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Star Trek ARG Report 8: Romulans in Tokyo, Berlin, and Madrid… April 27, 2009

by Aliotsy Andrianarivo , Filed under: Star Trek ARG , trackback

Over the weekend there has been a lot of activity with the Star Trek ARG. There are Romulans popping up all around the world and new clues coming every day now. And once again TrekMovie puts it all together to bring you all the latest on this viral event around the new Star Trek movie.





NOTE: if you are new to the Star Trek ARG see ‘Quick review’ at the bottom of this article


April 24 Clue 1: Romulan spotted in Tokyo
After more recent Star Trek Dance Parties on didn’t yield new clues, community members were somewhat surprised late Friday to find a Romulan in Tokyo!

A Romulan spotted in Tokyo

This Romulan is probably the mysterious "O" (aka PHPChatUser5), who was previously identified as a woman, and who had told "Fe" and "Al" that she would have their locations by Saturday and to look for her in one of their "spots" (see 4/23 update chat transcript). Although "O" writes in English, she is in Tokyo, suggesting that she’s there to "handle" Sargash, the Japanese-speaking PHPChatUser1 who has gone crazy.

Community members used the coordinates from the sheet "O" is holding to confirm two drop locations this past weekend: the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid and the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. The time on the sheet indicates 4:00pm, but ambiguous language in the chat made it unclear if the drop would occur on Saturday or Sunday.

April 25 Clue 2: "Fe" updates Twitter background, revealing new QR code
While community members mulled over PHPChatUser4’s new profile picture on Twitter, "Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers" (thankfully, "ATVNPF" for short), noticed that he had also changed his Twitter background, apparently to all-black. However, someone noticed something faint in the middle of the image, and with a little Photoshop work, revealed yet another QR code!

Hidden code

"Raphael" was first to decode the message: PHOENIX:01-20. Like Apus, Chamaeleon, and Indus, Phoenix is also a constellation created by Petrus Plancius and first depicted by Johann Bayer. "Al" is now the only team member without an associated constellation.

April 26 Clue Smorgasbord: Strange Happenings in Berlin and Madrid
The folks at Unfiction were able to send people to the Berlin drop location on Saturday at the specified time. After waiting around for a bit and taking pictures, they decided that the drop was meant to be on Sunday. Here’s a report from the next day, courtesy of "Siedler" at Unfiction:

Now we are back from the ARG Event at the Tacheles.

When we arrived at the location, the place looked like the day before. There was nothing special at the area. During 15 min we tried to find some wlan hotspots and other bluetooth devices. So the search result was only our own mobiles.

Then our eyes saw a couple that had a little flyer in his hands. They showed him inconspicuously some times in our direction, but we couldn´t see the content from the flyer.

Suddenly in front of the Tacheles a woman tried to distributed the flyers to some persons. We went to her and got the flyers. She gave us the information that we have to go a little way around the block. There waited another woman with the flyers. She directed us in a backyard. There were a lot of graffitis. On the ground we found some pictures, which were done with a pattern. It was the same like on the flyer. We searched a long time in this area, but found only a messy doss [sic] from a hobo. As we wanted to go home a sprayer came and fabricated new graffitis with a pattern.

A young woman came also and looked for the romulaner [sic] too. Her interests was the “sleepingplace” of the hobo. Not till then we saw the green “blood” in the sleeping bag. We found the right place! We made a lot of pictures. Also this woman told me that her friend got one or two messages. We assume that the PMs tried to sent it with bluetooth to us but it doesn´t worked.So they have to gave the message on this way. She will send it with Email to me. Nearly this message sounds: “Someone tried to cower. He can do it no more, because they will find him. He will go away”. That was all and we went at home.

(Note: "PM" is ARG lingo for "Puppet Master": the people behind the game)


Sleeping bag with green Romulan blood and ‘Romulan Ale’ (Picture courtesy of ‘Amujan’")

Graffiti at Berlin location

People who called the phone number heard this otherworldly recording (thanks "LtPiper" for the recording):

The parties known as "Iron" and "Aluminium" are an extreme public threat. It is your duty to supply us with any information regarding their whereabouts. Failure to do so will result in every horror being inflicted upon you and your kind, and your planet will be destroyed. Save yourselves. Contain the threat.

(that’s "LtPiper" at the end of the recording!)

Meanwhile, in Madrid …

While it seemed like no one related to TrekMovie or Unfiction was able to make it for the Madrid event, Twitterer "colgado47" claims he was able to make it, and posted this cryptic video:

#startrekarg bluetooth madrid (?????)

There’s speculation that colgado47 is with the "Puppet Masters" and sent along the video when no one was able to make it to the museum in Madrid.

Back in Berlin …

"Siedler" received the message promised by the woman he mentioned in his update above (she, too, is suspected to be a member of the "Puppet Masters") via email … another video!

a still from the video

"Amujan" translates the text in the video as:

Kaleh, i’m sick and tired of having to live outside. I’m sleeping in the vivcinity of the position, where you received this message at. People are spraying graffiti and throwing away their old furniture here, it’s digusting. I won’t hide anymore. They’re onto me anyway. I can as well enjoy the time I have left to live.

"Raphael," a veritable ARG workhorse, pieced together snippets of QR code in the Madrid and Berlin videos, yielding 4,NOM4D5,C1U3:. Perhaps l33t for "a nomads clue?"

April 26th and 27th: "Alice" tweets about, Daoud’s idea

"Alice," almost certainly a "Puppet Master" posing as a player, mentioned the controversial site on Saturday in response to several tweets:

#startrekarg I still haven’t cracked , but I’m still trying!

By acknowleding the site, does Alice put to rest questions of whether or not it’s in-game? Who knows?

Alice, in a conversation with @tvdw, also suggests that we have all the pieces for solving the puzzle by pointing to an April 22nd comment by "Daoud" on TrekMovie:

@tvdw Looking over old ideas –

@tvdw looking at #112…this seems to be the right direction. So…surely we already have everything we need?

"Daoud’s" comment:

APUS has four letters. 01 + 4 = 05
CHAMAELEON has ten letters. 13 + 10 = 23

Analysis: what now?
Much of the community around this ARG is focusing their efforts on cracking by using the constellation: number combinations found in QR codes. However, there are still several open questions.

Thank you!
I was generally offline this weekend, so I put this update together with much assistance from "Matt," "ATVNPF," and "Raphael." Thanks, guys!

Star Trek ARG – A quick review
The Star Trek Alternative Reality Game began a couple of weeks ago after some fans spotted URLs on the walls of ‘Star Trek Dance Party’ photos up at, these clues led to more sites, which in turn led to more clues. Here are the previous TrekMovie articles on the Star Trek ARG:

Also, all TrekMovie articles regarding this are now in a single Star Trek ARG Category.

What do you think? — and A NOTE before you comment
Before you post clues or speculation in the comments below, check the previous TrekMovie articles (including comments) to be sure they haven’t already been covered.

Star Trek ARG Chat & Forum
TM community member "Tom" hosts the very active ARG chat where much of the problem-solving is taking place. He has set up a forum for posting clues and speculation. It also includes links to the chat.

Other resources

Any new clues or theories? Let us know!
but again, be sure to check previous posts to make sure they haven’t been covered. If you really think you are on to something, send in a clue to tips [at]
trekmovie [dot] com. However, please keep tips to new (at least semi) verified clues, and not just speculation, that is what the comments are for.


1. crazydaystrom - April 27, 2009


2. S. John Ross - April 27, 2009

My brain hurts.

3. Andy Patterson - April 27, 2009

I think these types of ad campaigns are targeted at a different crowd than me. And ones with a lot more time.

4. FloridaTrekBoi - April 27, 2009

Bored now

5. steve2 - April 27, 2009

Hope no one gets hurt.

6. Sci-Fi Bri - April 27, 2009

coudln’t be worse than the Aqua Teen Hunger Squad “ARG” where they had the boston police sue them…

7. jim - April 27, 2009

i hat this “alias-lost-star-trek-crossover” thing! stop it!

8. dfinn - April 27, 2009

Thanks very much for a GREAT ARG review! This helps to put a lot of things into ‘mental pidgeon-holes’ for me and make the whole business a lot clearer…

Nice work — all!

9. Gary Seven - April 27, 2009

What a collossal waste of time and energy.

Just go enjoy the damn movie and appreciate that Trek is once again on the front burner of pop culture!

10. Selor - April 27, 2009

If you hate it, why do you even bother to read these articles?

11. Cobalt 1365 - April 27, 2009

How tragic would it be if no one picked up on the ARG and all those people dedicating time to graffiti, twittering, making websites etc all went without notice?

By the way, is this still in the realm of Marketing or just killing time until the movie comes out?

12. Phil - April 27, 2009


13. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 27, 2009

Big stuff, guys. I just got an email from a That Gruber in response to an email I sent to “” It says:

“For your own safety, send us all information you have on these rogues. They want to destroy your planet, and we are here to help you stop them. We know these traitors all too well and can figure out what their plans are if you send us any of their belongings or any information you intercepted. We have their coded key from Berlin-Madrid but if we are to access the data it hides, you must send us the combined access-point quad. If we do not get to this data first, the rogues could unleash destruction unlike anything you can imagine. We have no time, if you want to save your world, tell us now what we need to know. ”


14. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 27, 2009

Dangit, the email was from “Thad Gruber,” not “that” gruber. Sorry. :0)

15. mscottr - April 27, 2009

I think that containthetreat is most likely the enemy here. We should be very circumspect in our dealings with them.

