Preview “Dominion” With New Images, Trailer And Clip From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 307

The second half of the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard continues this week with the seventh episode. We have details along with new images, plus a trailer and clip, so SPOILERS.


Episode 7 of Picard’s third season is called “Dominion.” The episode was written by Jane Maggs and directed by Deborah Kampmeier. It debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, March 30.


Crippled, cornered, and out of options, Picard stages a gambit to trap Vadic and reveal her true motive – a gamble that puts the Titan in the crosshairs and forces Picard and Beverly to question every moral code they’ve ever held.

NEW Images from episode 7:

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge and Mica Burton as Ensign Alandra La Forge

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Patrick Stewart as Picard

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge and Joseph Lee as Lt. Matthew Arliss Mura

Patrick Stewart as Picard

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Stephanie Czajkowski as Lt. T’Veen and Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw

Patrick Stewart as Picard and LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

Previously released image from episode 7:

Amanda Plummer as Vadic


There is a preview trailer available at

UPDATE: It is also available on social media…


A clip was shown at the end of The Ready Room featuring the return of Vadic’s mysterious boss, inspiring a TrekMovie theory update article. Watch the clip below (starts at 32:40).

[CORRECTION: Title previously reported as “The Dominion”]

The third and final season of Picard premiered on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It also debuted on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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“Question every moral code they have.” Wow, I can’t wait for the PIC version of it’s a fake. (Sarcasm.)

It’s a Fraaaaaakes.

Cool. T’Veen is back!

Really hope that the original character Titan bridge officers (other than Shaw and Sidney) get to be something more than pointy-eared and bumpy-nose/forehead backdrops by the finale.

I wouldn’t count on it. This is not their show. The fact that we like them as much as we do says a lot.

Ok, why? There are only four more episodes and a HECK of a lot of plot to deal with, and an abundance of main characters. Its like the constant railing to learn more about the Discovery bridge crew. They’re extras, man. Who cares?

Why? Simply because they were hyped as being significant characters that would each have their own moment over the course of the season.

Some reviewers even contrasted them favourably to the Discovery bridge crew who have not had much development over several seasons.

But the only beyond the prosthetics, there’s not much happening with them.

I think that’s a bit exaggerated. They weren’t hyped, they only gave out a press release of who they were before the show started, that’s it. But I haven’t seen any of the actors besides the one who plays Sidney La Forge in an interview anywhere. And that character has a bigger role for probably just being Geordie’s daughter. But maybe some have been and I just haven’t seen any.

But this show is about the TNG crew first and foremost, that’s just the reality. But sure, if there is a Titan show spin off then I suspect whoever stays will get real development in the future.

Speaking of development, I’m actually shocked that Captain Shaw himself has such a big role. Remember the days people were afraid the guy was going to be killed off after the first episode? Even when I knew he would live, I assumed he would be in a coma or something for five episodes lol.

And note, Todd Stashwick has been in plenty of interviews too.

Yeah, I don’t remember any hype other than Matalas posting some photos and crediting the actors. If a fan got hyped by that, thinking that meant they were main characters, that’s on them…

Really? I recall seeing a few press photos, and that the characters were named, but nothing much beyond that. On a ten-show season, named Picard, you’re not getting much screen time unless you’re named Picard. If you’re looking for something to complain about, well, you’ve succeeded.

I’m surprised production hyped the bridge crew so much in the pre-release interviews etc. They’re literally just background characters/seat fillers, which is okay with me. Not every character has to be a main character.

Again, I don’t think giving a press release means they hyped the characters, they just wanted to fill in to who they were. I don’t recall anyone in the production saying they were going to have big roles or anything. Matalas has given about 300 interviews lol and the ONLY character he has talked about on the Titan outside of the TNG characters (that I have seen at least) has been about Shaw and Jack.

Tiger2, there really was hype. Not just a press release. Surprised you missed it.

The other three gave interviews as a group at the premiere (Ashlei was with Mica), they had little get to know you clips as a group.

But specifically on Burnett and on Popcast Unleashed they were talking repeatedly about how all the Titan crew were real, all would have their moments and we’d come to know and love them unlike on Discovery.

Really, it was said.

And Matalas just sat there in interviews and nodded his thanks.

Anyhow, this is another thing into my growing basket of things Picard season three is getting a pass on but Discovery gets endlessly skewered on.

