Star Trek ARG Report: The Story So Far (and it isn’t over yet)

Over the last few weeks there has been an intricate alternative reality game for the new Star Trek which has been keeping a lot of fans busy sorting clues and even visiting real world locations. TrekMovie has lead the way in reporting on the game’s progress, but it can be a challenge to follow. The game is coming to a close and there have been some recent new clues and so today we now try to put it all together in our guide to ‘the story so far’ with the Star Trek ARG.



MAY 8TH STAR TREK ARG REPORT 11 — The Story So Far (and it ain’t over yet!)
I saw Star Trek last night on IMAX. Wow. I loved the movie, and it gave me greater insight into what exactly this ARG is all about, as I tried to stay relatively spoiler-free before seeing the film. I have not read Countdown, but know enough about it and the movie to piece together a backstory for this game. The implications of it all are exciting. For those of you confused by all the excitement over the game, I’ll endeavor to tell it all here, avoiding movie spoilers as much as possible, but with some spoiler-laden conclusions and speculation at the end for those who’ve seen the movie.

This tale begins with Nero, a Romulan who has traveled back in time from the distant future to destroy both Vulcan and Earth. In command of a gargantuan world-destroying starship, the Narada, he seems unstoppable.

Early image of Narada from first ARG websites

A disparate band of five Romulans have traveled back to present-day Earth to alert Vulcan of the impending disaster. Pursued by Nero’s thugs, they feel alone in our pre-warp society, blending in to avoid attention while relying on our relatively primitive technology to send out a warning transmission. Without the assistance of the as-yet non-existent Federation (not to mention, Starfleet), their desperate attempt to prevent genocide seems unlikely to succeed.

They are led by Kaleh, a level-headed and strong-spirited woman with an uncompromising resolve to see their mission through in spite of the impossible odds. Rising above the bickering and panic of her companions, she strives to keep them focused and united as their plans unravel.


She is joined by her former lover, Candir, who is both a calming presence and a distraction. Knowing that they may not have much time left, Candir seeks to rekindle his romance with Kaleh before the end comes.

Janus brings a gruff and arrogant personality to the unit. Perhaps a military man, he has little patience for the others, but performs with efficient competence out of a sense of duty and obligation. Still, on occasion his temperament gets the better of him, causing him to lose control.

Karnis is young, a quick thinker and the group’s resident genius. He is the one who comes up with a plan for alerting the Vulcans about Nero.

Sargash, the youngest Romulan, rounds out the team. Though intelligent, he is jittery, and prone to panic under pressure.

"Little Green Men"
From the beginning, nothing goes right for our heroes. On arrival in the present day, their craft smashes into the English countryside, and they are unable to cloak and relocate their vessel before being spotted by Geoff Greatbatch, an ultralight aviation enthusiast who happens to fly over the crash site.

With a critically-damaged ship and Nero’s people not far behind, Karnis comes up with a plan to improve their odds. He splits up the myriad steps in setting up a transmission among the team members, and sends them far and wide across Earth: Sargash to Tokyo, himself to Paris, Janus to Berlin, Candir to Madrid, and Kaleh to Los Angeles. Knowing full well that all could be lost if any member of the team is compromised, Karnis obfuscates all of their data by using ancient Earth-based astronomy terminology, betting that Nero’s Romulan thugs are less-than-familiar with Renaissance-era human astronomer Johann Bayer.

In spite of Karnis’ precautions, Kaleh knows full well that they might fail. The team decides to leave the correct frequency for the transmission at the crash site in large Romulan letters that would be easily recognized by a rescue team from the future, but merely a curiousity to locals. Less obviously, they write the coordinates for the locations of Karnis, Janus, Candir, and Kaleh on a board from a shed their craft hit on its way down.

