New Star Trek “Going Down” TV Spot Video + Screenshots & Analysis

Over the weekend Paramount started airing a new 30-second TV commercial, which is the 6th TV spot for the new Star Trek movie. Paramount have not yet made it available, but video is now online. Check it out below with’s usual screen caps and analysis.



"Going Down"
With the tagline “This is not your father’s Star Trek" Paramount is definitely trying to appeal to that new mainstream audience who may not be interested in Star Trek.

Screencaps & analysis

This new TV spot has a few new shots, mostly extensions of scenes we have seen before. Below is a breakdown of all the new stuff in this commercial. [NOTE: caps are based on best video available – will be updated if/when Paramount provide better source].

Click images to enlarge

Kirk talks to Pike before boarding shuttle to Starfleet Academy

Sulu finds out he isn’t the only one with a cool weapon during the fight on the Romulan drilling rig above Vulcan (Kirk fights his own Romulan in background)

Sulu falls off platform without a chute, Kirk jumps after him

Weapons being loaded on USS Enterprise during battle with Narada

Kirk now in command after returning from Delta Vega (note Scotty in background right of lower shot)

Crewperson gets blown into space during USS Kelvin’s battle with Narada


More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

(Video cap thanks to  CinemaClockHD)

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very nice trailer and shows us abit more everytime

No strong response to this one either way. As always, I hold out hopes that the trailers are more about selling tickets to – rather than representing the character of – the film.

Here’s hopin’.

It’s about time Star Trek grew a pair. This movie is going to kill at the box office.

I am the father . . . and it looks like the Star Trek I have always dreamed of!


Roll on the 8th :-)

Teeny rant:

“This is not your father’s Star Trek.”

So don’t worry, you won’t be a geek if you go see it!

I’m excited to see this movie, but this little bit of tactical marketing really ticks me off.

End of teeny rant.

Most of my non-trekkie friends were already sold on the film anyway, so this is kind of a non-issue as far as I’m concerned.

Still glad to see they’re marketing though.

I despise “This is not your father’s Star Trek”. I’m a dad and this is the Trek I always wanted to see.

I tell you what, it may seem like it’s not fair to read phrases like ” Forget everything…”, “Not your father’s…”, etc. BUT it IS working. I am a JH/HS teacher and you’d be amazed how many kids who used to roll their eyes about Star Trek are planning to go see this thing. Sure, I’ve been helping the movie’s cause along a bit, but in the past none of them listened to me about Star Trek. Who knows, could this be a blockbuster, or a flop? I’m now betting on a blockbuster! :)

A strong reinterpretation of Star Trek in a very new way : action, fun and speed. Not sure everyone will appreciate this, but it is seems allright to reborn the franchise.

#5: “I am the father . . . ”

Same here. LOL

Looking forward to this. :-)

I prefer Theatrical trailers to TV spots, if I were to base seeing the movie on these TV spots and wasn’t already a fan of Star Trek I might be a little iffy… to fast, ha. Can’t wait for some more intense dialogue!

What “rebirth” of what “franchise”? This is not your father’s Star Trek. Which means this one is cool, the last 40 years are your father’s Trek and are not cool.

This movie will have no effect at all on the “franchise”. New fans will like this movie, and only this movie. Everyone who thinks they will now tune in to TOS or any of the spin offs is naive to say the least.

This movie is gonna kick ass!!!!!
Can’t wait!

Are the weapons being loaded photon torpedos?

My father didn’t have a Star Trek and I am fine with this spot.

Thanks to the pervasiveness of entertainment-focused media, which has popularized the number-crunching of Variety, we know how much this movie cost ($150M) and that it is going to need a big weekend (around $70M). Get them into the theatres by any means necessary!!!

The hardcore will attend regardless, even (or especially) those few here who regularly visit in order to assert their refusal to be conned into seeing a movie with such obviously wrong and historically incorrect bridge lighting.

This movie will be kickass!!!

Have you guys heard they are holding the movie until Christmas?

Just kidding…………….

