I think it’s probably the right thing for that period of time. And they certainly push the envelope by the end of Trek and Mirror Universes. I remember when they built that Original Series bridge, and all we did was hang out down there. I think their heart was always in the right place.

He was asked if he thought the Enterprise characters could join other legacy characters and come back to the franchise, and Matalas said “absolutely,” even the dead one:

I think you could. There’s no question you could bring those characters in. I think that’s the beauty of Star Trek. It’s science fiction. Spock can die and come back, it’s okay. If the story is good, and it’s good for the character, then that’s great. Certainly Trip, I wouldn’t want to do an Enterprise thing without Trip. You’ve got to bring him back. I don’t know how, but you’d have to. I think all of the all of these things in Star Trek are viable options.

The cast of Star Trek: Enterprise

Listen to Matalas on Inglorious Treksperts

It’s worth listening to the entire episode of the podcast for more insights into season three and beyond with Matalas. It’s a great conversation across the board.

Find more Star Trek: Picard at TrekMovie.com.

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Getting back ENT would be single biggest moment of joy imaginable, even bigger than the return of the TNG cast. TNG had All Good Things and Nemesis and now they are getting a third Big Goodbye. But ENT ended prematurely on such a turd…

I really wonder what the season finale of SNW will have in store for us… That episode was teased as something truly special for the fans a while ago… I hope it’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise” with the NX-01 refit :-)

I’m guessing the season finale of SNW Kirk will show up! That’s probably what the tease was about from Mount last year.

But agree with your points about Enterprise and its return. Maybe not as big as the return of the TNG cast for most lol but definitely a big deal for a lot of fans.

Nothing, bar nothing, would give me greater indifference than bringing back ENT. Weakest set of characters of any Trek show and weakest all round writing. I pretend it doesn’t exist to be frank. It tanked for a reason and doesn’t deserve to be brought back.

Now you know how people who hates Discovery feels like. ;)

But we all have our preferences of course. I really want Enterprise to come back but oddly I wasn’t too far off from your feelings about it a decade ago.

But the reviews by fans for it today shows it absolutely deserves to be brought back! But you are not forced to watch it if it does.

Well said.

That would be as exciting to me as the return of VHS or a Menudo reunion. Lol

There is a reason it failed as a series.

You say this as if it’s still 2005. It would be the same way of suggesting TOS is still a failed series because it was canceled in 1969. Well they both picked up more viewers since. ;)

And Enterprise is much more popular today, hence all the people wanting it back. But I know you don’t have an issue with that, you just don’t want it back yourself and that’s fine of course.

Well discovery has by far the weakest set of characters.

ENT suffered from franchise fatigue and studio’s decision to cancel the show, even if there was still a huge fanbase. But it is show business and numbers weren’t looking good enough.
That doesn’t make ENT a bad show.

I really love the direction things are taking with the Star Trek universe, especially with Strange New Worlds, and bringing The Next Generation crew back for Picard season 3. Old is cool again.

I really love Discovery and Picard, but from a personal point of view, I think the optimism, smaller story arcs seem to be the most successful. Don’t get me wrong, some of the darker episodes are great, and I like that they are mixed in because the world isn’t perfect. However, I thought a few of the episodes in season two of Picard were a little too strung out over multiple episodes.

I’m not one of those crazy nitpicky fans about canon. I love the way the writers are taking some stories and delving deeper into them even if it means putting a slight twist on them.

Keep up the great work! I was a little kid when I started watching reruns of TOS in the 80s. Star Trek has had a profound influence on my life, how i view the world, how I treat people.

I certainly hope that Matalas is reading these posts for fan input: TERRY: YOU CAN BRING TRIP BACK EASILY (Connor T, take note) …. You want some real fan input from those of us who pay close attention to what’s said by the characters on these shows? Great! There are two lines SPOKEN in the teaser of the ENT finale, “These Are The Voyages” – both Travis Mayweather and Capt. Archer state that the NX-01 has been out for NINE YEARS.

Yes, they both said it – on camera – which most of us consider “canon” – and for the record.

Nine years is a lot, and we only have 4 of those 9 years (–seasons–) on film!

(Where are the other FIVE ?)

Go listen to JUST the teaser and let your jaws drop at that potential: FIVE MORE YEARS of adventures aboard the NX-01 were in between the Terra Prime story and TATV left to explore, and that is before Trip’s “death” in TATV …. !

The novels where Trip is “dead” but working for Section 31 are fun, but what about what Mayweather and Archer said, out loud, in the teaser for TATV? I believe that deserves another, down-to-goodness look.

BTW, Terry, there are also quite a number of freelance script writers out here with stories both in outline and finished teleplay format, should Paramount ever do what we read Manny Coto said he would have liked to do if they’d have gotten a 5th season: open the WGA script submission policy like they did for TNG, DS9 and VGR…………

All right, go ahead. Get together and break some stories to fill in that very wide, missing 5-year time-gap. You can do it. We know you can. “Make it so,” and “hit it.”

Bringing back Trip (even post-TATV) is a cinch. TATV was a piece of historical fiction, one that Riker and Troi viewed 200 years later. Even the most faithful historical fiction takes some liberty with the real-life historical record for the sake of drama. The TNG holoprogram killed off Trip because it made for a good story. In real life, he retired to Tunbridge Wells (OK, Jacksonville, but whatever).