Here’s a couple of others:

– Jack gets Tilly-like wins out of nowhere, makes the trained crew appear inattentive, incurious, incompetent and lacking initiative again and again

– Beverly has taken over sickbay and leaves the CMO and scientists out of her work or has them standing mute so that her monologues are unchallenged

– Jack has been permitted to sit in the centre seat which never would have happened for Tilly until she was (dubiously) made acting captain

The one I’m concerned may yet happen is that Seven might be promoted to full captain without even a year as a commissioned Starfleet officer.

Fans can be so inconsistent ; )

OK I guess I did miss them. So OK, fair enough. I don’t remember seeing them in any interviews. I can admit when I’m wrong.

But I do remember RMB in a video saying that he loved the bridge crew and they will be developed. But again, he’s talking about the entire season but yes he could be over exaggerating either way.

But I’m sorry, it’s not the same thing with Discovery. On Discovery, everyone was new and being developed together. And its’ been four seasons and people still don’t remember all their names lol. There are people out there still literally calling Rhys ‘the Asian guy’ in posts…for a show that’s been on for over 5 years now.

This season has been a total of six episodes, of course it was always going to be focused on the TNG characters first and foremost. But yes, if people expected more from the bridge crew and feel like it’s not enough, that’s obviously fair too.

I just personally never thought we would see any major character development with them when we weren’t even sure if Captain Shaw would have much of a role himself beyond the first episode. I’m thankful he has been really part of the season at least and the one I DO remember Matalas hyping since he’s mentioned in practically every interview since it started.

As far as Jack, he’s a bit ‘different’ as the show suggests. And I guess when you’re the son of an iconic Admiral it’s a bit easier to sit in the center seat lol. Although I can’t imagine Shaw giving two shits about Picard so obviously Jack gets away with it when he’s not the on the bridge and Seven and Picard are buddies too. ;)

And none of those things about Tilly ever bothered me personally…other than being made acting XO. (ugh)

And yes, I was bothered when they did the same for Seven too as I bitched about many times here. But unlike Tilly Seven actually deserves to be one. It was just the way they did it that was eye rolling.

It never bothered me in DIS either. To be honest it actually bothered me more when they started trying to integrate the DIS bridge crew into the story. I was fine with them essentially being little more than nameless background folk because the bridge crew wasn’t the focus of DIS’s storytelling. Trying to integrate them into the roster so to speak just meant time wasted from the actual season’s storyline from my perspective. Just because TOS to ENT had the ensemble comprising bridge crew/senior officer positions doesn’t mean that every series has to be beholden to that dynamic.

I think they were working hard to get people to engage with the Titan bridge crew ahead of the season because they were probably hoping to prime the audience for a Titan spin-off, but that was before the axing of DSC and general budget tightening at Paramount+ which has obviously changed the likelihood of that eventuating.

Totally agreed, Dom. The DSC show was about Burnham, Tilly, Saru, Stametz, Culber, and at different times Tyler, Lorca, Georgiou, Book, Adira, and Grey.

I was totally fine with the rest of them being window dressing. I don’t remember anyone complaining that Ensing Rager on TNG never got more than a few lines of dialog.

Don’t worry, Tiger, you’re still right. They were NEVER hyped up as major characters, as much as he wants to insist they were just to sooth his own disappointment.

Sorry, left one out, good point about the Titan CMO and yes fully agree on that. Just like on Discovery, I don’t remember her name either lol. OMG, I just realized I literally don’t remember the CMO’s name on Discovery. Time to Google again.

Mind boggling to me: the crew of Titan has had WAY more to do than past background characters, and their names said repeatedly. Esmer, T’Veen, Mura, Ohk.

I honestly didn’t even need to look that up.

That’s not major hype. They did not receive their own character posters, were not ever said to be deeply involved in the plot. Any excitement you got from a few lines during the press tour is on you, not the show.

That scene from the Ready Room gives away a pretty big spoiler that I assume the show probably didn’t want out till the episode airs.

Are you talking about the evil head’s pronoun usage?

Mostly that she says the associates are loyal to Picard and won’t give him up or any information on Picard and the others. She’s obviously meaning Troi and Riker since that’s who she has and that would mean it’s really Troi. I feel like the show is wanting us to assume she might be a changeling but that clip basically confirms she’s not and it’s the real Troi.

