Podcast: All Access Cracks Open The News Of The Week And The Latest ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 117 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at 18:25]

Tony and Laurie are sad to report that Star Trek: Mission Seattle convention, scheduled for May 2023, has been canceled. They chat about that as well as Zachary Quinto’s thoughts on the possibilities of a fourth Star Trek Kelvin movie still happening. Then there is a deep dive into Tony’s new TrekMovie.com interview with the always entertaining Jonathan Frakes where he talks about supporting the PanCAN charity, directing the Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover, season three of Picard, and his hopes to stick with Star Trek behind and in front of the camera in the future.

With the news done, they review the latest from Star Trek: Prodigy, “Crossroads,” a fun action-packed episode that brings the crews of the Protostar and Dauntless together (and in conflict) for the first time, along with the introduction of Okuna from TNG and a whole new Murf.

They then wrap up with some upcoming events: a webinar with Prodigy composer Nami Melumad and a new live appearance schedule from the indomitable William Shatner.


Star Trek: Mission Seattle 2023 Convention Cancelled

Zachary Quinto Says ‘Star Trek 4’ Doesn’t Feel Real But He’s Ready To Play Spock When J.J. Abrams Calls

Interview: Jonathan Frakes On Working For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness And Directing ‘Strange New Worlds’ [Part 1]

Interview: Jonathan Frakes Says ‘Picard’ Season 3 Has A Lot Of Riker & He Hopes To Do More Star Trek [Part 2]

Spock Amok” (Strange New Worlds “body swap” episode)

Crimson Tide conflict scene [YouTube]

Star Trek: TNG Cast Discusses Their ‘Picard’ Season 3 Roles – And Their Desire To Do Another Movie [NYCC 2022 panel]

Behind the scenes with Discovery producing director Olatunde Osunsanmi and Jonathan Frakes [Twitter]

Paramount Eyes “Meaningful And Sizable” Cost Cuts, With Possible Restructuring Charge In Q4 [Deadline]

“I say we let him go” from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure [YouTube]

Temporal signature

Same Kazon slave trader (who sold the Caitian to the Diviner in the series premiere)

Romulan Neutral Zone


Laurie: Webinar with Nami Melumad on Wed. Dec. 7

Tony: William Shatner going back on tour with STII in 2023, and why he still enjoys conventions plus Shatner covers Rob Zombie song on Stern show, Zombie thanks Shatner on Instagram.

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Thank you Laurie and Anthony for yet again a great podcast. Just love listening to you two chew the fat on Star Trek.

About that Neutral Zone thing. Romulans have no more right to enter it than Starfleet does, so yes I do hope that Janeway calls them out and asks them what THEY’RE doing not only in it but all the way up to the Starfleet border of it…

But actually I’m just thinking this will be relegated to the “it’s just a cartoon” folder. I don’t think the writers thought about it that deeply. They wanted to show the Romulan ships confronting the Dauntless and this was the most dramatic way of doing it.

I have a feeling it’s that, too… a little leeway for the cartoon.

Another great pod, but not so great Prodigy episode for me. Like Rok, I was surprised that no one said anything to Janeway’s crew about the weapon. Wasn’t that the whole point? I was also disappointed by Gwyn’s interaction with Asencia. Given her regret that she didn’t advocate for the Unwanted back on Tars Lamora, I thought she would’ve warned Asencia about her father. A simple, “You’re in danger, girl!” before running away would seem more in character. I still love Prodigy, but this episode gave me a big case of the nitpicks. :(

I had the same initial reaction to the kids not talking when they had the chance to, then I realized that these are kids, and isn’t that the way teenagers would react?

Gwyn thought Ascencia was in league with her dad… that’s the message she got from the conversation. She even said it later. I totally understood. I feel like they handled the whole “why didn’t the kids say anything” situation really well, it all came from character and from the fact that they are kids.

I do enjoy the podcast immensely but I do sometimes share your struggle to put a positive spin on trek, This episode was disappointing. It seemed derivative, going from point A to B to C without any real sense. The decisions made by the crew were illogical and counter to the whole story.
It might just be that it is a show for kids and we adults view it differently.

The Protostar crew, you mean? I feel like they did everything the way they did because THEY are kids. Dal was overwhelmed by seeing real Janeway, Gwyn was terrified they were in league with her evil father, and Jankom had this whole new vision of who he was yanked away from him just as he was so excited to meet another Tellarite. It all makes sense when you think about who they are. They’re still just kids.

I disagree immensely. It was one of my favorite episodes of the season easily.

Thanks for the feedback but there was no “struggle” for us.

I’m with Tony on this one. No struggle. We genuinely enjoyed it!

Tony – Regarding the short neutral zone – we see the exact same “line in the sand” representation in SNW season finale “A Quality of Mercy”. At the end we see the Romulan fleet lined up nose to nose against the Enterprise (and later the Kirk-led decoys). Pike even says “You’re on your side of the neutral zone: we’re on ours”. But this isn’t the only weird ST spacial anomaly. Earlier in the episode, they arrive at the Outpost when Hansen is relaying his distress call, and I mean they are right there. Like right there next to the Outpost. And we are told they are out of weapons range and unable to intercept the Roman? 1) Why did they drop out of warp too far for weapons and 2) they are – and I can’t say this enough – right next to the Outpost?! Why can’t they at least move in-between the plasma weapon and the Outpost?

Oh well, the Neutral Zone trope goes with the 2D nature of ST despite being in a 3D universe. How can a Neutral Zone make sense in 3D space? Do territories extend, if you will, “North and South” indefinitely? If so, only if you assume all worlds are on the same plane. Makes as little sense as the Barrier at the end of our galaxy. Does this Barrier extend all around our galaxy, engulfing it like a big egg? If not, just navigate around it. Cracks me up when Kirk or Burnham approach this thin ribbon of a barrier – just fly over or under it!