Library Computer: Review – “Star Trek Countdown” Trade Paperback

Today is the official release date of the of the trade paperback for the comic series, "Star Trek Countdown," the prequel for the new Star Trek movie. Many fans held off from reading the individual issues (reviewed here at TrekMovie), awaiting the TPB. So this week the Library Computer takes a bit of a side-trip to review the graphic novel and find out if it was worth the wait.

ST09 Tidbits (Spocks Edition): Nimoy Supports Vulcans [UPDATED] + Quinto Reads Audiobook & Appears in GQ

For today’s tidbits at T-49 days we will do something a little different and focus on a few new stories coming from the new two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. First off Mr. Nimoy has taken up the cause of Vulcan (Alberta, Canada). As for Mr. Quinto, it was just announced he will be reading the Star Trek audiobook, plus he appears in the new GQ.

Library Computer: Review – “Star Trek Voyager: Full Circle”

It has been over four years since the last  Star Trek Voyager novel set after the events of the series finale. This week, the Library Computer takes a look at Kirsten Beyer’s new “Voyager: Full Circle”. A 576 page brick, this novel is making up for a lot of lost time to truly take us ‘full circle’ to bring Voyager into alignment with the other TNG-era books. See our review below to find out if this brick can fly.

Exclusive First Look At Cover Of Star Trek Movie Adaptation (w/ New Plot Summary)

Some of the best Star Trek movie news to come out in February was announcement that sci-fi legend Alan Dean Foster would be adapting the Orci and Kurtzman script into a Novel. TrekMovie was the first with that news and today we have the exclusive first look at the front and back covers of the book, including the ‘blurb’ which gives a pretty good (spoilery) outline of the movie.

ST09 Adaptation Update: Novel Pre-order (& Audio Version Confirmed) + Card Set Announced

We have an updated on new info on a couple of Star Trek movie adaptations. The Alan Dean Foster Star Trek novel is now available for pre-order, plus an audio version has been confirmed. And Rittenhouse has just announced their Star Trek movie collectible cards set. We have exclusive details on all of that below.

Alan Dean Foster Writing Star Trek Movie Adaptation

One of the last pieces of the multimedia rollout for the new Star Trek movie has finally been revealed. Today Pocket Books confirmed with TrekMovie that veteran sci-fi novelist Alan Dean Foster is writing the adaptation for the new Trek feature. See below for exclusive details on this exciting development, along with comments from Star Trek screenwriter Roberto Orci.

Library Computer: Review “Mirror Universe: Shards & Shadows” Anthology (Pt. 2) + Books Give-away Contest

This week, the Library Computer brings you part two of our look at "Shards and Shadows", the latest Mirror Universe anthology collection from the folks over at Pocket Books. This week’s stories revolve around the 24th century era, so strap in, and get ready for some action, some intrigue, and Lwaxana Troi pulling a Mona Stangley. Plus we kick off a new book give-away trivia contest.

Library Computer: Review “Mirror Universe: Shards & Shadows” Anthology (Pt. 1) + 2010 Books Update

Pocket Books’ successful foray into the Mirror Universe in 2007 paved the way for twelve new stories from Star Trek’s dark side. This edition of the Library Computer looks at five tales from January’s "Shards and Shadows" anthology. We also have an update and news on Pocket Books plans for big Trek mini-series in 2010.

Best Of Star Trek In 2008 – Official Productions & Events

The previous entry in our ‘Best of Trek 2008’ series looked at all the top stories related to Paramount’s Star Trek movie over the last year. Today we look at all the other official productions related to Star Trek coming from CBS and the various official licensees, including picking our favorite Trek episode, DVD, book, comics, and events of the year.  

Preview of Star Trek Books For 2009 (and 2010)

Fans of Star Trek novels have a lot of variety to look forward to in 2009. Pocket Books has scheduled books from all five TV series as well as some of the novel-only series. TrekMovie, with the help of Pocket’s Trek editor Margaret Clark, has put together an overview of the upcoming year with exclusive new details, new covers, and and even a sketch of the USS Aventine. We even have some hints of what to expect in 2010.

Novel Excerpt: Star Trek A Singular Destiny

The Star Trek big book event of 2008 has been the "Star Trek Destiny" crossover trilogy from David Mack, which has shaken things up in the Star Trek universe. Coming in January 2009 will be the first follow-up book "Star Trek: A Singular Destiny" by Keith R.A. DeCandido. If you can’t wait, see below to read the entire fourth chapter.  

Layoffs Hit Star Trek Book Editing Team – Pocket Remains Committed To Trek

Last week Simon & Schuster laid off Marco Palmieri, one of the two primary Star Trek editors at Pocket Books, the licensee for all Trek books. Palmieri’s layoff was one of many across S&S, but it has raised concerns about the future of Trek publishing. Today, a spokesperson for Pocket spoke exclusively to TrekMovie to allay those fears and reaffirm Pocket’s commitment to Trek.

TrekMovie’s Star Trek Holiday Shopping Guide

The weekend following Thanksgiving is traditionally the big start to the holiday buying season and for Trekkies there are quite a few brand new Star Trek items to fill your stockings. TrekMovie has compiled a comprehensive guide to all the new collectibles, toys, figures, books, DVDs and replicas being released this holiday season.

Library Computer: Star Trek Film ‘Making Of’ Books Retrospective

The newly released Trek primer  "Star Trek 101" provides basic narrative and character info on each of the Star Trek movies, but if you want to the full in depth behind the scenes story, you will have to delve deeper into the world of the ‘Making of…’ books. Today TrekMovie takes a look back at these insider accounts of the making of the Star Trek feature films. 

Alternate Realities DVD & Book Giveaway Trivia Contest – Day 10

Today is the last day of the DVD & Book Giveaway contest, in conjunction with CBS Home Entertainment and Pocket Books, and today’s trivia question takes us into the alternative time line of a fan favorite TNG episode. Goto the CONTEST PAGE to read the question and enter. Remember you can enter once for every day of the contest

Announcing Alternate Realities DVD & Book Giveaway Trivia Contest

Today kicks of 10 days of giveaways. Each day for the next ten days we will pose a Trek trivia question and one lucky fan who answers correctly will get the new new Alternate Realities DVD set and two Myriad Universe books, courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment and Pocket Books. See below for details to enter the contest

Orci & Kurtzman: Star Trek Very True To Canon – Even Books

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have a lot of things going on right now with their new show Fringe, the new movie Eagle Eye (opening next weekend), the next Transformers movie and a little thing called Trek. The pair talk about all of it in a new interview with Crave, and regarding Trek, they make some interesting comments about canon.