I also note on the “Shuttlepod” online shows that Connor and Dominc are doing on YouTube that guests Rick Berman and Brannon Braga said that episode was filmed after they knew ENT was going to be cancelled, and Connor said for that reason he went with the “big ending for Trip as his character would get a full arc. Now, thought, they all said they would like to see the show come back in some form but Brannon didn’t know how to bring Trip back ….. I guess he’s yet to read what I suggested above. Hey, Connor and Brannon – check out this post above, concerning that issue!

I get their viewpoint but still killing Trip out of all people was such a monumental mistake. And these two should know that just because a Star Trek show gets cancelled doesn’t mean we won’t ever see the characters again. The characters from TOS already knows something about that from experience. For that reason alone Trip should’ve stayed alive.

But then again they also know no one truly stays dead in Star Trek either. And they already brought Trip back in the novels as you mentioned. So leave it up to someone to always find a way. ;)

Brannon has no authority over those characters at this point.

If the showrunners and creators now under contract, including Matalas, have a good idea on how to move forward on Trip or any Enterprise legacy character, it needs to be sorted to benefit the franchise. As long as they aren’t poisoning the water or burning the value of legacy characters in the way that Chabon did with Icheb, there shouldn’t be blowback.

The IP is with Paramount, while Braga’s working for another content house and streamer making The Orville. I am quite fond of The Orville, but it’s both an homage and a competing product.

Perhaps I am too bitter on the point, but as a fan I really felt that Braga was among the ones pushing the narrative that the franchise had no where to go forward into the future in the 2480s due to the technological leap brought about by Voyager’s return. I appreciate that he tried to find a workaround with Enterprise, but he was very much part of the group stuck in the “we can only go back” narrative.

There have been enough fans who have tried to gatekeep the franchise’s continued growth and relevance, going back to the campaigns in the early 70s to stop TAS from being made and aired. We really didn’t need a group of EPs saying that the franchise was stuck, and didn’t have new stories to tell.

On the other hand, if Braga or Shankar were to come back to Paramount & Secret Hideout an champion some new shows in the IP that were fresh and interesting, I’d be as interested as anyone else to see them.

“Perhaps I am too bitter on the point, but as a fan I really felt that Braga was among the ones pushing the narrative that the franchise had no where to go forward into the future in the 2480s due to the technological leap brought about by Voyager’s return. I appreciate that he tried to find a workaround with Enterprise, but he was very much part of the group stuck in the “we can only go back” narrative.”

Kind of ironic since Braga is now working on a show that takes place in the 25th century.

We’ve had this conversation before and obviously agree. I understood why they wanted to go backwards with Enterprise at the time after doing so many shows in the 24th century. It probably felt very fresh at the time too but I still wish they did a 25th century show after Voyager. Same for Discovery. Discovery made less sense to do another prequel than Enterprise IMO but that’s all been said at this point too and it’s been rectified. ;)

Now Star Trek is getting the best of both worlds. For people who want to revisit old time periods again like SNW are getting it. But for others who want to see the universe expanded with PRO, LDS, PIC and obviously Discovery are getting it in a way we never have frankly even if you’re not in love with all those specific shows. But this the Star Trek I always wanted to see.

Showing Trip during that five year gap would be hard given that he looks a lot different than TATV. He looks great don’t get me wrong, but he just looks a lot different.

If TATV was five years later, why was everyone the same rank? Hoshi and Travis were still lowly Ensigns even after playing a big role saving Earth?

TATV isn’t real. Its a novel that Troi found for Riker to watch.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :-)

Thorny: you just pointed out one annoying THORN in the side of TATV that I am disappointed no one thought to change for that long of a mission………

We need TNG-era shows way before any section 31 or any Tilly starfleet academy show. Sounds like Terry is deservedly now the TNG-era head honcho too.

Make it SO

I agree with the first sentiment that we need follow-ups of the classic shows before any of the proposed shows get going. Not sure about the second comment: despite all the praise it got and the fact that I love all things time travel, I couldn’t manage to finish 12 monkeys – too much boring plotting. That and the failures in season 2 of Picard (which I realize he only really ran part of) don’t convince me that Matalas is the guy to lead TNG revivals. If anyone holds the crown for “most promising TNG-revival-era showrunner” it is McMahan. Though I do appreciate Matalas’s love for the TNG-era.

The podcast was very entertaining and interesting. The most interesting bit was where he explained that, basically, the plot of PIC season 2 was whatever they could throw together to complete during covid. And that the best and most interesting parts of the season (to me) – the beginning and the end in the 25th century – were filmed at the end when they had completed construction of the Stargazer sets. Further, my interpretation of what he said was that Akiva was the origin of the best part of the story – the good and strong idea about the end of Picard and Q’s relationship/friendship. I think that, unfortunately, all the boring middle of the season was just wheel spinning to get there and the exploration of Picard’s personal history, while a good effort, could really have been an essential exploration of Picard’s psyche and character if it had not been integrated into a roundabout “romp in the 21st century” and had just been played out in the “present” of 2401. If it had been better connected to Q, Q’s goals, and if it has just made more sense overall, it could have been an all-time storyline.

