Work On ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 Has Been Completed

This week brings another big Star Trek production update with news that the second season of the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy is now done and awaiting its debut on Netflix in 2024.

Prodigy season 2 is ready for Netflix

Today the creators and executive producers of Star Trek: Prodigy announced they had wrapped up work on the series. In a post on Twitter/X, Dan and Kevin Hageman revealed they just mixed the season 2 finale, adding a message about how five years of their lives went into the series and expressing their pride in the team. They posted a picture of the mixing board and members of the team along with Dan Hageman, director Ben Hibon, composer Nami Melumad, and co-executive producer Aaron Waltke.

The Hagemans also made a note to point fans to Netflix, which will start streaming all 20 episodes of the first season on Christmas Day. The animated series about a group of alien teens who find adventure when they discover an abandoned Starfleet ship (along with a hologram version of Captain Janeway) has not been available for streaming since it was removed by Paramount+ in June. At that time CBS Studios (who produces the show with Nickelodeon) was quick to confirm that work on the second season would continue as they searched for a new home for the show. Writing for the second season wrapped in early 2022 and voice work and much of the animation had already been completed by the time Paramount+ removed the show in the summer of 2023. That work is now done, including scoring and editing all 20 episodes.

In October, it was announced Netflix had picked up the show. The second season will debut on Netflix in 2024, but the streamer has not yet provided details on when or if they will split up the 20 episodes into 2 or more releases. There is also some hope that if things go well on Netflix, the show could continue. This morning, Aaron Waltke followed up his own tweet about wrapping up work on season 2 with a message about remaining hopeful regarding the future of the series.

In an interview with TrekMovie over the summer (before the Netflix deal was officially announced), Waltke made it clear that even though the show was removed from Paramount+, it was not “cancelled” and “there’s nothing preventing them from paying for more episodes” beyond season 2. At the STLV convention in August, Kevin Hageman also expressed his hopes for the show’s future, saying, “My master hope, I want the show picked up. I want a season 3. I want season 3 to set up an animated film series.”

For now, we await the return of the first season on December 25 on Netflix. Hopefully around then there will be an official confirmation about when season 2 will debut. A clip for season 2 was released over the summer revealing the return of Robert Picardo as The Doctor, now taking over duties of managing the former crew of the USS Protostar as they join Admiral Janeway on the USS Voyager-A and her mission to find Chakotay.

The doctor gives the provisional cadets a briefing

Stop motion fan short

If you’re craving some new Star Trek: Prodigy content, check out this short stop-motion animation. Fan Jeremiah K.P. Brown used the Playmates figures to celebrate the upcoming return of the show.

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Love this show! Detest the shortsighted cubicle climbers at P+ for not seeing that Trek is the largest property they have – in all its incarnations. Trek will still be there long after they are gone and back on LinkedIn looking for a new job. The whole move showed a lack of respect for something that has spanned decades.

I love seeing the UHD in that filename… needs some HDR too ;)
Despite already watched Season 1, I’m tempted to load it up on Netflix so that they at least get an extra viewer number there! I would love more than two seasons!

Definitely watch Season One when it appears on Netflix. Those views matter most

Exactly, it is a must, Prodigy must move forward, they need our support/views for Season 3.

Not sure I will actually watch it (time is at a premium these days), but put it on and let it play in the background while I am doing other things? Absolutely. Probably more than once.

I love me some LDS but for me Prodigy is the standout Trek of the modern era. Incredible storytelling that all ages can enjoy. Breathtaking stuff.

Great to hear! Can wait to see the Voyager A in all her greatness!

I bet its coming out sooner than people think. Before Discovery season 5 even.

I honestly couldn’t get past the juvenile tone of the pilot, but understand that it got lots better after that, and am happy that I’ll have another chance to give this show another chance in ten days.