Paramount+ Launches In UK And Ireland With Legacy And New Star Trek, Including ‘Strange New Worlds’

On Wednesday, June 22nd, the Paramount+ streaming service went live in the UK and Ireland. This launch brings with it three original Star Trek series along with providing access to legacy Star Trek TV shows and movies.

Strange New Britain

The big news for fans in the UK and Ireland is the availability of the new series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The first three episodes are now available, with new episodes debuting every Wednesday. For season one the show will be running around five weeks behind Paramount+ in the USA and other markets.

Strange New Worlds on Paramount+ UK

UK fans are already starting to take in the new show, which has been widely praised here at TrekMovie and elsewhere in the media. Praise for the new show is showing up on social media, including the following post with a thank you from series star Anson Mount.

Trekking in the UK and Ireland

The streaming service also includes all four seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, a series that was exclusive to Netflix internationally until the rights were bought back by Paramount shortly before the debut of season four. Season four had been shown on Paramount’s ad-supported live streaming service Pluto in the UK, but Paramount+ is now the new exclusive home for the Discovery. Also available are all ten episodes from the first season of the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy, which has also aired on Nickelodeon in the UK.

Paramount+ UK interface showing Prodigy episodes

The new original series Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks remain as exclusives to Amazon Prime Video in the UK, but Paramount+ currently includes all of the live-action legacy Star Trek shows: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. However, currently Star Trek: The Animated Series is not available on Paramount+ (it is available on Netflix). Both TOS and TNG are remastered in HD, and Enterprise is also in HD). There are some launch glitches as well, including misspellings (like “Where No One Have Gone Before”).

Paramount+ UK interface showing TNG episodes

Currently, the service includes eleven of the thirteen Star Trek feature films. This includes all the TOS-era films and all the TNG movies, along with the 2009 Star Trek film. Like with the USA service, which ones are available in 4K seems random (including Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, and Star Trek 2009). And as of now only the theatrical release of The Motion Picture is available and not the newly restored version of the Director’s Edition.

As can be seen in the screenshot below, Paramount+ UK also includes Showtime content. This includes the new sci-fi series The Man Who Fell to Earth, which features Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew.

Some of the Star Trek movies listed in the “Star Trek Universe” strip

In the UK and Ireland, Paramount+ is available online at and via the Paramount+ app. Pricing is £6.99 per month/£69.90 per annum in the UK.

Paramount+ is also available on Sky platforms in the UK with Sky Cinema subscribers getting Paramount+ at no additional cost. Sky users can install the Paramount+ app by going to the ‘My Sky’ section and following the onscreen instructions.

More to come

Paramount+ will have more launches in Europe this year, arriving in Italy in September, followed by launches in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France in December. Paramount has also partnered with Comcast for a new service called SkyShowtime which will also launch later this year, bringing Paramount+ original content to Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

Paramount+ promises more to come with a tweet this morning welcoming fans in the UK, Ireland, and S. Korea (which launched last week).

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I have watched the first 3 episodes of Discovery S4 on Paramount+ here in Ireland. I have seen the season already on Pluto TV but wanted to watch it again.
I’ll watch SNW after i finished S4 and i already have seen the latest SNW episodes but will watch them again as they release here.
I just wanted to see Discovery and her crew again first because it’s my favorite show out of all the new Trek shows and imo it has better writing/characters then SNW but as i said it’s my opinion and i do find SNW a fine show that does the franchise justice.

You might change your mind about favorite Trek show after seeing Strange New Worlds…

As i have said i have already seen SNW right up to the latest episode which is episode 7. I saw them via other ways and no i haven’t changed my mind i still find Discovery to be better written, acted and has better character interaction and development. But as i said just because i find Discovery to be the better show doesn’t stop me from finding SNW a great show.

I’m not a huge fan of Discovery after the first half of S3, but the first two seasons had stronger writing, better acting, and more interesting characters than SNW so far (even Spock and Pike were better developed in Discovery than SNW). Which is interesting, because the SNW actors were awesome on Discovery – I was actually really looking forward to SNW since I loved Pike and Spock when they were in S2 of Discovery. SNW isn’t bad, it has its moments… But I do think that Discovery has better writing and acting (even when it’s by the same actors).

