Check Out The First Two Images From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 [UPDATED]

UPDATED: CBS has provided us with higher resolution versions of the images first shown in Entertainment Weekly. The images were also confirmed to come from the first episode of the second season of Discovery.

Original article

The special San Diego Comic-Con issue of Entertainment Weekly has a number of exclusive images from upcoming TV shows and movies, including two from the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, along with some commentary from star Sonequa Martin-Green.

Burnam on the Enterprise

The first image shows Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham in a corridor from the USS Enterprise, entering a room.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham on USS Enterprise

Martin-Green also talks about the second season, saying:

I can tell you that it’s going to be phenomenal,” she says with a laugh.

First things first: Yes, we’ll meet Captain Pike–to be played by Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels)–and climb aboard the USS Enterprise, as teased in the season 1 finale.

“Beyond that, we’re really going to be digging into family,” says Martin-Green, including the complicated roots of her character Michael Burnham, a human raised on Vulcan by Spock’s parents.

“A lot of questions are going to be raised; some are going to be answered,” she says coyly.

The caption in EW for the above image reads “Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham on the bridge of the Enterprise.” However, it is possible EW doesn’t have that right. The image looks more like Martin-Green coming into a room from a corridor. It appears more likely to be the reverse shot of Burnham entering room 3F (believed to be Spock’s quarters), as seen in the start of production video earlier in the spring.

Michael Burnham in a corridor of the USS Enterprise from the start of production video

Meet Linus

The second image features a new alien science officer played by David Benjamin Tomlinson. UPDATE: New higher resolution image.

David Benjamin Tomlinson as Linus

As we suspected from our analysis of the start of production preview, this confirms Discovery has a new take on the Saurian species. Sonequa Martin-Green confirms this with EW saying:

“His name is Linus, and he’s a Saurian,” says Martin-Green. “We’ve seen his species before, so I’m excited to see if [fans] can pinpoint just exactly where.”

James MacKinnon works on Saurian makeup from the start of production video

Perhaps best known for their famed Saurian Brandy, the Saurian species was portrayed by a background character in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Saurian from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

More to come at SDCC in one week

On Friday July 20th CBS is holding a big Star Trek: Discovery panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, along with other promotions at SDCC. We expect more reveals at that event.

CBS also sent out this animated promo today as part of the hype.


TrekMovie will be at Comic-Con bringing you all the Discovery related news. Keep up with all the Comic-Con news at TrekMovie.

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“A lot of questions are going to be raised; some are going to be answered,” she says coyly.

This is not really encouraging. Suspense is one thing, but no payoff is just frustrating.

Yes. Assume that writers are working on a story but are not aware of something as simple as a plot point pay off and then complain about it. And then when it’s paid off will you then come back and post here that you shouldn’t have assumed something so silly in the first place? “Fans” that constantly whine are beyond boring.

I think you’re reading too much into this.

It’s actually very encouraging. You post, however, not so much.

*cough* Lost *cough*

^^^My god, this. It’s full of this^^^

Discovery’s version of ‘payoff’ is sticking a bomb under a planet’s surface and ending a season war arc in one episode. They are too clever for Trek. Seriously, this level of conscientious story-telling wil go down in history.

This guy gets it.

Yeah that was just dumb. It soured what was shaping up to be a decent season with the MU stuff. Its clear they had no idea how to wrap it up once they started the story line.

“This is not really encouraging.”

I agree. It’s not encouraging at all. Especially so for people who haven already seen season one.


It must really be hard on you to realize that not only do you not speak for everyone but your point of view is such a miniscule minority that it mathematically doesn’t exist.

Who Cares

I’m sorry… Please point out where I claimed I ever spoke for everyone. I have found that type of knee jerk, un-thought out response is normally reserved for someone who just does not like what they read.

I’m sure you belittling an opinion that runs counter to your own helps settle your fragile psyche. So, please…. Knock yourself out.

We’ll know all the answers in Season 3…or Season 4.

If it at all…

Better have the premiere date next week – predicting February 3, 2019. CBS has the right to broadcast the Super Bowl this upcoming NFL season, why the heck not have the Season Two premiere be the lead out show after the Super Bowl?

