Michelle Hurd: ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Will Happen “If The Fans Want It”

Fans have been talking about the idea of a “Star Trek: Legacy” spin-off of Star Trek: Picard since the series wrapped up last April, and members of the cast and crew have joined in. No spin-off is currently in development, but now one of the potential stars says fans could play a part in making it happen.

Fingers crossed for Legacy

Before her time playing Raffi Musiker on three seasons of Star Trek: Picard, Michelle Hurd had a long career in Hollywood, including a couple of seasons of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She attended a special SVU 25th anniversary event last week where TV Insider asked her about the chances of her returning to Star Trek. The actress made it clear she is ready to board the Enterprise-G:

“I love Raffi. She’s my favorite character. We have hands, fingers, everything’s crossed for Star Trek: Legacy. I know that right now they’re working on Section 31 for Michelle Yeoh. And then they’re going to do Starfleet Academy. That’s going to be a series. And then if the fans still want it, they’ll start working on Star Trek: Legacy.”

Hurd also told TV Insider she thinks it would be “phenomenal” to have a Star Trek team-up with Michelle Yeoh, who starts shooting that Section 31 movie next week.

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For what it’s worth, Picard showrunner Terry Matalas shared the original TV Insider article with Michelle Hurd talking about Legacy on Twitter/X. The last we heard from Matalas was during the Trek Talks 3 Picard reunion panel on January 13th, when he said there was no spin-off in development but added “I wish, I wish.” He also revealed he is still talking about potential ideas with members of the TNG cast and added the hopeful note, “I don’t think you ever really need to fully say goodbye to any of these characters or storylines.”

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Ensign Sidney La Forge, Mica Burton as Alandra La Forge and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation”(Paramount+)

Can fans make Legacy happen?

As for fans making a difference, campaigns for Star Trek are built into franchise history going back to Star Trek: The Original Series. Last year, a petition calling for Legacy garnered almost 64,000 signatures, over twice the amount that signed the petition calling for a Discovery spin-off set on Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise. A year after that petition launched, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was announced. Fans also made their voices heard last year after Paramount+ removed Star Trek: Prodigy, flying a banner to “Save Star Trek: Prodigy” over the offices of Netflix (and others) in Hollywood, and by the end of the year, Netflix picked up the show, and the second season of the animated series is set to arrive later this year.

But fan interest is likely only one factor as Paramount Global faces more cost-cutting in 2024, including a new round of layoffs. Spending on streaming has been scaled back and we have already seen the impact on the original Star Trek series with Prodigy moving to Netflix and Discovery ending with its upcoming 5th season. As of now, Paramount+ is in production on a third season of Strange New Worlds and the Section 31 movie is set to begin shooting at the end of this month. The new YA-focused Starfleet Academy series is still being written but filming should start this year. The fifth season of the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks is also in the works, expected to arrive later this year.

This is all in the context of larger corporate issues for Paramount Global as the debt-laden media company continues to be the subject of potential merger and acquisition interest, with the latest coming from private equity firm Apollo. In the meantime, Paramount+ is still trying to compete against other streamers by adding more original content, including new (non-Star Trek) shows and seasons ordered this month. At NYCC last October, Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman said there was “a bunch of new things now in the works” beyond the previously mentioned projects, adding “there’s no shortage of support from Paramount Plus for the Star Trek universe.” So, even in these times of belt tightening, it’s possible Paramount+ could add another Star Trek project to their lineup.

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker and Michael Dorn as Worf in “The Bounty” (Paramount+)

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Sorry, this fan does not want it. But I do like her character, and I am fine with a couple Legacy TV movies.

I’m vice-versa. I want Legacy, but never liked Raffi. I thought she had zero chemistry with Seven.
The closest I came to liking her was when she was working with Worf, so I’d be on board with a Worf/Raffi “Star Fleet Intelligence” movie.

It was the writers fault for being too scared to given them some kissing and bedroom scenes. Matalas and the Picard writing team seems afraid to do that given DSC seemed to have no issue with those types of diverse romance scenes. So when the writers don’t give the actors much to work with, well of course it is going to be unconvincing if they are suppose to be a couple, but the writers have them instead acting like friends only. And they are both very attractive actors as well, so I am still mystified why we did not get to see more of their relationship — missed opportunity!

IMHO, I think that Discovery morphed into a progressive series targeting woman and gender minorities. Meanwhile Picard clearly targeted old-school legacy fans like myself especially S3 (even if it wildly missed the mark especially in S2) and SNW is targeting a broader audience of legacy traditional fans while still trying to broaden its audience to be more inclusive.

Just my two cents worth, but if some fans want to see the Trek envelope being pushed to the edge, Discovery did a good job within the confines of the Trek universe. That being said, I would definitely not expect the same from SNW or Star Trek Legacy, should it ever get greenlit. Really looking to S3 SNW but also intrigued by Discovery S5 and seeing what happens with Legacy.

Good points. From a marketing POV, this is a good way to expand Trek and also still service older fans.

