Podcast: All Access Gets Ready For MountCock+ And The Season 5 Premiere Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 174 - TrekMovie

Anthony and Laurie do a news roundup this week, starting with the potential for a streaming partnership with Paramount+ and Peacock and what that could mean for the Star Trek franchise. They go through the latest on Star Trek: Discovery (including its premiere date announcement and the potential for cast crossover on the new Starfleet Academy show), Terry Matalas’ Writers Guild nomination for Picard, Patrick Stewart’s Showperson of the Year award, what to expect in the new season of Lower Decks, production updates from Strange New Worlds, books and comics coming our way, and the Star Trek Cruise. They wrap up with an article about Star Trek and cynicism, and the highlights of Virtual Trek Con 5.


Paramount+ Considering Streaming Partnership With Peacock

Anson Mount endorses “MountCock+” for new name [Twitter/X]

Hollywood Contraction: Actors Struggle To Find Jobs As TV Castings Dry Up [Deadline]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 To Debut With 2 Episodes On April 4

Sonequa Martin-Green Teases “Big Thing” And Familiar Faces In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5

Sonequa Martin-Green Talks ‘Discovery’ Series Finale And Possible Future ‘Star Trek’ Crossovers

Terry Matalas Nominated For Writers Guild Award For ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Patrick Stewart To Receive Television Showperson Of The Year Award For His Work On ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Mike McMahan And Tawny Newsome Tease Unexpected Cameos In “Crazy” ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 5

Lower Decks‘ Phil Murphy has last meeting for season 5 [Twitter/X]

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Set Pix Show The Return Of Christina Chong’s Dog And An Adorable Vulcan

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Novel To Explore Pike And Una’s Backstory

Interview: Kirsten Beyer And Mike Johnson Talk Canon And Inspiration For ‘Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land’

Interview: Nana Visitor Is Writing A Star Trek Book That Goes Where No Woman Has Gone Before

IDW To Highlight Trek’s LGBTQIA+ Characters In ‘Star Trek: Celebrations’ One Shot Comic

Sonequa Martin-Green Leads Star Trek: The Cruise VII Celebrity Crew Departing For The Caribbean

Star Trek: The Cruise launch party [Threads]

Interview: Michael Dorn And Marina Sirtis On Wanting Laughs For Troi And To Explore Worf Being A Bad Dad


Anthony: Are We Too Cynical For Star Trek? [The Bullwark]

Laurie: Virtual Trek Con 5

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I’m interested either way, but you probably mean “Peacock+”


I think TM meant to post the headline just how it is.

Perhaps with a tagline: “Here comes the streaming”

I get the play on words, but a big part of me hopes that’s not an attempt at a bad joke, and that instead the obvious double entendre went over people’s head.

Why do you hope that?

How dare the editors of Trekmovie have any fun with their headlines! They must be only serious!

I would love to see Andy Robinson bring back Garak on LD. He did such an awesome job last year doing the audio for his book “A Stitch in Time”. He’s still got that voice, so I know he would do Garak Proud on LD (pun very much intended)

Mariner served on DS9, so she would have known Garak. That’s a pairing that I want to see.

If Paramount is sincere in its stated goals of leaning on established IP while cutting costs, it would seem to me that keeping Lower Decks going would make sense. Mike McMahan said in a recent interview that an entire SEASON of LD costs as much as ONE episode of one of the live action shows.

Yep I saw that too in the interview for Trek culture. At least I think that’s where he said it lol.

But I think we will get another season due to the lower costs but how popular the show seems to be with the base. It’s so fun and festive and has a lot of good will.

I had zero doubt the show would get a fifth season but at 51-49 for a season 6. ;D


*Bryant claps*


…never mind


Many thanks for including podcast listeners as you come up with questions, my question: Can you tell us more about the thinking behind greenlighting an academy show set in the 32nd century Discovery era vs an academy show in the 25th century Picard era? Fans seem eager for both. Did logistics, sets, salaries, schedules, etc. factor into the decision?

You think fans are eager for a 25th century academy show?

We’ll be there to ask specific questions about season 5 of Discovery, FYI. It’s a press junket specifically for that.

Laurie instantly conveyed her joy of business news, in two words: “Merger schmerger”. I about died laughing 😜

Every time Tony suggests doing an in-depth look at the business news and what it means for the franchise—which is in fact, a really good idea—I suggest he get Brian to do that with him while I sit it out.

Here is a question for Alex Kurtzman: Has he had any discussions with Paramount about taking over producing the Trek feature films also, and if so, what does he want to see in a Trek feature film?

Anthony: “OK, everyone who has a question for Alex Kurtzman please raise your hands?”


Anthony: “But no questions dealing with the Legacy show!”



Alex Kurtzman= 2001 Drew Bledsoe
Terry Matalas = 2001 Tom Brady
We need a Mo Lewis