Adam Nimoy Steps Down From Directing Deep Space Nine Doc, Release Pushed Back

What We Left Behind - DS9 doc

On Saturday there were two announcements from What We Left Behind, the upcoming crowd-funded Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary.  Adam Nimoy, while remaining involved, will no longer be directing, and the release date  is likely being pushed back.

Nimoy stepping back

In a statement posted on Facebook Saturday, Adam Nimoy revealed he was stepping down as director for What We left Behind, but he will continue to be a producer and advisor on the doc. The reason given for the change was that he needed more time to focus on other responsibilities. From the statement:

“The real creative force behind the DS9 documentary was well in place before I came along. I was happy to lend them support and guidance to push the project along so that it could be completed in time for the 25th anniversary of the show which is coming up in 2018. I wish the creative team all good things as they Boldly Go!”

Adam Nimoy joined What We left Behind late last year, after much of documentary had already been shot but before the successful Indigogo campaign. The documentary was originally conceived by DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr who is producing along with David Zappone. Behr and Zappone will step in on “day-to-day directorial responsibilities” going forward. Currently the focus is post-production and editing of the over 100 hours of interviews with cast and crew of DS9.

Adam Nimoy talking about the DS9 Doc at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Release delayed

While no specific release date has ever been announced, the DS9 doc was targeting a date to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Deep Space Nine in January of 2018 or shortly after in February. However, in a statement on the What We Left Behind website it was announced the date has slipped:

Our original estimates for the premieres and film release was roughly February, 2018 — this was long BEFORE the Indiegogo campaign exceeded all expectations, and the scope of the project grew. As such, our filming and editing schedule has expanded to include a number of new and exciting creative ideas. While we still are aiming to have the film done in early 2018, it is likely these release timeframes will shift back (slightly) to accommodate.

The crowdfunding did exceed expectations, bringing in $647,891 — 423% of their original goal. As previously reported, the additional resources brought changes including extending the length to 90 minutes from 60, adding a score by a live orchestra, licensing more clips, adding more original cast interviews, and remastering selected scenes from the series to use in the doc, which they talked about on a panel at STLV17.

Ira Steven Behr at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

DS9 25th anniversary

The update also included a sneak peek of photos taken by the cast themselves during their shoot with Variety Magazine to celebrate DS9’s 25th anniversary, which is on January 3, 2018.

Variety photo shot ffor DS9 25th anniversary

TrekMovie will continue to provide updates on the status of the doc. For more information, read our interview with Ira Steven Behr.

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