16. LostOnNCC1701 - April 27, 2009

I have to say, this has been one of the more disappointing ARG’s. Although admittedly it is far harder to do a ST ARG then it is, say, Batman or LOST (two ARGs which were able to hold my interest).

Really, the only time ST could have had a ARG working would have been the Voyage Home, for obvious reasons.

17. mscottr - April 27, 2009

Contain the threat, not contain the treat. Considerable difference there…

18. Sci-Fi Bri - April 27, 2009

in other news:

the star trek end credits music is now on youtube. it sounds great to me.

19. RedShark - April 27, 2009

Okay, I give up.

20. WolfTrek - April 27, 2009

I just don’t get this. Maybe it’s because we (in the South) don’t live in basements, and actually get out once and a while. . . . .

21. Andros - April 27, 2009

You know what would be hilarious? If Paramount has nothing to do with this at all.

22. The L0nely G0d - April 27, 2009

“What a collossal waste of time and energy.

Just go enjoy the damn movie and appreciate that Trek is once again on the front burner of pop culture!”

Does the idea of enjoying puzzles elude you? Does the idea that a basic plot might be interesting really strike you as so weird?

Honestly, just stfu.

23. illogical - April 27, 2009

Man, if all the people commenting “what a waste of time” would use the time they spent reading the posts helping the community to solve the puzzle, this ARG would be over! Seriously, people, if this stuff isn’t for you, then don’t read it! Some of us LOVE a good mystery and are having a blast!

24. Mel - April 27, 2009

I got the same email but with one sentence more.

“For your own safety, send us all information you have on these rogues. They want to destroy your planet, and we are here to help you stop them. We know these traitors all too well and can figure out what their plans are if you send us any of their belongings or any information you intercepted. We have their coded key from Berlin-Madrid but if we are to access the data it hides, you must send us the combined access-point quad. If we do not get to this data first, the rogues could unleash destruction unlike anything you can imagine. We have no time, if you want to save your world, tell us now what we need to know.

Do you know how this connects to the quad?”

25. Brad - April 27, 2009

Oh yea, Romulan Ale in water bottles. Yeaaaaa, whatever. This is the lamest ARG ever!

26. illogical - April 27, 2009

Apparently everyone got the same email from “containthethreat.” They must have been waiting for a new update from trekmovie to send it!
2 pictures from the museum in Madrid were attached:

27. Mel - April 27, 2009

The Romulan in the picture means probably:

01-01 (perhaps it could also be 01-51)


You must rotate the picture to see U,A and P.

28. Daoud - April 27, 2009

The email I received is identical.

BUT, they included two .jpg files. Anyone else get those?

29. illogical - April 27, 2009

@28 – see #26

30. Matt - April 27, 2009

Yes, I got them. Links:

Romulan writing? And I presume this is from the location in Madrid.

31. Chingatchkook - April 27, 2009


I haven’t been keeping up with it that much, but on that same note there are some of us that are enjoying the updates and where the story is going. Keep at ‘er!

32. Mel - April 27, 2009

Sorry, I made a mistake in 27.

The D is a S!
So APUS is correct.

33. Cheve - April 27, 2009

I’m in madrid.

Is there any clue that suggests I should send a friend somewhere at any specific moment in time?

34. Daoud - April 27, 2009

Well, good. I’m glad we all are seeing the same pictures now.

I read the Madrid painted image as follows, close to what you have Mel.

If you start at the right, it’s an A rotated 90° to the right
P is upside down.
U is rotated 90° to the left
and it’s an *S* upside down.

It spells APUS going around in a clock face with A to the right.
The numbers in the upper left are 01-05

This repeats the APUS:01-05 clue. Why?

35. Daoud - April 27, 2009

Apparently the “QUAD” is a combination of

I believe that somehow Indus and Phoenix are incorrect and should have been:
INDUS:01-06 (5 letters in INDUS, 01+5=6)
PHOENIX:13-20 (7 letters in PHOENIX, 13+7=20)

If Alice is indicating somehow my “previous observation” had merit, that’s the only way I can find to make it relevant. (I was considering things like modulo 12 division… and my head hurts now!)

36. dayxday - April 27, 2009


37. Selor - April 27, 2009

Has someone tried to connect those Constellations (or the exact points in it, those Numbers should mean additional coordinates for a certain star in that constellation)?

Maybe if we draw lines from every point to a middle we end up at another star, maybe the coordinates of Romulus or Hobus.

38. Sybok's Secret Brother - April 27, 2009

This is like… hard or something… huh huh huh

39. Matt - April 27, 2009

Thanks Daoud. Wish you could join the chat, but I remember you said that it wasn’t possible.

Brilliant thinking as always, and hey. Being called out by one of the PMs is a pretty cool thing!

40. Matt - April 27, 2009

@37 – Finding the mid point of these constellations is an excellent idea.

41. Ian - April 27, 2009

This is going way too far. I’m just going to stop following this until a solution is found.

Live long and prosper.

42. The Wild Man of Borneo - April 27, 2009

As I said a billion times before when this started…

what’s the point?

43. Selor - April 27, 2009

@42 Simply said? Fun!

44. Matt - April 27, 2009

@42 – Thanks for your ongoing desire to remind us of your feelings.

45. Mel - April 27, 2009

After the numbers of the Romulan writing, it seems like there is a corner symbol. So I guess that means, that the upper left corner on has the coordinate 01-01.

46. Kai3k - April 27, 2009

the source of the flash application (390e9ad1a5af0a2f8e370020fb3a833c.swf) on is a md5 hash, its original string is “456793” (only another random number?)

47. DS9 Rocks - April 27, 2009

I assume someone said this already, but isn’t the diagram on johnbayer just a key, and you have to check the right combination of squares and then click the access square that appears on the bottom right (under the large grid) after you start clicking on the grid… and presumably that reveals something? and, again presumably, the combination of squares is described by the constellation numbers (either directly, so, 13-23 is a coordinate on the grid, or in some convoluted way)? Then, it would appear all we need is the last combination of numbers for Ai.

48. DS9 Rocks - April 27, 2009

if we can’t the combo–can someone write a code to crack this site?

49. DS9 Rocks - April 27, 2009

[sic] can’t *get* the combo…

50. aliotsy - April 27, 2009

@46 – Kai3k – probably not random. Nice find. :)

51. DGill - April 27, 2009

Having followed a lot of viral games in my time, this has to be the most idiotic/confusing/pointless campaign tied to any movie, let alone a Star Trek film.

52. DS9 Rocks - April 27, 2009

maybe you should stop following them, dgill.

53. Mantastic - April 27, 2009

My brain asplode.

54. Selor - April 27, 2009

Does anyone know how to… eh change the size of the view? Can’t get all the Constellations complete on one Picture..

55. DGill - April 27, 2009


I follow the good ones, my friend. Even the Year Zero game for the Nine Inch Nails album was pretty good…but that was long ago. The last good viral campaign was for The Dark Knight.

56. illogical - April 27, 2009

This is definitely the most complicated ARG I’ve seen, but why is that bad? After all, Trek fans are on the whole the smartest group of fans out there (in spite of some of the comments above)!

57. NCC-73515 - April 27, 2009

How many % of the movie budget went into this?

58. Paulaner - April 27, 2009

Wow. This is the most intriguing viral game I’ve seen. Fascinating. Trek fans have the brain to solve it.

59. Daoud - April 27, 2009

#57 Probably little. I suspect they have done some of the legwork when they were touring the world.
#56 I think they’re setting up for a final week of fun. The rest has been just prelude.
#55 It ain’t over until the Fat Romulan Lady sings. As I said, this all seems like a prelude. Here’s hoping it gets interesting from May 1- May 8, the week leading up to the full debut.
#54 None of us think it has anything to do with the actual constellations themselves. The names are being used, because they form a set of 12, which could indicate clock positions, months, you name it.

I think they’ve been waiting for it to go more mainstream:

The Romulan “crash site” has crossed over to something beyond the game-puppetmasters’ report at CNN’s IReport.

60. bmar - April 27, 2009

Have been following all this as a lurker – interested to read it all and quite impressed at the intellectual backflips everyone has pulled off to decode this. In general I’m really into ARG’s, but I guess what I’m missing on this is any real connection to the movie – other than the fact that it involves Romulans. With “LOST” – you could directly sense the underlying premise of the series – the Dharma Initiative, the Hanso foundation – etc. Likewise, with Dark Knight, you could sense the malevolence of the Joker behind the ARG.

Maybe it will become clearer as more clues come out, but so far, watching you guys figure it out is more interesting than the ARG in and of itself.

61. FreeMovieFairy.Com | Free Movies Online | Watch Online Movies | Full Movie Downloads - April 27, 2009

[…] Star Trek ARG Report 8: Romulans in Tokyo, Berlin, and Madrid … […]

62. LtPiper - April 27, 2009

Tom discovered that on Saturday in the chat. I just gave us confirmation that the site is ingame as it matches the number at the start of the chat.

Now as for the bayer site I think it’s a big ole massive hey everybody focus on me distraction at this point. We have enough theory on how to unlock that sucker we could take up and entire math and physics department at a major university to work on and probably not unlock it.

I’m thinking the direction we need to go is with these contain the threat people. I think the next move in this is them getting the codes we have.

63. c0mBaTkArL - April 27, 2009


(crummy commercials)

64. Starman - April 27, 2009

I love ARGs. Love them. This, not so much.

I love bees.

