All Access: Review Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Episode 203 “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”

[Review starts at 05:35] Tony and Laurie give an update on the removal of Star Trek: Prodigy from Paramount+ including talk about efforts to save the show and the fan petition. They also talk about their hopes it will find a new home and where you can buy the show while we wait for more news. For merchandise news, they discuss the new Halloween-themed comic mini-series coming from IDW.

After the quick news update, the focus of the podcast is their review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow,” diving deep into what it means for La’an’s character, who this version of James Kirk is, and where the show tries to both explain and tweak canon. They also talk about how the new episode celebrates Canadian culture and specifically the city of Toronto, where new Star Trek shows are filmed.

Finally, we wrap up with a book co-written by Laurie that comes out next month and a T-shirt design inspired by their All Access Star Trek interview with Prodigy co-EP Aaron Waltke.