Watch Captain Burnham Fly In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Sneak Peek Clip

Kicking off the Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Paramount shared a sneak-peek of the fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery, which is set to debut in early 2024.

Burnham warps away

The clip released is the first 5 minutes of the first episode of season 5. The  scene features Sonequa Martin-Green as Captain Burnham and season five’s new cast members Elias Toufexis as L’ak and Eve Harlow as Moll, also heard, but not seen, is new cast member Callum Keith Rennie as Captain Rayner. The clip also includes the return of guest star David Cronenberg as the enigmatic Dr. Kovich.

Here’s an alternate link to the trailer on for international vistors

Final season to be an “epic adventure”

As previously announced, the fifth and final season of Discovery is moving away from the usual galaxy-ending storylines, with the showrunner promising a shift in tone to more action and adventure. The official description of the season is:

The fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well … dangerous foes who are desperate to claim the prize for themselves and will stop at nothing to get it.

In addition to Martin-Green, returning cast include Doug Jones (Saru), Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets), Mary Wiseman (Sylvia Tilly), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), David Ajala (Cleveland “Book” Booker), and Blu del Barrio (Adira).

Previously released image of Sonequa Martin-Green in Discovery season 5

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Sounds like The Chase, but as a season-long arc. Not a bad way to close out the series.

Pipe dream: Prime Lorca shows up to bookend everything, like Q.

Maybe Q brings Lorca to the 32nd century. ;)

Your comment made me think regarding Lorca… given the success of SNW, why not build the next series on resolving the fate of prime Lorca, and then have him in the prime universe again with a new crew and ship?

I want this in many ways. Maybe a SNW rescue mission when they (inevitably) encounter the Mirror Universe

I mean I never understood this, you got an excellent actor like Jason Isaacs for the role and you don’t find another opportunity to use him? It’s just preposterous.

I’ve heard through the grapevine (and I hasten to add that this is not something I can substantiate personally) that he alienated some people on set. I should stress, though, that I’ve met Isaacs and have found him to be charming and approachable, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of those rumors. But a friend of mine who was there on set during season one told me there were several people who felt otherwise, and that it was decided Lorca would never be brought back.

Yeah, it seems plausible that that might be the case as I cannot conceive of any other logical reason not the bring the actor back. That might even be the reason why they actually turned the character evil and killed him off in the most gruesome way imaginable.

“Turned” the character evil? They were dropping hints about his true identity from the beginning. There’s a compilation video on YouTube of all the clues. I doubt they would have shown Lorca as being sensitive to light in “Context Is For Kings” if they weren’t going to have that be important somehow later.

Actors are hired to do a job, and how well they mesh with the cast and production team determines if they get their contracts renewed.

But you know, all this “evil double” stuff is just kinda cliché and tropey now, Mirror Universe aside, and I don’t see any upside to bringing Lorca back in the last season from a storytelling perspective.

Lorca was more of a plot device than a fully fleshed-out character, a foil for Michael to prove herself as more than the sum of her mistakes, and a vehicle for her to get to meet Emperor Giorgiou, a much more interesting character that she would develop a complicated relationship with (frenemy-mother figure-mentor),

The reason I said “turned” evil was the fact that the way I personally read Lorca’s arc was that he was being set up to kind of redeem himself at the end even though he was “evil”. At least it seemed to me like that at about half-way point of the first season but then towards the end they doubled up on the “evil double” cliche with utmost gusto.


One scene in DSC season 5 is already better VFX than anything in Picard season 3.

I had a similar thought. Although not all that glitters is gold. But damn, the SFX were pretty impressive!

Just a shame the show itself is 10x worse.

You must be deaf and dumb in both eyes

No kidding, I gave up on this promo after about 3minutes, it was like some trashy videogame, but her VOICE! It GRATED. I tried watching a couple minutes of s3 and it was as unwatchable as I expected, but this clip … it was like they were trying to do a crossover with the MCU or something. The show seems to actually be worse than the first two seasons i watched. Would not have believed it possible, I got this embarrassed feel I remember from LOST IN SPACE as a kid.

in what way were they trying to do a MCU crossover?

The wisecracking Captain bronco-riding the ship was literally something belonging in a different universe for me.

