Podcast: All Access Is Cerritos Strong For The ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Finale

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 163 - TrekMovie - Lower Decks S4 finale "Old Friends, New Planets"

[Lower Decks review starts at 14:26]

Anthony and Laurie quickly cover the latest on the SAG-AFTRA strike, then chat about their recent interview with makeup artist James MacKinnon, who talked about being hired to work on the next Star Trek movie… for a week. They discuss some new Trek books coming next year, new Lower Decks merchandise, and an update on recording for season 5 of Lower Decks.

The podcasters then launch into their review of the Star Trek: Lower Decks season finale, “Old Friends, New Planets,” talking about how the slow build all season paid off so well. There was a bit of debate over the merits of this season’s villain and how well the plan and motivation was crafted, but both agree that season 4 was the best so far and very much appreciated how this episode brought back plenty of surprising callbacks along with some exciting cameos from The Next Generation.

They wrap up with some Lower Decks deep-cut costumes from Halloween and a fun podcast with Sir Patrick Stewart.


SAG-AFTRA Awaits Studios’ Response To Latest AI Proposals On Day Of No Formal Talks; More “Bargaining With The Companies” Friday [Deadline]

‘Picard’ Makeup Designer Reveals ‘Star Trek 4’ Pre-Production Shut Down In 2022 Over Script Issues

Ensign Ro And Dr. Gillian Taylor To Return In ‘Deep Space Nine’ Prequel And TOS Movie Era Novels

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Funko Pops Announced; Moopsy Added To Mobile Game

The Ready Room with Dawnn Lewis and Jerry O’Connell

Tillman Water Reclamation Plant used for SF Academy, and To Boldly Go documentary on Star Trek locations

Moopsy Halloween costume [Twitter/X]


Anthony: Rutherford and Boimler as Twains Halloween costumes (Reddit)

Laurie: Patrick Stewart on the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast

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Just started the podcast… I stopped it at 0:26 just before Tony answers Laurie asking him to guess what she did to get herself in a good Star Trek mood… I wanted to guess. I bet she listened to the musical episode… let’s see if I’m right… Ha!

This made me laugh out loud. For realz.

The Mutara Nebula must have been in a star system. The Genesis Planet had a sun.

A nebula is often a kind of stellar nursery, where tons of stars are in the process of forming. All of that got zapped and used up by Genesis, so it is amazing it didn’t create a lot more than it did, given the amount of matter available to be reorganized into Genesis order. Then again, TWOK isn’t about science, it is more like alchemy (I like to quote David Gerrold’s comment about the movie being about as technically accurate as the 1803 Farmer’s Almanac.)

If there had been just a single star there, it too would have gotten consumed as part of getting turned by the Genesis matrix (though I’ve seen counterarguments that the super bright light source seen just before the Enterprise gets its torpedo deck cut open to space is the same ‘sun’ that is seen after the device detonates.) I mean, the nebula ain’t there in shots afterward, so Genesis had to eat everything, pretty much as Spock indicated in his conversation with McCoy from mid-film.

The Starfleet Academy grounds were filmed at the Japanese Garden at the Tilman Water Reclamation Plant in the San Fernando Valley. People can visit it during weekdays, but reservations are needed according to the website.


Locarno’s ship looked like a Kelvinverse ship. Wonder if that was intentional?

So, are you implying that Nic Locarno is like a certain ex-president? That tracks lol

Anyway, yes, absolutely best episode of the series. And best season yet. My favorite parts were when Boimler and crew tractored that warship and launched it into the shield, the captain’s rallying speech, Mariner’s arc, and the Twaining. I love the Twaining!

The Twaining is equal parts ridiculous and brilliant. (But “Whattup, Bynars?” and their response is probably still my favorite moment.)

Best episode – hands down. Loved the Horner stings, the Twaining (“Why does this work?”), and the Paris jokes. But the episode was really character driven. Boimler’s arc and resolution this season was just as epic as Mariner’s.

You’re right, and we didn’t talk much about Boimler! He went from being afraid to give orders to sitting in the captain’s chair this season.

My latest tweet:

A new unexpected #StarTrek trilogy:

1. #StarTreekTNG “The First Duty”

2. #StarTrekTNG “Lower Decks”

3. #StarTrekLowerDecks “The Inner Fight” & “Old Friends, New Planets”


LOL, wow, didn’t think about that but that oddly does work as a trilogy now.

Well not shocked how much Laurie loved the finale! :)

You guys are hardcore LDS fans and always fun to listen to the podcast since I know it’s going to usually be a love fest discussing the show. And yes maybe LDS will be done after season 5, but I’m still pushing for seven seasons….and a movie! ;)

Speaking of movies, as far as who I think you should try and bring in for an interview, I’m going to repeat my suggestion from last week and push for Bob Orci to discuss his Trek movie. And that guy basically help give this site so much exposure with all his interviews and contributions on the message boards when those movies were happening. I really do think fans would be curious to hear what it was going to be even if many have lost interest in that universe or movies since Beyond.

It’s always more fun to talk about an episode we love, but I worry that it’s not as interesting as the ones we don’t like or disagree on. Hard to tell. And thanks for reminding us of your Robert Orci suggestion, it’s an interesting idea.

Obviously if one (or both) of you were more critical of LDS or just had more issues with it, that would’ve been perfectly fine too. You have read enough of my posts over the years to know I don’t care one way or the other; I’m always just interested to read people’s honest thoughts over a show or a film, good or bad.

But yeah it’s great when two people actually truly love something and just geek out about it every week as you guys do with this show. And I find it just as interesting when you both agree on something as much as you disagree personally but that’s just me.

Glad my Orci idea is in the mix too! And this is the place to talk about dead movie ideas since that’s all its been for seven years now lol.