Geographically-separated, the team uses the web to keep in touch. Knowing full well that Nero’s henchmen can trawl the Internet to find them, they take on code names based on chemical elements: Sargash becomes "Si," Karnis "Ca," Janus "Al," Candir "Fe," and Kaleh "O." Coincidentally, a party promoter named Mark "Cobra Snake" is holding events in each of the cities they are located in, in anticipation of the release of a film called Star Trek. Our heroes decide to attend these parties and discretely leave each other updates in the post-party pictures, including the results of their first attempt at contacting Vulcan. Karnis also sets up a chat site (, and the team agrees to rendezvous there and report their results after the first attempt.

Janus sets up a web-based interface to a star map with the correct coordinates of Vulcan’s High Command. The site uses two separate layers of security, and each team member only has one part, or access point, of the necessary keys to view the map, buying them time even if members of their team are compromised by Nero’s men. This also means that should one of their number be captured or killed, the rest of the team must deduce his part of the keys. Kaleh also begins working on a web-based interface to actually send the transmission.

"Time’s Arrow"
Unfortunately, Nero’s thugs move much more quickly than anticipated, tracking down Karnis in Paris. Being chased on foot, Karnis falls near a cafe at the intersection of Rue de la Fédération and Rue de Presles, dropping his comm unit — perhaps, intentionally. Knowing that his teammates need the waveform on the comm unit and that he can’t evade Nero’s men for long, Karnis quickly logs into the chat site and posts the location of the cafe. He also manages to send a package to Janus before Nero’s men ultimately catch up and kill him.

Then, two wholly unexpected things happen.

First, a young Frenchman who happens to be at the cafe retrieves Karnis’ comm unit and posts a "lost and found" ad under the name "Malak0."

Second, sharp-eyed Star Trek fans notice the messages in the Cobra Snake pictures and begin asking questions about them. Mistaking them as an alternative reality game for the upcoming Star Trek film, the Players begin forming a community to decipher the messages, most notably at TrekMovie, Unfiction, and in a chatroom set up for the ARG. The Players are able to locate the chat site, and are able to watch as the Romulans rendezvous online as planned.

The Chat Gang, as they come to be known, are disappointed to discover their first attempt at alerting Vulcan failed. They are also alarmed when Karnis doesn’t check-in. With Sargash jittery and Janus frustrated, Kaleh orders the team to focus on the mission, identify what went wrong with the first attempt and reporting back in two days. Privately, she expresses worry about Sargash to Candir.

The follow-up meeting is no more encouraging. Kaleh reports that Karnis is dead, and that his comm unit is indeed in the hands of "one of them," referring to Malak0. Already paranoid about being discovered, this revelation throws Sargash into a full-blown panic attack. In turn, Janus takes out his frustration on Sargash, verbally lashing out at him. Kaleh barely restores order, telling her team they must move forward:

There is NO going back! There is NO Federation to stop him, we MUST move on without “Ca”!! Their ONLY fighting chance is if we get this thing sent!!

Kaleh orders them to keep working and to share their access points for the star map using Twitter. Janus leaves grudgingly to do his part out of respect for the deceased Karnis, while a calmer but still-panicked Sargash decides to "rethink everything." Left alone with Kaleh, Candir again begins making romantic advances, but Kaleh brushes him off, keeping her attention on the mission. Undeterred, he professes his love before sending his access point information.

A few days later, Malak0, in response to dozens of inquiries from the Players, posts a video on YouTube of Karnis’ device:

Meanwhile, our heroes the Chat Gang rendezvous again. They are very much aware of the Players‘ efforts, and Sargash proposes a radical idea: take advantage of the Players’ belief that this is just a game, and enlist their help in alerting Vulcan. Janus is ambivalent, Candir is skeptical, and Kaleh sharply denounces the idea. Sargash ignores her, however, and makes contact with the Players through Facebook, giving them his access point.

"Tomorrow is Yesterday"
Discussing the matter three days later, Janus agrees that Sargash is out of control. Kaleh insists on completing the mission, ordering the others to await further orders while ominously promising to "handle" Sargash in Tokyo.

Janus also reports more bad news: Geoff Greatbatch returned to the crash site with a camera. Although they had cloaked and relocated their ship, Greatbatch still snapped pictures of the symbols and the crash site and posted them on CNN’s iReport "citizen-journalist" website.