65. geekdude - April 27, 2009

21- yeah thats what i was thinking. what if it was the cobra snake people all along. they probably have parties in all those locations so they would be there anyway.

what have people tried with the site? i asume nobody has tried entering any of the Qr codes we have found so far?

66. Janeways Knickers - April 27, 2009

… and they said it was just the even numbered ARG reports that were rubbish…

just listened to the end credits of the new movie on youtube. thats news.

67. ProperTrekkieUK - April 27, 2009

Could the number codes after the constellations corrispod to grid positions on the John Bayer site? Just a thought!

This is all pretty cool!

68. Matt - April 27, 2009

67 – The problem is, how do they correspond? We think there’s a link there (maybe), but there are just a seemingly infinite way to make that work.

I think we need more info.

Did you have something in mind?

69. subatoi - April 27, 2009

There are other questions. What about the landing-site-coordinates. Did we use those?

70. Kim Jong Il - April 27, 2009

This is stupid. You people knock it off. Now.

71. Matt - April 27, 2009

69 – I don’t think we know what to do with those yet.

72. DGill - April 27, 2009

Well, I would be completely surprised if the reward for all this running around was:

A full-length, high-def clip of Nero’s deleted ‘escape from Rura Penthe’ sequence!

That’s the only thing that would make me spit out my drink and start eating my words about not liking this game. :D

73. aliotsy - April 27, 2009

@65 — geekdude. We have. Or at least, I have tried a few. No dice.

The challenge is that 39×39 is not a standard grid size for QR codes.

74. raveoned - April 27, 2009

In the wider shot from the contain the threat email, is there anything of consequence written on the rusty tower, looks like white chalk?

I can’t zoom in on it here, I wasn’t sure.

Jeez, I go away for the weekend, and all heck breaks loose!

75. Dorf1701 - April 27, 2009

The “232fr” could be Francium-232, the largest possible isotope of Francium, although it should technically be written with 232 as a superscript preceding Fr, but this could be chalked up to miswriting it.

Long story short: 232Fr may mean Francium-232, the largest possible isotope of Francium, which is element #87.

76. aliotsy - April 27, 2009

@75 Dorf1701 – Nice work! Some other people picked up on that, too, and it’s generally considered the most likely interpretation. However, we’re not sure what to DO with it, yet.

77. Viking - April 27, 2009

I know what all this means now: Romulans from the future are responsible for the outbreak of Swine Flu. ;-)

78. Mel - April 27, 2009

@ 75

They meant a frequency of bluetooth with the 232 fr. They tried to sent the Berlin video per bluetooth, but that didn’t work, so an in game player in Berlin sent it to someone who were at the Kunsthaus Tacheles on Sunday per email.

And the in game player colgado47 also got the Madrid video supposedly via bluetooth.

Obviously no one was at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid on Sunday at 16.00 hours local time. Because of that the in game player colgado47 got us the Madrid video, and the pictures from containthethread were also taken at the Museo in Madrid from them because no Star Trek ARG follower was there.

Those pictures were clearly taken at the Museo. Perhaps there is more to see if someone personally go there with a camera.

So if anyone here lives in Madrid, it would be nice if you could see, if there are more Romulan writing!

79. LtPiper - April 27, 2009

Well the contain the threat people have all the info now. After mentioning in the chat my thoughts in 62 several sent the info.

80. Mawazitus - April 27, 2009

Seriously, every single commenter who writes anything along the lines of “this is boring” or “what’s the point?” needs to take a long look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves, “Why do I continue to read these when I detest them so?” My best guess is you are a sick individual with an unbending desire for self-inflicted pain and agony.

It’s a BIG Internet and world our there, go find something you DO like.

81. bmar - April 27, 2009

@80 – A little harsh, don’t you think? I’m a big proponent of “if you don’t like what you’re listening to, don’t listen” but not everyone who is commenting their dislike or disinterest is doing so in a way that hurts others.

Some (like me, I think) are offering valid critique of this ARG.

What you’re saying is equivalent to saying “if you don’t like a movie, you’re not allowed to give a negative review.”

Just sayin’…

82. Mawazitus - April 27, 2009

81: These are not reviews. These are throw-away negative comments that do not serve to further the discussion.

83. bmar - April 27, 2009

@82 – Well, strictly speaking “this is boring” is a review. Granted, a short and not exactly constructive review, but a review nonetheless.

In any case, as I said earlier, not everyone who is less than thrilled with the construction of this ARG and decides to post about it is a “sick individual.”

84. Daoud - April 27, 2009

#83 “This is boring” is a review perhaps, but it’s more a slam against those participating in the ARG. If you want to review (and slam someone), comment on the nature of the *puppetmasters* and those *in-game* not doing such a great job, and it seeming like the clues are erratic and easily overlooked. #82 has you correctly. How about a substantive negative review, eh?

Many of us following and trying to decipher this ARG would agree it seems aimless, and it’s frustrating for sure going through the human excrement that are The Cobra Snake dance parties to find clues. Also, some of the “connectivity” is lacking. PHPChatUser2, php beta, “Ca”, “Ca”mille Dupont, “CHA”maeleon was a cute reiteration of “Ca”. But what do Indus, Sargash and Silicon have in common?

So, there… you can review the ARG negatively with some substantive comments. To do otherwise seems only to be desiring to state something like “how cool thou art, and how stupid others are”.

85. Ryan - April 27, 2009 grid seems ideal for inputting a QR code. Perhaps we’re supposed to get a code by combining the 4?

86. bmar - April 27, 2009

@84 re: substantive comments. I did. See post 60.

My comment at post 81 was merely to say that the post at 80 was a little harsh for calling people “sick individuals.”

87. Dave - April 27, 2009

Once we find the QR for the final constellation, would it be possible to compile all of them into one single code for input on the site?

88. Matt - April 27, 2009

I think I’m now of the opinion that we’ve beaten our heads against a brick wall for far long enough. The Bayer site is in-game, but for now it’s just a goal. The end game. Plenty more to do before we’re able to solve it.

I know most disagree with me on that, but there you go.

89. The Other Dave - April 27, 2009

Question for the people at the one in Berlin.

Did you happen to talk to the guy who was spray painting the ground?

90. Commodore Redshirt - April 27, 2009

RE: 9. Gary Seven
” What a collossal waste of time and energy.”

I have enjoyed all my wasted time and energy, thank you.
I find it an entertaining puzzle.

91. aliotsy - April 27, 2009

89 @ The Other Dave — someone posted a pic of one of the painters with a caption that mentioned they were “not very talkative.” So I’m guessing they were trying to engage them in conversation and failed.

92. WTF - April 27, 2009

What in God’s name is going on here

93. hmich176 - April 27, 2009

I never thought I’d say this.

I’m not a fan of Voyager. I’m not much of a fan of aspects of Enterprise.

But this is the first time I can truly say that something being done in relation to Star Trek just doesn’t interest me. In fact, it’s turning me off. None of this makes any sense, nor do I see where this is leading to. I just want the damn movie already. It comes out May 8, yes, but to what relevance does this have with anything?

It’s annoying and frustrating at best.

94. riknight - April 27, 2009

the bayer site isa puzzle yes but I think we need to recreate the images in the video 46650 that was posted by colago47 on the bayer site to see if that works??

95. riknight - April 27, 2009

hey did anyone see this writing on the wall next to thegirls on the left side????

96. Matt - April 27, 2009

@95 – Yeah. Someone in chat familiar with Japanese took a crack at it, though he was not a native speaker. He came up with gibberish. So we gathered that it was innocent. A utility worker’s marking, perhaps.

97. AngryA - April 27, 2009

If you input

APUS: 01-05

into a QR-code generator you get a 39×39 grid size. I tried the result on the johannbayer site, but nothing happened. Maybe there’s some other variation needed? Seems though that the more lines of texts you use, the bigger the grid becomes.

98. The Other Dave - April 28, 2009

Good idea.

somebody up above posted


i’m gonna try that, maybe hopefully?

99. The Other Dave - April 28, 2009

no joy.

i hope something rally good is at the other end of the site…

100. some guy - April 28, 2009

Holy shit, can’t they hire a decent german translator?

101. greatgeek - April 28, 2009 now shows an incomplete qr code

102. greatgeek - April 28, 2009

…or not

103. CyberMans - April 28, 2009

I noticed that when you at least color 1 square at the field at the under the right bottom of the square another field comes available. When clicking on it, it returns me to the page

104. CyberMans - April 28, 2009 image of it

105. The Other Dave - April 28, 2009

yeah, it’s either a send or reset button. It hasn’t been determined

106. Holger - April 28, 2009

Excuse me?

107. mscottr - April 28, 2009

I wish I still had the time to actively participate in this. It seems like the clues are coming fast and furious at this point.

108. Kai3k - April 28, 2009

In germany, there is 2.32 Ghz an amateur radio frequency in the 11-centimeter band with a range about 300 km. anybody here with an amateur radio?

109. caseylee4ts - April 28, 2009

So I was playing with a QR code generator and it looks like the possibilities need to be narrowed down for what needs to be entered at I’ve found that there is a difference in the output when distinguishing between capital and non-capital letters (for example, I tried Uranometria and uranometria and got two different codes).

Also, when I tried:
I got something different than when I inserted a space after the colons…

Any ideas on this? It seems there are too many possibilities! Could it be something as simple as a name?