Raffi 2.0 Season 3 was actually fun to watch. Season 1, too much/many emotions. Season 2, the Raffi Seven romance story line was not very well developed. It began as a joke between Jerry and Michelle, not an original idea from the writers, they had zero chemistry on screen.

I am glad Raffi got a good match with Worf. Those two are fun to watch together. She just needed a better character on her side.

I think it was brilliant to put these two together. Worf is awesome. Michael Dorn is so talented. This guy, everything he is in, it turn it to positive. Great stories for him in TNG. He rescued DS9. Good vibes all over.

Spot on. Great observations.

Surprising she was the only cast member from Season 1 and 2.

I absolutely hated Hot Mess Raffi the first two seasons and was hoping she just fall into a star or something. But season 3 finally made me see what an awesome character she could be and absolutely loved her relationship with Worf. They were so good together and also wouldn’t be against a Worf and Raffi movie either.

I mean wasn’t that kind of the point of the character’s arc in S1? She was supposed to be a mess. She’d been collateral damage in Picard’s moral crusade that ended up costing her career and while he had his family’s generational wealth and family business to wall himself up behind, she basically got tossed out on her ass with very little regard by either Starfleet or Picard. This is obviously just my opinion, but I thought it was a clever examination of both Picard and his righteousness and how he tends to favor that over the real-world consequences it could have for other people as well as Starfleet’s cold and bureaucratic nature. She ended up being correct about all the things she had pieced together in her suspicions about the attack on Mars and such and when she got jockied out of Starfleet, both Picard and ‘fleet left her broken with her (rightful) paranoia to go sit in her place in the desert.

My point is the character was just too unlikable for me. I didn’t have a problem she was flawed and trying to get her life back together, but she came off annoying and aggravating. And I never bought her relationship with Seven. It just felt really thrown in to me, another reason I didn’t like her.

But season 3, she still had baggage but was less annoying and just more fun. But every character looks like they are fun whenever you put them next to Worf! 😁

I’m on board with a couple of Legacy films as well, hopefully that might draw better/different writers to the table with fresh ideas. I’d watch a show too of course, but SH’s track record with me is shaky at best when it comes to episodic work.

As to Raffi’s character, the only time I really enjoyed her was during S3. Imo, that’s when the character was written in a compelling way, and she and Dorn did play off each other wonderfully.

Oh yeah totally onboard with Legacy movies too! I’m not very picky lol.

I agree NuTrek has been very very shaky to say the least, but even I admit, one of its biggest NuTrek haters since 2009, has really grown to like a lot of it: especially LDS, PRO and SNW. I know you’re not big fans of those shows although I think you like SNW, at least the first season.

But to this day, for me Picard was really the only show I was genuinely excited about and when that failed for me I was convinced I wasn’t going to like anything these guys made. But I’m happy that didn’t turn out to be the case even if it’s still nowhere as great as TOS and 90s Star Trek IMO.

I’m a fan of PRO, which surprised me quite a bit given the age-group it was aimed at – I’ve found SNW kind of hit-or-miss, but like it overall. LDS I’ve had trouble getting into, going to try it again. As to Pic S3, I feel the same – Matalas hit a home run there, imo. Would be happy to see a Legacy production. But overall, I just feel Trek would be better-handled by other creatives.

Totally get you! I’m happy you like Prodigy, it is a really awesome show. I didn’t think I would like it at all and it was the complete opposite.

I would still try to give LDS another chance but my own girlfriend hates it so you may agree with her lol.

But it’s winning her a little bit. She watched the episode with Moopsy a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. She couldn’t stop laughing every time it said Moopsy. But it’s still her worst show in Star Trek by far lol.

But you may like it!

I think ultimately we’re getting a movie spin off for Paramount Plus featuring Picard characters, probably following Section 31’s completion. I doubt we’re getting an actual series, unless the first film does well enough.

Right now Legacy only exists in the tweets of a handful of talented people.

Right now Legacy only exists in the tweets of a handful of talented people.


I’d go so far as to say it really only exists in Terry Matalas not so fertile imagination. Everyone else are hangers on.

Do you need someone to explain how TV shows are made?

I want a 25th century show. I am sick of prequels and the DISCO era. But I don’t think Legacy is what I want. Would love to have Seven back but don’t really care for any other of the Enterprise G new crew enough and We don’t need a second TNG spinoff. TNG guest starring would be OK.

I hear you. For myself, I want “TOS Continues” at some point which would cover the period from Mission Year 3 to TMP.

At some point down the line, I would like a complete reimagining reboot that starts Star Trek all over.

Agree about more prequels, hard pass. As you know I did love those characters in Picard, especially Shaw and Sydney. Don’t really care about Jack at all either though.

I just want a 25th century show starring Seven. When it comes right down to it, that’s my biggest appeal. And we now have two black female Captains with Burnham and Freeman and Janeway is back commanding the Voyager A so let’s break the mode and bring in a gay Borg female Captain too! 😄

I’m ok with movies and would love to see her again but I have no interest in watching old tng senior citizens saving the universe.