Deservedly? We have not seen any footage from S3 yet. Talk is cheap, and he talks a lot. I will wait tell I see it before I give him that crown.

Thanks, Trekmovie, for summarizing this intriguing interview. There’s a lot to chew on. For me, I am pleased to see DS9 alluded to several times, including the aftermath of the Dominion War. Of the TNG, DS9, and Voy era shows, DS9 has had the fewest callbacks in the recent series (other than some allusions and homages to Quark’s bar and some random Bajorans here and there).

In particular, the biggest loose end is the ultimate fate of Benjamin Sisko. His final words to Cassidy Yates were “I WILL be back” and the final series scene was a forlorn and abandoned Jake Sisko gazing mournfully into space. It’s sad on this Father’s Day weekend to realize that one of the greatest father-son relationships on TV, not just in Trek, was simply put on hold without resolution. The lack of closure must be killing Jake, and also Cassidy, Dax, etc. etc.

It’s also ironic that it was at Avery Brooks’ insistence that that final line was inserted to avoid the “absent dad” trope. To perpetuate Sisko’s absence today when it has become possible to bring some resolution to his disappearance would, imho, be tragic. I also hope the Wormhole Aliens (aka The Prophets) make a reappearance, not in connection with Travelers, Q, the Guardian of Forever, or any other transcendent species, but in their own unique situation as beyond (and even having trouble understanding) linear spacetime.

Thanks, again!

Okay, speculation time: Ro Laren returns in a plot involving Ian McKellen as a Cardassian villain.

Definitely Ro.

I’m personally going for Tasha’s daughter, Sela.

Denise Crosby already said she won’t be back for third season…but yes these people have lied many times before. ;)

Ro came first to my mind, and I’m hoping it’s her.

Ezri Dax came second to my mind. It would be amazing to see her in the big chair on the bridge of the quantum slipstream ship Aventine.

When Matalas said actors that weren’t TNG cast came forward, I thought of Nicole de Boer immediately.

I always thought that Ira Stephen Behr has had a rather limited/narrow/unimaginative of how Ezri Dax would develop. When I came across Captain Ezri Dax in the Litverse, I realized that the writers room of novel authors had it right. Once Ezri with her counsellor’s training had come to terms with her strong spirited symbiont and Dax’s intrusive past lives, she would be formidable. Marrying a nice guy and retiring from adventure would be totally unlike Dax.

When Matalas said actors that weren’t TNG cast came forward, I thought of Nicole de Boer immediately.

Not me. I think that DS9 is just not respected by Paramount. I’d love to see it (and I think Ezri should be married to Julian) but I doubt it will happen. We’ll see O’Brien, Janeway and The Doctor, probably.

Ezri with Julian is better than Ezri married to some random guy working as a counsellor on an agricultural planet or whatever Behr had lined up for the character.

I found the Litverse solution interesting because it started from the premise that neither Ezri nor Dax had fulfilled/achieved the experience they had been seeking from Starfleet. This was analogous to Jadzia Dax wanting to continue to explore Klingon culture with Worf.

However the combination of Ezri and Dax, once Ezri had got a grip on the memories of her past hosts, didn’t want to be a science officer or a counsellor in Starfleet.

Instead she realized she wanted command, which soon became incompatible with a sustaining a romantic relationship with Julian, even if their friendship remained.

Anyway Captain Ezri Dax, as she is written in the books, turned out to be my favourite female captain in the franchise. Definitely, such a great character, that she deserves to be brought into onscreen canon.

Seeing the ENT crew again would be really special. I hope it happens.

I actually went and listened to the whole podcast yesterday when it was mentioned on another thread and it was really entertaining. I knew about Matalas thanks to 12 Monkeys (and he spends a lot of time discussing that show on the podcast too and the difficulty of getting it on the air) but I didn’t I know he was Brannon Braga’s assistant on Voyager and Enterprise either. I laughed how he said they both love time travel stories because it’s very very obvious and even discussed the other time travel show they worked together on, Terra Nova.

And you can certainly hear his passion for Star Trek. I love it when these guys sound like us and in his case both his dream and career started by working on the show. It sounds like season 3 is the show he wanted to make from the beginning. And in all honestly season 3 sounds like it’s what most fans wanted in the first season anyway. They wanted a true post-Nemesis show that’s Starfleet based and where we could see the entire TNG cast again along with characters from DS9 and VOY. They don’t all have to be together but at least there. And including the fall out of the Dominion war was another big missed opportunity in season one. I understand why it wasn’t included at the time because the fall out from the destruction of Romulus and then Mars was already enough. But I think if you asked most fans if they rather see a story about the aftermath of the Romulus explosion or the Dominion war, I don’t think it would’ve been a contest at all. We basically ‘lived’ through the Dominion war as viewers and want to see how it shaped the Alpha Quadrant 20 years later.

But yes it all sounds exciting. Of course so did the first two seasons, so I will remain cautiously optimistic until we get more. But I think oddly what made me the most excited when he said Riker is going to have a big role lol. Can never get enough of Riker! :)

The 24th century and its shows are my favorite era of Star Trek hands done. It really defined canon of Star Trek because we had 21 seasons and 4 films of it. I was certainly OK moving on from it if we went more forward in time in the 25th century, like 100 years later post-Nemesis or something. But I’m happy we returned to with PRO, LDS and obviously Picard. And as Matalas said, you have 30+ legacy actors to play with in this period. It would be nuts not to take advantage of that with Star Trek’s current resurgence. So it sounds like it will be a big part of the franchise going forward for years to come.

CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC for sure. As they say, third time’s a charm! We shall see!


And oh yeah, definitely agree with Matalas and others here I want a return to Enterprise. I’ve never been one of those people who wanted to see a former show restarted or rebooted. For me, they all had their time at this point. But Enterprise is the only one I would want to see a return to because it ended just when it was getting started IMO. I have truly come to love that show as a lot of fans today and watch it constantly.

And I think it’s coming. We finally got a Pike show 50 years later, so this wouldn’t be a shock lol. And frankly I would like to see another season of Enterprise over another season of Discovery or another Kelvin movie (but OK with both of those too ;)). But Enterprise has become very special for me over the years. Still not my favorite show but definitely a favorite. I want more voyages of the NX-01 crew like I want more 25th century shows. And the beauty of Star Trek right now, both of those can happen!

You willl probably like my suggestion below RE what I think they can do with finale abominations like These are the Voyages and Turnabout Intruder!

Oh yeah I would definitely agree. I don’t really have an issue with Turnabout Intruder. Yes it’s really bad, but not on the level of TATV. It’s just another episode of TOS. TATV was suppose to be both a wrap up of both Enterprise and the legacy of Star Trek as a whole and failed miserably on both.

TNGs Undiscovered Country coming 20 years after its Final Frontier? (Nemesis)

Great interview and a lot to chew on and digest.

The one suggestion I might make – REMOVE THE RIDICULOUSLY HORRIBLE ENTERPISE FINALE FROM CANON, TOSS IT INTO THE TRASH CAN AND PROCEED AS IF IT NEVER HAPPENED!! Rewrite Trip’s future and tell anyone who doesn’t like it to go pound salt…. or worse.

This is not without precedent. The equally horrible TOS finale is essentially ignored in canon when the NX-02 is launched with a (gasp!!!!) female captain. Turnabout Intruder is so horrible, it richly deserves to be ignored and end up in the trash heap…. so why not that abomination called… These are the Voyages? (Sorry, i was a little nauseated just typing the epiisode name!)

Just a suggeston!

It’s pretty easy to get around TATV as many has said in the past that Riker just got the facts wrong on Trip’s death. If according to the writers of Picard that Spock just got the dates to the Eugenics war wrong then I can buy the holodeck program didn’t get Trip’s history right either. This is all stuff from hundreds of years ago, so I think they can fudge that. Or yeah just ignore it lol.

I know if we do get an Enterprise revival or a movie some day Trip will be back. Matalas made that clear you can’t have that show without him. How he was done in TATV was a travesty. Even Berman and Braga have said it was truly bad. I’ve never been hard on those guys like so many are here (I’ve never been hard on anyone like so many are here though lol) but WTF were they thinking????

I can excuse Turnabout Intruder because that entire season was awful and at that point it was just to finish out the remaining episodes and put it to bed. And TOS was not TOS then if you know what I mean. But TATV wasn’t just saying good bye to Enterprise, it was suppose to about acknowledging the birth of the Federation, the entire symbol of what Star Trek is built on and this is how they did it! Sigh

When I read that the music is gonna sound like Jerry Goldsmith or James Horner, my heart started to swell 💖! Terry Matalas is going all in on season 3 of Picard and it’s going to show. I can’t wait to see the return of the Spacedock from The Search From Spock! It was interesting to hear him say that Akiva Goldsman’s vision of Star Trek is so vastly different from his or Michael Chabon’s.

I kept telling people on here that the main problem with season 2 of Picard stemmed from Akiva Goldsman being the sole show runner after Terry Matalas exited after episode 2 to go write season 3 of Picard. Now Terry Matalas will be flying solo in season 3 and I think we’re gonna get some high adventure Star Trek in the vein of the TOS movies from the ’80s, finally! I can’t wait to see the new characters that we’ll be getting in season 3 of Picard also. I really think the ship that Terry Matalas has been showing us pictures of for awhile now is a new Enterprise.

Maybe the Enterprise-F or G? Don’t matter what letter she is, I can’t wait to see her and fall in love with her just like I have with all of the Enterprises 💖. God, I sound like Scotty 🙂🤣! Also, Terry Matalas mentioned the Dominion War playing a major part in season 3.

I’ve got a new possibility for consideration for the story for Season 3. I thought it might feature the return of the Dominion but what if the story deals with one of the planets that was conquered by the Dominion during their invasion?What if someone grew up resentful towards the Federation because the Federation didn’t help their planet recover from the Dominion’s attack on it and now are out to get revenge against the Federation and Starfleet? This would be a good way to touch on the impact of the Dominion War because we don’t know all of the planets that fell to the Dominion during the invasion.

We only know what we saw on TV. But a lot of planets did fall to the Dominion, like Betazed, and it was only ever briefly referenced. That would be something cool to see and it would be epic, if it was done right. A threat growing in the Federation’s own backyard and only Picard and his crew can save the day, that could be an epic sendoff if the story’s handled the right way and if this is what Terry Matalas might be doing.

