Podcast: All Access And Lisa Klink Explore “Lagrange Point” On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 186 with Lisa Klink - TrekMovie - Star Trek: Discovery "Lagrange Point"

[Discovery 509 review with Lisa Klink starts at 25:59]

There’s big news this week! Anthony and Laurie talk about the announcement that Oscar winner Holly Hunter will lead the Starfleet Academy series and reports that Simon Kinberg is in talks to oversee a new era of Star Trek feature films. They discuss the news that Picard‘s Terry Matalas is showrunning for Marvel, note that Strange New Worlds season 3 is about to wrap, and try to be patient like the Hageman brothers about when to expect Prodigy on Netflix.

After listening to some of Tony’s interview with Discovery‘s Blu del Barrio (Adira), Tony and Laurie are joined by Voyager/Deep Space Nine writer Lisa Klink to review the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Lagrange Point.”

They wrap up with a fan-led stream-a-thon to save Lower Decks and a lovely article from Discovery‘s Patrick Kwok-Choon about becoming a dad and captaining the Discovery on the same day.


Holly Hunter To Lead ‘Star Trek: Starfleet Academy’ Series As Chancellor

X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg Reportedly In Talks To Oversee Star Trek Feature Films4

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Showrunner Terry Matalas Jumps To Marvel As Showrunner For New Vision Series

Production On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 3 Has Wrapped(ish)

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers Urge Fans To Be Patient Waiting For Season 2 On Netflix

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Continues Climbing The Streaming Top 10 Chart

Treksperts Briefing Room podcast with Lisa Klink and Peter Holmstrom

Daenerys Targaryen Claims The Dothraki on Game of Thrones [YouTube]

Bart Simpson getting tethered before visiting an alternate dimension [YouTube]

The holodeck table scene in TNG’s “Schisms” [YouTube]

Callum Keith Rennie says he would’ve been in Discovery season 6 [ScreenRant]

Star Trek: Voyager‘s “Sacred Ground”

Lisa Klink on the “Tuvix” panel at Trek Talks 3

NOTE: Full Blu del Barrio interview will be posted on the site soon.


Anthony: Save Lower Decks Stream-a-thon event on the 25th and

Laurie: From Star Trek to the Delivery Room: A Day of Dual Adventures for Patrick Kwok-Choon [StarTrek.com] and “All Good Things…” co-writer Brannon Braga on how he and former writing partner Ronald D. Moore made TV history [Emmys.com]

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In regards to potential TNG cameos in the final episode, why not Salome Jens as the Progenitor?

Also a good option!

Well, considering we saw both Mol and Burnham disappear into the warm white glow of the Celestial Temple…..

Gonna go out on a limb here…perhaps the reason Paramount announced Holly Hunter’s casting this week is because she shows up in the finale as a set-up for Academy, kind of like Paul Wesley in SNW’s S1 finale.

Hey you won, congratulations!

So is Anthony thinking that the Star Trek origin movie will be a whole new Trek universe like Ultimate Marvel rebooted a new Marvel Universe in the comics (while the classic Marvel continued on also)?

That’s what I inferred, with the RDM BSG reference. Done right (again, with Ron Moore’s BSG as the template) I’d watch.

Thanks again for a great discussion! About Academy: since this is the establishment of a new, post-Burn Academy at its original San Francisco location, I wonder if the “new enemy” is a movement, as we saw toward the end of Enterprise, that is isolationist, “Earth First,” and opposes Earth’s rejoining the Federation and the restoration of the Academy (and presumably Starfleet superseding the autonomous Earth security force that existed after The Burn). That certainly would speak to our times.

I’m kind hoping someone shakes off the brain fart of needing yet another enemy to amp up the tension. Maybe we can tell interesting stories for three or four short seasons without having to worry about saving the galaxy. Again. And again…..

Fair enough, though to split hairs the blurb didn’t say anything about the galaxy being imperiled.

….true that, just the Academy and the Federation, which isn’t quite what it used to be.

I agree with that!

Look at that, Phil agreeing with Phil :)) LOL

As a Linux user I feel obliged to point out that Phil != phil ;-)

Lets see they used the Gorn, the Romulans, The Breen, the Borg, the Changelings,the klingons, at this point they used nearly all the big bads. I think its about them they change their approach to the bad guys and stop recycling what came before. Academy show is the perfect opportunity for this.

I could not agree more. Time for something new!

Where Species 8472 is still out there somewhere.


But yeah I agree, it’s time to do something different for a change.