Strange markings on ground, A40, Curbridge, Oxfordshire UK

Kaleh concedes that, between Sargash and Greatbatch, the Chat Gang may need to reveal themselves to the Players. Nonetheless, she travels to Tokyo to "handle" Sargash, and later attends a Cobra Snake party to give Janus and Candir locations for transmitting their parts of the second key for the star map. Candir also reveals the location of the star map,

Kaleh in Tokyo

Tragedy again strikes as Nero’s thugs track down Janus in Berlin. While transmitting his part of the key, he leaves a farewell message of sorts:

Kaleh, i’m sick and tired of having to live outside. I’m sleeping in the vivcinity of the position, where you received this message at. People are spraying graffiti and throwing away their old furniture here, it’s digusting. I won’t hide anymore. They’re onto me anyway. I might as well enjoy the time I have left to live.

Members of the Players from Unfiction, later found a sleeping bag stained with green Romulan blood:

Janus’ sleeping bag (Picture courtesy of ‘Amujan’)

The Players in Berlin also encounter Nero’s henchmen, operating under the name Contain The Threat. Unlike Kaleh, Contain The Threat apparently has no qualms with directly interacting with the Players. Having apprehended or killed Janus, Contain The Threat focus their efforts on finding Kaleh and Candir, demanding assistance from the Players and warning that "failure to do so will result in every horror being inflicted upon you and your kind, and your planet will be destroyed."

"Eye of the Needle"
Only one Player is able to make it out to Madrid, but what he finds is invaluable: the key to cracking the first security layer for, after several days’ worth of fruitless effort. Cracking the second layer — an 11-character password — goes much more quickly, and the Players are rewarded with an interactive star map:

Malak0 also manages to activate Karnis’ comm unit, sharing a video of his success:

While the Players mull over these developments, Contain The Threat is a step ahead. Motivated by their own sinister ends, and realizing that the star map must contain the location of Vulcan High Command, they provide the Players with valuable stellar cartography data, both to reveal the location of Vulcan High Command and to entrust the Players to Kaleh. Their plan works: the Players identify Vulcan High Command, and Kaleh decides to trust them.

She reveals the transmission generator,, and recruits the Players’ help in finding the correct settings, which they do using the frequency from the Curbridge crash site:

Frequency: "2 32 fr"

the waveform from Malak0:


And the interstellar frequency code for Vulcan High Command from

Interstellar Frequency Code

Armed with the correct settings, Kaleh implores the Players to "amplify" the signal by clicking on it and sharing it with others.

After transmitting the signal for two days, the Players are surprised by a response from the Vulcan High Command:

S transcript of the few distinct parts of the message:

“…our scanners have yet to locate the… …working together will increase our chance of survival… …our gratitude to those [distorted]…”

The transmission clearly shows a silhouette of Nero’s Narada. Also note the date 5 12 09: clearly, this ARG still ain’t over, even after the release of the movie!


At first jubilant and grateful, Kaleh’s cautious side begins to wonder:

I can’t believe it worked!! I can’t believe so many of them helped!!!

But we can’t celebrate yet – why can’t the Vulcans locate the Narada???

How could he be hiding from their scanners!?!?!

Contain The Threat‘s deviousness soon starts to surface. First, several of the Players receive emails that announce the murder of our friend "Malak0" and retrieval of Karnis’ comm unit:

Some of your co-conspirators gave us information about the human in Paris, France known as Malak0. We have easily eliminated this threat, as we might crush a beetle, and the device is in our possession.

Following hints from Kaleh and Candir that the long-separated lovers would reunite, more Players receive ominous emails from ContainTheThreat, pointing to the chat site. The chat transcript is gone, replaced by this video (the transcript has since been restored):

Thanks to "KJ"

There is no doubt that the man and woman we see first are Candir and Kaleh. The assailants must be members of Contain The Threat, Nero’s henchmen. Also notice that Candir does not step in to help Kaleh fight off the assailants. In fact, he subdues her with a quick move to the neck with a hypospray, or perhaps, a neck pinch. In any case, it’s clear: Candir is a traitor in league with Nero, and Kaleh is now missing.

