‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Novel To Explore Pike And Una’s Backstory

The third season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently being filmed. It’s unclear if we will see the series on Paramount+ this year, but fans can look forward to a new novel tie-in coming in the fall. We also have some more book updates for fall titles and covers revealed for others coming this summer.

Strange New Worlds: Asylum

Pocket Books has announced a new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds novel titled Asylum from author Una McCormack. It arrives on September 24, 2024, and it looks like it will bounce back between Pike and Una serving on the USS Enterprise and their first meeting years earlier.  Here is the official synopsis:

When Una Chin-Riley and Christopher Pike meet at Starfleet Academy after one of his lectures, they immediately become friends. A stellar student, Una is the “poster girl” of her class, and Pike is determined to become a Starfleet captain with his own ship, rhetorically assembling his dream crew. As their friendship evolves, Pike also suspects Una is involved with the Euxhana, a Chionian cultural minority, who are seeking asylum in Federation space, leading to more questions than answers.

Twenty-five years later, Una and Pike are working together on the USS Enterprise to settle a Chionian trade agreement when a pro-Euxhana saboteur launches a terrorist attack. When the suspect is taken into custody for interrogation and is discovered to have a history with Una, her past associations resurface, threatening to expose a secret she’s been harboring all these years…

You can pre-order Asylum in hardcover and Kindle e-book, now at Amazon.

Anson Mount as Pike and Rebecca Romijn as Number in Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+)

Also this fall: Nana Visitor’s A Woman’s Trek and Picard audio drama novelization

Simon and Schuster have also announced two additional Trek titles for this fall. First up is a nonfiction book written by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actress Nana Visitor titled Star Trek: Open a Channel: A Woman’s Trek, arriving on October 1, 2024. The book “explores how the series has portrayed and influenced women.” Visitor’s interviews with stars, writers, and producers “reveal the struggles and triumphs of women both behind and in front of the camera throughout the sixty-year history of Star Trek, and how they have mirrored the experiences of women everywhere.” You can pre-order the book now in hardcover at Amazon

Nana Visitor interview - TrekMovie

Arriving on November 5 is Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land, a novelization of the audio drama released in 2022 (see TrekMovie review). Like the audiobook, the novel is also written by Mike Johnson and Picard co-creator/writer Kirsten Beyer. You can pre-order the novel in paperback and Kindle eBook at Amazon. The audiobook is available now on CD and at Audible.

Covers for summer Trek novels

There are now covers for the two Trek novels announced last October. Arriving on May 21 is the Star Trek: The Next Generation-era book Pliable Truths, written by Dayton Ward. Set shortly before the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the novel explores end of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor and will include the character Ro Laren. You can pre-order Pliable Truths in paperbackKindle e-book, and audiobook now at Amazon.

Arriving on July 23, 2024 is Lost to Eternity, written by Greg Cox. The novel is set in the TOS movie era and will include Saavik (from Star Trek II and Star Trek III) as well as Dr. Gillian Taylor (Star Trek IV).

You can pre-order Lost to Eternity in paperback, Kindle e-book, and audiobook now at Amazon.

Next week: Seven’s story in Picard: Firewall

The next Star Trek novel coming from Pocket Books arrives on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. Written by David Mack, Star Trek: Picard: Firewall tells the story of Seven of Nine’s time after Star Trek: Voyager and before her return in Star Trek: Picard.

Here is the official synopsis:

Two years after the USS Voyager’s return from the Delta Quadrant, Seven of Nine finds herself rejected for a position in Starfleet…and instead finds a new home with the interstellar rogue law enforcement corps known as the Fenris Rangers. The Rangers seem like an ideal fit for Seven—but to embrace this new destiny, she must leave behind all she’s ever known, and risk losing the most important thing in her life: her friendship with Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

And here is the cover:

You can pre-order Star Trek: Picard: Firewall in hardcover, Kindle e-book, audiobook, and audio CD now at Amazon.

Find more news and reviews of Star Trek books at TrekMovie.com.

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I buy the Strange New Worlds novels, partly because I want to read them, but partly to send a message to Paramount that Strange New Worlds makes them money, so they should continue to make it. :-)

Yes, I know the books are from Simon & Schuster, not Paramount, but S&S have to license the IP from Paramount, so presumably someone at Paramount keeps an eye on what’s selling…

They can sell books long after SNW has ended. They won’t care about book sales.

I don’t think it’s in any danger of being cancelled lol. It’s one Paramount+ biggest shows and only two seasons old Unless Paramount crash and burns it could go on for a long time.