Since it’s not about the actual TNG cast and about Seven and the younger bridge officers, then that’s not a concern. Matalas said in about 20 interviews the show is about the next next generation. I don’t understand how this keeps getting missed over and over again?

I would look forward to a Legacy series. I think the problem are those people who either want TNG 2 (with Riker as the lead), or had problems with the class of the Enterprise-G (should have been the Ross-class, but redubbed as the Galaxy-II class, with the three nacelles, with Riker as “Captain”, IMO). But, regardless, I know that those like Matalas can pull off a decent series.

Love her, LOVE – HER!!! Ben a fan going back all the way to the JLA pilot (I know, I know, LOL!), Law & Order, The Glades, etc. Her work with the strike was phenomenal and I’d love to see a Raffi/Worf series or at least a movie adventure!

I wanted it up until that Enterprise-G disgrace. I don’t really nitpick but this one I personally really can’t.

I have to admit I really do hate the Enterprise G as well. It just looks and feels awkward. It’s the same way I feel about the Cerritos and Discovery as well but I grown to like the Cerittos at least.

But the G doesn’t really do it for me either. Especially when you compare it to geougous E. Now that’s a ship I can watch all day long.

I generally dislike most of the newer ship designs in Trek. It looks like sometime after 2015 Trek forgot to do good ship design. It’s ironic as I considered both classic and TNG era shows and movies to have superior and more elegantly designed ships when compared with other space based shows or movies like BSG, Stargate or Star Wars. But recently most of the ship designs in Trek have been boxy and inelegant to say the least. To use a car metaphor they used to look like Toyotas but now they are starting to lool more and more like Volvos. The Japanese elagance of design paved the way for the tanky, boxy, square or rectangular looks of the Volvo.

Have to agree as well. Haven’t been in love with hardly any of the newer ships in NuTrek and that includes the Kelvin Enterprise. It just came off too big and bulky looking and always hated the Apple bridge look. I still think Discovery is the ugliest ship ever made though. I don’t know what Fuller was thinking?? It’s grown on me some but still don’t love it. Still not a big fan of the Cerritos either. It’s a more work horse ship but never liked the Miranda style design in general. The Enterprise G is really lacking as well. Matalas seems to be so in love with it, but I just don’t see why? It beats the La Sirena any day of the week though. Boy that was just…ugh.

The only ship I did fall in love with on day one was the Protostar from Prodigy. That feels more like a ship from the old shows and closer to the E-E/Voyager design of yesteryear. And the Voyager A looks like it will be as beautiful as its predecessor based on the little we seen so far.

I really liked the Stargazer and am still disappointed Picard Season 3 wasn’t set on that ship. Never cared for the Titan at all. Far too retro.

I forgot about the Stargazer. That was a really good one too. I prefer it over the Titan/E-G.

Yeah I don’t know what happened and why we lost all the cool looking ship designs. They just started to look really awkward and ugly. I originally hated the NX-01. Just felt lifeless to me. But then that felt like a masterpiece after the JJ prize and Discovery entered the picture. Just really badly designed ships.

And I don’t think the JJ prize was that bad, but compared to the Enterprise A it was no contest. That thing is amazingly beautiful. But the E is still my favorite out of all of them.

The old shows and movies just does it much better than the new stuff today although I do like some of it including the new Enterprise on SNW and the Protostar on Prodigy, but still not as good as the past.

I think one reason for this “reduction” in the quality of ship designs in the modern shows might be that the ships are not considered as important as the characters anymore. Back in the day the ships used to be a character on their own even the Defiant in DS9 which wasn’t a ship based show. It seems like the new producers of Trek want the viewers just to concentrate on the characters instead of the technology or the ships. The best part of the previous series was that both aspects weren’t mutually exclusive. We had good characters and good ships. Now its questionable if we have both.

That’s a really good point. What I definitely miss about the old shows.

I mean its a bit ironic considering the fact that what made me a big fan of Trek in the first place was that awesome Enterprise A flyby in The Motion Picture. I hadn’t seen anything like that before in any science-fiction I watched (Star Wars and Stargate) but that grandeur, that epicness of the visuals, the awesome Goldsmith music. I doubt we’ll ever get another scene like that ever in Trek and its sad really. Now that I look at, at this day and age I probably wouldn’t have been as big of a Trek fan as before. But then this is me and awesome technology appeals to me a bit more than the characters. I can understand if other people only find the characters or the aliens appealing.

“IF the fans want it“?? There has been a record breaking historical petition of the question IF. I guess that part has been answered clearly.

Huh? It got a paltry 63,000 signatures, which isn’t even 10% of the number of fan petition number that Paramount received from fans in the late 1960’s which got TOS a 3rd season. And that petition was people actually taking the time to write and mail letters — much more time consuming that a simple internet poll. If anything, the Legacy petition shows that, at best, a relatively modest number of Star Trek fans want this series…and Paramount can see that. That petition kind of failed…my opinion.