Considering Troi’s empathic abilities I feel like it would be pretty easy to figure out whether or not she’s actually Troi.

Thinking about it, telepaths would be a fabulous way to figure out who’s a Changeling.

Yeah, I’ve been just assuming it’s the real her since the episode because it’d be pretty pointless to try and trick him when he’d figure it out in less than a minute. Plus, with only four episodes left, I don’t think they’d do a fake out again with Troi.

I was just surprised the preview basically gave it away though.

Again, I don’t think that was meant to be a point of speculation. I think people are just so used to everything being a mystery, and it actually seems to be frustrating Matalas a bit.

Eg., the hand of Vadic stuff got everyone in a tizzy over her having a “Changeling for a hand” because people have grown so accustomed to over-analyzing everything (not just in Trek), that they couldn’t see the thing that was standing right in front of them.

Not the fault of the audience mind you, the fault of so many other shows (ala Westworld) that have so many complex plot twists and are littered with clues that they beg for scrutiny.

Any mystery that remains, I don’t expect Matalas to be laying breadcrumbs for either. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I suspect he wants any/all twists to be a genuine surprise you don’t see coming.

Agreed. I don’t think the show ever went there. The fans did, yes, but not the writers. In fact, I think Riker would have known immediately if she had been a Changeling, so it was never an issue. I’m not sure why fans came to that conclusion, as there’s nothing in the episode pointing to it.

I don’t blame fans – today’s audiences have been taught by shows, like Westworld, Lost, Stranger Things, and so many more, to doubt everything and look for clues to plot twists everywhere.

Yes I’ve seen a few people here and Reddit suggest she could be a Changeling and I always pointed out if you are assuming that, I’m pretty certain Riker would too. ;)

That’s the thing, if it’s just competent writing, which so far it has been, then that would feel like a really lazy twist at this point. That said, yeah, it could in fact be a lazy twist. ;)

But I’m pretty sure it won’t be.

Actually, I thought the way they looked at one another mutely suggested that once Riker could focus on something other than the threat in front of him, they started to communicate emphatically.

Yeah the changeling talk was confusing to me. I thought once he got over the shock of seeing her, we were supposed to be assuming they were communicating with their connection since they both looked in pain and his eyes got wide.

It would also be a pretty compelling reason for the Shape Shifters to kill her.

I never got the sense the show wanted us to speculate on whether Troi was a changeling or not. I actually think it went out of its way to make sure we knew it was her: they set it up earlier that Vadic wanted to track down all his old associates.

Fair enough. I was just assuming it was her based on what Matalas has said and the fact that they’re reactions to each other in the scene seemed extremely genuine to me. I was just surprised that I’ve seen so many people convinced in other places that it’s a changeling Troi. It was starting to feel like the “Riker is a changeling!” or “Beverly is a changeling!” stuff from a few weeks ago.

Plus, to me, it’d be really shitty if the first two times we saw Troi this season were on Zoom calls and the first real time it was a fake. I don’t think that’s what the show is going for.

ugh their* obviously

I agree with you: it’s her. What i’m saying is, the show wants us to know that it’s her. It doesn’t want us doubting it.

I agree. The way that Troi judgmentally says, “Oh, Will”…. that’s real-world wife stuff.

Oh yeah, I noticed that too. I was never convinced that Troi was a Changeling because it’s clear to me that they’re trying to give every TNG cast member that appears at least something good to do. Making any of them a Changeling would undercut that. And as was said below, Troi would be a great tool in identifying other Changelings.

I feel like the show is wanting us to assume she might be a changeling

Why? All we got was a two-second glimpse of her at the end of the episode. The whole “Is she a Changeling?” debate has been purely on the fans’ end, not on the show’s end.

How so? I mean, I didn’t learn anything new from that?

Whether the show wants people to think it or not, a large portion of the internet seems convinced that’s a changeling as Deanna. The clip clearly shows it’s not so that’s kind of a spoiler.

Except the show never even hinted that she was, so there’s no spoiler. The show had her captured, and that was it. The “Is she a Changeling?” stuff was purely in fans’ minds and wasn’t backed up by the TV show. There’s no spoiler if it was never even part of the show’s tapestry. Also, in this industry trailers are produced long before they’re aired, so the writers had no idea a small group of fans would speculate Troi was a Changeling when the trailer was being put together.