If anything, they might see it coming around season 5 and not have to film a surprise epilogue.

LOL true.

Things are up in the air at Paramount, and cutbacks are likely. I think SNW is probably safe, but any little thing I can do to help keep it that way, I do. I bought the calendar, too. :-)

The show will probably end with five seasons when the contracts are up for renew. It’s a cheap filler show to watch when the Flagship Trek show (Disco and soon to be Academy) isn’t airing.

It’s interesting that Mack, Cox, and Ward seem to be carrying Trek lit these days. Mack and Ward were fantastic in the Vanguard series.

Also, please pay for some actual cover art. That TNG cover is embarrassing.

the pliable truths cover looks to artwork similar to the cover art for the tng novel collateral damage

It looks like someone applied a simple photoshop filter to a bunch of photos instead of actually creating art.

it is better then ai art

for me I only have buying by the strange new worlds and picard and discovery tie in novels
and will buy any section 31 movie tie in novels and starfleet academy series tie in novels if they make them
I will continue to buy the ids Star Trek graphic novels also

I’m the same way. I usually ignore most Trek books, if it’s not cannon, what’s the point?

If its a good story well told, that trumps Canon. Stitch in time is the last time that happened for me though.

LOL, I actually have Stitch in Time sitting in my Kindle library. I need to read it soon.

I kinda fell out of the books as they became more interconnected and had some weird interpretations I didn’t vibe with. They required more commitment than I had time for. I preferred to more take it or leave it, read them in any order style of the 90s. The current batch are probably more my style.

That pretty much the same reason I never got into marvel movies, You need to watch five previous movies just to understand what’s going on in the current movie. The last marvel movie I saw was Ironman 2. Didn’t like it. 👎🏽

the fast and furious films are the same but the 3rd one is out of order and you have to watch it in chronoligical order between 6 and 7 and it makes more sense narritive wise

also series long overarching serialized story or even season long overarching serialized story in modern shows are way better then stand alone ones that are self contained stories at the end of each episode which was good for 60’s through early 90’s tv shows by the mid to late 90’s serialized story arcs were starting to catch on from stargate sg-1 Babylon 5 to the pokemon anime to the early 2000’s with b5 spin off crusade and Andromeda and by the mid 2000’s through the 2010’s there was doctor who making a comback and stargate atlantis and lilo and stitch the series and eureka and warehouse 13 and stargate universe and scooby doo mystery incorperated icarly and wizards of waverly place and ncis and ncis los angeles and hawaii five-0 and macgyver and star trek discovery to name some examples
one notable exception for the 60’s to early 90’s tv shows is classic doctor who which mainly was multi episode serialized story arcs which doctor who made it’s comback from the mid 2000’s continued i a slightly different way instead of a multiple episode story it was multiple series story except the first series the 10th series in the revival which was just a full single series 13 episode long story arc

I’ve never seen fast and furious and because of the many movies I doubt I ever will. I did binge watch all the Saw movies a few years ago when they were on Netflix, and yeah I much prefer shows with story arcs.

I’ve seen the original Fast. Mostly I was just baffled as to why I’m supposed to be rooting for these wreckless jerks.

I think in about a month or so THE FINAL REFLECTION turns 40 (Pocket titles used to appear on stands about a month or five weeks before the printed publication date, which in this instance was May 1984.) Was starting yet another reread of it while waiting on an oil change yesterday and remembered some of the excitement of that era right before TSFS hit theaters. THE WOUNDED SKY had only come out the previous year, so the quality level of Pocket’s output for me (though always spotty) was about at its zenith, with MY ENEMY MY ALLY and UHURA’S SONG right around the corner. It wouldn’t be till the Reeves-Stevenses that I’d get excited about Trek novels again, and then only for I guess the first three they did.

Sometimes it amazes me that nobody (except Ron Moore in very tiny pinches) has done anything at all with making the THE FINAL REFLECTION into a film. Shoot, I’d even settle for an animated adaptation at this point.

i love when they interconnect shows and movies and books and comics
and with comics and novels they can expand more on the backstory of something mentioned in a episode or movie the novels and comics are tied into as they do not have time to go into it in full detail in the episode or in the full season or the movie cause it would slow it down to much

if it’s not cannon, what’s the point?”


A good story is a good story.

Most of the good stories I’ve read had nothing to do with ST. Although some of the best trek books I’ve read would have been better off as original non trek stories.