BOOK REVIEW: ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats’ Combines Two Of Our Favorite Things

After the success of the first book, Star Trek Cats, we couldn’t wait to get our paws on the sequel. Like its predecessor, Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats is a thoroughly enjoyable picture book full of, you guessed it, Star Trek and cats.

The book is organized much like the first, TOS-themed edition. A two-page spread in the front shows off all of our favorite Enterprise D characters in the form of their feline counterparts. Author and artist Jenny Parks once again nails it with her pairings of cat breed and coloring (and goofy expressions) with the personalities of the bridge crew. Although, I must admit that Picard as a hairless cat makes me slightly uneasy.

Cats on the bridge!

And what would a book about our favorite Star Trek TNG characters be without some of our favorite scenes? Parks hit most of TNG’s fan favorites, including scenes from “Darmok”, “Cause and Effect”, “Relics”, “Rascals”, “Encounter at Farpoint”, “The Game”, and “All Good Things…”. Some of our favorite guest stars make an appearance, too, including Commander Sela and Sarek.

Much like the Tamarians, cats also speak in unintelligible riddles.

Star Trek TNG Cats retails for $14.95, but is on sale at Amazon for $10.50. And, it is well worth the purchase price. Get it for that special cat-loving Trekkie in your life!

My cat shows off Star Trek TNG Cats while lounging on her science blue TNG blanket.

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Dogs are superior.

Inquiry: Does Data the Cat have a pet android?

Good question :)

Couldn’t hold myself recognising Wesley in the bridge picture. Bald Picard and grumpy Worf are special, too :D


I Love Star Trek and my boyfriend loves cats so he gave me the first one in this which I think seem like it will be a series =p

WTF did I just see ??? Seriously, who makes this shit and think people will like it, other than creepy people who humanize their pets? ;-)