Star Trek: The Next Generation Promotional HD Screenings To Be Held In July

As previously reported the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation arrives on Blu-ray on July 24th. And in order to promote the release, CBS will be holding theatrical screenings across the USA in advance of the release. These one-day screening events are another great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series. See below for more details.


Star Trek: TNG in HD on the Big Screen in July

CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment are planning on holding theatrical screenings for two HD remastered episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Monday July 23rd. The screenings will help promote the release of the first season of TNG, which comes out the next day. The news was first reported by TVShowsOnDVD and while CBS and Paramount are officially announcing anything at this time, TrekMovie has confirmed the report with our sources.

HD capture from “Where No One Has Gone Before” – headed to the big screen in July

The two first season episodes chosen for the event are  “Where No One Has Gone Before” and “Datalore.” The screenings will also show behind the scenes on the making of the remastered TNG (from the Blu-ray special features). Screenings will be held across the USA. TrekMovie will post an update when CBS makes the official announcement with pricing and theater list details.

HD Capture from “Datalore” – headed to the big screen in July

All of this is to get you ready for Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray, coming out July 24th. If you missed, TrekMovie has posted details on the set, along with a video clip and stills. The set is not yet available for pre-order in the USA. We will post an update when it shows up online.

TNG S1 box

Repeat of TOS event from 2007

This promotional screening plan is actually something that the home video team did before for the original Star Trek. Back on November 13th and 15th, 2007 there were screenings of the remastered version of “The Menagerie” (Parts 1 & 2) held at 300 theaters across the USA (and around the world) a week before the first season of Star Trek was released on HD DVD. See the trailer below.



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Flippin Bushwhackers!

You’ve got to be kidding me. Who is going to pay to see this square picture on a big screen?

Was hoping they’d show ‘Code of Honour’…

“HD capture from “Where No One Has Gone Before” – headed to the big screen in July”

That’s actually from LONELY AMONG US.

Fo** yeah!

As long as it’s not Code of Honor.


What’s wrong with square? Better than pan and scan (in reverse).


Why are you so nasty to Next Gen? One thing I tire of on this site in the anti Next Gen comments.

Next Gen is great and can’t wait to see this on blu ray. Damn annoyed I am going to miss a big screen showing.

You mention Canada and Europe got scrennings of The Menagerie. Any hope of us lot getting TNG on the big screen as well?

Cool! I went to see the Menagerie remastered when they showed it on the big screen, seen it many times still kinda cool to see it in theater on the big screen. Looking forward to these too, hopefully within driving range.

#3 —

That’s funny.

@2 – I would most certainly pay to see this. As would legions of other fans.

To bad you dont have any theatres near you that have the abilitiy to bring there masking into academy aspect ratio :)

Cant wait to watch this on the big screen :)

Shame the picture will be so narrow on the widescreens..

So we are going to see “Where no one has gone before”.

I will chuckle when Riker says, “It wasn’t him, it never was.
It was his assistant!”

Crazy idea. If we are going for two episodes of TNG …in a theater.

What better episodes than BOBW (parts uno AND dos).

yeah…honestly I wish it were Best of Both Worlds… but I understand why it’s 2 first season eps

“Datalore” and”Where no one…” are reasonable choices. It’s hard to think of more than a few season one episodes that would merit the big screen treatment. “The Arsenal of Freedom” might have been fun visually– a fun episode where you get a saucer sep, and if I recall, a first look at the ship’s phasers.

#2–If your literally talking about the 4:3 size of the screen, “The Menagerie” was shown the same way and the theater I went to was packed.

If your talking about your opinion of the show in general, well to each their own, but TNG did have a substantial following.

If your just talking about the choice of episodes, well I’d probably prefer seeing “The Best of Both Worlds,””The Inner Light” or something on that order, but my guess is they’re still working on the later seasons. The two episodes they picked were probably 2 of the better episodes from season 1 (though “Conspiracy” was another highlight), however, my guess is they wanted to showcase the special effects, and the 2 episodes they picked would showcase those changes better.

Judging by the picture from Datalore, I think the one thing that the sparkling clear HD transfer shows us is that the A/C on the Enterprise was set way too low.

It’ll look marvelous. When it comes out Blu ray, play around with the settings on your television for displaying 4:3. There’s a zoom option on my Panasonic plasma. There’s another that sets overscan to minus… pulling back from the intended frame area. Credits and captions are effected, but mostly it’s fine… for those 4:3 intolerant people.

I remember going to see “The Menagerie” remastered in HD at a theatre back in 2007 to celebrate it’s then-dvd release. Only problem is that the digital projection was somewhat dim and the idiot behind us kept providing a ‘running commentary’ on the whole show.

Other than all of that, it was kind of neat. If I were more of a TNG fan, I’d probably go…

Ah, yes. My dream of seeing the episode where the writers literally cemented Wesley Crusher as a mandatory bridge crew member on the big screen can finally be realized. Although I still don’t know why they didn’t go with the episode that delved into Wesley’s hidden fantasies.