So, no Legacy series…perhaps though a movie or two though, or maybe a drama podcast like NM is working on for the Khan story — given that’s how they are handling the lesser, but still desirable story ideas like S31, for example — Legacy would fit in that category. I actually like the audio drama route for this given the age of some the actors at this point, particularly Stewart.

The petition for a Pike show back in 2019 got less signatures than Legacy has.

It’s an apples and oranges comparison and has to be looked at in relation to the number of viewers of Star Trek today compared to the 1960s as it relates to those 63,000 signatures. Star Trek Voyager debuted to just over 21 million viewers, Discovery debuted on CBS with an audience of just over 9 million. That reflects a diminished audience. The focus for streaming is total number of minutes streamed but only streamers know how many actual viewers there are from week to week for each series.

There’s a different metric for success on Paramount+ and the same can be said for those 63,000 signatures.

I hear you and Benjamin, but I still remain kind of underwhelmed when hearing that 63,000 signatures on a very easy to quickly fill out online petition is “all that”.

I mean, you have obscure sf petitions on the web you can find, like “Have Disney strike Star Wars Episode VIII from the official canon” that get six-figure responses.

SNW got a petition without about half as many signatures. Whether Paramount actually responds to petitions is anyone’s guess but the idea of SNW was something that registered with studio. It was also given the green light at a time where budgets were secondary.

Had Picard season 3’s storyline been season 2’s storyline, I don’t think the Academy series would have moved forward. With limited resources, the numbers would have been there for Legacy whereas the Academy series has to build off declining viewership for Discovery. It’s always a numbers game.

Also, Star Trek is not Star Wars.

For stuff like MCU, Star Wars, etc that’s probably peanuts because their base is humongous compared to Trek. That’s why the first Kelvin movie made around $400 million and the first Star Wars sequel movie made around $2 billion lol.

So for Star Trek it’s just a much much smaller fanbase, but pretty impressive considering. And more so that it got twice the number of signatures that SNW did.

Denny Crainium, you can bet that most of the Pike signers were younger than the Legacy signators. Paramount + wants young viewers, not the geriatric crowd. And I’m not being ageist, BTW – I am a senior! It’s just a reality that needs to be acknowledged.

You write a lot about something you don’t like.

Yep! The most signed petition since NuTrek started in fact. Legacy always trend in places like Twitter (I refuse to call it X) anytime there is news about it and people just sound generally positive about it just like they did when Picard was announced.

It doesn’t mean every fan on the planet wants it since Trekkies can’t decide on most things lol, but obviously many many do want this.

I would just love to see my girl Seven Captain of the Enterprise. I don’t think I ever thought that would happen and here we are! 😎

Thank you Matalas… thank you!

I want this series on board the awesome constitution lll uss enterprise-g with capt seven of nine and her lover/partner and first officer raffi and ensign jack crusher/picard

Don’t want it.

great actor i love that she has layers

I really hope Section 31 is the movie about traveling to the past, present, and future. I think this is one of the ideas that Fuller originally wanted for Discovery. So much potential.

The are so many time travel stories. And all are fun to watch. Sisko going back meeting Kirk was amazing due to the great special effects and original story. All the Voyager time travel episodes were very good back then, and still fun to watch today.

The possibility to connect Georgiou with Archer and his crew. A big story with characters from all previous/current shows is something we all could enjoy as long as they have a solid concept/idea.

Would like very much to see live action characters from Prodigy and Lower Decks. Even Mirror Georgiou could bring back the impossible….people who deserve more screen time…I always wanted Janeway to rescue Prime Harry. Not honorable deaths. How about Trip? Prime Georgiou? Hugh? Icheb? Shatner Kirk? (If someone can convince Shatner, of course). :D Just throwing ideas, possibilities, Section 31 could bring together favorite characters who may not have a chance in any of the upcoming shows.

These Actors would like very much to join if they have a chance, and I know fans also would like to see them again, of course, with a valid reason along with a good story.

Wow Jay you read my mind! :D

Like you, I’ve always loved all of Star Trek time travel stories. I can’t get enough of them. It’s a big reason why Prodigy is currently my favorite new show because of Chakotay being stuck in the 25th century. I’m really excited to see how they will play with that angle next season.

As for Section 31, if they go BIG and make it a time travel story it could be tons of fun. We could go back to the Enterprise days and run into Archer and the gang as you said would be amazing. Maybe he’s already President of the Federation. Or she can go to the 24th/25th century and run into Riker, Janeway, Dax, Bashir, whoever. And the Guardian of Forever can tag along!

Also love your idea about seeing more LDS and PRO characters in live action. It’s funny I remember having a big debate with someone here about the LDS feeling out of place if they were made live action. But once they did it, no issue at all lol. So it opens the door for more appearances. Would love to see a live action Rok and Murf as well! :)

Yes. Absolutely. Few years ago, I think we have exchanged similar ideas, Tiger2. I am always thinking about a whole new show or movie to be about time travel. They can continue with all the time travel events that were not fully developed.