Yeah, you know it’s funny that doctor that you recommended can’t give me an explanation as to why I can’t hear out of either eye. He said to say hi to you though and that he hopes to see you at your class reunion at the Mogadishu Community College of Medicine later this year.

Are you saying that Africans aren’t good at medicine?

Are you saying that warlord-run, lawless cities’ educational systems are good at medicine?

Maybe it’s because the producers had abandoned Picard already and the season was made on a shoestring budget after they messed up the previous two seasons? At the same time, they keep throwing money at this abomination.

Oh yes, Picard season 3. The Return of the Jedi remake.

in what way?

in what way not?

I agree this looks bad… but any time someone uses the term “abomination,” it’s just too funny to take their melodrama seriously.

…and far worse acting.


+ 1

Sorry but if you don’t like the show why bother to comment? When i see a post about a show i don’t like i just scroll past i don’t waste time commenting.

Where’s the fun in that? :-)

Because liking something is not a prerequisite to making a comment.
Nope from me too.

Why should they NOT comment? This is not just a board for people who like the show. So your question is nonsensical.




Ok now that was a great sneak peak i love this show and imo it remains the best of the current set of shows. I can’t wait to see S5 and it will be a sad day for all Trekkie when this great shows ends. Hopefully we will see these characters again someday.

We’ll be glad to see the back of it…that was bad.

The Burnham show (some call it space jesus) with the rest of the crew saying “Captain are you ok?”

Didn’t see half of season 4…too much pain. Not looking forward to this.

I’m excited! This is why I love Discovery more than any other nu-trek. It’s always exciting and they always have these cool trippy crazy action sequences. Sometimes, it’s bonkers. I love my trek to be bonkers!

I miss this crew! Can’t wait to see them again.

Why didn’t they just name this Star Trek: Burnham to begin with?


Who are the other characters on the show again?

Stop trolling, Saru is in the freaking scene you supposedly just watched.

LOL. Ok.


If Burnham wasn’t a black woman they’d have had no complaints about the scene. Kirk did this stuff every week. They loved it.

Kelvin Kirk did similar stuff. Prime Kirk didn’t. He climbed a mountain and then wanted to orbital skydive, but never got to do it on screen.

Agreed. Still though, unfortunately there are some out there who think that way, so he has a point.

No doubt. But not me.

He totally would have if the special effects had been better.

If they had modern effects Kirk would have been shirtless hanging onto the side of the ship on a week by week basis.

I’m not so sure about that. Prime Kirk wasn’t really ever written for such over-the-top scenarios. It wasn’t until the Kelvin movies where everything had to be a spectacle. I found the Kelvin Kirk stuff to be just as eye rolling as the stuff on Discovery. Especially the motorcycle nonsense in the last movie.

Budget had a lot to do with it. He fought Khan, Finney, the Gorn, Christopher Lloyd. Imagine what he would have done with Discovery’s budget that no one would have complained about?

I’ve complained about Chris Pine’s take on Kirk many times as well as how ridiculous the Kelvinverse has been presented, and I am not the only one so don’t know what else to tell you.

Simple fistfights can’t even be compared to the stuff being produced now. At least the fist fights are more believable, well, believable until they are done in a turbolift on a rollercoaster track inside a ship that seems to have limitless internal space.

Like T.J. Hooker holding onto the hood of a moving car…

Oh please, grow up. It has NOTHING to do with that at all.

What’s with you personally attacking so many of us today?

Dude, calm down!

No, he’s right. Ryan accused people who dislike the scene of being racist. It was uncalled for.

I’m accusing people who enjoy behavior except when black women engage in it and suddenly feel uncomfortable and argumentative of having bias.

And I’m 100% correct.


No, you just want to shut down any criticism about the show by being extremely vile. So, critics are left with having to be silent or being smeared with nasty falsehoods. Either way it is an underhanded tactic to silence critics of the show.

Love or hate the show. I enjoyed wide swaths of it and there was some storytelling pieces I didn’t care for.

Viewers who are either deeply racist, or deeply biased and refuse to acknowledge it, who can’t tolerate criticism and never look inward, while expressing clearly biased behavior, are who they are.

Fans who love Kirk’s characterization but complain Burnham has to be the center of everything don’t even try to hide it.