Geordi: That’s the Captain’s Voice.
Wesley: It’s pieced together from words he’s used over the intercom. With this, I can pretend he’s ordering me to take the Enterprise anywhere.

He records Picard’s voice from the intercom, puts it on a sound device, and uses it to pretend that Picard is ordering Wesley around……

Wesley: I made it into a repulser beam!

You sure are one to know how to repulse things Wes.

They could have chosen better Eps. Like Farpoint or The Neutrial Zone and Conspiracy. Those would have been better choices.

Yeah, I do love TNG but Season One is not its showcase.

Yeah, stinking “square picture!” Crap like Casablanca, The WIzard of Oz, Adventures of Robin Hood–nobody paid to see that garbage on the big screen because it had a stupid “square picture!” Movies ONLY got good in 1952.

I saw “The Menagerie ” in theateres when they did that to promote the TOS remastered project. It was pretty cool seeing it on the big screen.

OMG! I can’t wait! My brother and I went to see “The Menagerie, Parts I & II” in 2007 and it was a wonderful experience!! I can’t wait!!

While I like the episodes they are going to show, and can’t wait to see them on the BIG screen, my personal picks would have been: Lonely Among Us, The Big Goodbye, 11001001 or The Neutral Zone. Just saying…

I hope they do this for all seasons of TNG prior to their respective releases! :-D

Yeah, I kind of see MJ’s point. The problem with playing Trek episodes on the big screen (minus “Enterprise”, of course) is that you’re filling up only half the screen. It’s the same reason why I doubt that we’re going to see 2.35:1 television screens. A 4:3 dvd is going to look ridiculous on it.


MJ wasn’t bashing TNG. He was making a point about the aspect ratio. So cool it!

‘Heart of Glory’ would be a nice option as well, though the only FX are a constantly repeated stock shot of the D7 battlecruiser.

Looks like Paramount has set a MSRP of $118 for the set, which means Amazon will have it for about $75. PASS! That’s WAY too expensive per season. It’s going to have to be $50 or lower before I dive in.


I’m hoping everyone involved realized that episode is a blight that no one would want to watch again, and it would be incredibly dumb to pick it as one of the screening eps.

I’m always fascinated by people who balk at the price of things.
$75.00 for something that you can own forever.
My monthly cell phone bill exceeds $75.00
My cable bill is more than that.
When I get my hair cut its $40.00
Im my opinion $75.00 is a bargain.
Heck I rented a Starbucks lattee this morning for $5 bucks!
I’m not taking a poke at you in particular Shannon I notice people all around me claim things are too expensive . Its human nature I guess
I’d love to see TNG eps on the bigscreen btw


showing a movie in academy aspect ratio still fills up more than half screen.
And if your watching in a theatre that is equiped with, masking that draws all the way into the academy ratio you also dont have to watch with pillar boxing of the image either.

You don’t see or here people going to screenings of classic movies like wizard of oz, Casablanca, King Kong, Gone with the Wind, Singing in The Rain etc, complaining about a “Square” image.

And fyi there are allready 2.35:1 (21:9) tvs on the market as well.
And academy aspect ratio looks fine on them.

What are the chances that this will be shown on the high-end 2k or 4k cinema projectors and not the dim, uncalibrated consumer-grade projectors that are used to show ads before the main feature?

Is this a Fathom event? I smell trouble. How was “Menagerie” shown?

25 haha exactly, there are classic showing of academy aspect ratio movies around here all the time with sell out crowds, and keep in mind we are talking movie palaces that seat well over 700 ppl in a single auditorium and you never hear people complaing that its a “Square” Image .

One thing I need to make a note to you about though, while cinerama and cinemascope were introduced in 52 and 53, there were wide screen movies in theatres long before then. John Waynes first movie The Big Trail was shot in the wide screen Fox Grandure 70mm format, and there were other similar widescreen movies around 1929, and of course the finale of Napolean in 1927 was also depicted in the earliest wide screen attempt.

But the gist of your post is correct, its silly for people(most likely the same ones who wanted to fill their tv screens back when widescreen versions of movies for tv were begining to be introduced ) to think that just because a movie is shown in its academy aspect ratio format they wont want to see it.

There are thousands of great movies that were shot in academy aspect ratio, and still look just as amazing on the big screen as they did when they were first released/

#32. Although I have no problem paying $75/season, I understand the flipside. If you’re comparing prices for TV show to TV show, TNG at $118 MSRP (~$70 from most seller after discount), it is significantly higher than other TV shows, which are generally priced at $80 MSRP at most.

For example, the whole Farscape series (4 seasons – 88 eps) has an MSRP of $150. Fringe MSRP is $70/season.

I’m sure part of the reason for the higher MSRP is that this is the main revenue stream for the whole remastered project, but it is jarring for some people to pay that much.

34) yeah thats the thing people should be worried about, if its a fathom, NCM or Cinedyne screening than it likely would be a similar experience to the TOS screenings in a number of theatres.

36 Farscape is also just a upconvert of of the episodes. And looks like crap especially on bigger screens.
They didnt have all the hundreds of hours of work that TOS and TNG have had done restoring them and doing a propper HD upgrade.

