Adam Nimoy Steps Down From Directing Deep Space Nine Doc, Release Pushed Back

What We Left Behind - DS9 doc

On Saturday there were two announcements from What We Left Behind, the upcoming crowd-funded Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary.  Adam Nimoy, while remaining involved, will no longer be directing, and the release date  is likely being pushed back.

Nimoy stepping back

In a statement posted on Facebook Saturday, Adam Nimoy revealed he was stepping down as director for What We left Behind, but he will continue to be a producer and advisor on the doc. The reason given for the change was that he needed more time to focus on other responsibilities. From the statement:

“The real creative force behind the DS9 documentary was well in place before I came along. I was happy to lend them support and guidance to push the project along so that it could be completed in time for the 25th anniversary of the show which is coming up in 2018. I wish the creative team all good things as they Boldly Go!”

Adam Nimoy joined What We left Behind late last year, after much of documentary had already been shot but before the successful Indigogo campaign. The documentary was originally conceived by DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr who is producing along with David Zappone. Behr and Zappone will step in on “day-to-day directorial responsibilities” going forward. Currently the focus is post-production and editing of the over 100 hours of interviews with cast and crew of DS9.

Adam Nimoy talking about the DS9 Doc at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Release delayed

While no specific release date has ever been announced, the DS9 doc was targeting a date to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Deep Space Nine in January of 2018 or shortly after in February. However, in a statement on the What We Left Behind website it was announced the date has slipped:

Our original estimates for the premieres and film release was roughly February, 2018 — this was long BEFORE the Indiegogo campaign exceeded all expectations, and the scope of the project grew. As such, our filming and editing schedule has expanded to include a number of new and exciting creative ideas. While we still are aiming to have the film done in early 2018, it is likely these release timeframes will shift back (slightly) to accommodate.

The crowdfunding did exceed expectations, bringing in $647,891 — 423% of their original goal. As previously reported, the additional resources brought changes including extending the length to 90 minutes from 60, adding a score by a live orchestra, licensing more clips, adding more original cast interviews, and remastering selected scenes from the series to use in the doc, which they talked about on a panel at STLV17.

Ira Steven Behr at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

DS9 25th anniversary

The update also included a sneak peek of photos taken by the cast themselves during their shoot with Variety Magazine to celebrate DS9’s 25th anniversary, which is on January 3, 2018.

Variety photo shot ffor DS9 25th anniversary

TrekMovie will continue to provide updates on the status of the doc. For more information, read our interview with Ira Steven Behr.

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I am really looking forward to this!! It would be great to see them all together again just once. They did really seem like a family in the show <3

Love of God, just don’t let it be another sexual harassment deal and just good old creative differences.

Based on their statements, it wasn’t even creative differences. It was simply Adam Nimoy no longer having the time to direct it. With a documentary like this the director’s job is mainly to watch all the footage and then select bits and pieces to make a story out of it.

He does have his wedding to plan.

You’re probably right but shouldn’t he have known that before he took the job?

But I don’t think its a big deal either way.

Well, the scope of the doc expanded with the success of the Indigogo campaign. Also it’s possible that something else came up that’s requiring his time. Sometimes, things like these happen unexpectedly. Anyway, I’m sure they will finish the doc.

I’m getting serious Discovery shakeup vibes here, meaning that it will be friggin amazing!

Adam probably received an offer for a paid gig, and can’t do that as well as piecemiel the last of the footage together. I doubt it’s anythibg serious. Let’s not forget, his fiancé is in the thing too.

25 years for DS9 already? I had no idea till I read this. I doubt most people are aware the 25th is right around the corner. There probably won’t be a lot of buzz around it either, with the TNG 30th just passed, and the 50th last year. My goodness Trek has a lot of anniversaries.

Every year is an anniversary!

With six TV series and 13 movies it’s almost chronologically inevitable.

Even for one just series every year is an anniversary!

I was disappointed that more wasn’t done to celebrate TNG at 30

Same! But I think because it came so close to the 50th anniversary of the franchise itself, which as been said wasn’t really done great in itself.

But yes with so many shows and films, it feels like every year is a landmark for something these days.

Don’t remind me. I still think of the 90’s as having been only 10 years ago. lol

He’s clearly busy with Terry Farrell and who could blame him??? I’d be up that like a ferret.

You dirty little man, but I can’t blame you mate lol!

I am getting the vibe that he couldn’t handle it as a director. Especially since the project grew and so much was added including love orchestra etc. I wish they would ask one of the actors of DS9 with directorial experience to do it. Some of them are only busy riding the convention circuit and it would be an added selling point.



I love me some orchestra, too ;-) I’m not sure any of the DS9 actors with directorial experience would be more qualified (unless any of them has actually directed a documentary before). I’m not an expert but I guess that directing a doc is quite different from directing a scripted show. Basically, you have to come up with a script that fits the footage you got.

Regardless of what happens, I look forward to seeing this documentary. The people involved seem very sincere, and I have great respect for Messrs. Nimoy and Behr in particular. No slight is intended to anyone not mentioned.

What better steward of this doc than Mr. Behr, who was instrumental in so much of DS9?

I hope that this documentary ignites a new passion for DS9, which I think deserves new attention in this era of serialized dramas.

Perhaps even a remake might be inspired, or at least a continuation.

I realize that DS9 reached a satisfactory ending by itself, but there are always new frontiers….

P.S.: Everyone in the photos looks great.

So will or will not this doc contain remastered DS9 footage? That was one of the big selling points helping the Indiegogo campaing overshoot its goal by such a large margin.

Somehow on this front it seems a bit too quiet…

Yes they made the $500k mark, which was needed to remaster selected clips.

“the additional resources brought changes including extending the length to 90 minutes from 60… and remastering selected scenes from the series to use in the doc”

Yes. There will be remastered DS9 footage. It’s mentioned right in this post.

I can’t wait. DS9 is my favorite. I rarely go a week without watching. I’ve grown to love all the characters. Hang in there Adam. There are those of us who realize it was the best.

Yeah, I see nothing bad about this announcement, seems totally to be a time/workload situation with the larger documentary scope and all. Contrary to some other article titles I have seen, this is not unheard of for either Kickstarter projects nor documentaries in general. I have total faith in the creators that we will see everything as promised and more.

I’ve fallen in love with DS9 all over again after rewatching the DVDs after about 10 years. I watched The Visitor today and spent much of it crying like a damn baby. Can’t WAIT to see this doc. I’m so glad people seem to appreciate the show now, because I remember back in the 90s virtually no one I knew liked it, even Trek fans. I felt like I was living a parallel universe ha.

I’ve always liked DS9! I’m glad we share this admiration of one of Trek’s lesser-known series.

He probably realised DS9 was the Anti-Star Trek.

You mean, a show where a disparate crew of mostly non-humans comes together and grows into a tight knit unit despite their differences? Or where the Federation, Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians put aside ancient emnitiy and unite against a common threat for the good of all? Yup, doesn’t sound like Star Trek at all.

Interesting. I agree that DS9 & Discovery have a lot in common, I just hope Discovery doesn’t pull sh.ittake like For the Uniform.

I see a lot of bald heads, but not Avery Brook’s. I hope he is prominently featured!