That’s a damned good idea. They could tease it all through the game with “Discovery meets the Enterprise… after the game on STAR TREK: DISCOVERY!”

Oh YES… terrific idea. What a boost for the franchise it would be!

Great idea!

I LOVE that idea.


That would be a good idea… IF the show was actually on the CBS over the air network. But it’s not. It’s on their streaming service, CBSAA. Post game premiers only work if the show is on the same channel. “Stay tuned for the premier of “insert show title here”! It’s not, “after the game start up your streaming service for Star Trek Discovery!”

ML31… There is no reason they couldn’t run the episode on broadcast TV the same way they ran Episode 1 last season. Highlighting the Enterprise in the promotion spots would almost certainly get a lot of people to watch the Season 2 premiere after the post-Game show, and it might change the minds of some people who didn’t like “The Vulcan Hello” and never watched another episode of Discovery.

That is true. They absolutely could try it again. The post NFL Championship game slot has traditionally carried with it a lot of eyeballs. Personally I do not care for the practice as it often plays hell with DVR scheduling. I find I need to extend the recording a good hour plus to be sure to get it.

As much as the Networks would love it to actually work, The post-Super Bowl ratings bump usually doesn’t last. Tvbythenumbers did a good article about that in 2017.

Grey’s Anatomy was one of the only shows to have lasting viewership increases in the last 12 years. Virtually every other show returned to it’s pre-Super Bowl viewership within 3 episodes.

Using the post-Super Bowl slot to try and get more subscribers on AA would be the only reason I could see them using that slot for Discovery, but that’s a long shot.

So far so good. I’m really waiting to hear Section 31’s involvement next season. I have a feeling we are going to get a lot of Trek news next few weeks! :)

Yay! Primary colors…….

I am mildly mollified by the orange. But only slightly. I will not be happy until I have a Technicolor-induced eye bleed!

At least the new Saurian doesn’t look like someone’s standing on his tail.

He does kinda look like Jabba when Han steps on him in the special edition. LOL

I thought Sauriun’s were the advanced Dino-species that evolved from Earth, on Voyager

Good God man, please don’t ever bring up that horridly stupid Voyager episode again. :-)

I actually liked that episode a lot! And it was a great twist on the evolution vs creation debate.

That was the Voth on Voyager.

Looks great! Can’t wait!

Love the look of the Saurian!

The Saurian looks tremendous — what a nice update from TMP version. Rodenberry and Fletcher would be happy.

Looks fantastic, hope we get more soon!

I wager 9,999 quatloos that he is named after Linus Pauling!!! OMG!!! #Discotreque

Yerp, the season was going so “phenomenally,” that they had to fire the showrunners. Oh well, Kevin Reynolds left Waterworld in the middle of the shoot, and that turned out OK. Though I would’ve preferred the original Mark Isham score instead of the bombastic work of James Newton Howard. The Mariner doesn’t have a name, so death can’t find him. Dry land is not just our destination, it is our destiny.

Waterworld is the Macbeth of our generation

She’s saying that the end product will be phenomenal, not necessarily the process to get to the end product.

Art through adversity.

It’s funny how the new Saurian looks more faithful to the original than Klingons do (to say nothing of the Enterprise). See, it IS possible to do an authentic-looking visual update without tossing everything out of the airlock.

Also, quite enthusiastic about the color scheme used in the Enterprise corridor. I just hope there are yellow pipes somewhere, and that LCARS panels are black / green / yellow / red.


re: Faithful

Perhaps it reflects differing priorities between Joel and James MacKinnon?

No, the Saurian’s eyes are not the same yellow color!!! Total bastardization of canon. I can’t sleep.

Bryan Fuller was the driving force behind the dramatic Klingon redesign.

When the team of makeup designers is left to their own devices they generally do more conservative tweaks/updates to species. See the Andorians and Tellarites from late last season as an example of their work from long after Fuller had left.

I’m of two minds about this: I’m beginning to think Bryan Fuller was the worst thing that could have happened to Star Trek,at least in terms of respecting canon. Conversely, his firing (and the new team) are giving me renewed hope for Discovery.

