Podcast: All Access Reflects On ‘Lower Decks’ Halfway Through Season 3

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 109 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at 17:23]

Tony and Laurie start the news with more of Tony’s interviews from the Star Trek Day purple carpet. They discuss Strange New Worlds showrunner Henry Alonso Myers’ big plans for season 2 and Lower Decks‘ star Tawny Newsome’s thoughts on the ways her show has changed in season 3 and how she got to bring her improv training to the set for the show’s crossover with Strange New Worlds. Then they take a look at what’s going on in the world of Star Trek merchandise, from the books, games, and figures that are out now to what’s coming in time for the holidays. After that, they review Lower Decks episode 305, “Reflections,” which they both felt was one of the strongest ones of the season. They wrap up with a look at Zachary Quinto’s ancestor’s history with a famous Vulcan phrase and a Klingon-themed gift from Bryan Fuller to Ron D. Moore during their time on Voyager. 


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John Oliver in his white void

Space fun helmet


Tony: Watch: Zachary Quinto Finds “Cosmic” Connection To Mr. Spock In His Family History

Laurie: The Delta Flyers “Barge of the Dead” with Bryan Fuller interview on Patreon

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I loved the episode. I do think they missed an opportunity with the Starbase 80. They should have called it Starbase 19 to connect with the SB-19 from Discovery.

WONDERFUL, JUST WONDERFUL…It is getting better and better as it gets less funny…the writing is great.

You should have just called the other Rutherford – Otherford. Come on. It’s perfect.

Good one. Will borrow if he comes back


I think the Spock helmet was part of Mariner’s contraband at the end of season 1, when they used her stuff to fight off the Pakleds.

I knew I remembered seeing it!

My favorite moment was when bad Rutherford did the Vulcan mind meld on good Rutherford and uttered, “remember.”