‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Nominated For Critics Choice Award

The critics have spoken, and it appears they like Star Trek: Lower Decks. The animated comedy has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award.

Lower Decks is the franchise’s first Critics Choice TV nomination

The television nominations were announced today by the Critics Choice Association and Star Trek: Lower Decks was nominated for Best Animated Series. It’s going up against Bluey, Bob’s Burgers, Genndy Tartakovskey’s Primal, Harley Quinn, and Undone.

While all three of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films picked up nominations for the Critics Choice Movie Awards, this is a franchise first for the Critics Choice Television Awards, which began in 2011. The two different award shows have now merged into the single Critics Choice Awards, which will be broadcast live on The CW from the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 15, 2023. Star Trek has also been recognized at the more recently launched genre-specific Critics Choice Super Awards.

From the Lower Decks season 3 finale “The Stars at Night”

Recently wrapping up its third season, Lower Decks has been picking up more and more accolades in 2022, including series nominations at the Saturn Awards Hollywood Critics Awards, and Hugo Awards. A fourth season has already been ordered and is expected to debut in 2023.

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It’s always great to see this show being recognized and even better this is a franchise first! Fingers crossed!


Absolutely! It is a first for the franchise to be able to launch multiple shows and movies all at the same. Can’t wait they figure this out!

Congratulations to McMahan and his Lower Decks Team!

It’s great to see the two currently running animated series being recognized for their quality.

Secret Hideout and CBS took a risk in greenlighting these, and they have hit gold.

So true! The animated shows has made me appreciate Star Trek again I haven’t felt since the 90s. And I think many fans probably had much lower expectations going in, especially with LDS and ended up being greatly surprised by them. LDS could’ve been the biggest disaster for Star Trek since Nemesis lol and it’s been the complete opposite. Again, love him or hate him, you definitely have to give Kurtzman credit for approving it, but it’s definitely McMahan’s vision that’s made the show what it is.

Seems like the show isn’t just for hardcore fans after all.

My wife can’t stand Trek, she loves Lower Decks and hasn’t missed an episode.

Seriously. This was first Trek for one of my friends (she started watching because she likes Rick and Morty), and she came to me looking for more Trek recommendations. Surprised me in the best way. 😆

I think as more hardcore fans praise it, its crossing over more for people who are new to Star Trek; certainly what I been seeing online in places like Reddit. It’s probably not a huge crossover or anything but my guess will keep growing as the show continues. It’s just gaining more popularity in general. It’s a show that started as 6.2 on IMDB in its first season as an audience rating score and now a 7.5. It’s proof fans are taking to it more every season and will probably keep getting higher.

And I’m always happy when any Star Trek show or movie can bring in more people in the fold!

Well done Lower Decks!

This show and Prodigy are my favorite new Trek shows hands down. The quality of both has been outstanding. I look forward to every week, both bring a lot of joy in my life.(I can’t say that about DIS or PIC!)

It’s a fairly new awards category, but still that’s very nice to see this show isn’t going under the radar with critics. Paramount hopefully keeps using these notices for PR.

It’s the best Star Trek series/media since Enterprise IMO. The showrunners GET the franchise (the writers, producers, voice actors, the score, animators etc). Well deserved!

I love Lower Decks, but I adore Bluey and I hope it wins any accolade it can. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV.

Well deserved! This was the first thing in NuTrek I actually liked and just puts a smile on my face every episode. McMahan really gets it.

Well deserved.