In what episodes did Shatner engage in similar behavior? It’s true that Chris Pine did, but I HATED when he did, thought it was so wrong for trek then. His big fight scene floating around the station at the end of Beyond? Totally ridiculous, strained incredulity, seemed more like a Roger Moore Bond film, which was parody anyway.

Imagine for the moment if Burnham fought the Gorn with 21st century effects and budget, Khan, Finney, Christopher Lloyd, or the dozen episodes where Kirk had prolonged hand to hand combat. It got so bad he patented his own jump kick.

If they could have pulled that scene off in 66, Kirk would have done it without a shirt.

Saying you’re correct doesn’t make you correct. It makes you immature, and wrong. I have my own reasons for not liking Burnham, as do many people, and none of them have anything to do with her being a black woman.

If you think otherwise then you’re the one who’s projecting your own prejudice on others.

I happen to like many actresses or people who are black women, and that includes SMG herself.

Viewers who attack Burnham for the same behavior they celebrate in Kirk are biased. 100%. “I have plenty of black friends” has never been a valid defense. I appreciate you enjoy the actress. If Burnham were inserted in classic Trek episodes and fans were given memory wiped temporarily you’d see them complain about Star Trek: Burnham and why is she so emotional every episode whining to computers.

Enjoy the beautiful day all. I’m out.

You’re not making sense so this will be my last post on this. Nobody is attacking Burnham for behavior we celebrate in Kirk. Burnham’s behavior is her own.

Kirk doesn’t whisper and talks unintelligibly fast so we need to put CC on. Kirk doesn’t cry every 3 scenes. Kirk keeps his personal feelings separate from his duties and doesn’t have relationships (Book, Ash). Kirk doesn’t take unnecessary risk endangering his life, as there’s an actual Starfleet regulation prohibiting this, Kirk doesn’t argue with superiors or colleagues to have his own way.

Leave people alone if they want to dislike Burnham. It’s not your business. Sorry if you can’t tolerate people disliking things you like but that’s life.

I made it as far as “Kirk doesn’t have relationships” before I lost it and couldn’t stop laughing. Which show were you watching? 😂

Didn’t endanger his life or argue with superiors? Kirk led every away mission personally, was captured more times than I have fingers and literally stole the Enterprise and got demoted.

People who dislike Burnham for behavior they would celebrate from Pike, Kirk, Picard or Sisko are doing it because there’s just, as they say, something about her they can’t put their finger on.

Glad I gave you a laugh. So Kirk had long time serious relationships, similar to Burnham with Ash or Book, while in command? With whom? Kirk did lead his away missions but he wasn’t alone. Listen, you’re delusional if you think people don’t like the same qualities in Burnham that they like in Kirk. You can repeat yourself 1000 times, it won’t make me agree. People who like Discovery go ballistic every time other people talk against it. It’s your problem if you can’t handle it. A lot of people like Discovery and Burnham, that’s fine, but you’re out of line to borderline call people racist because they don’t like Burnham.

Wait, hold up.

Your beef is that Burnham is in a committed relationship? Kirk hopping into bed with a woman he met 18 minutes prior is fine and the cameras coming back to him putting his shoes back on is good old Star Trek to you, but a woman in a committed relationship sets off your red alert? That’s very interesting.

Kirk was apparently involved with Antonia while in Starfleet, Carol Marcus as well. Every relationship he had fell apart, unlike Burnham, but he’s a dude so you draw your line where you’re most comfortable.

Kirk literally led a solo away mission in an episode called, wait for it, Obsession. I’m assuming you’ll ignore it because he was wearing yellow instead of red or had different colored shoes or something. 😂

i didn’t like much of Season 1 of Discovery. I have no problem if people don’t like it. Blatant racism? Sure, I’ll call you out. You’re good with Kirk sleeping with every woman in sight, leading the action week to week, but Burnham in a committed relationship and leading the action every week? You’re not quite comfortable with that. Something about her just rubs you funny.

The scene is what it is. People who insult Burnham day after day for being the center of attention like Kirk, showing emotion, being uppity, and my personal favorite – there’s just something about her, I can’t put my finger on it – who would be totally fine with her behavior from Pike? They have bias, 100%.

Cogent argument.