They can connect the dots, merge old/new shows or movies, and bring our beloved characters back.

No matter what direction they take, I really look forward to watch Michelle Yeoh and Section 31.

Most fans definitely seem to want it! It has twice the amount of signatures on the petition that SNW got lol and many fans wanted that too.

I love LDS and Prodigy, but this show could be the show that would make me the happiest…if it’s good. That’s how I felt about Picard until I actually saw it. 🙄

But season 3 finally gave me the Star Trek I been begging for since 2001. And I think Matalas just ‘gets it’ and would just be great to lead another show even if it’s not Legacy.

Give us Legacy Paramount! I know you can’t afford it right now but this is the direction a lot of fans want to see and that is more 25th century Trek. 😎🖖

“But season 3 finally gave me the Star Trek I been begging for since 2001. And I think Matalas just ‘gets it’ and would just be great to lead another show even if it’s not Legacy.”

Well said, TB1701. Lower Decks and Prodigy also brought back continuity to the Berman era. But Season 3 is exactly where many fans have wanted to be for a long time. A live action show in our Star Trek “present” time.

Thank you my friend! 🙂

I have always said for me 24th century Trek is where my heart lies as a long time fan. It doesn’t mean I don’t like other shows like Enterprise or SNW, but I’m just more invested personally to see more stories go forward, not backwards. I think most fans are even if they don’t want Legacy itself. But I know others like prequels too of course, I just never really cared for them at all.

TNG, VOY, DS9, PRO, LDS and Picard season 3 is my core Star Trek. I like how they all feel so connected to each other being in roughly the same period and so many of the legacy characters have crossed over or even leading the new shows. It is not just a great extension of Berman Trek but makes up the bulk of all of Star Trek today. I will live if we don’t get Legacy of course, this is really enough Star Trek to last me a lifetime lol. I was just happy to have TNG, DS9 and VOY to watch again and again until Picard came along.

But we’re fans, we always want more! 😉

“It is not just a great extension of Berman Trek but makes up the bulk of all of Star Trek today.:

Just thinking about this, but between TNG-VOY, that is already around 500 episodes, maybe 510 to be more exact. When you add in PIC, LDS and PRO current count, that’s another additional 90 episodes. When PRO season 2 and LDS season 5 premiere this year that will be another 30 episodes between them bringing the total to 120 of 24th/25th century Trek and 630 episodes in total. A bit more so when you add in the four movies.

That is a lot of 24th century stories! And it easily being my favorite era too, that’s pretty exciting. Maybe when both LDS and PRO finishes this season, it might be fun to solely do a 24th/25th century marathon in chronological order with so many new shows and episodes into the mix. Just start with TNG and end with Picard.

And if we get Legacy to add to that one day, then the sky is the limit. :)

Absolutely!!! 😎

For us 24th century fans we have a lot more content today and it’s actually good content too. And I wasn’t asking for multiple shows to go back to the 24th century, I just wanted one show lol. If they had other shows take place in other centuries like the 23rd century again or something new like the 26th century, that would’ve been cool.

But Trek really has expanded its mythology in the 24th century and where they gave us so many awesome new characters, stories and aliens. Most of us wanted to keep it going and keep building on it. That’s why so many want Legacy now of course.

So I complain a lot less these days because we’re not just back in that era but getting quality shows with it thanks to Mike McMahan, the Hageman brothers and Terry Matalas. These guys have redeemed my faith in Star Trek.

YES! More 24th-25th century Trek!

1) I want Legacy.
2) Raffi, while not my favorite character, is fine, and she’d be welcome.
3) No one wants a Section 31 show/movie (though Michelle Yeoh is a fine actor).
4) No one wants an Academy show/movie.
5) Why does Paramount keep going to the prequels instead of moving forward?


I would like to see Legacy IF they do the following:

  • Carpet those decks
  • Does the bridge need to be that huge? So much empty space!
  • Budget for proper lighting, please. (I mean, even the 1701-D looked dim in Picard S3!!) Give me that JJ Abrams literally bright future!
  • Don’t engage in too much blatant fan service – cameos have to mean something
  • Don’t saddle Raffi with reams of expository dialogue. That was my biggest peeve about the writing in all three seasons.

I want one Section 31 movie, at least. Trek is big enough that it can contain multiple genres, and spy-fi action is something that hasn’t really been explored. (Hire Paul Greengrass to direct!)

An Academy show is something that I can see as appealing to YA audiences. It’s also something that is “moving forward,” because it’s taking place in the 32nd century when they’re rebuilding the Academy, reuniting the Federation, commissioning new ships, and so on, in a world that has changed a lot. It’s a good framing device, because the recruits are from that time, but Tilly’s still from the 23rd century, so she’s our “in” into that landscape.

Who knows why Paramount does what it does, but media corporations are conservative with creative IP, because they don’t want to alienate audiences with unfamiliar stuff. I mean, a real sci-fi take would be Trek’s version of Annihilation or Ex Machina, but at most they could relegate that to a one-off episode, a movie would be a harder sell.

