Toy Fair 2019 Offers Previews Of New Star Trek Products From Factory, MEGO, QMx, And More

The annual Toy Fair for professionals in the toy industry was held over the three-day weekend this month. TrekMovie was there to talk to a number of Star Trek licensees and take a look at some of the products they are planning to release in the future.

Factory Entertainment *NEW LICENSEE*

A brand new Star Trek licensee is Factory Entertainment—makers of licensed toys, collectibles, and home goods—who announced a number of new, fun Trek products. At the fair, they were showing off Trek additions to their popular KUZO™, REVO™ and Pawzplay™ lines.

Star Trek: The Original Series REVOS stylized vinyl figures

Star Trek: The Original Series KUZOS™ collectible metal miniatures

Star Trek: The Original Series and Next Generation Pawzplay™ collector plush toys

In addition to the prototypes on display, Factory announced they will be making Star Trek-themed desktop environments, bottle openers, and a wine stopper. Factory did not have any pricing information finalized, but they did say the first Star Trek products were due in the summer of 2019, and will all be available on Factory Entertainment’s website as well as at various online and brick and mortar retailers.


In 2018 MEGO Toys returned, releasing a wave of 8″ cloth Star Trek figures, available first at Target and now via other retailers. At Toy Fair they were showing off prototypes of their larger 12″ Star Trek figures.

MEGO 12″ Star Trek figures

The four on display were prototypes of Kirk, Spock, the Gorn, and a redshirt security guard. MEGO was not giving specifics on time or pricing and noted the packaging is also a prototype (and incorrectly says 8″ for these larger figures). NOTE: The heads of Kirk and Spock are temporary, they’re from Mego’s old Star Trek: The Motion Picture product line, and are not the final product.

MEGO 12″ Star Trek Gorn figure

MEGO 12″ Star Trek Kirk figure

MEGO 12″ Star Trek Spock figure

MEGO 12″ Star Trek Security Guard figure


Quantum Mechanix was showing off a number of new badges in their Star Trek: Discovery line. These included various department badges for the USS Enterprise on Discovery. Each comes in a set with a full-sized screen-accurate metal badge with magnetic back and a mini-sized lapel pin. The Discovery USS Enterprise badge sets are priced at $19.95 each and coming this spring. They are available to pre-order on the QMx site.

QMX Star Trek: Discovery USS Enterprise Command Badge and Pin

QMX Star Trek: Discovery USS Enterprise Science Badge and Pin

QMX Star Trek: Discovery USS Enterprise Operations Badge and Pin

QMX Star Trek: Discovery USS Enterprise Medical Badge and Pin

QMx also had three new Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe pins. These screen-accurate metal pins with magnetic backs are sold individually and priced at $14.95, due this spring. They are available to pre-order on the QMx site.

QMX Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Command Badge

QMX Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Science Badge

QMX Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Ops Badge

QMx didn’t have any new 1:6 Star Trek figures on display besides the recently released (and immediately sold out) TOS Scotty. A representative from QMx tells TrekMovie their next release in the line is a TOS Sulu figure, which was shown at Toy Fair 2018 and should come out later in the spring or early summer. The next figure after that is likely an original series Uhura.

Round 2

Model makers Round 2 were showing off a number of their recent and upcoming Star Trek model kits, including four from their “Snapit” line that require no glue. On display from the Snapit line were a 1:2500 scale USS Enterprise-D from The Next Generation, a 1:1000 scale NX-01 from Enterprise, a 1:1000 scale USS Grissom and Klingon Bird-Of-Prey from Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, and a 1:2500 scale USS Discovery from Star Trek: Discovery. The USS Discovery is the first of three planned Star Trek: Discovery Snapit models and is due in April, followed by the USS Shenzhou. Round 2 has previously indicated that the USS Enterprise is being considered for the third in the series.

Round 2 Snapit NX01 Enterprise model kit

Round 2 Snapit USS Grissom and Klingon Bird-Of-Prey model kit set

Round 2 Snapit USS Enterprise D model kit

Round 2 Snapit USS Discovery model kit


Game-maker WizKids was showing off their brand new “Star Trek Conflick In The Neutral Zone” game, which utilizes discs that players flick to move around a gameboard. The game will retail for $39.99 and is due out in June.