…(sigh)…it has nothing to do with her color or gender. I just think it is a horribly written character, most certainly the worst lead character in all of Trek. My own opinion, of course. It has nothing to do with the actress. I liked SMG just fine on The Walking Dead. And Kirk did not do ridiculous sh*t like that every week, especially with the cringe-worthy comments. If these particular writers are striking for more $$, they do not deserve it. Again, just my opinion.

That’s naïve to dismiss this as a factor. Since day one there’s been a nasty subculture on the Internet that has been attacking her and the series based on the diversity aspects, and reading between the lines that’s obviously partially racial-based.

Agreed, that exists most certainly. But not in my case. No matter the color or gender, I just find the character to be terribly written.

Fair enough!

Yes, it does.

You can whine about how she’s the worst written character in the history of humanity and get points for kicking her more than the last rage addict if it makes you feel powerful, but Kirk was the center of attention week after week, and no one complained about Star Trek: Kirk.

But the black woman? Too emotional. Always crying. Center of attention. Something about her.

If she fought the Gorn, you’d have all lost your minds.


Woah, woah, woah. Don’t assume racist motives when you have no basis. Just because someone didn’t like that poorly written and poorly acted scene does NOT mean someone has a problem with black women. That’s idiotic.

Also, “Kirk did this stuff every week” is blatantly false since he didn’t, pretty much ever.

You can add six or seven more “whoas” if it will make you comfortable, but it doesn’t make my words less accurate.

Kirk jump kicked every alien the budget would allow, was the center of every scene he was in, and not one person complained.


Find me a single comment on any forum at any point in the past 30 years where anyone complained about “Star Trek: Kirk” every time Kirk saved the day.


The criticism of Michael Burnham is so clearly rooted in the fact that she is a black woman. The fact that she gets crucified for doing certain things when Pike and Kirk would be hailed as heroes for doing the same….. it’s gross.

And even if people claim that it isn’t, the fact that they frequently police the way she expresses herself (“why does she always whisper?” and “why is she always crying?”) is extremely problematic.


The crying critique is overblown, but characters on the show talk about their feelings a lot, so I sympathize with anything who gripes about that.

As for policing how Burnham talks… I don’t really equate “why is she whispering? People
In the back won’t be able to hear this speech,” with racism and sexism. As true as it is that women endure more unwarranted criticism for how they speak and black women get it even more so (“angry black woman” stereotypes), it’s not fair to try and shut down legitimate questions about SMG’s performance as being rooted in racism. You want to say no one would have given Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Bakula or Mount any guff for how they modulate their voice? Then it’s best to give examples of how they performed similarly, because I don’t remember any. The whispering is a performance choice, nothing more. It’s a valid creative decision to make and critique on an artistic level. If people are being racist and sexist that’s abhorrent, but so is absolving diverse talent of criticism because of their diversity. I certainly don’t want that special treatment in my professional life.

My point is that it is *only* Burnham who gets critiqued by the fans for talking quietly. Other characters on Discovery talk quietly and it’s *never* commented on. Again, It’s *only* directed at Burnham. Also, I should point out that I am not for one second saying the the colour of Sonequa Martin-Green’s skin should absolve her from critiques. But she is the only person on the cast who gets attacked for whispering/talking quietly. As I said in my original post, a lot of the criticism that Burnham gets is rooted in her identity as a black woman. She does things that Pike and Kirk do- and they are universally lauded. But the black woman does it and she’s attacked for it. It’s not a stretch to draw a line between the criticisms of how she speaks and racism. Additionally, many black women are constantly attacked for the way they speak and how they present themselves to the world. It’s absolutely not a stretch to see that this is what is going on here.

It’s not a stretch, you’re right. And unfortunately there are a lot of bigots and racists out there that prove your point. My point is that it’s also not a stretch to accept that if a black woman is being criticized, it’s not necessarily because she’s a black woman and the way you presented your post it’s like we’re all bigots, and no that’s not right.

And by the way, I have mentioned in the past that Ash was also whispering all the time, and everyone cries too often, not only Burnham. I dislike DCS for many reasons that are not directly connected with her.

I do not recall other characters in the show whispering their dialogue in a similar register as she so often does, I’ll pay closer attention in season 5. The other captains didn’t do that so comparing to them is fair game.

