Alex Kurtzman Confirms ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Destination, Hears Fans On Pike Series

Last night Star Trek: Discovery delivered on the promised game-changing second season finale. Now the showrunners are talking about what it all means.

Kurtzman talks Discovery season 3

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Star Trek: Discovery co-creator and co-showrunner Alex Kurtzman broke down the second season finale in some detail. He also removed any doubt as to where the show is headed:

We are jumping 950 years into the future for season three.

Kurtzman talked about how the decision to jump the show into the 33rd century frees them up:

We love playing within canon. It’s a delight and a privilege. It’s fun to explore nooks and crannies of the universe that people haven’t fully explored yet. That being said, we felt strongly that we wanted to give ourselves an entirely new energy for season three with a whole new set of problems. We’re farther than any Trek show has ever gone. I also had experience working on the [J.J. Abrams] films where we were stuck with canonical problems. We knew how Kirk had died, and we wondered how we could put him in jeopardy to make it feel real. That’s what led us to go with an alternate timeline; suddenly we could tell the story in a very unpredictable way. That’s the same thought process that went into jumping 950 years into the future. We’re now completely free of canon, and we have a whole new universe to explore.

When asked if characters from other Trek series might show up, Kurtzman again noted the time jump puts the show far beyond where Trek has been before:

There will be canonical references to everything that has happened in the various shows; we’re not erasing that. But we’re so far past that point that all of that is a very distant memory. We’re very excited to see how you put the elements of Star Trek in an entirely new universe.

No details were provided on what the crew of the Discovery will have to deal with in this 33rd century, but he did indicate that it isn’t going to be all smooth sailing:

All I can tell you is that Control is officially neutralized, but there will be much bigger problems when they get to the other side of that wormhole.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham in “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”

Kurtzman on Pike, Picard and Section 31

Kurtzman also talked about the expanding Star Trek universe he oversees, including the buzz around a series set on Pike’s USS Enterprise, making it clear they are aware of the interest:

The fans have been heard. Anything is possible in the world of Trek. I would love to bring back that crew more than anything. It was a huge risk for us. One of the most gratifying things is to see how deeply the fans have embraced Pike, Spock, Number One, and the Enterprise. The idea of getting to tell more stories with them would be a delight for all of us.

The next show to launch will be the Picard series starring Sir Patrick Stewart. Earlier this week, CBS announced three more actors had joined the cast. Speaking to THR, Kurtzman gave a little update on the status of the show:

[The Picard series] going amazingly. We start shooting soon. It will be really different from Discovery in tone, pace, and story. I’m so excited with how our cast came together. Hanelle Culpepper, our director, is absolutely crushing it. We’re so excited because it’s so different. Yet, I think people who like The Next Generation will recognize that it’s made by people who love it equally. It will be really interesting to see how people respond.

The executive producer also briefly discussed the Section 31 series planned to go into production after the third season of Discovery:

If you’re a fan of Deep Space Nine, you’ve probably spent the past two years saying, “What the hell are they doing with Section 31? That’s nothing like the Section 31 we know.” That’s exactly right. In Deep Space Nine, they did not have badges or ships. They’re an underground organization. What you see on Discovery and our upcoming show with Michelle Yeoh is how Section 31 became that organization and why it was so underground by the time Deep Space Nine comes around.

Samora Smallwood as Lt. Amin; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Rebecca Romijn as Number One; Ethan Peck as Spock in “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”

Paradise talks Discovery season 2 finale

Alex Kurtzman’s co-showrunner (and co-writer of the season finale) Michelle Paradise discussed “Such Sweet Sorrow” with Entertainment Tonight, explaining the reasoning behind the solution to how to sync the show with canon:

Wrapping this story up and being clear that because of the danger that Control presented, because of the spore drive, because of this time-traveling technology… for those reasons and to prevent any dangerous entities from trying to access these things again, we must nip it in the bud. The lying about it is a protection for Starfleet. That’s the reason that they do it and it is also to make sure that if Section 31 has any designs on doing the next version of Control, that it can’t get out of control — no pun intended — and create a similar problem in the future. It was about answering the season two story, eliminating the threat of Control so that we, as viewers, understand Control has been eliminated. The goal of this season was to take care of this problem and we have taken care of this problem successfully. And at the same time, that also puts us in line with canon. Those were the reasons that we did that.

The executive producer and writer provided some background on their approach to wrapping up the sibling arc of Spock and Burnham:

We had done a lot of work on the Burnham and Spock relationship over the course of this season. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to start them in a place where they were fractured and that the journey of the season would be to bring them back together and heal the wounds between them. Of course, he has to go on the Enterprise at some point, so you bring their relationship to a satisfying conclusion where the hurts of the past have been healed and where they have been able to help, support and influence one another. We talked a lot about what Spock could give to Burnham and what Burnham could give to Spock. Over the course of the season, we see that play out in a number of different episodes, leading to this culmination where they share with one another the ways in which they’re better and the ways in which they need one another and the ways in which they are okay knowing that she must go on to do this mission and he must return to the Enterprise. We were trying to find the best possible way to honor their sibling relationship and end them in a positive way.