Resource-rich planets have been found in the Neutral Zone and both the Federation and Klingon Empire are out to exploit them! In this simple flicking game, players will flick discs representing the various ships found within the Star Trek universe. These ships are used to collect resources or attack other ships. Collecting resources (energy and command points) is accomplished by bringing a collector ship within range of an energy or command point planet. To attack, you must use your attack ship to hit an opponents ship off the planet or board. Successfully attacking an opponent will award a command point. But attacking isnt always easy players can add in asteroids in order to block shots and protect their ships.

WizKids Star Trek Conflick game

They were also showing off a number of their upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation HeroClix “Away Team” booster pack figures.

WizKids HeroClix TNG Away Team figures

WizKids has announced a new licensing deal with Fox for The Orville, and are planning a new line of HeroClix releases for this fall.  The first product will be a Jumbo Starter Set featuring the main crew, including Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane), along with Commander Kelly Grayson, Dr. Claire Finn, Lt. Alara Kitan, Lt. Gordon Malloy, Lt. Commander Bortus, Lt. Commander John LaMarr, enabling HeroClix players and fans to embark in interstellar combat with their favorite characters.

The Coop

The Coop, makers of all sorts of fun Star Trek accessories and collectibles, was showing off their new Borg cube insulated lunch tote. They did not provide us with pricing or a date.

Borg lunch tote from The Coop

A representative from The Coop talked to TrekMovie about more upcoming Star Trek products that were not on display at Toy Fair. The Coop has plans to do a Star Trek: Discovery messenger bag, similar to their currently available TOS bags. They are also planning a Discovery landing party backpack, styled after the one seen in the season one episode “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” featuring a black matte finish and laser etchings. They are also expanding their line of Star Trek pet items with a TOS USS Enterprise warp nacelle color, a Borg cube squeaker toy, a USS Discovery plush, and a TOS Klingon plush.

…other licensees

Some other Star Trek licensees were at Toy Fair but did not have anything new to show off, including MacFarlane Toys, Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant (who were recently acquired by Diamond Select). We will continue to stay in contact with these licensees and provide updates when there are new products to preview.

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The 12″ action figures look like a young Sean Connery….

Those 12″ figueres are freakish! Especially the Spock!!

They’re not final.

@Lunar Tick, They’re 14″, not 12″.

YES on the USS DISCOVERY snap it model kit.

It’s tempting, but painting that bronze aztecing could take months :-)

The third “unannounced” Discovery model is the Enterprise. You said so yourself last summer:

Disappointed to not hear any new information from McFarlane Toys concerning Star Trek figures! Similarly disappointing that Diamond Select Toys didn’t reveal anything either. Will they do the Fleet Flyer ships that I was eagerly awaiting from Gentle Giant? Mego seems to be the only toy company giving Star Trek the attention it deserves now. Maybe they should get the master license for a while.

DST feels like they are about to discontinue the trek license. Since the Kelvin figures reveal, Star Trek 4 died, so I guess no more Kelvin timeline figures. And their ships and props releases are on the back burner, too.

Don’t forget DST recently bought Gentle Giant,and they’re hoping to release some GG Trek stuff at some point. GG’s Saru bust at Comic-Con last year was gorgeous,sadly I didn’t bother buying one.

I hope with the cartoon shows Trek will end it’s niche existence and return to minstream toys. Apart from Eaglemoss, there’s hardly anything worth collecting these days.

Dear God those Mego figures look hideous.

Kind of surprised and disappointed nobody’s making an electronic USS Discovery.

And once again the Reliant is a no show. Really think DST’s Star Trek association is on its last legs and we may never see that ship (or the 1701-C).

Was really hoping McFarlane would reveal wave 2, particularly Michael Burnham. Are Discovery figures still going to happen?

I like that NX-01. Too bad there’s not a new full line of action figures for Discovery.

Enterprise-C, Diamond Select? (Who didn’t have anything new to show off… Drats…)

VERY unexpected to see what I think its the first-ever figural representations of the Horta and of NOMAD.

And still another year goes by without the M-113 Salt Vampire from the first aired episode ever getting an action figure (at least one that actually makes it to the retail shelves) …..

DST released a Spock + Horta deluxe figure a while back.