I’ve long felt that this is the treatment that Star Trek deserved but never got, even TMP. I only wish JJ could have helmed TNG movies (after First Contact anyway, I never had a problem with that, mostly).

As always, it’s not the action, the new actors, the visual style, or even the musical score, although I wish it was more reminiscent of Star Trek for my own reasons. It’s about the movie’s sensibility. Bestiality jokes, quickie hookups, smart-mouthed disrespectful language, unearned promotions (i.e., undeserved rewards) etc – these are the problems I have with what I’ve seen thus far. Such unintended lessons learned by young viewers will be powerful — as all Hollywood teachings are powerful, bypassing normal critical gatekeeping — and certainly not what we need to be teaching our children.

Yes, I am a father, a husband, a homeowner and a taxpayer and this is the stuff that keeps me worried. We do not need more punks in the world. May Abrams and Orci be cursed with smart-mouthed teenagers for needlessly indulging in this!

C.S. Lewis

My father never cared for Star Trek.

The tagline is yet another boring cliche, a riff on an Oldsmobile commercial for God’s sake.

Maybe they should have just said this isn’t your Star Trek. I don’t know.

I need to unplug my router I’m not getting much work done.

Cool TV Spot! I really hope that they will persuade the die hard Trek haters. My cousin-in-law (whom I saw yesterday) still thinks it’s too “stupid” to go see…I hope that thought process goes away for most of the general public.

Was thinking about this over the weekend… concerned (a little) about X-Men Origins appearing a week prior. It actually looks like a VERY good movie so wondering if this will hinder Star Trek’s opening weekend any (Terminator appears a few weeks after). Lots of sci-fi movies in a very tight space. Thoughts?

@dimensionmedia on twitter

Good tv spot…. sort of aimed at me, considering my (somewhat) youthful age, but then again I was already a fan so…. yeah. Not a rock fan, but it works to fulfill the purpose of this spot. Its hard not to take some offense to it, considering its basically trying to say that this is not the usual Star Trek, but a new, kick-ass Star Trek, but its all a marketing game. And considering I have some very anti-Trek friends, this is somewhat helpful to me. At this point, I think I might be able to fill up at least half a row at the theater.

@24 (David)

Probably no different than the summer of ’82. Lots of big movies, and they all did well. Of course, movies were better back then….

“Not your father’s Star Trek” was used repeatedly by Berman and Braga regarding Enterprise as well, so I don’t know if I would have used that line. Not sure how groovy I am going to be with the more modernistic language- I always thought the more melodramatic language gave a more timeless feel to the other shows, particularly the often Shakespearean feel of TOS. Just for me, staying away from modern colloquialisms allows a piece to not be rooted as much in a specific time period. Particularly when we are talking about something set in the future, when we know language will be different, using baseline language without slang seems a little more believable to me. If that’s my biggest issue with the film’s execution though, it will be minor indeed.

Forgive me if my first comment on this shows up later .
This is my second try at this .
after the close up of Uhura there is a shot of somebody falling ,almost leaping .
who is that?
I dont think its the crewperson from the kelvin.
This has a darker background .
I think it might be Nero .
Opinions would be welcome .

I think my problem with “Not Your Father’s Star Trek” is that for forty years, it’s been fun to make fun of Trek fans. This tagline implies that it’s still fun, because this Trek is not THAT Trek, not the one that those pimply nerds with Coke-bottle glasses and pocket protectors liked way back when. And because it isn’t that Trek, it’s okay for the cool kids to go see it. They need not worry about their coolness being affected by association.

So the problem is really with what feels to me like a stereotype, since I was never a pimply nerd with a pocket protector. (Coke-bottle glasses, yes.) “Not Your Father’s Trek” feels like an implicit pander to the stereotype. And that’s what irks me. I know the purpose here is to get butts in seats, but come on.

That said, I will be going to see the movie on opening day anyway.

i am dying inside waiting to see this drilling platform fight scene

Impressive, most impressive.