Also, I have a thought about the character that’s coming back that’s mentioned by Terry Matalas during his interview that’s not from TNG. I have 3 possibilities. Two are Doctors, Dr.Bashir or the Doctor from Voyager, and my third possibility is Captain Sisko. With all of these legacy characters returning now, it would only be fitting for Avery Brooks to finally return as Captain Sisko.

Anything is possible, right? But I think that the more logical choice is the Doctor from Voyager. The reason why I say that is because Robert Picardo said awhile ago, in an interview he did, that he was asked to come on Picard for season 2 but that the role fizzled out so maybe Terry Matalas found out about this and called him and asked him if he wanted to do Picard season 3? That’s why I think it’s the Doctor. I think that we’re gonna be getting a couple of Doctors this season on Picard.

Beverly, right, and then either Bashir or the Doctor. If we get Bashir, then the story for the next season of Picard is probably going to have do with the Quickening. Maybe this planet that was invaded by the Dominion was afflicted with the Quickening and the Federation didn’t act fast enough and the planet’s population was decimated by it and the villain we’re getting saw this and had enough? Oh, as for the other person from TNG that’s showing up, it’s either going to be Ro Laren, Dr.Pulaski, Sela or maybe Denise Crosby could come back as Tasha Yar somehow seeing as how this is the final adventure for TNG and that would only be fitting?

I’m not sure who it will be. All I am sure of is that it’s one of those three. So much to look forward to on season 3 of Picard, I wish it would just get here already 🙂😄. Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖.

He talks and he talks, and then he talks again, and then he talks more.

After all this talking, it better be good. I’ll give Goldman and Charon credit for not having to always be the constant center of attention when they were working on their seasons.This dude seems to like his fame too much…my opinion.

To each their own 🙂. He’s part of the Star Trek family so we should know that what’s coming is gonna be great. All he wants to do is honor what’s come before, give the TNG crew a proper sendoff, like Star Trek VI was for the TOS-era crew, and move the franchise forward in 2401 by introducing new characters/a new crew. The actors approve of how he’s handled their characters so far and that’s all that should matter to us.

We haven’t even seen him have full control over a Star Trek show yet so how do you know what it’s going to be like? Terry Matalas isn’t talking about season 3 just to talk about it, he’s dropping hints for season 3 to get people’s excitement revved up about it. If he was truly talking about it all the time, then we would know who the villain is, who the actor is, what race the villain is, what’s Worf been up to, what Beverly’s been up to, etc etc. I left out Geordie because we know a little bit about what he’s been doing thanks to Levar Burton 🙂😄.

But he just wants people to get excited like we used to get excited back in the days when Star Trek was on TV every week and a new movie came out every year or two. I’m old enough to remember that. I’ve been a Trekkie since 1991. I’ve witnessed two Golden Ages in Star Trek and that’s a rare thing to accomplish in a franchise that’s 56 years old.

But you’re opinion is you’re opinion and you’re welcome to it. I would simply ask that you keep an open mind, that’s all. Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

Sure. Hoping for the best. We’ll see.

That’s all we could ask for, right? Some cautious optimism. Live long and prosper, One Lion🤞🙏🖖🙂.

Season one of Picard both Goldman and Chabon gave multiple interviews before, during and after the season ended. Goldsman was a constant presence on the Deadline podcast while the season was on. That’s how we know so many of the crazy stuff he wanted to do on that season; it just wasn’t made into an article here.

Matalas isn’t doing anything differently than those guys. All the show runners give out tons of interviews, especially before and after a season is over. His situation is different because it’s the first time Star Trek has shot a season back to back so he’s doing double duty talking about season 2 while promoting season 3 (he’s talking waaaaaaay more about season 3 though lol).

But I agree it better be good. Picard has not been a beloved show to say the least thus far. If they screw THIS up, it’s going to be bad.

I doubt ego has much to do with it. All of the show runners seem to have very healthy ones (lol).

Chabon did a lot of talking and teasing on his Instagram. He didn’t do as many interviews or many podcasts, or interviews, but it seems like he just is a text communication guy.

Goldsman’s statements on the Deadline Picard podcast in season one did more to put me off than encourage me. If the Communications Monitoring team at CBS Studios or Secret Hideout found that was a general reaction, he may have been told not to do so many for Picard S2 and SNW. Also, he was super busy running two shows.

Terry’s teasing on Twitter and in podcasts must be see as a positive so far. I note though that it’s picked up since Picard production wrapped, after a fairly long period of silence. He’s just doing what he can within the NDA to keep the buzz building for Picard S3, and likely pitching his next thing behind the scenes as he works on the post production.

While I am looking forward to this, there is perhaps no bigger red flag to me in a production where the lead writer says he developed the storyline from “listening to the actors.”

Remember, that’s how we got “Picard Dune Buggy Chase” in Nemesis.

I like the Dune Buggy chase scene in Nemesis. I also liked seeing that shuttle pod blow out of the Scimitar as well. John Logan is not a bad writer. He wrote Any Given Sunday, which was an awesome football movie from Oliver Stone, and Skyfall and Spectre, which were two great movies for James Bond. So John Logan is not a bad writer and Stuart Baird wasn’t a bad director.