I posit an alternative… Fuller is carrying the can. At least we’re now one year into the 30 year wait for Chaos on the Bridge 2, which will provide the answers…

If that is the case Matt, then IMHO they ought to just start making the Klingons look like Klingons again in season 2. No explanation given. Just have them show up looking right and move forward. We can pretend season one never happened. I just wish I could get my money back from season one.

LOL you really hated season one.

I will agree though I would like to see the Klingons look like the past ones again. That has become the definitive look for them. And it is odd how they manage to get all the other aliens their previous same look from the Andorians to the Vulcans of course.

I don’t really mind that they changed the look of the Klingons, I just don’t like the actual look they gave them basically. I think how they were done (although we only saw one of them) in STID was a really cool look. It too was different from the previous shows and movies but he still looked like a Klingon at least, just a bit updated. I would be fine if they looked like that.

At the very least give these guys hair again. Its a culture where their hair is rooted in their culture, its kind of going against canon but this is DIS, that’s not a new thing lol.

LOL! For some reason my dislike for season one seems to be growing over time. Not sure why.

Like you, I do not mind tweaking here and there. TNG gave the Romulans forehead appliances for some reason. Didn’t like that but went rolled with it as it was not a huge change. Really liked what Enterprise did for the Andorians, I must say.

And again, such drastic changes would not be nearly as big an issue if the show was just better. I say that a lot, I know. But I just think it cannot be said enough here.

So well said Boze. You articulated what I felt so well. I was so impressed with the Saurian (typically, they had to change the eye color) but absolutely – it looks so good and then my heart sank thinking about what could have been for the Klingons… but no, Discovery is selectively re-imagining… basically making up their own rules as they go along and not caring whether or not they fit into that rich 50 year tapestry. But the fans care, it’ll be the reason the series will go the way of Enterprise.

Oh come on Boze, the Enterprise barely looks different. Sure, the Klingons are a huge departure. But the TMP Klingons were a huge departure from TOS. But the updated Enterprise is very minor in terms of update. I think it looks great as an update.

The label on the room… what is to the left of “1701”? At first i thought it said “ISS” but i don’t think that’s it. It looks like “125” perhaps? So that would be third floor, room 125 (on [NCC] 1701)? Just want to make 100% sure that isn’t some mirror universe Enterprise.

It says

See the analysis of the “start of production” video for more.

It’s Spock’s quarters. That is the room number TOS.

actually, it is more likely those are First Officer Una’s quarters. During DSC, Spock is just a lieutenant grade science officer on the Enterprise, not the FO. Also the ending of Dangerous Hours leaves Spock with a pretty sour taste about Burnham in his mouth (TLDR, he was jealous of the attention Micheal got from Amanda IIRC), they might not be on speaking terms.

I have considerable trepidation with these new guys actually going on board the new Enterprise.

Agreed, dprescott. Even though I love the casting for Pike, I really wish they’d left the Enterprise out of this show altogether. How is relying on characters and a ship created 50 years ago ‘boldly going?’

You and I and a lot of others know it absolutely is not. It reeks of desperation to many viewers. It might turn out good. But it would still be a desperate move on STD’s part.

Wasn’t Linus the character in Charlie Brown that carried around a dirty blanket everywhere?


You are confusing Linus with Pigpen. Linus would be deprived of his blanket for brief moments of time while it was being stolen by Snoopy or washed, and would suffer various levels of anxieties while so deprived.

More like conflating the two – Pigpen was always dirty but never carried a blanket, Linus carried a blanket that he could magically transform to a shepherd’s hat or what have you but it was real important to him – it was his “Security Blanket” – so I’m sure it was cleaned regularly! I think I remember a strip in the comics where he was watching obsessively over the watching machine as it was cleaned.

Linus had the blanket but was very fastidious about it as he was dependent on it. The thought of it getting dirty would be anathema to him.

Pigpen was the sloppy one with a cloud of dirt that followed him everywhere.

I guess I’m speciesist, but I always thought the Enterprise was an Earth ship out to seek out new worlds, new civilizations. When the crew is this integrated, it feels much later in the process… later even than Picard’s time. I like Trek heading into the unknown and learning about himanity in the process.

