All Access Star Trek: “Temporal Edict” – Review Of ‘Lower Decks’ Episode 103

This week on the podcast, Tony and Laurie look at Alex Kurtzman’s latest comments on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and CBS All Access’ plans for world streaming domination. Then they dig into the third episode of Lower Decks, asking if the premise relies too heavily on one bad, very un-Starfleet decision by Captain Freeman, and picking out their favorite jokes and references.

Links  to topics discussed in the pod


Alex Kurtzman interview about Strange New Worlds

Dr. M’Benga slapping Spock

CBS’ Rebranding plans

Metaverse interview with Lower Decks creatives

Wesley Crusher in Star Trek Nemesis (and the deleted scene that explains a little more)

Other mentions:

Conundrum,” the TNG episode where Riker and Ro cavort

Groundskeeper Willie baring his chest

Battle for the Planet of the Apes clip

Chief O’Brien at Work

TrekMovie’s interview with Mike McMahon about how Lower Decks characters should all belong in Starfleet


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