U.S Marshals is an awesome movie and so wasn’t Executive Decision. Those are two movies from Stuart Baird that turned out to be blockbusters. I also think Nemesis was a good movie. Should it have been the last TNG film? No, I think they should’ve done one more.

But the poor box office returns for Nemesis didn’t garner any goodwill from Paramount to make another one. Now they’re attempting to rectify that wrong and give the TNG crew a proper sendoff as a crew, what’s wrong with that? Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

I am glad you like Nemesis but it’s still an awful movie for me. I’ve seen it a bunch of times now and while it is a little better its still all around bad for me. There are just so many things that bothers me about it to this day. But it’s better than Threshold, I’ll give it that lol.

And One Lion said he’s looking forward to the season. I think most hardcore fans are. But if you didn’t like last season (and many of us didn’t like either) people are nervous for a reason.

I understand, Tiger2 🙂. I just asked for One Lion to have cautious optimism, that’s all. Yes, Nemesis is considered a bad film by some but I do like it. One of the reasons why I like it is because it gets me choked up to see Data die because you know he’s not coming back and that death has been permanent, somewhat.

I got choked up seeing Captain Sisko die. I had to watch the scene where he’s with Kasady in the wormhole and he tells that he’s not dead, he just ascended to a higher plane of existence 3 times before I realized that he wasn’t dead because I couldn’t stop tearing up 🙂. The greatest moments in Star Trek are the ones that get you to feel something and that’s how it was when I saw Nemesis and saw Data die. When I saw Into Darkness and they killed Captain Kirk again, I knew it was just a stunt and I was right because he came back five minutes later, thanks to Khan’s blood.

As I’ve said before to you, Tiger2, Into Darkness and Beyond are the two Star Trek movies that I like the least. I can put up with a lot in the Star Trek movies, trust me. I didn’t like Star Trek V for years and then after I read about the hell William Shatner went through just trying to get it made and how Paramount slashed his budget, I came to have a newfound respect for it. I even have the comic book for it now.

But I’ll never feel anyways other than cheated with Into Darkness and Beyond because they both failed to live up to their potential with me. And that’s okay, this is just my opinion. There are fans who love those two movies out there and that’s fantastic. That’s why there’s 13 movies.

There’s something out there for everybody 🙂. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

OK fair enough!

And I’m certainly not a big fan of the Kelvin movies, especially STID. Thought Beyond was at least decent though, but yeah I know plenty of people hate that one too. Maybe you’ll like the next one?

Actually Data’s death was one of the problem I had with the movie. Not killing him but how they did it. But yes unlike STID cheap stunt with Kirk, they actually did it.

Never a huge fan of TFF either but I always thought there were at least fun moments in it. And I’m considering rewatching it again because, you know!

One of the reasons that I didn’t like Beyond is because they destroyed the Enterprise again in it, Tiger2. That was another stunt move, just like killing Captain Kirk in Into Darkness. Why is it in every one of the Kelvin movies, after the 2009 one, the Enterprise gets destroyed? Can’t they move the plot along without destroying her?

When that was done in TSFS, it was meant to be a shocking moment and convey the direness of the situation the TOS crew were in. Now, I believe they destroy the Enterprise because they don’t know how to tell a good story without destroying her. Beyond, to me, felt just like watching an episode of TOS and when I go to see the movies, I want something with more high stakes to it. That definitely wasn’t Beyond to me.

But a lot of people did like it, such as yourself, and that’s cool, that’s what makes being a part of the Star Trek community so great because we’re all different and we all have different opinions and like different things for different reasons. That’s what makes being a Trekkie great 🙂! Now, onto Nemesis again, I have read in other places where people say that one of the main problems with Nemesis was Data’s death so I understand what you’re saying, Tiger2. But this is how I understand the story, ok?

Thalaron radiation can disintegrate anything it comes into contact with, that’s the way it was explained anyways. That emergency transporter thing that Data had could only beam over one person at a time and he choose the Captain. The regular transporter could not get a lock because of the massive buildup of Thalaron radiation on the Scimitar. So there was no other way out.

If Data didn’t get to the Scimitar when he did, Captain Picard would’ve died and the entire Enterprise crew would’ve died. It was all on Data. So he pulled a Spock and sacrificed himself to save his friends and shipmates. In his final moments, he acted the most human and the most noble by putting the needs of the many against the needs of the few or the one.

And so Data, in my eyes, achieved his ultimate goal, which was to be human, because to be human is to know death and so that was the completion of Data’s story and journey and when I hear Brent Spiner say “Goodbye”, it gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up. But that’s why Data’s death in Nemesis resonates with me. And, yes, I know Data did return in the TNG novel trilogy, Cold Equations. I have that trilogy.

I bought it last year but I haven’t had the chance to read it yet because my Mom passed away back in December and I’ve struggled with my grief since then and haven’t done too much reading because of it. But I do have that trilogy of books. Lastly about Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, it’s a good movie to me, anyways. Some people don’t like it.

But it’s from the ’80s so keep that in mind. Also, William Shatner’s budget was cut by Paramount so his intentions with the rock creatures at the end don’t come to fruition. So that scene kinda falls flat. I don’t know why Paramount slashed his budget.

