Preview The Season 3 Premiere Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ With New Images From “The Next Generation”

Nine months after the season 2 finale, Star Trek: Picard returns this week to kick of its third and final season. We have details along with new images and we can also identify some previously released images as being from the season premiere.

“The Next Generation”

Episode 1 of Picard’s third season is called “The Next Generation,” which could have multiple meanings but certainly hints at the inclusion of characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The episode was written by showrunner Terry Matalas and directed by Doug Aarniokoski. It debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, February 16.


After receiving a cryptic, urgent distress call from Dr. Beverly Crusher, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard enlists help from generations old and new to embark on one final adventure: a daring mission that will change Starfleet, and his old crew forever.

NEW Images from episode 1:

Jonathan Frakes as Riker

Patrick Stewart as Picard, Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge

Patrick Stewart as Picard, Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Patrick Stewart as Picard

Patrick Stewart as Picard

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

Previously released images from episode 1:

Jeri Ryan as Seven, Patrick Stewart as Picard, and Jonathan Frakes as Riker

Jonathan Frakes as Riker

Patrick Stewart as Picard

Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Patrick Stewart as Picard

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

Final season 3 trailer:

‘The Final Mission’ preview:

The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It will also debut on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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It wouldn’t be the Enterprise without a La Forge at the helm…

Well, not the Enterprise, but close enough…

It wouldn’t be the Enterprise without Zulu at the helm…

Well, not the Enterprise or B :)

Every Enterprise has his favorite Pilot. Like Voyager had Parris

Actually, the logs establish that he’s from Somalia.

The Enterprise didn’t have a LaForge at the helm for six out of seven seasons of TNG.

And that’s why it crashed…

I’m partial to Sulu and Ortegas, myself. :-)


I got it. Even if they decided not to.

The new Star Trek Logs reveals some big spoilers about the Enterprise-F.

I’m calling it now. We’re getting the E-G at the end of the season…

I think they said the “E” is not in the show :(

I think it’s pretty clear the E no longer exists.

He said E-G, meaning enterprise G

He said E-G, meaning enterprise G

Yeah I meant the Enterprise G.

Gates McFadden is looking great!

Looking forward to seeing S3 along with the TNG crew again. I loved S1-S2 (fortunately only a small but vocal minority of the fandom didn’t like the first 2 seasons).
It looks like S3 is set to be the best season of Star Trek Picard yet.

I just hope that it lives up to the extreme hype that some reviewers have set calling it some of the best Trek made.
Both DS9 and Discovery have set the bar high when it comes to the best of Star Trek in the areas of Production, Writing excellent stories and Acting/Directing.

If Picard S3 really reaches up to that high bar both shows set then we Trekkies will be in for a one heck of a journey.

We must have been watching different shows

I liked season 2 as well.


We must have been watching different shows”
HAHAHA this. Yes, S1 and 2 were not so good.

Or…. somebody has- heaven forbid!- a completely different opinion to you! Maybe you could respect that instead of posting passive aggressive replies?

This x 10^100. And I was so disappointed by the Picard Season 1 finale that I dropped my Paramount sub on the spot and haven’t renewed it since. But not everyone needs to feel that way.

Yet you felt the need for the passive aggressive dig. Classy.

Everyone is in fact sharing their differing opinions here so I’m not sure what your issue is?

Minority? I think the first two seasons have been objectively panned by most.

There is no such thing as objectively panned, when it comes to TV criticism, only a majority opinion. Critical reviews were majority positive, it’s worth noting. Obviously many fans disliked it, but it’s also worth noting that the loudest voices are always the most angry and hateful.

I will agree that S1 is underrated — I really liked it. However, sorry dude, but S2 was just atrociously bad, and even looked cheap in terms of production values compared to S1.

I mean I know S1 is divisive among fans, but I think even the fans that didn’t like it would tell you that the production values were top notch in S1 S2 brought back memories of disappointment in Star Trek that I have haven’t felt since Enterprise.

I also enjoyed Picard S1 & S2. I think the first season was very strong.

Season 1 of Picard has a 52% audience score on RT.

Season 2 of Picard has a 40% audience score on RT.

Season 1 isn’t that bad but season 2 is horrible. And I wouldn’t call either ‘small’ who didn’t like Picard, especially since you hear way more complaints about the show.