110. Kai3k - April 28, 2009
someone decompiled the source of the flash. on success, it will send to

111. caseylee4ts - April 28, 2009

The only thing displayed at that link is…


In fact, that’s all that’s in the source code too…

112. caseylee4ts - April 28, 2009

FUBAR… hehe

113. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 28, 2009

A few thoughts here, as I won’t be able to participate much today….

First, my apologies to ailotsy and Anthony for having such a ridiculously long handle here :) Had I any inkling it might have been used in a more conversational manner, I’d have come up with something a bit more “user friendly” :)

Next, for the folks working on the bayer site, please understand there’s nothing positive out there at the moment that confirms it to be “in game.” It may be, it may not be. We just don’t know. We do know that the site allows the user to produce what boils down to a string of 1,521 (39×39) 1’s and or 0’s that are posted back to the site. How that string is evaluated is hidden from us. There are really no clues about the intended image (if any) in the flash movie. It is possible *nothing* gets resolved. Maybe its the ultimate Kobayashi Maru puzzle – there is no correct resolution :-) Ultimately, right now, we just don’t know.

Last, to the folks who seem compelled to come here and make rotten comments about the ARG…what’s the point of all the negativity? You don’t ARG’s? Great. Don’t play. I’ve never played an ARG before, and I don’t know that I’ll play one again, but I’ve found this experience very enjoyable.

What most folks here don’t realize is that you’ve got a bunch of people here,in the chatroom, in unfiction thinking, theorizing, speculating, and dismissing various ideas on how to get the next clue, where to take the next step. For every two or three ideas that bear a little fruit, a code, a symbol, you’ve probably got 100 or more that get discussed and dismissed. Its the ultimate cooperative effort.

This is a thorughly enjoyable thinker’s adventure with the fleeting hint of reality thrown in, which makes it all the more enjoyable – and we meet some fun and interesting people along the way. You could almost think of it as a living jigsaw puzzle; yeah, it gets a little slow sometimes, and sometimes the clues are a little too cryptic, but its going to resolve itself eventually. The point is to have a little fun along the way.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. I don’t like sushi, but I don’t condemn people who do. Why those who don’t like this game feel compelled to express their personal disdain for it absolutely stupefies me. If you know we’re talking about the ARG here, and you don’t like ’em, just move on.


114. Daoud - April 28, 2009

We knew the bayer site is ‘in game’ because of the IP number ranges, the portraits of what the puppetmasters erroneously thought were Johann Bayer (but were instead Johann C. Bayer and John Flamsteed)….

Superb observations, Auth-Father :)

115. aliotsy - April 28, 2009

@97 AngryA — do you mind pointing us to that QR code generator? A lot of people have been saying that you CAN’T generate a 39×39 grid since it’s a non-standard size (I think there’s 37×37 below 39×39 and 41×41 above it).

So if you’ve found a way to do so that combines all of the current clues, that would be very interesting.

@108 Kai3k — I’m leaning toward that being the explanation myself. If you’re right, I don’t think we need to check that frequency (it was probably related to Sunday’s events).

@111 caseylee4ts — tough, huh? Some people are thinking we should avoid and look elsewhere for clues until the PMs give us something else to go on.

116. Kai3k - April 28, 2009

@ATVNPF you’re all right. It will only send something like….01010 (1521x) and this server side script will return some thing for us.

my question: is the needed QR-Code the fifth missing code (like APUS:01-05) or do we get this fifth code later with another hint?

117. Daoud - April 28, 2009

The letters from “containthethreat” have emphasized a “quad”, which suggests to me, the four constellation codes are it. Quad meaning 4, of course. Of course, what the heck A NOMADS CLUE has to do with it is uncertain. 2.32 GHz is a bluetooth frequency though, so I agree it might be moot now. The very last chat we know if did mention the transmission of a waveform (which must be the A NOMADS CLUE vid).

Perhaps the codes have to be entered in a clockface structure, similar to the Madrid concrete staining with A P U S. Why else was APUS painted in that manner at a 3, 6, 9 and 12 position? If only the other constellation names were divisible by 12…

118. subatoi - April 28, 2009

We also didn’t find out what that thing meant. Yet.
And the landing-site-coordinates. Yet.

Maybe we need to focus on searching things related to “Al”, so we can find his missing, last, QR.

119. PV - April 28, 2009

Did somebody think of 232fr as being freedonia (a fictious element mentioned in TNG)?

120. gigshaft - April 28, 2009

My attempt at personal constructive criticism:

This game seems to be too many rabbit holes, not enough wonderland.

More power to those who are enjoying themselves, but as a fan of ARGs, I’m not even enjoying following the people who are enjoying themselves.

(Though, yeah, I can appreciate the effort that’s gone into putting it all together.)

121. Daoud - April 28, 2009

Subatoi: I think you meant this link:

Those of us with our Romulan alphabet handy have managed to decipher the characters, but they don’t particularly follow any specific pattern. They seem to be from images that might appear on the viewscreens of the Narada.

122. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 28, 2009

Hey Daoud (and everyone)

This is a left-fielder to be sure, but someone might want to toss around the possibility that the fourth clue **somehow** might actually translate to “ANDROMEDA” in some way. Don’t know how.

We’ve been pulling the words “A NOMAD” out of that original text pretty readily, and that at least starts to look like a fuzzy neighbor of :”ANDROMEDA”…and those leet translations can get kinda flakey…so who knows…


123. Cheve - April 28, 2009

I suppose that any clue missed because we didn’t know when to be there, is in the video.

124. Daoud - April 28, 2009

#95, 96 That image might bear further analysis by someone extremely fluent in reading kanji, katakana, and hiragana. Clearly the first mark is “ni” and the last mark is “ri”. I don’t know enough Japanese to identify the middle characters, but they should be deciphered.

All of the The Cobra Snake party images featuring Green Orion women have had relevant marks on the walls with the same thickness of black pen. (The so-called “binary sites”)

#122 Interesting speculation, but not sure what you’d do with the SCLU left over, or where you’d find the extra R and D to ge ANDROMEDA. One of our gang previously noted that it rearranges to “MANUAL CODES” That seems VERY relevant. Especially if APUS, INDUS, PHOENIX and CHAMAELEON are those 4 codes. The “quad” that containthethreat is seeking.

125. aliotsy - April 28, 2009

@117 Daoud — the “Contain the Threat” email says this:

“We have their coded key from Berlin-Madrid but if we are to access the data it hides, you must send us the combined access-point quad.”

I’ve been thinking that “A NOMADS CLUE” is what will get us past the 39×39 grid (it’s a key). Then we’ll encounter a second puzzle related to the constellations.

Exactly how that looks, I’m not sure. I tried entering “4,NOM4D5,C1U3:” as a 25×25 QR code into without success.

126. Daoud - April 28, 2009

I really don’t find turning on and off 1,561 little switches (39×39) to be the highlight of this ARG. Someone decompiled the thing, wouldn’t the solution be in the decompiling?

127. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 28, 2009

@126…Daoud, while it could, it doesn’t work that way in this case. The grid is built inside your browser, but the “evaluation” of what is entered is done by a script on the webserver that’s hidden from view. When you press that little “extra square” on the bottom right, it sends a reprsentation of your “image” to the webserver for evaluation. There are no clues to the structure or content of the image in that flash file, other than that it consists of 1,521 1’s and/or 0’s.

Absolutely agree that ANDROMEDA is a stretch on that last clue, and it requires some creative interpretation of the other letters. There was at least some discussion about whether some of the letters from that clue might be subject to multiple leet interpretations, or might have been partially incorrectly decoded from the QR…clearly a straw grasp…but since I can’t be there, I tossed it in here :)

It could be nothing more than figuring out the right permutation of the literal text from the first four QR codes into a string, then creating a QR from it, and entering that resultant code on the Bayer grid…which I assume some people have already done…but MAN that’s a tedious proposition…with four codes, you’ve got 24 possible ways to arrange them, meaning someone’s got to enter up to 24 different QR’s into that grid…and *that* assumes it is even the right path. Ugh. If someone wants to go down that path, power to ’em…might try to divvy it up among a few people. That’s an awful lot of work!!!

Later all

128. Daoud - April 28, 2009

New email from Thad Gruber… See the UF site where I’ll try to post the attached jpg.

Seems that I was on to something with the quad. Chamaeleon goes in the lower right corner, but inverted. Look there.

129. Daoud - April 28, 2009

130. Matt - April 28, 2009

Yeah. Finally we have something more to go on with the Bayer site!

131. Mel - April 28, 2009

I have gotten an email from Thad Gruber from .

“This is helpful to us. However, if the rogues are using a combination of the quad, they therefore have an input grid. You must help us find it. Only then can we properly use the rotation and coordinate indicia to enter the pieces of the quad.”

The pictures says:

01.01 not = 13.13

132. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 28, 2009

Maybe I’m being dense, but the grid @ bayer is not big enough to hold all four QR’s simultaneously. Heck, even the sample Gruber sent is over 20×20 (27×27, I think0 It makes me wonder if we’re really looking for a larger grid, or an “entry” code for the 39×39 grid that reveals *another* grid large enough to hold all four constellation QR’s!

133. mscottr - April 28, 2009

Wouldn’t 01.01 and 13.13 be X-Y coordinates?

So according to the image, wouldn’t we start the sample QR at 13 up and 13 over? Or has this been suggested already?

134. Matt - April 28, 2009

@ 133 – That’s what I think. Also, in the email we’re shown that the Chamaeleon one needs to be rotated, so that the indicated corner is at that coordinate. That’s how I read it, at least.