You know, I noticed that for about a millisecond, when Pike’s shuttle is headed into the Narada, you can see the Enterprise in the background on the bottom left.

That would be Kirk on the Narada if I understand you correctly.

Since a generation is considered ~20 years… then…

your father’s Star Trek was… The Next Generation!

Star Trek (TOS) was your GRANDfather’s Star Trek. :)

Makes perfect sense, as I agree with others, as a from the start of TOS watcher… this is the Trek I’ve always wanted to see. More Kirk+Spock+McCoy.

Yep, this is the GRANDADDY of all Trek. ;)

Don’t get offended by the tag line “It’s not your fathers Star Trek” remember they are trying to appeal to a larger crowd.

34: I meant that comment as a response to #28 GaryS’s question.

30. Laura – April 13, 2009

You’re 100% right.

It like they are apologizing for Star Trek having to be in the title. Maybe they should have made a different movie if Trek is so lame.


david, wolverine is everything BUT a very good movie

28. GaryS

That’s Kirk, I’m pretty sure.

Sorry. *raises hand* father here too, and this is exactly the kind of Star Trek I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

38. marvin

You’ve seen it?

I’m a veteran TOS fan (35 years and counting) so that ad clearly isn’t aimed at me. Still, given that there is some ambivalence among old time Trek fans towards this new movie, I am a little surprised that there hasn’t been a trailer or spot aimed at my demographic. Other than that web-only, alternate version of the first trailer and the teaser from what now seems like an eternity ago, the advertising has really kept away from the hallmarks of the original show: no Nimoy, no classic fanfare or themes, no familiar lines of dialog. I know they’re in the movie but Paramount seems to have been really active in pushing them into the background.

I’m sure Paramount thinks old time fans will automatically flock to see the movie, if only to nitpick it apart. And they may well be right. Still, it would be nice if they tried to show at least one spot that feels just a little more familiar for those of us who actually liked the old show.


Why do you think “Enterprise” dropped the “Star Trek” title when it first came out?

Like it or not guys, the old Trek is seen as lame. We love it, sure, but it’s not excepted in the mainstream.

This TV spot is necessary to change that view. Mark my words, someone will become a new fan because of this movie, then go back and watch the old ones and say to themselves “Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on all this stuff for so long.”

CS Lewis,

I cannot respond to your comment without feeling a sense of irony, since I will be seeming like one of those “smart-mouthed teenagers.” For those who know me, I’m a college student. Living on campus, I see acts of stupidity far beyond the realm of anything you can even dream of on a regular, if not daily, basis.

If anything, these recent movie reboots have helped people to see a better side of our existence by making these grandiose stories into “human” stories. “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight” are prime examples of this. Even “Transformers” has done this, despite the criticism against it.

Now, if you want someone to blame for the “Bestiality jokes, quickie hookups, smart-mouthed disrespectful language, [and] unearned promotions” I would point the finger at shows such as “Jackass” and “Punk’d.” Or even better, go onto YouTube for about 10 seconds, and you can find literal thousands of examples of human stupidity.

I promise you that college kids (18-23 [which is what the cadet crew is]) will continue to be crude, over-confident, and moronic. I see it every day, and on rare occasions actually indulge in it a bit.

Kids will be kids.

34 and 40.
I thought that might be the Narada.
I didnt catch that it was Kirk though.
Thanks you guys!

Does anyone have any information on when the TV spots are supposed to air? I haven’t seen one yet.

Ya, those are small photon torpedos! There’s no way they’ll bury Spock in those a few decades from now…

You think Shatner would have ever jumped to save Takei if he fell off the platform?

But of course, the timeline’s changed, so hopefully we can rewrite both of those moments out. ;)

The tag line “not your fathers” just means their taking the movie in a place that the series never could do to the era it came out. Back than a interracial kiss between uhura and kirk broke history. Don’t be stupid people their not saying it’s not for older geeky crowd. Jeezus

They’re already on, but they’re still fairly rare because of the other stuff coming out this in the next week or two. My guess is that we’ll see them more often as the 8th approaches.