And that is where we are right now with the ARG. Phew.


How does this all fit in with Star Trek? [SPOILERS]

Clearly, The Chat Gang‘s mission is to warn Vulcan of Nero’s attack, hoping to prompt more evacuations before the planet’s destruction. Their tattoos also indicate that they’re from the post-Romulus 24th century, like Nero. One possibility is that this transmission is actually being sent to the future, arriving during the events of the movie.

But I’ve considered another possibility, and was surprised to see other players also have come to the same conclusion.

I noticed that we didn’t actually see a definitive shot of the Narada being destroyed at the end of the movie. What we do see is the Narada slipping into a "lightning storm" black hole, similar to the one the Narada intially came through, encountering the Kelvin. What if Nero and the Narada were not destroyed, but were instead pulled even further back in time — to the present? What if Nero, having failed in the 23rd century, hopes to exact his vengeance on both Earth and Vulcan during a pre-Federation era, when both planets are in no position to defend themselves? This ties in nicely with Kaleh’s comment that there’s no Starfleet to stop Nero. However, it doesn’t fit with part of Nero’s initial motivation: to have Spock witness the destruction of Vulcan since Spock has not gone back to the 21st century (as far as we know).

Likely "Fringe" tie-in
"thecapn" notes something interesting from this week’s episode of JJ Abram’s Fringe, "The Road Not Taken":

The main characters visited a conspiracy theorist who claimed that the “upcoming war” that the characters have been investigating would be with the Romulans, that they’ve come back in time to attack Earth. He also claimed to be Spock.

An apology and a thanks
In the comments of my previous post, I expressed some frustration toward the Puppet Masters, or PMs, of this ARG. In putting together this "Story So Far" update, I’ve been reminded of how much fun this game has been, and I owe the PMs an apology for lashing out. Given the complexity of the puzzles, the elaborate physical clues in at least six countries, and some particularly interesting characters (especially Geoff Greatbatch and Malak0), it’s clear a tremendous amount of thought, passion, and effort went into this ARG. And in the process, they have brought together a community from across the globe who have shared moments of excitement, frustration, and lots of silly humor.

Thank you, PMs.


Star Trek ARG – previous reports
The Star Trek Alternative Reality Game began a couple of weeks ago after some fans spotted URLs on the walls of ‘Star Trek Dance Party’ photos up at, these clues led to more sites, which in turn led to more clues. Here are the previous TrekMovie articles on the Star Trek ARG:

Also, all TrekMovie articles regarding this are now in a single Star Trek ARG Category.


What do you think? — and A NOTE before you comment
Before you post clues or speculation in the comments below, check the previous TrekMovie articles (including comments) to be sure they haven’t already been covered.

Star Trek ARG Forum
TM community member "Tom" hosts the very active ARG chat where much of the problem-solving is taking place. He has set up a forum for posting clues and speculation. It also includes links to the chat.

Other resources

Any new clues or theories? Let us know!
but again, be sure to check previous posts to make sure they haven’t been covered. If you really think you are on to something, send in a clue to tips [at]trekmovie[dot]com. However, please keep tips to new (at least semi) verified clues, and not just speculation, that is what the comments are for.

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wow, this has been going on forever! Fascinating stuff. First?

I couldn’t follow this even in the summaries – how could I have ever actually PLAYED this thing??

LMAO Kaleh kicked those henchmen’s asses for a while, until her lover sedated her. I wouldnt want to mess with that chick.

How did we ever enjoy Star Trek under Roddenbery without these pointless brain twisters? Thank god for the reboot.


Just shut up and watch the new movie. Who cares about this ARG crap? I mean, if there were money involved then I’d understand. Ugh…

SOMEBODY write the novel PLEASEEEEE!