I don’t care about the CW Starfleet Academy show at all but it is good it’s going forward being in the 32nd century. I want to like that period more but Discovery has drained all the appeal out of it for me.

Maybe the Starfleet show will actually make it exciting and fun… maybe.

I’m OK with a Section 31 movie. Still don’t care about Adolf but if they actually use her in a great way my mind can change on her, but it certainly didn’t after 3 seasons of Discovery. 🙄

And I really do like Michelle Yeoh, but the character sucks. Maybe the movie will make me more of a believer.

But I’m totally with you on the prequel thing. Most fans are sick of prequels. It’s why so many hated Enterprise and Discovery. Not the only reasons but a big part of it. SNW is different but that’s because it’s fun to be back on the original Enterprise and just a decent show overall. I really do like it when I hated everything else including JJ verse. Something else we didn’t need.

But nearly every fan I talk to online wants more shows and movies to go forward including here. So I don’t really get it either.

Even the new movie they just announced and will probably be dead in six months is another prequel. A lot of people think Archer could be in it and maybe President of the Federation though since it sounds like it’s decades before TOS and I’m a little more curious about it if that is true. But we don’t really need this either.

Come up with new ideas Paramount. Stop going to the past, we already know what happened there

I’m going to change my user name to No One, since gatekeepers keep speaking on my behalf on what I want and don’t want.

Yea, it’s nuts, and they don’t seem to get how foolish this makes them look…lol

1) Bring on Legacy!
2) Raffi started off great in S1, and it seemed like they just didn’t know what to do with her in S2. I couldn’t really “care” about her relationship with Seven, because it happened off screen between Seasons 1 and 2. In S3 they finally figured out how to expand upon Raffi’s character development they started in Season 1.
3) No one wants? You don’t speak for everyone, that’s presumptuous.
4) See above.
5) Agree on the prequels … although we really don’t know where S31 is going to land. We can assume Georgiou ends up back in her original prime starting point (in the original DSC/SNW era), but I’m hoping the Guardian of Forever will jump her around a bit.

1) Same. I want Star Trek Legacy more than any other Star Trek project. For me, it’s about going forward, but continuing with past characters. I love that we could a captain that we were able to witness her complete origin and tremendous arc. I want a Captain Seven, Ensign Jack Crusher, “Crash” La Forge, on the Enterprise-G, with an Admiral Riker assigning missions on a few episodes.
2) Yeah, I would begrudgingly be ok Raffi, but I would rather not have her on the show.
3) Agreed. But this is Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman AND Paramount execs hope to get more of an international audience. But I really am tired of how they trampled on the Section 31 concept from DS9 and wish they just give it a different name.
4) Agreed again. But, it is an attempt at finding a new audience. Not me, though. I do wish to watch an Academy show in the Disco future.
6) Not sure. But I want a Legacy show to move forward with the story line of the that universe! What is happening with the Klingons? The Bajorans? I want to see NEW alien cultures and designs, and not just one-offs. I am tired of prequels.

Agreed 100%!

No one wants a Section 31 show/movie (though Michelle Yeoh is a fine actor).”

So far, several of us in response to your posts have now said that we want the Section 31 movie.


1) Yes, I too want Legacy! Make it so!!!!!

2) It’s weird but I originally loved Raffi when she was introduced in season one. But by the end of it, she was just annoying. Season 2 made her even worse! But season 3, she was great and would love to see her back on the show as Seven’s Number One. Matalas did a great job redeeming her.

3) Again,a little weird but I was originally excited about a Section 31 show. I think there were about six of us who wanted it lol But then I saw their version on DIS and lost all interest. And I never been a big fan of Georgiou. But now that it’s just a TV movie, I’m more interested in it. :)

4) I am actually cautiously excited about the Academy show. Part of it just seeing a different side of Starfleet we only got small glimpses of before. But it’s really the 32nd century angle of it I think will make it interesting for me. If it took place in the 23rd or 24th century, I would be less interested in it. But I can understand for people who think Discovery sucks and don’t like this as an extension of that show. I’m just happy it will have a different show runner at least an hopefully be MUCH better.

5) I notice this is something most fans are sick of and for the record I am too. Now I’m not COMPLETELY against more prequels, but I always prefer to go forward as well. But I do think it was a mistake doing so many at one time and just burned people out. When ENT started, I had NO interest in the show at all because it was a prequel and a big reason I stopped watching it. But I understood why they wanted to go a different way at the time. And the birth of the Federation premise sounded interesting at least. Unfortunately they didn’t really get to it in a more timely fashion and squandered it.

When we got the Kelvin movies, I had he exact same feelings. It just didn’t appeal to me personally. I never cared to see a TOS reboot and I been a fan since the seventies. It just wasn’t for me. BUT, I understood why they did it and I had to admit it was brilliant marketing wise and a way to get back to where it all started to breath new life into the franchise. But like Enterprise, they had an interesting premise they basically squandered after the first movie and both old and new fans just lost interest. Eight years on now tells you all you need to know. I’m convinced we’ll get another season of Enterprise before another Kelvin movie. And I’m OK with that. ;)

And finally, Discovery. Now this is the one I felt was a huge mistake to make a prequel out of. After Enterprise and the Kelvin movies, fans were just eager to move forward again and get some settings, aliens and stories. They finally got the message and threw DIS in the future but I think it was a little too late in terms of DIS reputation in general.