135. Mel - April 28, 2009

Just to make it clear what I mean. The picture just describe where to start to put in the QR code. So the true corner of the QR code is not the 01.01 coordinate but the 13.13 coordinate.

136. mscottr - April 28, 2009


So should we apply that same scheme to APUS and the others as well? I suggest we start with Si’s QR code, and just try to input them with the “small-boxed” corner oriented towards the origin.

137. D for me. - April 28, 2009

Would they be inverted also?

138. D for me. - April 28, 2009

Only Apus and chamaeleon?

139. Daoud - April 28, 2009

APUS:01-05 Upper Left Corner
INDUS:13-06 Upper Right Corner (mirror image it L-R and R-L)
PHOENIX:01-20 Lower Left Corner (mirror image it top-bottom bottom-top)
CHAMAELEON:13-23 Lower Right Corner (invert it about 01.01)

140. AngryA - April 28, 2009

@125. aliotsy

I used and the text input. By giving an enter after each part the grid got bigger.

141. Richard Martin - April 28, 2009

The Romulan is the same on as on page 7 of Countdown 3. So she’s one of Nero’s crew. A back up plan to destroy earth is Nero and the Narada failed? Or a shuttlecraft launched by accident during the travel through the blackhole/singularity thing at the end of countdown 4.

142. Keldar the annoying - April 28, 2009

Could the numbers at the end of the constellations give a clue as to where onthe grid the code goes?

143. Kai3k - April 28, 2009

Don’t build a new QR-Code by combining four smaller QR-Codes, the 3 position squares will never contain useful data

144. Richard Martin - April 28, 2009

See the symbol at the centre of the Dharma symbol:

Compare it to the symbpol in the sand at 3:51 on this TNG episode:

TNG Easter egg or clue?

145. Enviro999 - April 28, 2009

Has anyone thought of taking the white and black squares in the video and use it as a guide in

146. GeneLaBarre - April 28, 2009

@139 – Did anyone try turning the codes based on the letters like in the picture from Madrid, meaning APUS = 4, turn by 4 pi (0 degrees)? Chamaeleon works, too, based on the clue from the containthethreat gmail – 10, turn by 10 pi (180 degrees)

147. Keldar the annoying - April 28, 2009

This is probably old news but the cobra snake star trek poster has what looks like a QR code in the lower left hand corner. None of the pictures looked clear enough to make it out.

148. GeneLaBarre - April 28, 2009

doh – math a bit off, meant 4 * pi/2 and 10* pi/2 (to give the degrees above) – Anyone tried that?

149. Matt - April 28, 2009

Lots of frustration in the chat room. I’m not one of those who is expert at this grid (or QR code), but apparently all combinations were attempted. There is even some talk that it is unsolvable (and I don’t want to speak for anyone) because the same input text (i.e. APUS:01-05) can generate more than one QR, and vice versa. So we would need to know what the PM’s have. Since we don’t and ours aren’t working… well… we’re stuck.

150. KJ - April 28, 2009


151. Daoud - April 28, 2009

Matt, do you know if an outright overlap was attempted, as I described above in post 139? It would have the effect of having the 3 positioning symbols within each QR forming a “moat” or “wall” of sorts around the outside perimeter. I’m uncertain what to do though if a cell is “marked” multiple times. Does a second mark negate the first and turn it off, or are they all on?

Perhaps “containthethreat” is prepared with another clue to send in email tomorrow. I sense that PM has more to yield still. As per my prediction, this only begins to “heat up” on May 1, when we’re one week out.

I was hoping for something more like the novel GOLEM, which had elegant ciphers and hidden messages in it. Greg Vilk, I think?

I mean, obviously here, we get that 13 is 39-27+1, but I still can’t fathom why INDUS is 13-06 when 01-06 “fits”, and why PHOENIX is 01-20 when 13-20 “fits”. Some mirror and twice-mirror inversions… argh. Give me some more Romulan alphabetics instead. At least those just hurt the eyes due to the similar character shapes!!

Heck, I’d even settle for some good ol’ pIqaDmey! Oh well… adieu and jolan tru! to you, and you, and you!

152. aliotsy - April 28, 2009

@151 Daoud — there were multiple overlap attempts. All fruitless. :(

153. Matt - April 28, 2009

Yours was absolutely brought up, but there were so many that were tried today that I’ve lost track of what they all were.

Definitely calling it an evening. :-p

154. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 28, 2009

@156 Daoud: I think the problem now is not so much with plotting the QR’s as it is not trusting the per-pixel validity of the QR’s we have from the various sites due to jpeg compression artifiacts, late-discovered errors, etc that don’t prevent the QR’s from decoding correctly, but DO inhibit bayer from being completed if every bit must be absolutely correct.

Also, I think one cycle that was attempted was to take the second coordinate of each constellation and *subtract* the length of the constellation name. That yielded starting APUS:01-05 at (1,1), PHOENIX:01-20 at (1,13); INDUS:13-06 at 13,01, and CHAMAELEON:13-23 at (13,13).

I think once it was realized that even so much as a single pixel of translation error would throw the bayer input into the scrapheap, people stopped trying. I didn’t try nearly as many as the others in the chat did, and until we get some sort of push to tell us how to get “clean” QR’s from the PM’s or detemine we really don’t need them, we’re really stalled.

155. Matt - April 28, 2009

One last note for the night. I know many people responded to the kind people at Contain The Threat, spilling all the beans. But I took a different tack.

“We have located the input grid, but it is of no use to you. It doesn’t function properly. If they are indeed a threat, it seems that they will not be able to accomplish their plans.

Perhaps you would share what you think those plans are.”

I feel weird writing to fictional characters. :-p

But while we’re all caught up in the Bayer grid, there is a whole other aspect to this that is even more fascinating. The plot. Who is this group? Are they “on our side” or not? And, we never understood the Romulans. What happened to Si? Is Ca really dead? Why were they here, and what are they trying to do? What about Malak0’s device, which this new group clearly was referring to?

I figured that a response from us should not only indicate that we’re stuck, but also try to flush out some plot elements as well.

I definitely look forward to tomorrow.

156. aliotsy - April 28, 2009

If anyone’s interested in not duplicating efforts, I’ve started a wiki entry for people to add their attempts at cracking the puzzle.

157. Merzmensch aka kosmopol - April 29, 2009

@156 Thank you!
Perhaos we should post there all our failed attempts, so other people will know, what was failed.

I linked this page btw at the frontpage of Wiki :-)

158. GeneLaBarre - April 29, 2009

If no-one has tried mine, i will try entering it now.

159. GeneLaBarre - April 29, 2009

It was correct! It took my email, and now there is a new box.

the solution here:

160. mscottr - April 29, 2009

159 — wow, that did the trick! It’s an entirely different box for me as well! What do we do now?

161. Raphael - April 29, 2009

Sorry GeneLaBarre, you can put in 1 dot and get the same answer. It looks as though the flash file was updated and no matter what you enter now, it says its the right answer.

Put one dot in the bottom right corner and click the submit box..

162. D for me. - April 29, 2009

11 letters/numbers?

163. Admiral_BlackCat - April 29, 2009

Great job GeneLaBarre!!
The puzzle has changed! I’m glad we all don’t have to do the grid individually.
Now what?

164. Kai3k - April 29, 2009

Oh yes, the old flash was too difficult, now we’ve got a simple one? 11 chars, ok. the new flash file is “941376” in md5. and the style file is called “startrekAR.css”.

165. Admiral_BlackCat - April 29, 2009

Your link is 404.

166. Raphael - April 29, 2009

Sorry BlackCat, I guess they removed it now.

167. Raphael - April 29, 2009

AyandesS received an email with this picture attached:

and this:

We have been diverting your quad entries. You were one of the first three to pass to the next entry point. We may require some more help to gain access. Do you understand the meaning of this document discovered with one of the rogues?

168. The Other Dave - April 29, 2009

so, eleven input squares and a send button.

anyone have an inkling of what this new puzzle’s solution might be?

169. Raphael - April 29, 2009

It is related to A Nomads Clue / 4,NOM4D5,C1U3: and Uranometria we believe.

170. The Other Dave - April 29, 2009

That;s the cover of the Uranometria, by Bayer, It’s a primitive star chart

171. Matt - April 29, 2009

Aww… I didn’t get an email this time.

I wonder what prompted the change? ;-)

172. DW - April 29, 2009

Yeah, no email here, either. We’re not special, Matt :)

I guess they have only so many Burger King coupons :)

Honestly, I figured the PM’s would just give us clean QR’s and let us stew on them another day, unless timing forced their hand and lots of stuff is getting ready to happen…dunno…

173. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

oops, posting on an old computer with an old moniker, sorry ’bout that!

(172 was mine, sorry about the different name, honest accident)

174. Matt - April 29, 2009

SarahB in the chatroom just gave us this handy tool:

A spreadsheet so we can keep track of all the different text we’ve inputted into the Bayer site.

175. RealistTrekkieinCymru - April 29, 2009

maybe the dots on the small horned creature at the bottom have some relevance? They do look like something.

176. D for me. - April 29, 2009

020-7221-5888 prompted a download. Froze on install. Nothing now
Dfusion web?

177. D for me. - April 29, 2009

# is from cobrasnake pic

178. Matt - April 29, 2009

@177 – Which cobrasnake pic was that from?

179. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

176 – I’m not even getting a download prompt when I try that #… do you have a link to the pic?

180. D for me. - April 29, 2009

181. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

Man, the pic two down from that one really looks wierd, note that face in the middle – and the text on the poster to the right? Looks awfully conspicuous to me.