I am getting a bit tired of people attacking those who are enjoying this aspect of the new movie campaign. Not every aspect is for every person, and we do tons of stories and get visited by tens of thousands a day…i really dont understand the handful who feel the need to lash out at any one aspect. If you are not interested…just skip the article. Aliotsy put in a lot of work and this ‘shut up’ stuff is just not acceptable.

I really strongly feel there are more connections that just the Romulan mention on Fringe.

We also have a connection (semispolier) of Slusho being mentioned in the Star Trek movies and Slusho showing up in the alternate reality on Fringe(Prior to opening credits while investigating the burn victim[s]). There is also another scene in the alternate reality where Boston has been under attack from what appears to be some type of craft in the sky and the words HE IS HERE spray painted on the side of a building (18:22 on the Hulu video for the attack)

This is all very jumbled.

First thing I thought of when Clint Howard went on that rant about the Romulans during Fringe was the ARG.

I love this ARG

Man. Kaleh, a strong capable female character who was NOT in the movie? What a rip off!


“What if Nero and the Narada were not destroyed, but were instead pulled even further back in time — to the present?”

Um. Ok. So by this logic, Vulcan isn’t destroyed either… it’s just in a different time? I think in order for the Narada to go through time, it must enter a black hole created through a reaction between the Red Matter and a Supernova. It is a special, unique reaction. Even the Supernova wasn’t a regular supernova… apparently it was able to destroy the entire quadrant. Black holes don’t transport you through time.

This theory has to be wrong. And if not, then we needn’t worry at all about Vulcan.

“However, it doesn’t fit with part of Nero’s initial motivation: to have Spock witness the destruction of Vulcan since Spock has not gone back to the 21st century (as far as we know).”

He’s already done that though.

#13 cagmar: “Black holes don’t transport you through time.”

Well, it wasn’t entirely a black hole per se, because if it was, you’d be right on.

And this is Star Trek after all. I like the idea of Nero still being somewhere out there and a group of Romulans are out to stop him.


I found her! I found Kaleh! She’s actually (or was) a member of the Narada crew! She’s the so-called “Strongest Member on the Ship”. If you look at page 59 of Countdown and the image of her in the party, she bears the same tattoo pattern below her forehead in the center. A circle with a triangle below it pointing downwards.

so wait a minute, romulans are attacking in Fringe??? possible sequel plot then? Kirk and the enterprise has to go back in time to stop Nero again? Please correct me if I’ve messed something up!

#15 you can enjoy that story all you want, but it can’t be so. It doesn’t make sense.

I had this discussion with my friends after leaving the movie. If the black holes move you through time, then we don’t even have to save Vulcan do we? Why are the Vulcans here? Just wait 25 years and it’ll pop back into place.

not necessarily, because think about it, if that were to happen, then even this whole movie wouldn’t have happened. and on the black hole matter, it just looked to be a bigger one than that of the one at the beginning of the movie, and that transported them through time. it is quite possible that this could happen maybe as the next movie or something.

@ cagmar: It doesn’t make sense.

This is a Star Trek discussion, not a science class study hall.

So this is the death of any semblance of realistic or consistent science fiction? That’s what this game is about?

The final black hole was biggest big because the entire Red Matter was set off in the crashing Jellyfish. A bigger black hole doesn’t suddenly mean black holes transport you through time! Or does it, now? Does Humanity suddenly have a time travel weapon? Was Vulcan just bumped to a different day, not destroyed? Give me a break! Vulcan is dead, the Narada is destroyed. There was no super-supernova to react with in any eruption except the first.

Let’s start working on a theory that’s consistent now.

Maybe TrekXI would consider picking up where this one leaves off. Maybe we can have a trilogy of movies on this arc of kirk and co. dealing with Nero. It might not sound good to some, but with the right storytelling, script, and plot, it could work. Either way, its fun to imagine…and thats what this arg has done…make us imagine but also make us think…think long, think hard, and outside the box. Like Q said in All Good Things…be open to possibilities never considered before. Boy do I love this! Keep it up!

so, did you watch the beginning of the movie by any chance, or perhaps when spock is explaining to kirk how he and nero got there?