I really don’t think you’ll notice the 4:3 aspect on a theater screen. When I went to see “The Menagerie” it was already bigger than I’ve ever seen it. I quickly forgot it was 4:3. I mean, what are you going to do about it anyway, it’s not like you can go back in time and refilm it with widescreen cameras.

28–I wasn’t exactly sure how to take MJ’s comments. Was he being literal or figurative? He’s made no secret of his disdain for Berman era Trek (except maybe DS9) and it could have been a swipe at TNG in general. Captain Neill gets very sensitive about Star Trek.

Aspect ratio smaspect ratio. I’m there.

And for the TNG haters, you can all nibble on my BVD’s. The picture will be crystal clear and large. Here are some other movies that weren’t wide screen that you should avoid in a theater:

the original King Kong
Citizen Kane
Gone With the Wind
The Wizard of Oz

Sorry danielcraig. I didn’t see your post.


Also, the best picture winner “The Artist” is in square 4:3 format.

“Sacrebleu! What are those black bars on the left and right? My peripheral vision is burning!”

Why don’t they ever do these sorts of things in the UK? I’d totally go for that.

Heck, they should do these cinema showings year-round, just for the heck of it.

Show a double feature of “Space Seed” and TWOK, or a triple feature of those two plus “Star Trek: As Yet Untitled Star Trek Feature.”

I would jump to see BOBW on the big square screen.

Also waiting for a Trek film to be 3D-ized. That scene in the Mutara Nebula is beautiful as it is, but in glorious re-mastered 3D, I think the old bird would make a ton of money.

That is a Paramount idea, AJ (see what I did there?). I don’t SEE any BS with that (oops I did it again).

Maybe not every theater would be filled all the time. But I would pay cash money to see remastered Doomsday Machine or Trouble With Tribbles or Balance of Terror or The Menagerie again.

Best of Both Worlds, Yesterday’s Enterprise, All Good Things, and other great TNG eps would be a kick to watch in the theater.

Yes, the $75 (or more) per season as “too expensive” has to do with the price of other complete seasons on Blu-ray, and not what I think the set is “worth”. Most one hour, 20-something episode seasons on Blu-ray run about $40. Paramount wants double that for a show that hasn’t been on the air since 1987. It’s crazy, regardless of how much they paid to restore it.

I, too, wonder at folks who complain on the price. $75 is not chump change to most of us to be sure, but on the other hand, there was obviously a TON of work that went into this project…probably more than was done for the TOS BDs, and those were spectacular and well-worth the double-dip IMHO and in my case. :)

It would be one thing if CBS was just slapping these TNG prints out in some sort of minimalist, upconverted deal, but they did the right thing here using the original film elements despite the arduous task that they knew it would be.

I have no problem paying a little more for something that I know was worked very hard on by those involved. So many in today’s culture just seem to want everything for free or otherwise feel entitled to paying next to nothing for whatever it is that they want, but that’s not the way it works in this world.

And remember, there was a time when the TOS BDs were released…maybe month or so after the initial release date…that some outfits were offering them for as little as $40 new. So if you’re willing to wait a little, you might get an even better deal.

I feel more “taken” by the Trek/SciFi conventions these days. Used to be you paid one reasonable admission fee for access to everything, but now they charge you extra for everything (above and beyond the already-high admission fee). I pretty much stopped going to these deals many years back…but I guess people still go as the prices haven’t exactly gone down :( .

To add to the price debate:

My problem stems from the fact that i bought TOS when it came out on VHS. Obviously DVD was the upgrade so I got that when it came out. Then they remastered the series and it was beautiful, so of course I bought that version because I just couldn’t wait for the inevitable bluray release. I didn’t buy the bluray version though, as my wife and family would probably lynch me. I DID however beg them for the full set of TNG two years ago for Christmas. I doubt very highly that they will pony up (or allow me to) for yet another TNG set. I admit that I want to watch TNG on my big TV but unless they sell some compilations I won’t be buying it any time soon. Fortunately we still have a video rental store that is VERY geek friendly and they will probably purchase the seasons as they become available and I’ll rent them.

As for conventions, I’m with you there, Jon. The last convention I went to was in Vegas a few years back. I managed to get in to the things I wanted to see by brazenly walking in like I owned the place. As a matter of fact, I didn’t pay a dime. Well, except for the dealer’s room. I couldn’t get out of there without a much lighter wallet.

A few years ago I went to the theater for a screening of “Pink Floyd The Wall”. I don’t remember why this was happening but I was stoked for the big screen HD presentation (the was before BluRay or HDDVD so I figured it was going to be on film).

When I got into the theater to sit down I was shocked to see the screen saver of some crappy cheap DVD player on the big screen! The whole thing was just played off of a DVD copy of The Wall!!!!

Considering the resolution it was still quite enjoyable though! So I doubt 4:3 would be a problem either.

The Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture had a screening, and we know that wasn’t HD or Celluloid. NTSC 525 line DVD at best.