Podcast: All Access Swings With The Latest ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Episode

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 120 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at  16:02]

Anthony and Laurie talk about the loss of Kirstie Alley and how much her role in The Wrath of Khan meant to her, then segue into Michelle Yeoh’s big year: She’s Time’s Icon of 2022, is on all the best-of lists, and is likely getting nominated for an Oscar this year. They discuss the new photos from Star Trek: Picard season 3 as well as Lower Decks‘ Critics Choice nomination for Best Animated Series, then analyze the latest Admiral Janeway log on Instagram. With that done, they review the newest episode of Star Trek: Prodigy, “Ghost in the Machine.” They wrap up with a look at a great PR stunt from Paramount+ and British Airways, and a handmade, hand-cranked music box that plays the Prodigy theme.


‘Star Trek II’ Actress Kirstie Alley Has Died

Kirstie Alley Feels No Wrath For ‘Khan’ [Chicago Tribune]

Michelle Yeoh Named Time’s Icon Of 2022… As She Still Awaits That Star Trek Section 31 Show

New Images From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Offer A Closer Look At Dr. Crusher, Riker, And Jean-Luc

Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Nominated For Critics Choice Award

Watch Children & Family Emmys live Sunday online (Prodigy is nominated)

Admiral Janeway’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her In New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Log

Maggie says her first word on The Simpsons

Troy Kline – “Smile and Forget It”


Tony: See Star Trek Invade Heathrow Airport To Promote Paramount+ On British Airways

Laurie: Music Box Rox on YouTube

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I always listen to your podcast when i go walking in the woods. Nature and listening to fellow trek nerds is a great combination for me. Thanks!

So nice to hear! Thank you.

Hi Laurie I thought that you and Tony would like to know that George Takei was on a Sunday morning show here in the UK, called “Sunday Brunch”. He mainly spoke about his new musical “Allegiance”, which is playing at the Charing Cross theatre in central London from January through to April 2023.

He was of course asked about Star Trek and he talked about Gene Rodenberry’s vision of a diverse, multi-racial and inclusive society in the 23rd Century, as manifest on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Nothing we haven’t heard before but it was good to see him.


Nice! It’s always good to see him. Have you seen his show? I saw it in NYC, it was really good.

Hi Laurie. I’ve not seen his show but thanks for the recommendation. I live just outside London so will check it out in the new year.

Tony and Laurie,

I just couldn’t get behind this episode. I’m normally glued to the screen but halfway in I was checking text messages. Normally, the show, which is made for kids, has enough to intrigue adults, but this one was bad. I guess no show is impervious to a stinker. I still like the show and can’t wait to see how it ends.

I’m wondering if it had something to do with being the second episode in a row where they stopped (most of) the action to dig into character. I ended up loving the execution, but I did find it a bit frustrating that it happened right after another “waiting” episode.

Maybe. Normally the show does a good job keeping us in the Star Trek Universe. Once they began street fighting, it took me out of that universe. I never returned until the last seconds. I felt the holodeck stuff just didn’t vibe with Star Trek or the characters. It was odd and didn’t advance the story. It didn’t work for me. Maybe if I binge the season later, it might work better. Discovery works better when its binged.

Hmm… to each their own, I guess. I initially was wishing the holodeck programs had been less familiar (and less Earthbound), but I get why they’d pick familiar ones to model their games on, given the audience. I didn’t love the idea that there would be a Street Fighter game available, so I get it, but everybody need to train and/or let off steam. I guess. Ha. I don’t even like fighting in video games, so I’d never play it!

I was so ticked when the Diviner said “she met a boy.” It’s not only extremely insulting, it’s just categorically untrue. I will spare y’all the rant I had in my apartment talking to no one, but I’m glad you brought it up.

I meant to bring it up the week he said it, but forgot. I was unhappy when he said it and glad when Gwyn got into the real reason in the holodeck. Harumph.