I don’t necessarily think she has an egregiously larger percentage of screen time than any leads besides Pike and Sisko, but their shows are more emsemble-based and it wouldn’t be a fair comparison. It’s also a legit creative call to have her be so central, though that has invited plenty of gripes about the supporting cast being developed haphazardly (also not new for a Trek show). I do see people critiquing how she seems to come up with and execute so many solutions all on her own, that does get a little tiresome. Voyager did that with Janeway quite a bit, I don’t know if it’s just a knee jerk reaction to how the writers want a strong female lead to appear, but it comes across as forced and unrealistic at times.

People pile on Burnham and SMG too much, but we need to be able to accept there’s some criticism there that’s not coming from a bad place.

That would’ve worked fine for me and I love the show. I’m not sure why that would’ve been negative as your post strongly suggests? Yeah the show revolves around her, like duh.

Are you planning on watching it Danpaine? I know you haven’t watched the other seasons but since this is the last one, maybe you might be curious how it goes out?

Nossir, hard pass. I actually stopped this sneak peek before it finished, lol. Cheers to the folks who like this show, to each their own, but…no. I do read all the reviews here, though.

I have a personal policy of only commenting on shows that I watch. So while I can be negative on a lot of stuff here you can bet that at least I watched it — because I would never feel qualified to comment on a series or ep I didn’t take the time to watch. To me that would be intellectually dishonest. But IDIC – Everyone needs to determine their own policy of integrity on the series and eps they comment on here,

I watched the first two seasons of DSC, so I’m not completely unqualified, imo. And nothing I’ve read since compelled me to tune in again.

It’s ok. With the announcement of a musical episode in SNW, I decided to exit that series. It took a split second for me to say, nope, while watching the trailer.

But there so much trek, some will work for some, some won’t. Star Trek has a huge library now and there is something for everyone. And that’s cool.

If I’m being honest, season 2 turned out to be the high point although there were some good stuff in season 3…until we got to the crying Kelpian kid destroying the galaxy. Sigh

OK no worries, just curious. I think I told you this before but I was considering not watching season 5 UNTIL after the season was over and just binge it after how frustrated I felt with season 4. But I plan to watch it now although if I’m being honest nothing shown from season 5 has really got me excited yet; but nothing ‘bad’ either. Just kind of ‘meh’ at this point.

Looks interesting at least. Just please please don’t suck.

Epic! Feeling hyped for the season!

Gotta hand it to them that the VFX are stunning.

Yep and garbage show. What a waste of money that could have went into the ST: Legacy pot.

If you want to watch legacy characters, just watch old Trek

…which is fine, but there are still plenty of good arguments for having another live action show set in the 25th century, especially with some ratings data that put Picard on par with SNW. Did fandom dismiss the TOS cast in this manner in 1991?

Actually, the hours watched for SNW is significantly lower than Picard. I think Episodes 9 and 10 of Picard pulled in 400 million hours watched, but SNW hasn’t hit 350 yet. That’s quite a difference.

And Picard had 3 seasons to Strange New Worlds’ 1 and a bit, so that’s close to being on par.

Oh look, Burnham saves that day again.
I can’t wait till that wreck of a show is over.

Complain a lot when Captain Kirk saved the day?

Do you have similar issues when Kirk repeatedly saves the day?
How about when Picard does it?
Or Acher?
How about when Sisko does it?

Your puerile comment holds absolutely no merit whatsoever when the Captains of every Star Trek iteration repeatedly save the day. I wonder what makes you so enraged by a woman of colour saving the day….

Enough with this nonsense argument. Archer, Janeway, Picard, Sisko etc all had senior officers who *also* repeatedly saved the day and got things done. On Discovery, it’s action hero Burnham who does literally everything.

I hate those detached floating nacelles SO MUCH!

Assuming that this is the season premiere, Michael will have gone out into space in an EV suit in the first episode of every season.

Mr Saru, that whole sequence is so stupidly over the top Mr Saru. But nothing less than I would come to expect of modern Trek Mr Saru.

Looking forward to a worthy season 5 finale for Discovery…. something that can match what we saw with the finale of Picard and what S2 of SNW is delivering – both of which being richly rewarded with top 10 Neilson ratings..
Unfortunately, not really encouraged by today’s preview…. without context it is hard to know why, but both Captain Burnham and Captain Rayner appear to be engaging in pretty thoughtless and reckless behaviour. Let’s hope there’s a good reason once we see the entire episode and the rest of the story!