They could do that, but wasn’t that already done with the Earth storyline in Discovery season 3 when they jump to the future and find the Federation shattered?

Yes, and eventually all the founding worlds rejoined the reinvigorated Federation. I was just thinking about who would have issues with the restoration of the Academy.

Yeah, seems a bit moustache twirly. Imagine a foreign adversary wanting to conquer the Americans, and to it, they will attack UCLA.

But seriously, the Academy has always been loosely defined. It’s a huge suspension of disbelief that anyone from across the vastness of Federation space who wanted to join Starfleet packed up and headed off to San Francisco.

No it’s not! They get to ride the cable cars!

I wasn’t thinking about alien foes but homegrown “Earther” (as the Klingons called humans in TOS) NIMBYs.

Yeah, having the Academy in SanFran was a symptom of the human desire to put Earth at the center of everything syndrome, not to mention the Fed HQ in Paris.

I actually love the idea that aliens all over the Alpha Quadrant are coming to Earth to study and just hanging out in the Height Ashbury district (where I used to live) between classes lol.

But I always imagined Starfleet would’ve just built extension schools on other important Federation worlds; at least by the 24th century when Starfleet and the Federation had really expanded by then.

Just listened to the podcast and as usual really great and informative discussion. And per usual agree with Laurie 100% of all of it.

A few random thoughts about the discussions.

First off, for the new movie, yes count me as skeptical it will ever happen but would love to be proven wrong. But listening to the discussion I guess I would be happy if it is a reboot because they could just go an entirely different direction and do some interesting things with it. Like Laurie l didn’t really want a TOS reboot ever and was very ho hum about the first Kelvin movie…. until I heard it was going to be an alternate universe story and oddly I got very excited over it. Unfortunately they didn’t really take advantage of their premise as fully as they should have but it was still a great idea IMO.

If the new movie is a complete reboot and starting fresh with new characters it could be interesting even if it is another tired prequel. But since it’s based on a time period we know very little about if we’re talking between First Contact and Enterprise then that’s about 90 years they can play with and why I don’t think it’s a reboot; unless they plan to do something radically different that just breaks canon. But I guess we’d see.

As for Discovery and the interview discussing Adira wow Anthony hit it right on the head when he asked how come we have never heard of her life on Earth…like ever??

It’s so bizarre. They have a character that’s literally the only one who lived on Earth in the 32nd century and has a very old Trill symbiote inside her and preceded to do nothing with either of those elements. I completely forgot she even came from Earth until this interview.

Why not tell us something about her life living there? Some insight into what Earth is like or how different it is since the Burn? It would’ve been interesting if we ran into a relative of hers or something. Does she actually have real parents??? I don’t remember if any of that has been touched upon.

And also why not use the Tal symbiote more? Maybe because she’s human it’s different but it’s funny they gave her this very unique backstory and then basically forgot about it once they used it to get them to Federation headquarters in season 3 when they could’ve built a very interesting arc around it for the character.

Instead it’s just been three seasons of being with her boyfriend and doubting herself on the ship; typical Discovery melodrama stuff instead of real character introspection and development but I digress.

Lastly I am very happy for Terry Matalas getting a Marvel show but also don’t think it’s a nail in the coffin for the Legacy show idea or just being involved in Star Trek again in general. And as Anthony said I said myself most Marvel shows are really miniseries vs full on TV shows. It could go multiple seasons but so far only Loki only got two seasons basically. And it’s not an exclusive deal so he could still work on things outside of Marvel anyway.

I always have to cite yes I’m fully aware there is no Legacy show on the table right now nor there might not ever be one but we call it faith for a reason. 😉

And I did love hearing Lisa Klink thoughts on the episode. I liked hearing her thoughts about Voyager on the Delta Flyers as well.

Great job as usual guys!

I remember when they introduced Adira and I kept thinking we were going to get a deep dive into what it’s like to wake up with no memories of your own, just a lifetime of Trill ones. Such a great story idea! Thanks for all your thorough and thoughtful comments. Means a lot! (And I also love hearing Lisa on the Delta Flyers.)

Exactly they could’ve done so much more with the character. It’s really disappointing. I do like Adira but it’s amazing how little the writers done every season speaks to the MANY issues Discovery has.

And thank you for saying that! 🙂

Yes and absolutely love Lisa Klink!

Adira’s pronouns are they/them. It’s been more than three years. Is it really that hard to get it right for a pedant like you?

I’m just shocked I can even remember Adiras name at this point. 😉

You sound like such a lovely person. Take it easy.