William Shatner was a good director. I’ve been watching T.J. Hooker for the first time because it’s available for streaming and he directed quite a few of the episodes for that series and they’re pretty good the ones that he directed. I know the innuendo and the backstage gossip surrounding Star Trek V but I don’t know if any of that is really the truth, you know? But I love the movie because it has the best line ever in a Star Trek movie in it: “What does God need with a starship”?

That line is fantastic and the look on Captain Kirk’s face just says it all 😄. Also, on a side note, don’t know if you know this or not but the being that Captain Kirk is talking to in the Galactic Barrier is rumored to be Q. There’s some stuff in beta canon that leads in that direction, anyways. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it this time when you rewatch Star Trek V, Tiger2.

Bear in mind, Sybok can be hard to watch and I understand that. I think it was more that actor than the actual character of Sybok. So just try to bear with it, okay? It will be interesting to see on SNW how Sybok is portrayed now that he’s coming back. I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

Actually Sybok was one of the few highlights of the movie for me. It’s why I’m excited he’s back in SNW. But obviously his presence was very divided in that movie and probably why it took 33 years to even suggest bringing him back lol. But it was mostly due to the film itself as you said.

I never knew that the being held in the Galactic Barrier was rumored as Q. Now THAT would’ve made the movie much more interesting lol.

And I originally had the same issues with the Enterprise being destroyed in Beyond too. I think a lot of people did. My heart sunk when the first trailer hit and seeing it destroyed. It was like ‘really’? And unlike TSFS and GEN where those ships have been around for awhile, we were still getting to know that ship. It felt way too premature and probably another reason the movie failed at the B.O. because fans didn’t want a movie without it. As it’s been said many times, for a lot of fans the ship is just as much of a character as the actors and when it’s not there, it feels amiss. I did end up liking the film overall but that was a HUGE mistake IMO too.

As far as everything else you said, agreed. People will always have different views on things, especially when it comes to Star Trek. There is a consensus on certain shows, episodes and films within the hardcore base like most franchises but that doesn’t mean anyone has to agree with those either. I’m one of the few weirdos that still loves A Night in Sickbay and Move Along Home. ;D

I like “A Night In Sickbay” too, Tiger2, and I like “Precious Cargo”. That’s actually one of my top favorite Trip episodes right there. “Move Along Home” isn’t a bad episode either. I think it all depends on what type of Star Trek story you like whether or not an episode should be considered “bad” or “good”.

I can’t stand “Turnabout Intruder” but I like “Sub Rosa”. I love “Catspaw” but I can’t stand “Little Green Men”. I actually don’t like a lot of the Ferengi stuff on DS9. Every time the Nagus shows up, he just starts whining and it makes me want to cover my ears.

I liked the Ferengi on TNG with the electric whips in “The Last Outpost”. In fact, I like that episode a lot. “Skin Of Evil” is another one of my top five TNG episodes. I love me some Armus 🙂😄!

In fact, when they showed Armus on Lower Decks, I was laughing so hard because they teasing the hell out of him and there was nothing he could do about it 😄😂🤣! That has to be one of my favorite Lower Decks moments ever. I’ve rewatched that whole series 3 times now and every time I catch a new joke that I didn’t hear before because they talk so fast on it. So, see, everybody has different taste when it comes to Star Trek.

All that matters in the end is the love that we give to Star Trek and that it gives back to us whenever we watch it or read. Tastes will always change but, in Star Trek, there is a little something for everyone. Terry Matalas said that during his podcast interview and he also said that that’s the reason why he wants to stick Star Trek for the foreseeable future and that’s true what he says. What other franchise tells Westerns, Mysteries, Romance stories, Gothic and horror stories, all in one franchise?

Star Trek can be anything at anytime to anyone and that’s what makes it so wonderful to behold. Oh, before I go, I have another tidbit of trivia for you about Star Trek V. Remember I told you that the being in Star Trek V was rumored to be Q? We’ll, it’s also supposed to be the same being that Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew encountered way back in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

Gary Mitchell was supposedly possessed when he tried to take out Captain Kirk and the being that was doing the possessing is supposedly Q. I don’t know if you knew that but it is interesting to consider, right? This idea is explored more in beta cannon but not alpha cannon. Not yet anyways.

It’s definitely food for thought and gets the mind wondering, right? Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖

Nemsis is bad and was embarrassing and I saw it in a theater a few days after it opened and no one was there to share the shame. In the middle of NYC. It’s bad.

I know it won’t be, but I sure am hoping the TNG person is Pulaski.

I agree, or maybe Ro Laren.

Molly O’Brien and Miral Paris, too. Backdoor pilot, anyone?

I’d love to see Ro Laren. I’m still butthurt about her not being in TNG/DS9 more.

They could bring anybody back except Kirk. He is only an echo in the Nexus. Its decades too late to rectify. But its still a joke he was ever killed off the way he was in Generations. I wish Generations wasn’t canon. Honestly what they did with that character was worse than what Rian Johnson did with Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi.

It is something they could easily rectify but for whatever reason have chosen not to. The 3 things i think a lot of fans wish could be retconned were the Voyager ending, TNG ending from Nemesis and that part of Generations.

Everything about the interview nailed it for me. Fantastic.