Anyone catch the name of Rayner’s ship?

I think it was Antares, but not sure… I don’t want to have to watch this again.

Finally some Real Star Trek. I can’t wait for this.

Ugh. I can’t stand the visual style they chose for future Starfleet. The look of 32nd century Federation starships would be so much better if they would add a little bit of color to them (like red bussard ends on the tip of the nacelles) or offsetting visual elements along the hulls, since right now all they are these gray, angular shapes with blue glowy bits that aren’t really distinctive. Instead, they look really generic and unfinished.

I did notice that while the ship they’re chasing has them, Discovery’s nacelles are attached to the hull … which is an improvement.

Oooo…. yikes. The dialogue in that clip is not well-written. I’d forgotten, in the wake of Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, and Picard season three, just how weak Discovery is by comparison. I have to admit I have no enthusiasm for this at all. I used to love this show, but it’s gone down hill for several seasons and this just doesn’t look good. SMG is just not a good actor, and Michael Burnham is just not an interesting character.

Maybe you would like to write an episode of Discovery, in that case? I’d be interested to see what you would write. Or maybe you would like to take over for SMG since you seem so intent on calling her a bad actress?

I’m not sure if i’m watching season 5 of Disco or a Tron movie?

LOL it definitely looks Tron. But I also think this is as good as the Indiana Jones on top of the train moment in the latest movie, and that cost 10,000x more. This is actually pretty impressive visually.

Oh please, it couldn’t look for CG if it tried. A blurry, monochrome, over the top mess of particle effects and idiotic “action”.

“Mr Saru.”

Well, my cards on the table: I don’t like Disco but I am going to watch it. (Yes, I have a problem.)

This clip has two of the biggest things I dislike about Discovery: an action hero main character, and busy, dark VFX.

I’m not into Michael as the Captain, not because I think she’s bad or a bad actor, but because by virtue of being the Main Character, she has to be the one doing so many of the things. Blown into space. Hunting down folks on a solo mission. Riding outside the hull of a ship at warp. I dunno, I feel like more of those cool beats could be handed out to other characters.

I’m not impressed with these VFX. Again, it’s the style of the show, so I get it, but can things be just not cluttered for once? Maybe a nice stable mid-shot? I remember in season 2 when I thought it was getting good, there was a solid 5 second shot of a ship that wasn’t whizzing around. I was so happy. With this, there’s just so much stuff going on that I get overloaded and can’t take it in.

That’s just me, though. I’ll be there for this ride when it happens.

Thank you. Finally someone else can see that the VFX is terrible. Dark, blurry, cluttered, messy, incoherent.

Unfortunately the characters on Discovery are so terrible, that even 5 years in, you can’t really imagine anyone else doing what Burnham is doing in that clip.

My biggest issue with Discovery is that the showrunner thinks she is doing a Marvel show. It is supposed to be Star Trek and not a superhero show. Prime Kirk and Sulu, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer, and all other captains have never been shown like superheroes and did need others of the crew to help solve problems. They are humans and don’t go riding on the backs of starships at warp and then just pop through the viewscreen and take their seat in the captain’s chair like it’s no big deal. It’s so over-the-top it makes my eyes roll.

Ridiculously, stupidly, over-the-top. This whole sequence made me roll my eyes too. The problem is that the rest of the cast/crew are so awful that none of them have been developed enough to lend a hand with things like this. That’s what spending 4 years crying or talking about how much they love each other does to a crew’s competence.

i’ve never tried so hard to get into a show and still can’t. i’ll see this through to the end but its been a chore.

Eh. More of the same unfortunately. It doesn’t matter how many times this show reinvents itself or tries to correct the defects of its hero, it’s just always trapped in a sea of sameness and is always a victim of its own shortcomings. I’ll watch season 5. I’m more or less looking forward to it. I hope it ends on a high note. Time will be kind to Discovery as it usually is to Star Trek. But, maaaaan, this scene was the worst possible sneak peak they could have given to skeptical fans.

“…a shift intone to more action and adventure” – good lord, that’s all Disco has ever been…

ZZZzzzz ..

It feels like an MCU movie meets JJ Trek. It feels much more like Indiana Jones or Star Wars in tone. I mean if those were written by Millennials instead of Boomer Lucas.