All Access: Garrett Wang Interview On ‘Voyager,’ Podcasting, New Star Trek, And More

Tony and Laurie are joined by Star Trek: Voyager‘s Garrett Wang this week! Before his arrival, they cover the news: The Directors Guild has made a deal and averted a strike as the Actors Guild is gearing up to start negotiations, and there’s another new Star Trek game coming out. Then they get into the interview with Garrett, who clears up some rumors about Harry Kim appearing on Picard and Prodigy, talks about his love for Strange New Worlds (and how he’d like to appear on it), what he’s learned about Voyager from doing the Delta Flyers podcast (which is almost at the end of the series), does some impressions of his former shipmates, and takes our Star Trek questionnaire. Tony and Laurie wrap things up with a unique new Star Trek comedy podcast and Marc Maron’s amazing interview with William Shatner.  Only one week until the season 2 premiere of Strange New Worlds!