#23 yes! That is my point.

ok you have me confused now, as i was using that to argue you, and you are agreeing with me?

Yup. You are absolutely right that what sent Spock and Nero back were different circumstances than what destroyed Vulcan or destroyed the Narada. If you listened to what he said or read Countdown you would see it immediately. Neither Vulcan nor the Narada had a super-supernova present when the Red Matter went off.

THAT is my point.

i think i see what you’re getting at, but does size really matter? they came through a smaller one, so why not a bigger one? I haven’t read countdown so if there are things there that are important to this debate that I don’t know of then I offer my apologies in advance

You could actually see Vulcan crumble from it. Ships just seem to transition though, so its still open ended.

well, maybe it’s because the red matter was sent to the core, so the singularity itself is at the heart of the planet, but if you were on the event horizon or something technical like that (that I have no scientific knowledge of) then maybe in a fictitious sense it is possible to travel through time or something.

you are too gracious, Darkwing.

I’m not sure it’s the size that matters. I think it’s to do with the reaction of the nova and the Red Matter. See, the black hole was initially being used by Spock to devour an exploding star that was threatening Romulus and the entire Alpha Quadrant … the reaction of the Red Matter in the centre of the nova created a black hole/space-time rift that delivered Nero and then Spock back in time. The black hole can’t do it alone, big or small.

oh yes, and I’d argue I saw the Narada crumbling, #28

If it turns out Fringe has actually been a Star Trek show this whole time, and no one knew, I will have to kiss JJ’s a… feet. That would be frakking brilliant.

cagmaar–I agree with you about the Narada crumbling. But I don’t agree that it was the reaction with the supernova that created the time/space warp. In the movie Spock (not Prime Spock) said that the technology that could create black hole could also create a time/space warp. I think that is the key to understanding the red matter, because even if Nero and crew are dead, JJ and crew still need to find some way to reconcile the time lines if they don’t want all Trekkies to hate them.

I saw the Narada crumble from weapons fire, but it looked fine going into the singularity. Not so sure, but all the more reason to see it again.

Wonderful summary, Aliotsy. GG.

Having seen the movie, I am now far, far more interested in where this ARG leads. Because it *isn’t* just an opening weekend marketing lead-up, is it? It’s something better.

Something special.

Fair enough #33. That’s a very logical theory, I’d have to agree. I still might suggest Spock meant that Red Matter could create a black hole WHEN ON IT’S OWN and a time/space warp IF INITIATED INSIDE A NOVA STAR. Maybe?

Even so, I’m not 100% sure about any of the writer’s intentions and you are very right – they’re probably just trying to make sure they have a way out again.

So let’s see if this ARG gives us a final answer.

@34 Spoiler below!
Spoiler below!
Spoiler below!
Spoiler below!
Spoiler below!

The Narada was not just crumbling from weapons fire… it was crumbling from the singularity forces on its own and finally breaking apart and get sucked into the singularity… it wasn’t as clear as in the beginning, the singularity was in the middle of the ship, hence breaking it apart and suck in essentially 2 Parts and not just in front of it, where it could fly through it unharmed.

Aliotsy, I’ll only see the movie tomorrow, so I read these things carefuly (didn’t read the last part). I just wanted to write how I appreciate your reports so far and especially this one. You put all the pieces together in the right place to create the story of the gang from scratch. Though I do my best to follow this from day one, you helped a lot understanding the real story behind the clues.
Is there any site on the web that follows this ARG like this, like TrekMovie?
I wish I had time to translate this whole summary/recap for my redears, but I WILL link to it.


Okay, warning, I’m basically crazy, and I”ve seen the movie twice….so I’m going to pose an idea here..



We’ve been pushed, cajoled, harassed, teased, and reminded to play the Alert Vulcan video over and over and over and over. We’ve even seen a “response” that says Vulcan got the message. But if you’ve seen the movie, you know what happens to Vulcan….