182. aliotsy - April 29, 2009

@159. GeneLaBarre — Do you mind sharing how you came up with your solution?

183. aliotsy - April 29, 2009

@159. GeneLaBarre — Never mind, I saw it. I was SO close — just needed to swap INDUS and PHOENIX. *sigh*

Nice work, GeneLaBarre.

184. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

181 – did you notice that the text on the whiteboard is the same as one of the comments on the poster right next to it?? (BTW, the phone # for Cinnamon doesn’t work on the site)

185. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

DANGIT – Some of those Cobrasnake photos are NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY and have NO WARNING of their content!!!!

186. Admiral_BlackCat - April 29, 2009

There are Trek related photo galleries, and then everything else at Cobrasnake. As far as I know, all the Trek photos are family friendly, or at least PG-13. I haven’t seen anything too offensive in the Star Trek galleries.

187. Daoud - April 29, 2009

Good job all! Everyone trying made the grid happen.

Good ideas on the 11 characters. I tried the old “Indy” trick and entered

Latin didn’t have a U. (Remember, Latin doesn’t have a J! ;) )

188. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

@186 – You are correct re the Trek galleries. I guess I should have known better on a non-Trek pic group. Just annoying.

@187 – Me, too, daoud , on vranometria :)

Could this really be the resolution to the whole thing? Sure seems like there are loose ends if it is…

189. Daoud - April 29, 2009

#186 Needless to say, there are pictures of overseas advertisements for, erm, “escort services” in two of the pictures, where there’s plenty of frontal nudity. Of course, even the site had the photo booth topless flash till they noticed and removed it.

Again, the designers of this ARG failed miserably by using the wretched refuse of TheCobraSnake dance parties as the means of hiding clues. Really poor choice, exactly for the reason you describe.

As I’ve said before, many of these pictures document why aliens if they do exist should blow us the hell out of the universe, eh? Nothing but conspicuous consumption of drugs and alcohol methinks according to all these images. Not Your Father’s Star Trek ARG, but your Uncle Frank’s ARG.

190. D for me. - April 29, 2009

VRANOMETRIA did nothing

191. bob hitching - April 29, 2009

here’s some tech intel on the new puzzle that might help someone…

– the form posts to
– the data submitted takes the form ‘userpass=12345678901’ where 12345678901 is the 11 digits of the code. perhaps ‘userpass’ gives something away, that the code is a combination of a username and a password?
– and like the quad grid, an incorrect code returns “foo=bar&confirmation=” which forces the flash movie to reload
– I’m guessing the correct code returns a response of a different URL to redirect you to the l33t page that AyandesS and LeBarre saw asking for an email address

p.s. while digging into this i built a couple of tools to automate the submission of answers to johannbayer, to this puzzle and the previous quad grrrid (as it perhaps should be known) – if anyone still has a quad grrrid theory they want to test out, let me know via twitter @hitching and we can give it a go, because it’s still possible to submit answers via the tool, even though the flash movie has been removed.

192. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

Great detective work, Bob.

I’d start taking stuff from the first few lines of our old chat transcript from, the stuff ChatUser3 was typing early on

193. mscottr - April 29, 2009

Alright, I tried Kloidn*&%$) along with variations thereof that accounted for the different German keyboard layout… no dice.

194. subatoi - April 29, 2009
What about this pic from that party? There’s also the US posters at the beginning. Weird, since it’s not a Trek Party.

195. Bev - April 29, 2009

Containthethreat ppl said anomadsclue was the key to that site- 11 letters. we need 11 letters for the site. How can we rearrange them to do with the book?

196. Daoud - April 29, 2009

A nomad’s clue would be that the letters wander?

Start trying that and everything else in reverse?

197. Daoud - April 29, 2009

Or, increment each letter by one.
Try that with a number of the possibilities?

198. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

I don’t think anything from the CTT folks said anything specific about the nature of this new” password” into the site. They just sent a pic of the cover to Vranometria. The password is wide open to interpretation at this point, although it seems obvious that the starting point would be something to do with the last clue 4,N0M4D5,C1UE: since “ANOMADSCLUE” happens to be exactly 11 characters….

I suspect the Vranometria cover is for a subsequent puzzle we’re about to see.

199. Matt - April 29, 2009

@ 195 – I don’t recall when they said that. Can you remind me? That piece of info has probably been buried under a deep layer of QR codes in my brain.

200. keldar the annoying - April 29, 2009

There is a difference between the picture of the cover from Raphales (#167) site and the picture of the cover in the wikipedia entry linked in the post by The other Dave.(#170)

Look at the design at the very bottom of the picture. Look at the bottom of the box that the goat with the back of a fish is sitting on. In the wikipedia image it is the face of a cherub. In the post by raphael (#167) it has been replaced by a symbol of some sort that has an X or cross on top and what looks like three lines below it and a couple of symbols. It kinda hard to make out

I’m sorry I don’t have a way to post a picture comparing the two.

I suggest looking at both the picure linked in Raphaels post and the wikipedia entry in

201. Jason - April 29, 2009

Also notice the last three lines of text in the large center area are different. The wikimedia image has only the roman numerals MDCIII (1603), while the image posted by raphael has the following:


The latter roman numerals representing 1661.

202. Daoud - April 29, 2009

The PM’s used a picture of a later reprint of Vranometria. That’s the 1661 reprinting by Gorlini.

The Wiki image is of the *original* 1603 printing.

The little shape at the bottom is just Gorlini’s mark. That’s the I G part: his initials.

Damn reprints. :)

203. keldar the annoying - April 29, 2009

Never mind. It seems to the two pictures are of two different printings.


204. Sheryl - April 29, 2009

A nomad’s clue… rather than a variation of the wording, wouldn’t it be something from the Berlin site?

205. mscottr - April 29, 2009

A Nomad’s Clue screams ‘anagram’ to me, as does 4,N0M4D5,C1UE:.

206. KJ - April 29, 2009

207. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

agree on the anagram

208. D for me. - April 29, 2009

What does that say on top in silver paint?

11 symbols

209. keldar the annoying - April 29, 2009

zezeki turaa ?

zezeki turan ?

210. Matt - April 29, 2009

@ 208. D for me. — Good eyes. I can’t even tell what alphabet that’s written in, but the more eyes that are on it the better!

211. keldar the annoying - April 29, 2009

sorry ‘

zizeki turaa

zizeki turan

212. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

@211 – I’ve tried both of those with no luck… do you think it’s case sensitive?

213. Matt - April 29, 2009

I tried finding anagrams for both of those. Nada. It may just turn out to be a coincidence that that bit of graffiti had 11 letters.

214. D for me. - April 29, 2009

Just looking for 11. LOL

215. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

I did a search on Yahoo for zizekituran (and other forms) and found a Yugoslavian philosopher named Slavoj Zizek… probably just a coincidence though…

216. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

anyone ROT 13 it?

217. keldar the annoying - April 29, 2009

I ran “anomadclue” through an anagram generator and found only a few entries that made sense

I used this one :

Try lookin gat the results and see if anything measn anything to anybody

One funny one was “old man sauce”

I dont think it means anything but I thought that was funny.

I’ll try runing 4,N0M4D5,C1UE also I’ll link the results

Update no dice with the number included I’ll try to exclude the numbers

These are the results with out the numbers:

218. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

@216 – it’s just gibberish… MVMRXVGHENA

219. keldar the annoying - April 29, 2009

Sorry try this one it is including all 6814 combinations

220. subatoi - April 29, 2009

#217 “old man sauce” reminded me of the following site :)

221. aliotsy - April 29, 2009

I’m thinking bevbrecher gave us a pretty clear indication that it’s an anagram of ANOMADSCLUE, and it’s probably related to stars, constellations, or other objects known in Bayer’s time. “NOMAD” suggests that it’s a navigation object.

222. aliotsy - April 29, 2009

Some words I can pull out of ANOMADSCLUE that might be of significance:

MUSCA/MUSCAE (name and genitive of one of Bayer’s constellations)
LUNA (moon, used for navigation)
SOL (Sun, also used for navigation)
SUN (see above)

DEMON stands out for some reason …

223. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

There is a NOMAD astronomical catalog….

224. Bev - April 29, 2009

I am sure the containthethreat email said something about the coded key from Madrid and Berlin (‘anomadsclue’?) was useless without the quad.
I guessing it means they needed the quad (grid?) out of way to be able to use the ‘coded key’?
I am thinking about the title yet. It has eleven letters, this is right? And eleven WORDS in the proper title, and some commas. Has anybody made progress with that?

225. subatoi - April 29, 2009

Maybe it should really be related to the guy who slept in the sand in Berlin, or something he left in his message.

226. illogical - April 29, 2009


227. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

dang it, I knew I’d miss it :(

Congratulations, guys!

228. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

what is it??

229. illogical - April 29, 2009

Here’s what the site looks like now:

230. Matt - April 29, 2009


l33t for the first letters in the title of the Bayer book. Congrats to warp_10 who cracked it!

And thanks, Bev. We needed some sort of victory here.

231. Selor - April 29, 2009

If I enter the code, nothing happens…

232. Matt - April 29, 2009

Selor, that’s the right code. Did I make a typo (suddenly doubt myself).

Apparently you need a webcam for this site. So those of us without one, guess we can’t play anymore?

233. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

That stinks…

234. Selor - April 29, 2009

@232 No I’d had activated a popup blocker, that was the thing that stopped the thing from working after I deactivated it and switched to IE it worked :)

235. Matt - April 29, 2009

@ 234. Selor – Good deal.

236. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

Is there anyone online with a webcam who can keep us updated? Pretty please??? :)

237. Selor - April 29, 2009


I’m online, but so far I am just seeing myself…

238. Bev - April 29, 2009


239. Selor - April 29, 2009

Okay I’m getting a bit scared, starring the whole time at yourself in the dark night, a strange sound that could have come from the application or not (my PC does make strange sounds sometimes)

240. Matt - April 29, 2009

I’m just not sure if I can participate anymore since I don’t have a webcam. That’s a lot of time down the tube, and an enormous disappointment if true.

But we still have other things to mull over, including the crash site in the UK. I’d like to get back to some actual PLOT. Hopefully that’ll happen soon.

241. German Trek Fan - April 29, 2009

This seems to be an augmented reality plugin on the bayer-site. but i just see myself for 10 mins now. i dont know what this is all about

242. Selor - April 29, 2009

Another Question, where was the chat located? Can’t find the link anymore :)

243. Merzmensch aka kosmopol - April 29, 2009

I suppose, we will have something like that

It’s augmented reality. So we have to print something out to transfer there the 3d-information. Perhaps a barcode?

244. Selor - April 29, 2009

Printed the Code from the Bluetoothmessage and hold it up into the camera and coloured dots appeared and an entering form under the “Location signifier” always it appeared just a second or so!

245. Jason - April 29, 2009

What about the quad image from earlier? Has anyone tried printing it out and using that?

246. Selor - April 29, 2009

One part of that, that glimpsed up when I moved the code from the Bluetooth message around in front of the cam

247. Kai3k - April 29, 2009

We have to install DFusionWeb and after that the webpage loads about 13 MB (dlls, images) for only a webcam-tool? There must be more …

248. DIGINON - April 29, 2009

I don’t think I’ve seen it here: The chat on has been updated. Is this old news?

249. Selor - April 29, 2009

# PHPChatUser5: Are you OK?
# PHPChatUser4: Yes, but we’re just us now. They are Janus.
# PHPChatUser5: What happened?
# PHPChatUser4: I do not know, I only know that I can not stay here anymore. Where are you?
# PHPChatUser5: I’m back.
# PHPChatUser4: Where?
# PHPChatUser5: I do not know if I’m more surprised he sent them after us, or that they actually listened. If he was not insane, I’d be flattered he saw us as a threat.
# PHPChatUser4: We lost everything, because it’s so hard to believe your reaction?
# PHPChatUser5: How can you ask that?
# PHPChatUser4: Do not lose time to discuss whether his revenge can be justified, Kalehe, you can not see that we have no chance against them separately. Our only chance is to igualizar together. This is not about us anymore, is to find out that our friends have sacrificed everything for nothing.
# PHPChatUser5: Well, the test signals proved we need more than just us to amplify their scanners to Karnis hope … I got his history right.
# PHPChatUser4: The plan was Karnis fool.
# PHPChatUser5: It may be the only reason there’s still two of us.
# PHPChatUser4: What you gonna do now?
# PHPChatUser5: Finish this, fix and send this damn warning. It looks like our old friends are tampering with Janus’ model – but I think we can still get it from the orbit coordinates. Then, we can try the original frequency and we have to get the waveform from Karnis’ comm!
# PHPChatUser4: I’ll see what I can do, but then I must go.
# PHPChatUser5: Maybe, just watch your back.
# PHPChatUser4: Yes, you too.

Google translated, new part of the Chat

250. Selor - April 29, 2009

Seems that Janus (the german one) got captured or killed, hence the green blood in Berlin.

251. Matt - April 29, 2009

Hmm…. the plot thickens.

What’s going on right now with the Bayer site, for those of us who can’t see it?

252. Selor - April 29, 2009

@251 I tried several QR codes (or parts of it) and several parts of an overlay flashed up (coloured dots, entry form for Location Signifier, a Number code in the box above that is always visible ( but still can’t get it to stay, I think we have to use the code that has been used in the grid but it’s a bit late here and I can’t get the codes together properly, do anyone have the combined thing as a picture, ready to print?

253. Jason - April 29, 2009

Selor – check out #159

254. Selor - April 29, 2009

Thank you! Will update soon!

255. jamesintucson - April 29, 2009

just got a message from malak0, can someone translate?

Arrêtez de m’embêter à la fin! Qqn au nom de Ferdinand m’a envoyé des instructions qui ont fait marcher l’appareil- donc je suppose que c’est à vous. Envoyez l’argent- stop playing games.


256. illogical - April 29, 2009

Someone named Ferdinand (Fe?) sent him instructions on how to use the device, and now he wants money.

257. Selor - April 29, 2009

So I used the combined code and either we have to hold the code at an specific position with a specific side up or we just have to hold a code up and wait, I could get the entry form to confirm the Location Signifier up for several seconds but not enough to enter something (Or I am just to slow!)

258. Mel - April 29, 2009

We know now the Romulans true names:

1. Sargash
2. Karnis
3. Janus
4. Candir
5. Kaleh

1. Sargash is a relative young man and a hothead. He was the one with the Sudokus who tried to get our help.
2. Karnis is also a man. He has lost the device in Paris, which MalakO found. He is probably missing or even dead.
3. Janus is a quite grumpy man. He was the one sleeping and hiding in Berlin at the Kunsthaus Tacheles. He got caught and was hurt by the other Romulans who are behind the containthetheat warning.
4. Candir is a man, too. He is quite level-headed. He has a relationship with Kaleh.
5. Kaleh is the only woman of the group. Also very level-headed. She has a lot of authority in the group. She is the woman in the picture with the forehead tattoo who hold the shield with the Berlin and Madrid coordinates. She is in a relationship with Candir.

Please correct me if I got anything wrong. I was loosing the overview about the characters so I put this together. Feel free to add to that!

259. illogical - April 29, 2009

PHP User 4 = Fe, account registered to Ferdinand Franco! Has to be it.

260. illogical - April 29, 2009

From the above list of names (Thanks Mel) user four is Candir

261. Mel - April 29, 2009

A translation of MalakO’s email from the Mibbit chat:

“Stop mocking/bothering me. I’m finished! Someone named Ferdinand sent me the instructions to make this device work. I suppose it’s you? Send the money — Stop playing games.”

262. subatoi - April 29, 2009

Kaleh probably killed Sargash. They don’t mention him at all. Poor boy :p

263. Matt - April 29, 2009

So what’s happening with the Bayer site? Can anyone post a summary of everything that’s happened there since the initial password was cracked?

264. LtPiper - April 29, 2009

240 Matt

I am so with you on that I really hope because that software crashes my computer and I hope we don’t need to to continue in this. If so we have wasted a significant amount of time on this and have no change of reaping any of the rewards even though we have solved some major clues.

265. Selor - April 29, 2009

I tried the combined code with inverted colours and the bits (Number and Entry box) started to flash up more frequently, just have to find the right position for it to stay but my PC is running hot and the Video is starting to lag :)

266. subatoi - April 29, 2009

Trying to connect the dots still isn’t easy. Who was Kaleh holding the sign for at the party, if she isn’t on our side? Was she warning Janus & Candir from the one who killed Janus? Couldn’t she do so at the chat?
Was Sargash’ only sin he put the Sudokus online to help us understand? We got Candir’s QR too, from twitter, so why was that OK?
Who was the sign at the landing site left for?

And more, I guess…

267. Selor - April 29, 2009

Are there any number codes that didn’t served a purpose ’till now?
Can’t find the right code for verification of the Location Signifier…

268. Author Of The Vulcan Neck Pinch For Fathers - April 29, 2009

I willl endeavor to summarize a few things.

1. Where are we with the bayer site??

The original 39×39 grid was “solved” by someone (who posted earlier in this thread), and posted their solution. There are great suspicions that person is “in-game” and realized we weren’t getting it done. Once that was done, the new “puzzle” on Bayer was an 11-digit password.

WARP_10 in the “chatroom” figured out that the final QR code of “ANOMADSCLUE” was the hint to the password, realizing those letters were an anagram of the first letters to the “formal” title of Bayer’s Vranometria. Those letters, in order, solved the password and took us to a new site with the green/black background first seen on Bayer when it was discovered a week or so ago, along with a box that says “LOCATION SIGNIFIER.” and an web app that activated a webcam on your box with, typicaly, a picture of yourself staring blankly :)

The problem is that the camera and webapp are not working consistently across various browsers and platforms. Those without webcams have had varying degrees of success by downloading “fake” webcams which simulate a camera source by pointing to an arbitrary image file. Results are mixed. IE seems to be working, as does FireFox, but results on other browsers is either crash-and-burn or nothing at all. This is limiting several users who have worked on the game for quite some time….alas.

Many of us tried, in vain, to aim our various QR codes at the cam, realizing the app was trying to “recognize” something. Then, someone realized (and forgive me for not remembering whom; this is all contemporaenous) that the backround image, when printed out and aimed at the webcam, caused this really incredible 3-dimenional moving image of planets, stars, and solar systems to appear. Moving the image moved the planets. The image would place a 3-d green box around one body, then after a few seconds, rotate to another body.

At times, under various conditions, an input box would appear that would say “PLEASE CONFIRM LOCATION SIGNIFIER” with a “SUBMIT” button. So far, all attempts at entry are “Incorrect.”

There appears to be no way to control the 3D display via the mouse or keyboard – purely by the background image aimed at the camera. At the moment, no one knows what to do with the image or the animated 3D planetary model it displays.