In my head canon, Trip never died. In the last episode of Enterprise, we’re watching the official history, as it’s recorded on Enterprise D’s holodeck. However, the official history is not what really happened.

What really happened was something entirely different, which needed Trip to seem to die. And the key to that was Section 31.

Now, whether Section 31 came to Malcolm and it turned out they needed Trip to seemingly die, or whether Malcolm went back and pleaded with Section 31 to save his friend, I don’t know. Both could be excellent stories.

Either way, Trip never died, but Section 31 made sure his death was recorded, the way we saw in the final episode.

Pleasssssse give us an season 5 for Enterprise! Even a mini series depicting the romulan war would be great! Pretty please Terry?

Yes, pretty please Terry! We’re asking nicely! :)

I’d love to see more Enterprise as long as it’s done correctly. Tucker should have never died, it was weak writing.

In a saner world, all that Terry would be in charge of would be the official ParamountPlus message board.

Yep. He’s a talker, not a doer.

Not interested in an exercise in nostalgia. Especially if it is written by that same group of poor writers who churned out season 2! I would have rather seen a Stargazer show with Rios and some involvement from the Picard character. This feels like a very backward-looking season led by a showrunner who is great at talking the talk (Anthony P. and Laurie lap it up) but with very checkered results in the real world.

They don’t take failed scripts and dead series to make new shows or movies do they though? They aren’t suddenly going to make Star Trek the beginning with the Romulan War, or make Planet of the Titans. Or Star Trek the Academy years. The only exceptions i can think of is TOS being spun off into movies, or TMP being the basis for TNG. 3 million fans wasn’t enough to keep an expensive show like Enterprise on the air.

They are supposedly taking another gamble on a fourth Kelvin movie six years after the last one bombed so anything seems possible these days lol.

That’s also the beauty of Star Trek, most things do get second chances in some form. My God Sybok is back. Anything is possible now. 😂

This is everything I’ve been wanting to hear since they announced Star Trek was coming back to TV in November 2015.

It seems THIS is Matalas’ season (with the first two… er “mixed seasons” shall we say, belonging to Chabon and Goldsman, suprise-suprise!). I feel this is the one for us fans of 1966-2005 Trek. Just over the moon for things finally being addressed like the very obvious repercussions of the Dominion War, after being totally left unaddressed in the first two seasons etc. Absolutely exciting stuff.

I only ask, if they do make a spin-off (and I pray they do, as the 25th century is where they should have set Star Trek when they brought it back, post-Nemesis. Not made another bloomin’ prequel after the JJ films and Enterprise!) that they keep the show Starfleet-centric. As to me, Star Trek IS Starfleet. It is the Starfleet crew and ships, the adventures they go on, both literally and figuratively. With all the trials and tribulations this brings. So no Fenris Rangers nonsense! #EnterpriseF ;)

Anyway, cannot wait and I hope this is the show we all wanted. Third time lucky??? I’m ever the optimist ;)

LLAP and engage!

Agreed. I think most fans want a true 25th century Starfleet show. And they obviously know that. The question is can next season live up to it? Looking at the first episode of season 2 I say yes. It hit all the high marks fans were missing in the new shows.

But knowing it’s going to be another serialized story and after 6 iffy seasons of it with Picard and Discovery is where the pause comes in for me.

If it was episodic like SNW I would be a little more confident about it. After the painful season 1 AND 2 I am really on the fence until we get real details.

“I think their heart was always in the right place”

They went where it took them…

It occurred to me that given how Kore’s arc ended in Picard season two that she could show up in season three, which could be interesting if it happened.

That’s funny, I respect the love for the TOS movies but When I apply to TNG I think spacedock, lots of spacedock LOL
We set up a Borg return in season one with them farming the Fed for tech and finally trying to get robo Picard but…. Spacedock.
Spacedock is where TNG belongs. Fair enough.

Picard behind-the-scenes Tweet from Matalas shows how he has put his love of the TOS era movies into the series with this deep cut of a boatswain’s whistle (an homage to Star Trek IV).

I don’t remember a boatswain whistle in Star Trek IV. I remember it from Star Trek II and Star Trek VI.

Hello, from Okinawa, Japan 🗾🇯🇵.
Alison Pill’s Dr Agnes Jurati & Annie Wersching’s Borg Queen attracted me so much.
After I watched their Instagram posts & Youtube videos, I began to be so sure that production team of Star Trek shouldn’t waste their much of talents.
Because of nowadays issues of biochemical engineering technologies, I think that there’s much of problems for showing everyone all around the world about how the Agnes Jurati’s Borg Queen save the species who desperately hope to be helped by their choices, assimilation or not.
However, I seriously believe that, if production team of Star Trek & Annie Wersching’s Borg Queen could show us about any possibilities of how other species which’s so similarly with us may used & developed any technologies which’s like as what our cutting edge biochemical engineering for making themselves to be perfection & conquer the world, & if production team of Star Trek could show us about how the Alison Pill’s Borg Queen helped other species by their choices till they met with Picard & Raffi & Seven, then the Star Trek may will be able to show or tell us about how important to respect individual freedom of choices than other Star Trek series.
I’m so sorry for my poor English…
Thank all of you so much for reading my comments.