The clip doesn’t work in my region, so as I can’t comment on that. The speculation that she might be a changeling, at least for me, would be based on what we have seen before. In “Heart of Stone”, the female Changeling impersonates Kira and tries to trick Odo. She is most likely not a Changeling, but I thought that might be a slim possibility.

Gates McFadden may have inadvertently dropped one on her podcast with Jack Quaid. At the end of the podcast, she mentioned she was pleased that the future of the franchise was in good hands with the next generation of Tawny Newsom, Jack Quaid, and….Ed Speleers. Quaid and Newsom I can understand, they likely have another season or two to go on Lower Decks. At the moment, no one has reason to believe that any of the secondary characters on the last season of Picard will be back for more.

Wil mentioned that even revealing the name of next week’s guest would be a big spoiler. Please be Jeffery Combs…

Matalas though then said on Twitter that he wished they hadn’t framed it that way and that it’s not a big or crazy surprise.

It’s going to be Brent Spiner, isn’t it?

Matalas doesn’t typically mislead followers on Twitter like this, so I have no reason to doubt him. Just very odd for the Ready Room to frame it like this if it is an actor we have already seen (like Spiner or Plummer)

I tried to find that tweet, but couldn’t. Do you have a link? There’s absolutely no reason to say it’s a spoiler if it’s someone we’re expecting to see. He was willing to say after episode 5 that the LaForges were coming on, before it was confirmed that Geordi was in the next episode.

His exact quote (it’s under replies):

It’s not a crazy surprise. I don’t know why they set it up like that.”

Agreed. I’m being slightly sarcastic here: it’s going to be someone that isn’t a big shock or spoiler, like Spiner, but who for some reason the writers of the Ready Room wanted to hype up.

Maybe it’s not a big surprise because it’s someone who’s already been teased more than once this season: Kate Mulgrew.

I know Matalas said she’s not appearing, but I don’t know if I believe him with how many times her name has been thrown around.

I tend to believe Matalas when he says stuff like that. He’s shown himself to be pretty forthright and trustworthy when debunking theories.

I generally do as well, and I really appreciate how straightforward the season has been. Jack really does appear to be Picard and Crusher’s son, etc.

But it seems like a writing mistake to tease somebody like that more than once if she’s not going to appear.

Yeah, if you ignore everything around it (hard to do, but still), you’ll see that not all of these “mysteries” have truly been mysteries. They were just questions that were quickly resolved.

I don’t take mentions of Janeway as a tease for an appearance though. It makes sense for Seven to name drop her (as she did last season too), and when Picard mentions her in the holodeck, it felt more like they just needed an admiral name and probably felt like it would be more fun to be Janeway.

That said, if she does appear, i’d guess it would be in the finale, for Frontier Day.

Agreed. Matalas has actually been pretty even keeled over how he set up the season. He has made a lot of ‘this is will surprise you’ remarks and they’ve all turned out true without any big exaggerations. Some people thought he was over selling the season before it started and I imagine many do still if they don’t like it, but I think he set up expectations perfectly.

Agreed, like he never once gave the expectation that the bridge crew were main characters.

He must underestimate us, because anybody that we haven’t seen yet this season that is cool enough to be a Ready Room guest is a big or crazy surprise to us.

I assume that Picard setting a trap for Vadic “to reveal her true motive” means that we will get to learn her true motive this week. It is about time for that.

As for the mystery guest, I think the two most likely actors are Alexander Siddig (expert on Changelings and the virus), then Jeffrey Combs (duh). A dark horse candidate is Robert Picardo (if the Borg are involved at all, plus it would be very shocking if we don’t see him this season).

Or Kira Nerys.

Well, the Ear ring is technical from her. Perhaps She gave it to Ro Laren for Picard. Also Kira Nerys could be an Changeling expert, because her bond with Odo. Perhaps Odo left some wisdom or “link” with her.. But i am just guessing here

The earring is not Kira’s, this has been thoroughly debunked on Twitter. It is more similar to Kira’s yes, but it is not the same at all.

Jeffrey Coombs is an absolute delight. I would also squeal with delight if Andy Robinson put in an appearance. But Alexander Siddig would be very satisfying. Any DS9 cameos (Worf aside) would be very satisfying.