Ditto Disco.


The Federation has always been intended to be a joint venture by many races. If you take a look at things as far back as the animated series or the movies, they were always trying to add in more aliens when budget allowed or wasn’t a factor. This is just being more true to the original vision, same as when they made Klingons look more alien as soon as they had the budget in TMP.

That’s exactly right. Aliens were always meant to play a big part in trek, but due to budgetary constraints Gene had to cut them out of the script. Even during the TNG days it was expensive to have too many aliens in a scene, and they needed to cut them out. Discovery has so much more leeway, and money. I just hope they use it wisely.

I never remotely got that CmdrR. By TOS time Starfleet is over a century old, and my guess on the show itself it was actually suppose to be even older than that. That’s a pretty long time to already be exploring the galaxy so there would be tons of aliens around.

And I don’t say that just due to age, but the fact Starfleet is ALREADY part of the Federation, which its entire existence are about multiple alien worlds cooperating and working together. So its not like the Enteprise was this sole Earth vessel just out there alone in empty space. It was already part of this very important alliance with vast alien worlds and in many ways a dominant part of that union.

I think we were suppose to get that sense of less integration on Enterprise for that very reason there was no Federation, Starfleet was still in its infancy and they had mapped out very little of the alpha quadrant themselves. They were relying on Vulcan star maps to even know where to go.

In TOS case it just came down to money and limitations of a 60s TV show in general. My guess TOS would’ve been full of aliens if they had the resources like all the later shows.

I know that if they budget they would have had more aliens, but even in Discovery for me at least, I am not seeing enough aliens for my liking. The universe of Star Trek is huge and with thousands of different species and I want to see at least some part of this universe instead of staying in a single part of a galaxy for too long. Heck, they even had the means to do this with the Spore drive, but didn’t use it as effectively as they could.

I agree. I would think the galaxy would have life everywhere so you’re always bumping into it. I actually remember arguing this with TUP who thought the opposite and that life would be limited. I remember him saying he didn’t want Star Trek like Star Wars where alien life was ubiquitous. That made no sense to me since Star Trek clearly believes in the abundance of life approach and why they were always bumping into someone new every week. BTW, where is TUP lol? I just realized I haven’t seen him in weeks considering he was here practically daily.

But yes part of the reason we don’t see more aliens on DIS is because we don’t see them actually visiting other planets or directly interacting with other species outside of Klingons or Vulcans most of the time. That was my other gripe about first season. The one planet we did see them visit and of course the aliens were bodiless energy life forms.

But we already know they will still be using the spore drive in season 2 so they may get more creative with it now that the war is over.

If they’d had the budget, the cree would have had more aliens.

TAS had two alien bridge officers. Nobody seems to mind. Keep scraping the bottom of that barrel!

There was a species Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant that called themselves Saurians. Evolved descendants of Hadrasaurs.

They were called the Voth

Saurian confirmed!

NOT Star Trek. Nope, not one bit.

So silly.

Why? It’s a species that has been in Trek before, albeit with a slightly tweaked appearance. Don’t see the problem with his presence at all.

Like everyone says, ‘it looks good”. It’s always “looked” good….in a general aesthetical sense. But “looks” have never been the real problem. An out-of-place annoyance, yes….but never a real problem. There’s a reason this series was only nominated for a sound and makeup Emmy. I sincerely hope the shake-up backstage turns things around.

Agreed, Jonboc. I remember reading one review of STID which called it ‘a good-looking mess.’ Which I found accurate. I too hope the behind the scenes shake-up improves the writing greatly.

This seems as good a time as any to mention that the one thing I found in the Kelvin Universe that is very Star Warsy was when the ship is in trouble and tilts, for some weird reason gravity is always moving in the same direction. It’s an expensive effect and it does look good… But it just makes ZERO sense. That is for Star Wars. Not Star Trek. (And I’m a fan of both!)

Linus looks good. Will he have a stash of brandy hidden somewhere nearby?

