Admiral Janeway Talks Romulans And Hints At Another ‘Picard’ Connection In Latest ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Log

In the fifth entry of the new series of Star Trek Logs on Instagram, Vice Admiral Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew in a log written by co-executive producer Aaron Waltke) balances her mission to find Chakotay with galactic politics.

Janeway is concerned about rogue Romulans

In the new log today, Vice Admiral Janeway reflects on her orders from episode 15 (“Masquarade“) not to pursue the USS Protostar into the Neutral Zone. Due to Starfleet’s concern about provoking a war, superseding her “last hope” of finding Chakotay. Calling the Tal Shiar hit squad that entered the Neutral Zone in “Masquarade” a “rogue faction” explains away how the Romulans themselves have not (officially) violated the treaty. Janeway also shows a bit of admiration for the Prodigy kids, saying it was a “miracle” they got away from the Tal Shiar.


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Another connection to Picard?

Last week’s log had an overt connection to Star Trek: Picard and the Romulan refugee crisis, but this week may have another connection. Janeway’s log mentions “rogue factions within the Romulan Tal Shiar,” and she expresses concern over their interest in the weapon hidden on board the USS Protostar. She ominously speculates:

I can’t help but wonder what the Tal Shiar’s interest in such weaponry could lead to.

The Tal Shiar was originally established as the main Romulan intelligence agency during the TNG era, and Star Trek: Picard introduced the Zhat Vash, which was a secret cabal within the Tal Shiar obsessed with wiping out all artificial intelligence. The weapon on board the USS Protostar, created in the future by the Vau N’Akat, has been called a “living construct,” which is exactly the kind of thing the Zhat Vash would be interested in.

Zhat Vash in Star Trek: Picard

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Yeah, they have been telegraphing an appearance by Jean Luc for a few weeks now.

Wondering if this may also be a connection / lead in to PIC season 3… Amanda Plummer’s character looks Romulan-Esque