Now of course we have multiple shows going forward again, so I’m happy with that. And I really do like SNW too. But I don’t think people are begging for more of that either.

Yep, I lost interest in Trek personally after Enterprise, JJ verse and Discovery. It was going backwards too much. I know we talked about this before and it wasn’t a grand plan to keep making prequels but someone should’ve realized by Discovery people wanted to go forward again. It was just getting really tired. 🙄

I really wanted a show to just continue in the TNG era like Picard did. Just be 10-20 years after Nemesis and with new characters with a few old ones popping in at times. We finally got it but the show has been lacking sadly.

My second choice would’ve been to have a show start a hundred years after Nemesis in the 25th century with brand new stories and maybe we see the Federation in a different place.

We got that too with Discovery but instead of 100 years later it’s 800 years later lol. I still think the show is awful but it was great to see a show really go forward and beyond everything we know. That’s what Star Trek needs more of.

I too originally wanted a show to basically go forward like we got in Picard, ie, go the number of years past Voyager in real time, which was 15+ years. It didn’t mean I just wanted more TNG characters again, no, I was happy with brand new characters just like what we got when DS9 and VOY premiered. It would follow some of those story lines and maybe have a character from TNG or VOY pop up the way we saw TOS characters show up, but it would be its own thing. Actually kind of like LDS now that I’m thinking about it with a totally new crew but Riker or Paris may show up in an episode, etc.

Oddly we are now getting it so my work is done lol.

I also liked starting in a new century as well. Just start over 1-200 years post Nemesis. In fact I think majority of fans really wanted to start completely fresh in a brand new century and the canvas could be anything the writers wanted.

Fuck yes

While I love SNW, LDS, PRO, and I’m very excited for S31 and Academy, bring on Legacy. If they don’t want to take the risk on a continuing series, make it a three or four episode “mini-series event” to gauge interest.

I will say though I do not think anything else will get officially announced until the merger either goes through or is squashed.

As usual we agree iMike!! 😄👍

I think they would make Legacy in a heartbeat but this is no longer 2020, Paramount+ is losing money big time and they can’t afford to throw 5 Star Trek shows on anymore. But if they were happy how well Picard did then it would make total sense to continue it in Legacy.

I just think they are too broke personally and another reason they cancelled Discovery prematurely and they can’t get another movie off the ground.

But maybe you’re right, we will get some head way on it once the merger happens with whoever.

While I enjoy Paramount+ for a lot of shows outside of Star Trek, it’s clear they bit off more than they could chew. Maybe in addition to giving Netflix back the rights to international streaming, they could also gin up more cash by giving streaming access to first-run CBS broadcast episodes (think Survivor, NCIS, FBI, etc) back to Hulu.

Right now the issue is money. I don’t expect Paramount to make any major announcements over the next six months.

That’s why I said I don’t think anything else will get announced until the merger is completed or squashed. If the merger does not happen, Paramount would be smart to go back to Netflix. Give Netflix the international rights to all of Star Trek in exchange for a big influx of cash.

Netflix isn’t necessarily the best partner. What they need is a partner with deep pockets and the space to feature and promote each series. Prime can promote it across Amazon, Apple across their platforms as well.

If that happens, that would be the biggest irony out of all of this. AA/P+ and all these Trek shows only exist because they wanted to be the next Netflix. And now it’s possible when all of this is done they may license their new and old shows to go back to Netflix or maybe Amazon. I said this before, but Prodigy could just be the beginning, especially if it finds long term success on Netflix and they want more shows again.And Paramount+ definitely needs the cash.

Agree with both you of you Denny C. The only hold up with doing more Star Trek is money. Maybe a few years ago when they were spending it like water, it would’ve been green lit right after Picard was done, but right now it’s probably not viable.

And I read somewhere that it was probably more strategic to make less Star Trek on P+ and not more. That there is only so many shows you can have on that most fans will only sign up for,and becomes a net negative if it’s too many. So I won’t be surprised if it’s just SNW, LDS and probably the SFA for the next few years if P+ is still around that long.

Legacy should happen. It seems the fanbase is fractured about DSC. Enthusiasm for S31 is very muted and season 2 of SNW was less well received than the excellent first season.

I want it, but I want Matalas as show runner. And the Okudas, Drexler and as much of those who were involved in Treks golden past involved as possible.

There’s just no need for more Raffi. There wasn’t any need for the Raffi we already had.

I’m guessing at this point that you can easily just cut and paste your “negative on Raffi” posts as a personal time saver? ;-)

I want Legacy. I’ll return to the franchise if Terry comes back. It seems P+ wants to self-destruct by greenlighting one bad idea after another. I used to watch anything with a UFP logo, but SNW put an end to that.