I get you like the show but the consensus seems to be both seasons sucked. You can certainly spin it either way but I will keep saying this, when people are praising something online it’s really really easy to find. I guess the others are hiding somewhere with Picard and Discovery.

Captain Picard is my favorite Trek character, and I REALLY wanted to like the show. Season 1 is divisive, but a reasonable person could easily conclude it’s pretty entertaining, as I do. Season 2 is just so bad though.

Yeah we all did, especially me. We were all so excited and yeah it ended being very disappointing. Again, it doesn’t mean everyone felt that way, but let’s not kid ourselves, overall people were very disappointed after season one. I think that’s a big reason why Chabon left the franchise. This was the biggest job of his career and part of a franchise he said he dreamed of being apart of and he completely disappeared after the first season. That tells me a lot.

I’m season 3 is everything people have been saying and we finally get the show we wanted in the first season.

I’m hoping…

I am old enough to remember the criticism of fans when TVH came out. “This is not Star Trek!”; “Cheap production values – they are shooting on location!”; “Star Trek is supposed to take place in space!”… yet now it is widely loved.

So I don’t really get the hate-on for season 2 from people on this forum. I found it quite enjoyable. Maybe it’s because I like time travel stories and different universes? Maybe I like a different story? Who knows. But I enjoyed it. I liked the fish out of water story being told in as much as I liked the scene from TVH with Chekov and Uhura looking for the nuclear wessel. Season 1 had elements I did not like, and it also had elements I did like.

And for the people complaining about Enterprise F not being given it’s time to shine because it is just introduced, and then it is being decommissioned. So why? There is a 15-year gap. What is to say we won’t see a future show within that 15 gap that features the ship? The B and C weren’t on-screen that long either… maiden voyage of the B, and it gets heavily damaged. Who knows what the next 15 years with the B were like? And the C? What about all the adventures with that crew before she was destroyed? Honestly, it is not that big of a deal.

I thought Star Wars fans were the most critical about their franchise… now I am not so sure. You guys sure give Star Wars fans a run for their money! LLAP!

TVH is my fourth favorite Trek movie. I think most people love that film and is still a huge fan favorite today.

And people don’t hate Picard S2 based on it’s premise, if anything a lot of people like me were very excited about it. There are people who don’t like a lot of time travel stories so that’s a little different, but I LOVE them. The more the merrier.

The issue is simply the execution. That’s usually what it comes down to 99% of the time, not what the story is about but simply how it was done. And listen I’m happy you liked it, but season 2 was one of the worst seasons of not just Star Trek but TV I ever watched. I have spent dozens of posts why I hated it. Dude, there is an entire episode of Picard sitting in an FBI basement trying to tell someone that he’s not an alien lol. C’mon??

And Star Trek fans have complaining about Star Trek since TNG lol. You know this, don’t act naive about it now.

Those office chairs are going to come tumbling onto the bridge the minute there’s turbulence.

Na, Magnetic Plate enhanced force fields. So it’s all okay, as long the internal Dampers are working of course. (This kind of Force fields that helped to beat Control, you know)

I like how Crusher’s jacket collar is call back to Kirk’s field jacket from The Wrath of Khan.

Better that than Carol Marcus’s blue ‘pajama’ top and LEAVE IT TO BEAVER-era coat. First time watching, I was thinking they had the actress just wear her own stuff in that day.

If TWOK hadn’t been so well written-and-directed (for all the silliness), it would have never gotten past its sets and props.

I’m having a similar issue now with the First Contact deflector dish spacewalk battle. It looks so cheesy and they are moving so slow and awkward it’s comical. If there ever was a case for completely CGI’ing a replacement scene in an old movie that’s it. It kind of ruins the gravitas of the end of the movie for me now

It’s not so much the speed of movement for me as it is the PETER PAN quality of Picard’s pirouette across the dish. High-concept, low execution.

Have you ever seen the storyboard for the scene from before reality and budget raised its head? It looks like D-DAY at Normandy or the YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE volcano battle or maybe more like a ‘special 100 page issue’ comic book cover, with dozens of people and borg duking it out on the dish.

Wow, no, I was not aware of that original storyboard. Just tried to do a web search for it, but no luck.