Reimagined corridors… reimagined eye colour for Saurians. Such great production values, such a great budget to their disposal, why reinvent things instead of honoring what is already established? Recreate the iconic Enterprise corridors with higher production values and tone down the cheese factor, show us the familiar aliens we fell in love with, looking more realistic and not like cheap halloween masks. But no, Discovery is going to change things because they think they can ‘imagine better’. You don’t need to make a futuristic corridor any better, it’s already been imagined 50 years ago, just recreate it… honor the legacy and the title under which you’re working. Dark, edgey, submerged in blue tones, too dark to see, Klingons sounding like they have a mouth full of marbles, ohhhhh how clever and subversive they are…


– a fan not bothered by visual changes but wants a good show


Re: colour

Concerns for design changes are all well and good but you do realize that when you complain about “colour” schemes you are holding the current STAR TREK production to an exhibition exactitude that the original series never had nor expected to possess. Its “colours” were intended to hawk what little virtues NBC’s NTSC TV broadcast system could muster – “little” being the operative word. We, the audio/visual geeks at the time of its original airing, often would say NTSC stood for “Never The Same Color Twice.”

And the “Just exactly what color is Starfleet’s Command uniform?” problem didn’t just rest with NTSC. The answer to the reason we had so many vigorous discussions of whether they were green or gold, wasn’t because Theiss was color blind.

Indeed. Kirk’s so-called mustard-gold command uniform was, in fact, slightly green, but many NTSC TVs render it towards the yellow, so that is what became canon.

Anovos talk about this issue here, when they issued their more accurate Premier uniform replicas:

@Fred Javelina — it was in fact lime green, per a direct quote from Theiss. It was the same color as the wrap-around tunic which was made of wool rather than velour or polyester of the first two and third seasons, which is why it didn’t turn gold under the lights. The dress uniforms material similarly was not affected by lights. This had more to do with it than NTSC color standards. Different lighting conditions had dramatically different results even in the same episode.

” reimagined eye colour for Saurians.”

I’m with you on some stuff. But that one… So they have different eye colors. We’ve only seen ONE of them. Ever. Why can’t the eyes be different colors like they are for humans? Personally I have no problem with updating the looks for the starships and the aliens. It’s only where they obviously go too far like for the Klingons and for the Discovery itself (including what the crew is wearing) where I feel they have jumped off boat.

But, this also needs to be said because it cannot be said enough. If the show was actually GOOD then NONE of that would be nearly as big a deal. Make a good show and all those visual issues are nearly gone.

Alright I am going to go out on a limb and suggest we won’t see Spock because he is missing in action presumed dead and that’s why we see a Burnham visiting his quarters with a sad expression on her face, of course later in the show word will come through that he has been found alive and well and the Enterprise will leave to rescue him

I’m cautiously optimistic that during SDDC it will be announced that Spock will indeed be featured on the show. Along with the actor who will be playing him.
Here’s hoping ;)

Or Spock is just on leave.

Spock on leave would be the weakest most abysmal contrivance the writers could come up with and would savagely undermine their whole “family” theme they seem to be going for

@albatrosity — well it really depends on whether you want to see Spock in this series or not. Frankly I don’t really want to see Spock. If we see him, that’s fine, but I don’t want to see him used in any significant way. If Spock is on leave, I would expect that leave to tie into the story line. In which case he’s involved without being there to draw the focus away from the other characters. It’s not about Spock anyway, but rather Sarek and Burnham’s relationship. So, whether Spock is on leave, trapped with an away team on a planet, or just quarantined with the Altairian flu, it doesn’t matter, because I’ll accept the conceit whatever it is, given that I don’t really want to see Spock anyway.

Can I just point out Cadet how right you were about like everything in this comment. Not only is Spock on leave in exactly the way you described, but Linus has the flu…and it’s goin around

Spock is having Pon Farr and it’s up to his half-sister to cover for him while he’s away. She keeps his secret.

Spock is invisible after a transporter accident… The emergency is he now never wears clothes…

Well, I’m not sure the first series’ McCoy general ignorance of Vulcan physiology and M’benga’s plotlines can’t make much sense if they go with Spock having been previously seriously ill or injured on the Enterprise in this prior history?