Beyond that, we had a new chat update that suggests only the last two members of the original “team” (Chat4 and 5) have survived, and they are still trying to do what they set out to do, but they don’t know how. Malak has sent out a hostile email wanting money for his “device” that he now knows how to operate thanks to instructions from someone he identifies as “Ferdinand,” but we believe to be the “Fe” character from the chatroom – ChatUser4. There is speculation that his comm device generates images that could be read by the new webcam app, but that’s highly speculative at this point.

I think those are the high points. Where we go from here, besides crazy, is anyone’s guess.

269. Matt - April 29, 2009

Thanks ATV. I appreciate it that someone thought to give the rest of us an update.

And quite an update!

270. caseylee4ts - April 29, 2009

Do the planets resemble our solar system? I’m wondering… if a box appears around various planets, does one of them look like Earth? Because that’s where these Romulans are… Earth. They might be trying to send out a transmission to someone else (their ship perhaps?) to let their people know exactly what planet they’re on…

Just a thought… as I don’t have a webcam, I can’t really test this theory…

271. DS9 Rocks - April 29, 2009

do these images resemble any constellations previously identified? So when a box is one of them, you have to type in something relating to Phoenix or Indus or whatever?

272. Daoud - April 29, 2009

I can’t webcam either, so great planning by the PMs with this ARG… not.

Good luck to those trying to decipher this next level.

Any chance the City Hall coordinate set might be Location identifiers? We have Tokyo (#1), Paris (#2), Berlin (#3), Madrid (#4) and Los Angeles (#5) from the Curbridge site information. Why not try those?

273. Matt - April 29, 2009

271 – Wish I could help. Half of us cannot participate at all in this.

Daoud – I’m with you. At least we have other stuff to look at, like the new chat. Since those coordinates at the crash site have not been used, I’m sure we can look forward to seeing them in play pretty soon.

I hope.

274. LtPiper - April 29, 2009

I am so frustrated not being able to do anything at this stage because the software won’t even load on either of my computers. They better not hang us out to dry here on this section of the game and let us back in to the action.

275. warp_10 - April 29, 2009

WOOT! I finally got my name injected into this ARG for doing something first!! lol. unfortunately i’ve had very little success with the webcam efforts…

276. Matt - April 29, 2009

Congrats, warp! ;-)

277. Daoud - April 29, 2009

Good job by you W10 and also to a lot of new faces I see on the sites! Quite a team of sorts, we’ve all had different pieces of the puzzles.

To me, that’s been the more interesting part of the ARG, and it’s not the part put together by the game designers… it’s the fun we’ve been having working together, dealing with a lot of the game’s, erm, ‘issues’. :)

Those of you with the computer code deciphering skills… am I right that this Location Identifier can only be entered using the camera method? No keyboard based entry? How frustrating again.

I’m still surprised that the city hall Coordinates haven’t really been used. Sure, we used the museum and arthouse coordinates.. but what was the point of the city halls?

278. LtPiper - April 29, 2009

I suggested QR and the second had some interesting results

However far as the other QR we are still using corrupted QR as far as the ones that were used for the 39 x39 grid so maybe we are yet again in a impasse as a result of that?

The Hobus by the way is the star that goes supernova in countdown starting all this.

Please please please let the next section of this be out of this stupid webcam software screwup mess so I can get back in this and not have wasted two weeks on this!!!!!

279. aliotsy - April 30, 2009

The background image on also triggers the star systems … and it looks like the augmented reality plug-in lets you manipulate them yourself. I’ve posted a video here.

I still can’t get the submit box to appear.

280. Selor - April 30, 2009

Have you tried to use a mirrored version of it? So that it appears as normal on the screen?
And using the combined code from the earlier grid, with inverted colours seems to make the input box flash up much more frequently and I was able to enter some numbers but everything I tried was incorrect so far.

281. Tom - April 30, 2009

Malak0 sent me this

282. Selor - April 30, 2009

Interresting… He seems to be afraid, he feels as something/one is after him, he’s hectically…
The Interface looks interesting, some parts of the upper half look like parts of another QR Code(s?), one part in red and three in yellow

283. subatoi - April 30, 2009

That’s beautiful. Really.

284. mscottr - April 30, 2009

Wow, Tom — have we tried pointing the webcam directly at the youtube video of his projection?

285. Selor - April 30, 2009

@284 Made a Screenshot of the Vid (and printed it, the application does not react to the whole Picture

286. The Other Dave - April 30, 2009

Yeah, it kinda does look like a QR Code.

This looks to be the same kinda tech that Nero’s group has in the one clip we see, when the ask Robau about Spock.

Anyone else think the tones mean something, kinda like Close Encounters of the First Kind?

287. KJ - April 30, 2009

The video makes me afraid, if you look at the monitor to the left, you can see a mirrored image from the 3D Hologram. Very professsional!

288. German Trek Fan - April 30, 2009

This sound it makes, is this Romulan techno??

289. GeneLaBarre - April 30, 2009

Here is a quick translation of the new Malak0 video:


Ok. So, I’ve had a lot of replies after the video I posted online recently. And I’ve also had several interesting offers.
But it was actually before I managed to make this device working. I’m going to show you how it’s like. It’s pretty incredible.`

You have to do this… It’s a kind of a 3D hologram projection, pretty incredible.
You can interact with the content this way ; moving it.
I can show it from a closer angle.
If you’re the person or the organization who’s lost this object, I imagine you want it back so contact me to make me an offer.

290. Tom - April 30, 2009

javascript:DFUSION_EVENT_Tracking_Retrieved(0,1);alert(‘have fun!’);

enter that into the johannbayer website (Address bar) and you’ll get the damn input box.

291. The Other Dave - April 30, 2009

Okay, just re listened to the beep patterns.

The first pattern is: D G G D
The second, repeating pattern is: G C G G D D G G D
The second pattern repeats nine times.

Also, it looks like there is the same star pattern thing from the Bayer site in the holo-projection.

Dunno if any of this helps.

292. D for me. - April 30, 2009




These came out of one of the videos i think.
My notes are a mess. LOL

293. Selor - April 30, 2009

@292 Thank you, non of those worked guess we miss something for the right code…

Even “Confirmed” doesn’t work ;)

294. Or - April 30, 2009

Talking about the monitor, could the image showed on it have anything to do with all this?

(This is my first time here, so.. um… hi?)

295. Daoud - April 30, 2009

Well, I’ve tried running the webcam emulators like fakewebcam, but it seems it won’t work.

Good luck to everyone still trying. A shame that this ARG has been so poorly conceived and executed. I hope that soon it has a less technology-dependent chapter starting that more of us can join in on.

296. Matt - April 30, 2009

Even though many of us can’t do the Bayer thing right now, we can look at Malak0’s video. We see what looks like a bit of Romulan text in the hologram, along with what looks like may be an IP, or coordinates? Don’t know.

Of all that, I can only clearly see the letters (in Romulan) NC. That’s not very much to go on though.

297. Matt - April 30, 2009

So far the components of that hologram we’ve wanted to take a closer look at are these:

Text? –
Illegible Text –
Legible Text (NC) –
The lines with the codes? –

I’ve tried to clear up what I can, but I’m just not adept enough. I’m not sure it’s even possible, but hopefully someone here can have a go at it.

298. Matt - April 30, 2009

kitty, in the chatroom, mentioned that those lines somewhat resemble this:

Unfortunately, that’s all gibberish to me. No idea if that has anything to do with anything.

And we can’t forget the audio on Malak’s video too.

For those lucky enough to work on Bayer, is there any update?

299. D for me. - April 30, 2009

Speaking of audio on malak’s video, You can clearly hear footsteps behind him. Does this mean our friends at containthethreat have malak?? He sure does look nervous.

300. Matt - April 30, 2009

@299 – Yeah, that was my impression too. Somebody said they wrote to him, and he wrote back saying it was his mom.

Take that for what it’s worth, though. I’m not entirely clear about where that info came from.


301. Daoud - April 30, 2009

Malako’s mom is a Romulan sleeper agent, yes!


I’m just waiting for a twist that doesn’t involve going through more TheCobraPuke photos.

302. Jason - April 30, 2009

Here’s a close up screen cap of the Malak0 video at about the 1:01 mark.

I noticed the red stuff sweeping down the left side of the screen. Some of the markings look like they could be more Romulan text, but it’s pretty blurry and I really had a hard time doing a frame-by-frame check (there may be a better/clearer frame out there).

303. wab1701 - April 30, 2009

Well, I certainly have enjoyed watching everyone interacting with this ARG. This has been my first experience following one and, I have to say, it’s been pretty exciting. I’m hoping we get to go someplace soon that doesn’t involve a webcam (as so many other people also hope). My thanks and awe go out to everyone who’s played the game and decoded the clues. Great job!

304. GoSunDevils - April 30, 2009

305. Daoud - April 30, 2009

Yeah, we’ve speculated it’s something like Simon, essentially. Figure out though how to represent that musical sequence and have it match one of the yellow stars in the local neighborhood map, and there you go. But nothing apparent stands out right now.

306. Matt - April 30, 2009

Here are two “pictures” of what the device sounds like:

I don’t know that this tells us anything, but for you audiophiles out there it may contain some useful information.


307. kitty - April 30, 2009

someone else thought it looked like that, not me, i just repeated it :P
(sorry to whomever said it, i dont remember who)

308. Daoud - April 30, 2009

Excellent, a new thread at last has begun! :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.