I just spent 20min digging for it and couldn’t find it either, even under artist Joseph Musso’s page on a pretty good matte art website. (I’m thinking I saw this storyboard art in a STARLOG or perhaps even the very fine John Eaves design book on GEN/FC (my last copy, like the previous two, disintegrated years ago.) I do see the boards used to shoot the scene, but not the ‘big brawl’ version.

Man, that Musso worked on a ton of stuff, I’d like to interview him sometime. I wonder if he is the only crewmember — matte painter — from WRONG IS RIGHT still alive (sometimes I think I’m the only audience viewer of that film still alive — it is a total mess, but very fun anyway, and prophetic as all get-out politically.)

On the plus side, I did find a 2021 Ron Moore VARIETY interview that finally confirms what I have been saying decades — that another uncredited writer worked on FC. I remember an interview with the RUSH HOUR screenwriter that credited him with working on FC, and it does turn out that Stewart had another writer brought in because he didn’t like all of M&B’s work, but that it was apparently all later thrown out when they went back to the duo. From my perspective that isn’t to their credit – I find the ‘line must be snorted here’ bit flinch-makingly embarassing and always figured it was something that another writing came up with. That does suggest how Stewart would further go awry with his story sense on his choices influencing INSURRECTION, however.

Interesting! Yeah, I also found the final stoyrboards in a youtube video of all places, but not the mash-up scene. It’s funny you mentioned Starlog, because now I am thinking I have a memory of seeing something like what you are describing in a Starlog issue many years ago.

I kinda like the TV tube-looking thing they used for Genesis. It made me think they might have tarted up that solar weapon of Christopher Lee’s from THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN with disco gear, so the various lighting rigs built into it were sorta pretty.

And while just a little cheesey/funky, the buildings outside Kirk’s apartment were a nice touch, especially the elevators on them (you can tell quality control went out the window on the next film, because the elevator suddenly starts moving about as smoothly as the itty-bitty CONSTELLATION model from THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE.)

But man, those VietNam-era ‘communicators’ were the pits.

Yeah, I didn’t mind the “huge TV tube” look either…kind of cool in a retro way.

Lol, now every time I rewatch it and see that I will be thinking about your comment and it will take me out of the movie.

The first picture of Picard, Riker and Seven… Chills!
For sure I’ll be staying up late Wednesday night to watch as soon as it drops on P+, I mean how could I not.

The more I see things about the upcoming season, the more I feel that Riker is not going to make it… :(

If he goes, I hope it is quick, like in YESTERDAY’S E. Except for Spock, most lingering TREK deaths seem to squander emotion rather than engender it, at least for me.

I agree.

It seems certain that we will experience a significant legacy character’s death. I hope that this season will avoid the melodramatic notes that actually turn off my emotional engagement.

They probably won’t have the guts to do it, but killing off Picard would make more sense than Riker given Stewart is now done with the character and it would be a fitting end for this trilogy — to pass this on to a potential follow-on crew.

It just seems like it would be a little silly to kill Picard off two times in three seasons.

Good point

Hey ho, just charge up the transporter and make another one.

I think either he will as that’s who we’ll potentially be gutted about the most or Riker will head up a spin off

I agree with kmart about not dragging a death out.

My money is on Will Riker surviving, and another legacy character dying.

Riker might take on the role of Admiral with his flag on the Titan (the new flagship) with Seven and perhaps even Shaw still there with him.

In the Relaunch Litverse, Riker was promoted from Captain to Rear-Admiral but soon was back out exploring with his flag. The novels featured a large number of officers, many alien, and really recaptured the ensemble feel.

I can see the show taking a leaf from that.

While I really don’t like the idea of Troi dying, she may be the most likely. I am bracing myself.

Sirtis was willing to come back to the US for a couple of months to shoot season three, but she said that her dogs nearly died on their last transatlantic flight. So, she’s saying semi seriously that she wouldn’t come back again unless they are willing to put her and her dogs on a private plane.

Terry Matalas responded to a tweet the other day that asked if we were going to lose Troi and he responded No so I think she’s most likely safe.

I don’t see it being Riker either at this point since all the hype recently about these big emotional scenes he has all seem to just be him and Troi reconciling and dealing with the death of their son.

Really getting the impression now from reviews and people who have seen a lot of it that the idea of a death is either overblown or a fake out or doesn’t stick.

Just blue-skying here, but Lore killing Geordi, maybe? The old enemy with my friend’s face?