….what if it is possible to “save” Vulcan?

Now I know its crazy…but consider….what if there is a 2nd version of the movie with a slightly altered ending in which Vulcan doesn’t get blown up – for example, one in which the Enterprise gets caught in the singularity, but escapes having gone backwards in time to a point before Vulcan’s destruction….but that version just hasn’t been released yet….but once word gets out, it gives folks another reason to see the movie….

Yeah, yeah, I know its silly and insane and impossible…But we all know that if such a scheme were to be put out there, Abrams is the guy to do it…

I dropped out of this thing a while back, but did anyone check the codes on when JJ Abrams appeared on the ‘Colbert Report?’

#39 – That is something I hadn’t considered… I just saw the move last night (holy $#!+ it was awesome!). I’ve been thinking of going next week to see it again, only this time in IMAX. That would be pretty awesome if at that point, they were basically showing a different/alternate movie/ending, one that resolves the events of the one I just saw. “Resolves” in that it restores us back to what we’re familiar with (i.e., Trek history as we know it).

“The transmission clearly shows a silhouette of Nero’s Narada. Also note the date 5 12 09: clearly, this ARG still ain’t over, even after the release of the movie!”
btw, Season Finale of Fringe is May 12th.

I Found in the Vulcan Video thing on the Page at this link,, a pic still of what looks like a person and a telescope. Go to EnviroTweet7’s Twitter page and in the upper left corner is the still.

So… what are we atiting for now? Are there any clues to be discussed (I guess now, because there are no discussions). Are we now in the phase we just sit and enjoy the ride, watching what the PMs planned for us, like the vulcan transmission and Kaleh’s abduction. Maybe there’ll be more like this untill Tuesday.

44 – If so, it’s a long wait. I don’t know what we’re missing, but right now we’re in a full stop.

I’m not attacking the *idea* of an ARG, but reading the synopsis above just makes no sense. It’s everything that’s wrong with storytelling today – it’s a convulted series of events tied together with angst and fighting among the participants.

Used to be that drama and conflict was inherent in a story itself, and the characters would behave in more-or-less civiliized ways within the plot. These days it seems that plots are just a McGuffin that allow every individual character to conduct their own private soap opera.

Black holes in Star Trek aren’t like the ones in our universe.

Reference: “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”. The Enterprise gets thrown back in time and encounters USAF Capt Christopher after encountering a black star… (Of course, originally it was supposed to directly follow Naked Time, and the implosion sending them backwards in time was supposed to take them to 1969, as DC Fontana has noted elsewhere…)

So there’s precedent in the *original* Star Trek for black holes functioning as reverse time machines. I’d wish they would just say “a wormhole near the black hole” and then they’d have a plausible (yet nearly impossible) scientific explanation.

As to Kaleh… hell yeah, they should have had a henchwoman on board Nero’s vessel. That would have rocked. The lesson of previous Trek movies was that female aliens were good… Azetbur, the Duras sisters….

Perhaps the ARG is indeed actually a Fringe ARG; and that would suggest the ARG is being run by Bad Robot rather than Paramount. That would explain quite a lot, starting with the involvement of quasiphotographer Mark Hunter and his Cobrasnake operation. I dunno. But a multi-spectrum ARG involving Lost, Fringe and Star Trek could be fun.

With a Bell turning up on Fringe, I start thinking of the Bell Riots from Trek (DS9).

#47 – “The lesson of previous Trek movies was that female aliens were good… Azetbur, the Duras sisters…”

Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but the Duras sisters were never good. In fact from their first appearance on TNG to their death in Star Trek Generations, they were quite evil. They were trying to basically take over the Empire by any means necessary…

Just got added by someone named Amd Stal on Twitter.

Linked to this picture:

No idea if this is in-game or a troll.

Yeah, I was added by someone named misskps… but I don’t think she’s in-game… and I only signed up on Twitter because of this ARG to get the updates from The Chat Gang… oh well…