“Missing in action” would seem to be the only option to have Spock absent and “the search for Spock” could be a factor as to why Pike popped up?

Remember, McCoy doesn’t become CMO of the Enterprise until after Kirk takes command.
The events of the “The Cage” (2254) happened just a few years prior to the finale of DSC S1 (2257). So during DSC the CMO would likely still be Dr. Boyce.

Or even Dr. Piper at this point.

Matt Wright,

I was remembering. My point being if Boyce or Piper had treated a seriously ill or injured Spock and successfully healed him in their ignorance of Vulcans, McCoy’s later ignorance of their medical techniques employed in so restoring his health would make zero sense as the successful treatment of the Vulcan would be in Spock’s medical history to which both McCoy and M’Benga would have had access.

My point was, who says they were as ignorant as McCoy? Just because one CMO was less experienced with Vulcans doesn’t mean another is. Or it’s also just as possible that the current CMO (Boyce or Piper) has just as big of a learning curve in this crisis. I don’t see how it negates what McCoy does or doesn’t know in TOS.

Having access to a patient’s medical history doesn’t necessarily mean you’re comfortable or well versed with all aspects of that patient’s needs.

Matt Wright,

I think the problem I’m having in clearly communicating the “ignorance” concept is that McCoy perhaps feigns it too much when it is clear he’s not as ignorant as he seems to claim. However, take the first time Spock is seriously injured in the series. It occurs in A PRIVATE LITTLE WAR.

M’Benga and McCoy don’t say that they do not know how to heal Spock’s gunshot wound. They are very clear that they do know how to do it. But what they reveal is that in their “ignorance” the both of them have allowed McCoy’s sickbay to be in a state that they don’t have the transplantable tissues and organs on hand to accomplish it for Spock.

Now, my point is how can Spock’s past injuries under Boyd or Piper have been anywhere near as seriously life threatening as that gunshot wound and McCoy’s sickbay wouldn’t stock the resources needed under Spock medical history of past injuries that could require recourse to them? I mean certainly there should have been medical concerns for Spock regarding possible relapses of tissue degradation from old injuries of that type?

As for whether or not McCoy was specifically knowledgeable about procedures that either Boyd or Piper had employed in treating a seriously injured Spock, SPACE SEED established that the Ship’s library of such information would be extensive and thorough and presented in rapidly learnable formats. Also, MIRI established that McCoy is a quick study of others’ medical research and notes, even those not native to the Federation or so organized and succinctly presented as the ship’s computer would produce.

I see what you mean.

What you’re running into is something that’s just unavoidable. TOS was slowly forming the Trek universe as it went along and little tweaks to biographies, how involved Vulcans are in Starfleet, how rare Vulcan/human interaction is, and other things, kept evolving. Also I have to say, reflecting on it, that seems like quite a convenient plot device to make peril for Spock in “A Private Little War.” Not having the correct medical supplies for the ship’s first officer seems like one helluva oversight.

The reality is that as the Trek franchise expanded, some of that early stuff just has to be overlooked.

ENT showed us that Humans have been quite familiar with Vulcans for quite some time, for example.

Logically, you’d expect a UFP Starfleet ship to have supplies on hand for the major founding species (Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites).

Matt Wright,

Re: one helluva oversight

Especially given that just a few episodes back, McCoy was made well aware of his sickbay’s inadequate supplies in regards to Vulcan surgical needs in JOURNEY TO BABEL — where again, he’s not ignorant of how to perform Vulcan open heart surgery but he’s ignorant in the sense of having his sickbay supplies ready to do so if such a surgical need arose. And regardless of whether McCoy was on the Vulcan medical supplies ball, in BABEL it further seems odd that Starfleet assigns Enterprise to ferry those high political dignitaries around and its high command doesn’t automatically ship medical supplies such as plasma in Sarek’s compatible blood type to the E?

My feeling is that in the first series we are meant to chalk this sort of stuff up up to Vulcan secrecy and McCoy’s Vulcan inexperience. But how do we account for M’Benga, who interned on Vulcan and is something of an expert in Vulcan medicine, not immediately making McCoy aware of sickbay’s Vulcan supplies deficiencies?