I know I mentioned this a moment or so ago but in the final scenes of The Bounty last week I really thought that the Doctor was standing on the Bridge when Jack went into the Conference Room. There’s a man in a blue uniform who has his hairline standing near the Chair talking to someone.

Plus, didn’t Picardo accidentally say around this time last year that he filmed scenes for Picard or was in negotiations to appear?

You were not the only one who thought having seen the doctor on the bridge. I’m surprised that this wasn’t discussed. I looked up that scene again in slow motion and it wasn’t him. Maybe that was just coincidence.

I’m not surprised it wasn’t discussed because it would make ZERO sense. If the the only sentient hologram in existence — who is a former colleague of Seven’s and one of the “family” that she no longer has — was on the ship, it wouldn’t go unmentioned.

Unless he wasn’t appearing until a later episode, or you know people have accidentally been seen on a hot set before and been missed while filming was going on. The person on the scene does appear to just be casually chatting. They may not have realized he was even in frame until it was too late.

Plus, Picardo did say in an interview that was on TrekMovie about being on the sets of Picard and he’d been in negotiations to appear.

That would be fine if the claim wasn’t that he was just standing there on the bridge. Maybe he shows up later, but I find it hard to believe that THE Doctor would be serving on the Titan and not get a mention at all.

Now, if it happens to be a copy of the Mark I hologram, that’s another story.

EDIT: I also went back and looked at the scene that you’re talking about and it’s laughable that anyone would think that’s The Doctor. It’s 10000% not him, I can’t believe how ludicrous it is that this discussion is taking place now that I actually see it.

Might as well just assume it Picard when he was young, or a Deltan, or heck, Benjamin Sisko under bright lights.

I hope the special guest is Salome Jens (i know she is 87 but it would be nice to see the ‘Female’ Changeling again.

I’m looking forward to seeing this weeks episode (especially after finishing my DS9 re-watch last week) though while i thought the first 5 episodes were good they i feel were not the best episodes of Picard (I still think S1 is the best season of Picard but we do still have 4 episodes left in this season so we will see).

Last weeks episode was an improvement and i feel it finally got the story rolling now that we have all the TNG cast in place though while as a Trekkie i love nostalgia/references to past events/shows/characters etc…(some of the easter eggs we got last week like seeing the Defiant and Voyager were great) i feel this season is using nostalgia as a sort of crutch.

I love it when Trek takes me to new places and goes new directions/gives us the audiences new characters to explore but i feel this season of Picard is trying to hard to relive the past. When it should be moving Trek forward into the future.

Don’t get me wrong i grew up watching TNG and for years it was my favorite Trek show until the last few years when i did my yearly re-watches of all Trek shows and i found that DS9 started to become and then became my favorite.

I love seeing the TNG cast again and i hope they make the Star Trek Legacy series they are hinting at but i hope that other future Trek shows are fresh/have all new characters and bring a different style to Trek and have new adventures as that is what Trek is about. Embracing what’s new and different.

I don’t disagree with a single thing you said actually but as I been saying, I wouldn’t hold my breath we’re going to get future shows with all new characters. I think that ended after Lower Decks as long as future shows takes place in the 23rd/24th/25th seasons.

In fact, Kurtzman kind of confirmed that in the interview when he said they were planning to do more short form character stories and basically said it would be based on legacy characters. No one is going to be invested as much if there is a six episode story based around Ensign Liu as opposed to B’Elanna, Sulu or Kira.

It would not surprise me though if “legacy” also included characters from Discovery. It would also not surprise me at all if those miniseries’ were led by a legacy character, but supported by new ones, that they could then spin off into their own shows/movies.

If Paramount is aware of anything it’s the need to build new fans, hence Prodigy, so they’re going to want new, younger characters. They may just use legacy characters as a back door to get buzz and marketing, and to ensure the older fans keep coming back.

Oh, seems like they hooked Lore onto the Ship acting as Backup Ships computer. Seems like he can control the Force fields.

i assume, they disabled the Ships Computer and only self-sufficient functions are working (The Ships LAN or WLAN are down in a way to explain it). So Lore take over to fight the Enemy and of course he has his own motives, too

“Damm it Lore!” outburst of La Forge suggest it

So in a way, Lore & Data & Soong and who else is inside this Brain are fighting over body control, it seems

Did i guess it right from the Trailer? and Thank you for the Intl Link. I really appreciate that

This is getting too much like Vader and the Emperor trying to get the boy, Luke.