Re: the ST Movies…
Why can’t they just give us the same content as the USA gets, why make it so complicated and disappointing!

Also, I wonder why a lot of European countries get Skyshowtime instead of P+? It’s not like they need this – those VOD services are on the internet which is… world wide.

Depending on how Paramount+ is set up under the hood they may need to build up local data centers whenever they expand to a new market. Streaming video isn’t delivered worldwide by one server, it’s a network of countless servers spread over the world (or over the region where a service is offered). Apparently, some services run their own data centers while others use cloud providers like Amazon Web Services. That has implications on how quickly a service can scale up their operations. If P+ is built on having their own infrastructure, teaming up with other existing services is a way to speed up that infrastructure expansion.

Disappointing. No Motion Picture Special Edition in 4K! No TV or PS5 app to watch content on a large home screen. Won’t be continuing my free 7 day trial, also randomly missing DS9 Season 7 Finale for some reason. Will continue to watch Strange New Worlds via ‘other’ means until they release the new eps the same day as the US. Otherwise it will be spoiled. So happy to spend my money on this service, but not right now.

Iano, invest in a VPN like ipVanish or Express VPN. With a VPN, you can spoof your devices location to make it look like you’re in the US. Then, you can enjoy the eps as they air. Or, if you use “other means” at least continue to pay for your sub. I’ve friends and acquaintances who work on these shows. Yes, the main cast won’t miss a lunch, but supporting Par+ ensures we get MORE seasons of Trek and it supports the jobs of THOUSANDS of people in my country, Canada, and the US. Look up iPvanish or Express VPN. Don’t get mad at Par+. Each market has to be navigated. Amazon Prime and Netflix had UK broadcasting rights, until recently. The UK probably has the equivalent of the FCC or CRTC, government bodies that regulate TV broadcasting in their respective country.

I hear ya. VPN doesn’t work for most streaming sites anymore, they cottoned on to that a while back. I paid for Disco Season 4 on iTunes when they released it weekly after the Netflix backlash. I have all the other series on DVD, BluRay and iTunes, and of course the other streaming sites. The fact P+ isn’t available as a TV/Console App isn’t a good start and have heard others already complaining about that. I will extend my trial just because of your friends, but the fact it doesn’t have Motion Picture Special Edition in 4K doesn’t make any logistical sense. No other TV station/streaming site has the rights to that and/or is showing it.

VPN doesn’t work if you have a P+ UK/IE account. I don’t think they know or care if you’re using a VPN, but if you have a UK/IE account and your geoloc is anything other than UK or IE, you can’t stream.

Ironically this means customers travelling overseas would need a VPN just to use their local service… assuming that actually works.

So far, I’m pretty unimpressed with P+. The SNW episodes are about a month behind, Picard and LD are absent due to Amazon UK’s existing deal, and two of the JJ era movies are missing. And as others mentioned, no 4k TMP.

Disappointing… I want to use this service and support the production, but its not that easy to justify it.

Just FYI… First Contact seems to be available in 4K on Paramount+ in the US now. At least, that’s what the description says when you select it.

Still too little,too late. We’re not starting to watch it,we’re almost done,just like the US,lol.

Cool, cool, though I’ve watched them all now “by other means”. The main thing I wanted was TMP 4K Director’s Edition. But, alas, it is the only thing not there (TAS is on Netflix). Ah well, maybe at some point.

Really annoyed they don’t have TMP Directors Edition — why the heck not, Paramount? That’s the one thing I was really looking forward to seeing.

It’s available as a Prime Video channel in the UK at least as well which means you can avoid the paramount+ app if you want to. Also means you can do downloads which for some reason weren’t available on the paramount+ app when I tried it out yesterday (amongst other problems including the ‘contact support’ button doing nothing!

the Star Trek Deep space 9 finale what you leave behind seems to be missing as season seven seems to end with the penultimate episode the Dogs of war.