However, Apple has a great Star Trek show that I cant stop watching: For All Mankind.

That’s next on my list to watch, looking forward to it. Heard great things.

If you love Star Trek, this is the show for you.

Danpaine, do it! You got me into Severence, so it’s my turn to get you into For All Mankind. Excellent show and yes probably one of the best Trek-like shows around. But it’s Ronald D. Moore,so no one should be surprised. Just so well written and yes probably better than all the new Trek shows.

I have not watched season 4 yet, but now that it’s over I’m going to subscribe to Apple soon and binge it. I like Apple, but it’s one of the services I don’t need around all year. Now I just subscribe for 1-2 months, binge all the shows and then will cancel again until season 5 of For All Mankind is done. :)

Tiger, I’m glad you gave Severence a try! I really enjoyed S1, Original and offbeat, and created by Ben Stiller of all people. That sounds like a deal, I’ll be jumping into For All Mankind soon.

Yeah definitely give it a try. Now I will warn you, it starts off a bit slow, but it is a slow burn type of show. It’s not super flashy and everything zipping by every 5 minutes like a Marvel movie. It take its time, but you’re getting a grand story that really goes big at the end of every season. So I’m happy you’re giving it a chance! :)

No thanks. It was a fun ending to Picard, and the world needs more Jeri Ryan – but, no thanks to Legacy.

Why not just give us a NEW ship, with NEW characters that we can grow to love? Why must EVERYTHING be Enterprise-G, Worf, Riker, legacy characters.

Just give us a new, LIKEABLE crew, is it really so hard?

Well we got all that with Discovery…and you see how much fans loved that one lol.

Maybe the SFA show will surprise you. I’m guessing that will be all new characters and it takes place 800 years away from the TNG era, so it will be extra hard for Riker to show up (oh who am I kidding, he’ll probably show up for seven episodes in season 2 lol).

We did get that with Discovery you’re right, but I was asking for likeable, well-written characters, not whatever that godawful Discovery crew is.

Well as I said, hopefully the SFA show will be more your thing. I mean it is the next new show and it will probably be the only new show for the next few years. So hopefully it will meet your wishes.

And I’m 99% sure it will take place on a ship and probably won’t be another Enterprise…again, probably. ;)

Dear old dad used to say spit in one hand, wish in the other, which fills up first. Legacy is nothing but a wish.

As with the next movie too, without hope there is no future

Without brand new characters there’s no future either, for Trek itself.

True but there can be too many casts, a lot of my mates are old Trek fans but they wouldn’t go and pay for Paramount +

And hence have missed out on Discovery, Picard and SNW

I feel like out of the TNG crew, so much more could be done with a Worf series and he seems the most youthful of them still.

It’s a known quantity, especially if Patrick Stewart and the TNG folks can kick off season one and make “more-than” cameos. Much less risk than “Starfleet Academy” which I’m sure lots of us could care less about.

Gotta get those cameos in. Legacy, nostalgia, that’s all fans care about.

Count me in as well who really wants the Legacy show! I mean really really wants it! :)

I still feel we will ultimately get it, but it will take time with all the issues going on at Paramount and just the future with streaming in general. But it’s just too much of a no-brainer when so many fans are calling for it. It has a built in premise most people like (its more adventures on another Enterprise, pretty popular setting lol) and most importantly, we’ll be going forward into the 25th century, the biggest appeal for me personally. And more Seven stories is just a bigger bonus.

Just to make clear, I am excited about the Starfleet Academy show, but I would choose Legacy over it just because 25th century Trek interest more than 32nd century Trek. But fine with either.

Yes, always felt Discovery was going too far ahead

I understood it in terms of wanting to do the collapse Federation story line. But I think placing it around the 26th century or something would’ve been more ideal. Still far enough where Riker or Janeway can’t just show up out of the blue but not completely cut off to everything we know either.

That said, I still think the 32nd century has amazing potential and maybe we’ll finally see it done better next season.

Would love to explore the young in Starfleet that just had the Picard’s again compromised resulting in their assimilation them only for Starfleet to eliminate the Titan legacy and hand the Enterprise to someone that honors her Borg legacy and committing genocide.
Basically everyone young now has PTSD, probably shot their commanders, destroyed the Excelsior, etc.
Can Starfleet recover pre burn?

The fans want it. The viewership numbers from Picard S3 and the internet activity afterwards make it screamingly obvious.

Studios spend millions of dollars trying to figure out what audiences want, and the ST:Legacy audience-in-waiting is screaming its head off.

Be nice if Paramount took the obvious gimme.

The fans don’t want it. Only a small minority want geriatric Trek.

oh poor child

And how did you base that exactly? 🙄

I’m pretty sure the fans already said they want it.

We need this show!

I really do want Legacy to happen, I would love to see Raffi/Worf team up together. Those two definitely had chemistry together. Even Having Jack and Sydney as love interest too, as it was hinted that Jack had feelings for her. I can see these two team up and work together too.