And I suppose my point is if DISCOVERY strays into this by having Spock as seriously injured back then, it only exacerbates the inadequate supplies situation.

Maybe it is just fan service on my part, but I prefer that when new shows stray into these areas that they at least attempt to make things better. Preferably by bringing something that adds, perhaps just a smidge, more coherency to the ongoing narrative.

If I may interject… I give TOS a big pass on things like that because no one was thinking about continuity from show to show beyond the major character traits. No one on staff said things like, “we can’t do that because X happened only 4 episodes ago.” They were even aired way out of production order. Each show was an individual thing and I think they only referenced a previous episode, what… Once?

Just my two quatloos.


Re: Once?

More than that. Obviously Part 2 of Menagerie referenced Part 1. ASSIGNMENT EARTH referenced the light-speed breakaway factor as its prime plot mover that set the episode’s scene from TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY. THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT referenced Vulcan mating established in AMOK TIME and ALSO referenced in ALL OUR YESTERDAYS and reused the showing of Vulcan affection by specific touching gestures established in JOURNEY TO BABEL, not to mention that Romulans were Vulcanoids established in BALANCE OF TERROR. And I’m not sure how many times but I believe the Organian Peace Treaty in ERRAND OF MERCY was referenced in at least two other episodes of the first series. The Vulcan mind meld of DAGGER OF THE MIND was reused ad infinitum in the series, etc.

In other words, by the start of scriptwriting for season 2 the first series’ writers’ bible had incorporated many guidelines for the writers that could be interpreted as canon nods even though the Writers’ Guide itself was not a canon authority.

Anything other than Spock showing up walking and talking and interacting with Burnham and everyone else would be a huge cop out. And I wouldn’t put it past the STD showrunners. Using the events of season one as evidence they absolutely would do something that idiotic.

I’ve said this before, but if we have the Enterprise, and Pike and now Spock, who is going to be interested in the Discovery or her crew?

It’s yet another reason why the entire Enterprise appearance was a terrible idea. I feel there is a high likelihood I’m going to want to stay on the Enterprise with Pike, Spock & Number 1 and will be disappointed every time we move back to Discovery. The ship and the characters is going to cast a HUGE shadow on everything Discovery related. The producers didn’t earn this yet. Just like Burnham didn’t earn the respect of her shipmates when they gave it to her 5 episodes in.

Exactly, ML. Well put. Let’s ‘boldly go’ backwards(?) to a cooler ship and better characters? And Burnham’s mutiny being kicked under the rug had the same ridiculous feel of Pine’s Kirk going from Cadet to Captain in under an hour in the 09′ film.

Personally, I’ve absolutely no problem with the re-designed look of the corridors for this show’s ‘Enterprise’ whatsoever…as I’ll just be looking on this 2nd season as showing a totally ‘alternate universe’ to the TOS show in the first place, just as I do with the 1st season of Discovery.

So the corridor production design looks just fine to me, as it’s not the ‘actual’ Enterprise anyway, as far as I’m concerned. I like it in fact! ;)

Yeah we know already.

The corridor actually echoes the design of the original series both in color and the corridor angles.

I’m also of the mindset that this series is an alternate timeline that closely mirrors that of the TOS timeline but with some variation as presented in the TNG episode “Parallels”. Pretty close but not exactly 100%.

The alternate universe idea is something I’m totally embracing from here on in with this show, despite what the showrunners say. I’m hoping to enjoy it much more as a result. The only two other people I know who watch it are doing the same. No matter the universe it’s set in though, bad writing is bad writing. Hoping for better quality from the writer’s room in Season 2.

For me, how good the show is will determine what “universe” it’s set in. If the show is good, I can easily place it in prime. If it’s garbage, I will just tell myself it’s some sort of alternate or reboot of the Trek universe. Not connected to anything that came before.

All those colors behind her in the first pic are just really distracting and obnoxious looking – and not in a particularly 60s-Finnerman fashion, either. More like the stupid multicolored umbrella-looking dome above Kruge on his BoP in ST 3, just seriously out of place.

Still boycotting. this should be on regular tv.