If JJ Abrams tried this on one of his Trek movies, fans would be on a huge uproar tear right now.

And if fans got up in an uproar over it, they’d be silly.

Huh? Not at all like Vader and Luke.

Some fans have been in a non stop uproar since 2009. Just saying….

Jack, Vadic is your father. But yes that’s exactly how I feel about it! Nice we’re on the same page there.

I sure hope Worf, Riker, and Deanna are being hidden for spoiler reasons because the lack of promo, trailer, or photos featuring any of them after last week’s episode would certainly be a choice.

Yeah I’m sure will see plenty of Riker and Troi at least. NO spoilers but some of the people who has seen this episode has said it’s pretty Vadic heavy and considering they are trapped on her ship…

And I don’t know how Worf wouldn’t be there since he’s now on the Titan with the others.

Someone on Twitter who says they’ve seen it is acting like there’s no Riker and Deanna. That would be insane tbh so I hope they’re lying. All the tweets though from Matalas telling people to be patient fir Troi make me worried though there’s no follow up.

I don’t know how true that is since they confirmed Riker was in every episode this season. But maybe they only show up briefly.

Sounds like Riker and Troi aren’t in it much, if at all, just going by twitter and what others are saying. I’m enjoying this season a lot as it goes on but the pacing is getting atrocious.

Wow OK, if so that is disappointing.

Wonder what “Proteus Project” is on that medical display behind Dr. Crusher.

mythologically speaking, Proteus was a shapeshifter…

Oh! This could be very significant! Perhaps unbeknownst to Beverly, Jack was involved in this project somehow.

In the season of over the top fan service, of course there’s a big name cameo next week.

You know in the final scenes of The Bounty last week I really thought that the Doctor was standing on the Bridge when Jack went into the Conference Room. There’s a man in a blue uniform who has his hairline standing near the Chair talking to someone.

Matalas has tweeted it’s not such a big thing and he doesn’t understand why the Ready Room hyped it that way.

Ever heard of a false sense of security?

I think the Thing, talking to Vadic was the same person or persons that from Star Trek Enterprise, that get the Xindi to attack Earth.

I mentioned this in another forum, but did anyone notice that when Vidic starts to ripple and show her gelatinous form, the sound effects are a very similar tone to the beacon chime from the very end scene of Conspiracy? It’s probably nothing, especially considering Matalas mentioned the Conspiracy parasites were only an early idea for the villains, before they shifted to the changelings but everything’s been so intentional it’s hard not to notice or make the connection when it sounds so similar.

I’m guessing the Iconians are going to be revealed as the group contacting Jack if only because of the door.

I really like the idea of Armus being the big bad and theory that it was the Founders who originally exiled him.

It’s a cool idea, but I think fans are overthinking this by assuming the Iconians and Armus are involved. Armus being exiled by the Changelings makes no sense, given what and where he is.

Yeah and I think trying to connect Armus to the Changelings, would be a bit like them connecting the Traveler and Gary Seven’s group together, which I personally thought didn’t work that well. In the books, they apparently connected the Trill and the Conspiracy aliens together, which also something that I feel was unnecessary.

For all the complaints that Trek fans have about connections that make the galaxy feel small (like the ones you mention, and before I get too far, no this is not a criticism of you) — Trek fandom and beta canon have been doing it for decades.

Trelane and Q are the same race! The alien from Nth degree and God from ST5 are the same race! Trill and conspiracy aliens! Armus is actually a rogue Changeling!

Books, comics, and fans, LOVE that sort of thing, but then they’ll turn around and complain when they do it on-screen.

I’m with you, usually, I don’t see the need to connect two disparate things, unless it actually makes the story more compelling.

Yes, indeed. The Founders didn’t know about the wormhole until after Armus killed Tasha.

There was a Changeling in Star Trek VI.

So is floating head Armus?

Very likely….the slippery rascal.

Ominous title.

Vadic: “The Federation took my family. Now I’ll take yours!”

Picard: “That wasn’t me. That was the other guy!”

Poor Jean-Luc, getting blamed for Sisko’s actions…

“Look, love, while the Sisko was putting the Dominion back in their box, I was in the Briar Patch, trying to get some action with a milf. Bore off!”

Indeed, heh.

