STLV17: Original Series Set Tour Announces ‘Star Trek Film Academy’ For Fans To Learn To Make Episode

(Photo: Star Trek The Original Series Set Tour)

This morning at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour panel owner James Cawley announced they will be launching a new ‘Star Trek Film Academy’ in the Spring of 2018. Like Set Tour, this Star Trek Film Academy is officially licensed by CBS and it will offer week-long immersive courses on the making of a Star Trek episode.

Cawley explained:

You are going to be able to come to our sets and it will be an academy experience. You are going to be able to learn how to make a Star Trek episode. You are going to go from script to stage over a six to seven day period and you are going to work with people who actually made Star Trek episodes.

Also on the panel were Denise Okuda, Michael Okuda, Doug Drexler and Daren Dochterman who will all be part of the Academy. Cawley also noted that they are going to reach out to more Star Trek professionals to be part of it including asking  Jonathan Frakes to direct.

James Cawley announcing Star Trek Film Academy at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 (Photo: Carlos Pedroza)

Being part of the Academy will be like traveling back in time. As Cawley noted:

You get to feel and experience what it is like to work on Star Trek…We’re going to pretend it’s 1966 and you’re an employee of Desilu Studios.

At the end of your week at the Star Trek Film Academy you will be able to take home your own Star Trek vignette.

No details were given on specific launch date or pricing for the Star Trek Film Academy. TrekMovie will report more when the information is available.

The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, NY was originally built for the popular fan series Star Trek: New Voyages, later renamed Star Trek: Phase II. With Cawley as producer and playing Captain James T. Kirk they made a number of episodes emulating the original Star Trek series. The production ended up building a many of the sets for the show including the U.S.S. Enterprise bridge, corridors, crew quarters,  and engineering.

TOS engineering set (Photo: Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour)

For more information on the tour visit

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