That would be grim. Potentially good drama , but very dark.

Also, given the number of Spiner-Soong appearances, I don’t think I would take it well.

I would tend to think “Did we really need him to come back to do that?”

I know some had that reaction to the Picard S1 finale, but that would bite.

imagine Seven is now a Commander and Harry Kim is still an Ensign or has a lower rank ^^

Not funny

Actually, it is pretty funny.

Even though I’m not a fan of LDS, that would be hilarious to see him show up with the same rank. That Episode should be called “The Promotion of Ensign Kim,” where he is finally getting promoted, but then some shit happens and he is still an Ensign at the end of the episode. Lol

It’s not funny at all but whatever I guess when these jokes are about your favorite characters you’d know how it feels

Anyway I can’t wait for Picard to get demoted to Ensign

Already seen that in TAPESTRY.

When it’s the same joke over and over and over again for years, it gets to the point that it’s not funny anymore and just makes everyone making it a donkey. It’s beyond exhausting. It’s not funny.

Perhaps not as funny at Gritizens agreeing with multiple posts from Gritizens though. ;-)

i think in STO he has an command rank. But do not nail me on that

In the STO universe in 2400 he’s a commander and head of security at a Starbase, I think. By 2410 he’s a Captain.

He was also captain in 2404 in Endgame as well.


Harry will always be an ensign.

Exactly. That’s part of the fun humor of it. Some fans need to chill out and enjoy the joke that keeps giving and giving…lol

If any of the characters from Lower Decks get promoted he could always step in to take a spot if needed 😂.

I like it! lol

In 2404 in Endgame, Kim was a captain.It’s now 2403 in season 3 of Picard IIRC.

The problem with the joke is it just isn’t true. He’s obviously promoted when he got back to Earth. So even if he’s not a captain in this timeline he would be promoted normally assuming he’s still in Starfleet now.

If Harry does show up, my bet is commander at minimum, it’s been over 20 years since Voyager returned at this point.


I’m excited. I just hope they turn on the lights at some point.

Also… not funny.

Dude, you need to “lighten up”

Yeah stop being so negative, look on the “bright” side!


How old is your television?

Our kids badgered us into buying a new UHD OLED television last year on sale.

They were right.

My spouse has actually started watching more television again.

Is the first picture near the end of the season with a Captain Hansen of the Titan A?

All images are from episode 301. The videos include footage from upcoming episodes as well.

I need to wait for International version

Or find it on YT,as always.

Why’d they have to revert to Disco’s ugly “blue and yellow everything except for a little red” lighting? It makes everything look lifeless, drab, and depressing.

My goodness, get ready to crank up the brightness on your TV, folks… this is like Dr. Strangelove with the lighting…lol

Really cool pictures though!

I’ll have to invest in some good black out blinds before the premiere! 😂

I just love the first episode is called The Next Generation. It’s so perfect and ironically fits both the past and the future of the show.

I would say unironically fits with both ;)

LOL, yeah true!

I’m hoping the series is solid, I already want to call the article “ALL GREAT THINGS …” and hate to mislead people.

I am absolutely confused how they managed to make a show look both super low contrast while being super high contrast.

It’s probably like the same ‘gift’ that let NuBSG photograph scenes that simultaneously managed to look overexposed and underexposed but almost never properly exposed. As much as I enjoyed the series, I positively despair of its awful look (the Cylon basestar scenes look like a digital equivalent to the alien spaceship in the Bigfoot episodes of SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, and believe me that ain’t praise!), which cut the rewatchability by what I’d now estimate to be about 900%.

Call it the MINORITY REPORT effect: how to wreck a competently acted film with a visual treatment that makes you wish it were a radio show.

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut’s father is Charles S. “Chuck” Chestnut IV, Alachua County Commissioner and stepson of Cynthia M. Chestnut, the first black female mayor of Gainesville, Florida.

Good grief, turn the lights on…

So what, you can see three people sitting in conference chairs in front of a conference room? Is that the bridge of a starship or a NextGen Trek convention panel?
If it is a Connie III why would you not put LCARS on the SNW bridge and go with that?

Man, that captain’s chair is like just… sticking out there in the middle of the bridge, isn’t it? I would probably never sit in it if it was my ship. Or I’d get the engineering and support teams to move it.