I think that statement is a clue. The Federation didn’t take the Founders. They allowed them to return to the Gamma quadrant. They even allowed Odo to return to the Great Link to cure them. And Salome Jens’ Founder is incarcerated in some Starfleet penal colony.

I would speculate that Vadic and the others are part of the 100 that was spread throughout the galaxy. And somehow, they were also infected with the same affliction that the Founders got during the war. The Face/Hand has a cure for them but needs them to do something for him/her/it. A kind of irony that what the Founders did to the Jem’Hadar. Karma is indeed real. 🖖☺️

Maybe Laas is involved…

Unlikely. He most likely died after linking with Odo during the war and he wasn’t aware he was infected by Starfleet during that time.

The face and Vadic’s cronnies have a little Hirogen and Species 8472 look to them

Same thoughts here. It was Sisko that had War with them not Picard. But perhaps they can not reach Sisko they use Picard as placeholder. Because Sisko is still unreachable in the Wormhole

(to be clear: I am talking about their Avatars in the Star Trek Universe, not the Actos behind them) Peace!

So far there is zero indication that the Changelings have a personal vendetta against Picard. His remains, Jack, they are simply means to an end that we don’t fully understand at this point.

I think it’s going to be a great ride!

Is that a starship debris field through the observation lounge windows in the photo where Seven is sitting in the command chair?

Ep 6 was definitely the weakest of the the season so far; let’s hope ep 7 puts things back on track. I realize that Vadic is the villian (or merely henchwoman?) so she needs to be shown but the actress is the weak link in the show and I cringe whenever she holds forth. And all the ‘hearts to hearts’ in ep 6 were even worse than usual. Too much soap opera again! Does anyone care about Jack Crusher???

Depends on what site you’re on. There are fan sites that love him, some hate him, some are indifferent.

I’m seeing increasing interest in him as a a character than a plot device following episode 6.

But I’m also seeing more posts and comments from people who’ve seen him in You or Outlander among other shows where he’s played older villains and can’t separate the performances.

I’m pretty much in the leaves me cold / indifferent group.

Besides still finding it hard to ignore that he looks physically more like he’s pushing towards 40 than his actual 34 or supposed 21, his performance isn’t convincing me he’s a young guy.

There are a a handful of folks commenting here that really like him, a couple are regulars.

Can’t say that anyone actively dislikes him here, although I’ve taken a lot of flack for saying up to recently he’s not capturing much audience interest.

There are a LOT of folks who actually like him, as a character, separate from Speleers as an actor and his previous roles. I’m continually confused by your refusal to just look around and see that. There are loads of comments all over twitter about what a great character he is and what a great performance the actor is giving

Perhaps it’s because you don’t like him, you don’t want to see him get his own show, so you’re convincing yourself that everyone agrees with you.

Amanda Plummer is a weak link? I think she’s terrific – she just hasn’t been given much to do. And what she has done hasn’t been consistent – I’m hoping that’s intentional and will play off eventually.

I’ll never forget when DS9 premiered. People said it was physically too dark. It didn’t do enough exploring — set on a space station gasp! — and the drama was like a soap opera. Does anyone care about surly Ben Sisko??

none of those facts are wrong. Still was a great show :)

Precisely. A show can be all of those things and excellent, just as Picard is. Even I, who doesn’t really dig DSC, still recognize it as good TV.

i wonder if vadic flips sides and her and her crew join the titan-a’s effort to stop ‘the face’

I hope this episode marks the end of Vadic. She’s been nothing but annoying.

What an episode… I loved it! 😃👍

Though I was really hoping for a DS9 character to be the mystery guest, the choice was a good one, in order to give a slightly underused character of the Titan crew something to do that felt organic in their established connection. Wonder if we’ll see the actor again before it’s over, and the character, liberated. 🖖

Surprised we didn’t get to see anybody captured on the Shrike, but I assume we could see their parallel story unfold over there in the next episode; with Worf and Raffi taking care of rescue business, as Vadic is too busy holding Shaw’s ship hostage, while revealing Jack’s “condition.”

And finally some resolution as to how Vadic came to be! Good, compelling backstory 🧫 — I just REALLY wish that Bashir was involved! (But maybe he still will be? There’s just not much time left… ⏳️😬)

Damn you, cliffhangers! 😅

I really disliked the first two seasons of Picard. However, this third series is epic on every level. Absolutely loving it!