Star Trek Merch: TNG Digital Funkos, Corgi Diecast Relaunch, ST09 Scotty Figure, And New ‘Picard’ Books

It’s time to catch up on some of the latest news and updates on Star Trek merchandise with new collectibles, figures, posters, and more.

Digital Next Gen Funkos

Funko, makers of the popular Funko Pop! vinyl figures, just announced the release of a series of Star Trek: The Next Generation “Digital Pop!” collectibles. Funko Digital Pop! incorporates digital collectibles into animated digital trading cards featuring Funko’s signature Pop! style. This is the second Trek release for Digital Pop! following a TOS collection in 2021. The TNG digital collectibles can be purchased via standard or premium digital packs, with a total of 18,000 for each pack available. Standard packs (5 Digital Pops!) retail for $9.99 USD and premium packs (17 Digital Pops!) for $29.99 USD.

Every purchase offers collectors an opportunity to unveil a rare Funko Digital Pop!, which can be redeemed for a corresponding limited-edition physical Pop! collectible. The Star Trek: The Next Generation drop features five redeemable Digital Pop! figures including Jean-Luc Picard, Wesley Crusher, Worf, Judge Q, and Freddy Funko as Locutus of Borg. Digital Pop! x Star Trek: The Next Generation will be available for purchase through beginning on March 12.

Corgi relaunches diecast ships in UK and select countries

British diecast manufacturer Corgi has announced that they are relaunching several Star Trek ships from their classic collection. The first two models being released are the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek: The Original Series and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Originally released in 2006 the models have been updated with new decoration and deluxe packaging. The TOS and TNG Enterprise models are available now with the Star Trek: The Motion Picture refit Enterprise due later this year. The models are priced at £54.99 each and can be purchased directly from Corgi: TOS Enterprise and TNG Enterprise. Sales are limited to the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Japan.

Note: We are still waiting on details on the upcoming Fanhome diecast Star Trek model line coming later this year. Fanhome has confirmed the new line will include new ships featured in Star Trek: Picard (including the USS Titan, USS Stargazer, and Enterprise-F) and Strange New Worlds (including the USS Farragut).

Hiya adds Scotty to ST09 line of figures

Hiya Toys is expanding its previously announced line of 1:18 scale “Exquisite Mini” action figures for the 2009 Star Trek movie. The latest addition is Scotty. Like other figures in the line, Scotty has 17 points of articulation, interchangeable hand parts, accessories like a phaser and communicator, and a base to pose the figure. The Scotty figure is expected to arrive in April 2025 and can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth for $24.99. The first figure in Hiya’s 1:18 Star Trek 2009 line is James T. Kirk due in May, which will be followed by McCoy, Spock, Spock Prime, Nero, Keenser, Chekov, and Sulu. All can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.


Books out this week- Picard: Firewall and Art of Picard

Two new Star Trek books were released on Tuesday. In fiction, there is David Mack’s Star Trek: Picard: Firewall from Pocket Books, which tells the story of Seven of Nine’s time after Star Trek: Voyager and before her return in Picard. You can order Firewall in hardcover, Kindle e-book, audiobook, and audio CD now at Amazon.

And for non-fiction, Titan has released their latest Star Trek coffee table book: Star Trek: Picard: The Art and Making of the Series. The 208-page hardcover by Joe Fordham explores the makeup, costumes, art, and visual effects from the series with cast and crew interviews. The fully illustrated book features behind-the-scenes and on-set photography and production art. You can order the Picard art book at Amazon for $41.15.

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Too bad we can’t have a behind-the-scenes book of only the third season of Picard.

I would so love that too!

…+ 1

These “Digital” Pops are a kick in the nuggets to collectors who’ve been trying to get Trek Pops on their shelves since the first stubby-legged TOS and TNG releases ages ago.

Ok, I’ll bite, what’s that blue stripe about on the Constitution class neck?


Amazingly, the blue is present (but very subtle) on the filming model.

Seeing that original Constitution design, it’s so sad what John Eaves has done to it (and, well, every other Starfleet ship). I miss the days of clean lines and simple shapes.

How nostalgic.

How elegantly snarky.

After seeing Playmates Toys once again blow it as far as delivering on a successful Star Trek Action Figure Line, I would really love it if Trekmovie could get us the low down on Hiya Toys plans. Are they going to delve into any other parts of Star Trek’s extensive legacy? Will we get any ships, play-sets(diorama pieces)or role-play items? How about also getting the scoop from Super7 Star Trek Ultimates and Reaction Figures as well?

ugh kinda regretting spending all that money on a painted 3d printed commission of the Titan-A from Etsy. it looks great but it wasn’t cheap

I’m happy that you’re covering the ‘Art of Picard’ release but this site’s coverage of non-fiction Trek books has been very spotty in the past. The ‘These Are The Voyages’ series is an example; a couple of the TOS books were covered but the third season volume was ignored as welll as the 3-volume set covering the 70’s, including The Motion Picture. Those books are the most comprehensive look at the TOS era and should have been covered as other books have been.

I can offer to cover them … in a layer of something rather smelly.

Kev, you should swallow your pride and pick up the Motion Picture book. I know you’re a fan of the film and the book is very good!

Between owning two copies of Preston Neal Jones’ RETURN TO TOMORROW and interviewing a couple dozen TMP alum over the years, I have a reliably deep understanding and appreciation of TMP that doesn’t rely on misleading statements and outright fabrication, which seem to be what passes for journalism in the examples I’ve seen cited of Cushman’s past trek work.

If he had simply reproduced the memos he sourced instead of using them as a dubious basis for creating his own fill-in-the-blanks Trek history, even on trivial matters such as production dates, I would no doubt have been on board with buying them and relying upon them. But his inventions of facts (like suggesting the existence of a paperback original of ARENA, to name just one that was discussed and debunked thoroughly years back) are pure malarkey and put proof to the charges levied by honest journalist/researcher types, such as the Fact Trek folk, who aren’t fastbuck artists. Sherilynn Connelly’s THE FIRST STAR TREK MOVIE is a recent release — one that also wasn’t covered on this site, so far as I know — that seems very well researched, even if for me it isn’t the most compelling of reads.

Not saying there aren’t a few TMP-rleated bits I’d still like solved (like Walter and De having an idea for solving the film’s ending that Koenig has apparently forgotten entirely after mentioning it in his CHEKOV’S ENTERPRISE diary), but I’d have trouble accepting the veracity of Cushman’s accounts given his spotty, or perhaps splotchy is a better word, track record.

OK, we’ll remain at loggerheads over this issue.