Paradise also confirmed that when Michael was advising Spock to seek out his “opposite,” the writers were alluding to a specific character Spock will encounter in the future:

Absolutely. That is definitely Kirk.

Ethan Peck as Spock and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”.

Work on Season 3 has begun

As we have previously reported, production of the third season of Discovery is scheduled to begin in early July. Prep work has already started in Toronto: This morning, prop master Mario Moreira posted a tweet from his office saying he started prepping for season three this week and “couldn’t be more excited.”

Back in Los Angeles, the writers have already been working on the third season for a while. Yesterday the official writers’ room shared another of their fun “overheard in the room” tweets regarding a spoiler involving Michael Burnham and a sandwich.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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We’re going to have characters we like and are familiar with, in a world we’re not familiar with at all. Can’t wait!

CBS All Access will need new shows and programming to remain competitive with the current and new streaming services that will be coming to consumers.
The Star Trek Pike/Number-One/Spock series will become reality – its an untold story many Trek fans want to see

Netflix, Disney, HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Apple… Too many streaming services to choose from. We live in the Netflix age. The streaming wars. Picard and the Pike series are a good start. I’m getting streaming fatigue.

Just cancelled Netflix. Not sure it adds anything to my life at *this* point. Imagine I’ll cancel HBO Go after Thrones. Will probably just subscribe to a service when there’s something interesting. We seem to be moving to the point where most services will have a monopoly on certain programming (i.e., original programming). It’s an interesting way to “back into” an al a cart world. Wonder if we’ll ever see services discount for long-time subscribers in order to incentivize them to hold on. Interesting that Amazon Prime has other things it offers besides content, and Apple optimizes content for its “eco system.”

Back to Discovery…. What do you think the “bigger problems” will be in the 33rd Century? Will things be uber dystopian?

Fidel I will cancel Netflix soon. Netflix originals are not great. I will sign up for Disney. Amazon Prime is useless. Apple is very bad. At least we have Star Trek. I will cancel HBO Now after Game of Thrones is over.

Me too. Absolutely nothing interests me on HBO after GoT ends.

If HBO Now wasn’t included in my AT&T, it would be gone post GoT, too.

The only thing I have Netflix for right now is Mystery Science Theater 3000, and they’re going to raise the price soon. So it’s going to get a cancel.

You can’t handle a two dollar price hike?

Two Dollars, people spend more buying coffee.

It’s not whether or not they can handle it, it’s whether or not they want to…

I’ve already cancelled Netflix. Between Amazon and CBSAA, I’ve got all I need. Disney+ is going to be a necessity, with the Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, and eventually Futurama.

The Marvel shows weren’t enough for me to get the Netflix streaming side and they won’t be enough for me to get Disney+. The Star Wars stuff MIGHT be but it would depend on the show. The Simpsons and Futurama aren’t enough to get me to Disney, either. If the Simpsons left FOX for Disney I would not pay to follow. The show has been stale for many years now. At this point I am only watching out of respect for what it once was.

Amazon is good. They have great movies and shows

Well, I have already canceled CBSAA. I’m using a friend’s Netflix streaming account. Curious about the DC streaming service but not enough to actually subscribe. Might check out Disney+ but only after it has been around to see if anything they have will be worth while. I’ve no need for HBO as I see nearly all their shows that I’m interested in a year later on Netflix. About ready to catch last year’s GoT.
That’s the thing. There are one or two things on other streaming services I’d be interested in seeing but not enough to get me to BUY. I only do CBSAA because I’m such a huge Trek fan. And even then it’s only when Trek is on.

@Fidel – Kelpians!!!

Waiting for Disney +

I imagine we might actually see the V’draysh, which was a culture that the former Federation evolved into.

There could have been some sort of movement sometime…like the 30th century or whenever, when people started to “break away” from the Federation, which was likely quite expansive by that time and people might have wanted to establish a new identity for themselves. Maybe that’s why the V’draysh start the war with Alcor IV and maybe some other former Federation colonies and worlds, because they probably don’t with to hold onto “the Long Ago,” and let it live in the past.

Who knows, so many things they could do. I don’t think it has to be dystopian for that type of a story to work though…but time will tell.

Little early to do that. Isn’t Netflix where Cobra Kai season 2 is on?

Nope, that’s YouTube.

Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, and Netflix are my subscription services and I’m very happy with each of them.. Not sure what Disney has to offer but I’ll pass for now. There should be some kind of overall volume discount for subscribing to several at once.

Just wait. Comcast or someone will eventually get those providers to allow them to bundle and you will essentially get cable streaming.

It’s confusing, sort of. And it could prove expensive.
But then if you can’t afford then naturally you go without.
I haven’t watched Discovery since episode three because I haven’t subscribed to Netflix and frankly have no plans to do so.
I’ll just have to wait, which I don’t mind, and I’m sure I’ll watch the rest of the season eventually.

So we’ll have Discovery, a Picard series, a Section 31 series, and if we’re lucky, a Pike series. If CBS does this right then they could have a Star Trek Renaissance in full swing.

Twilight zone is good

The 4 episodes I saw before I canceled were definitely NOT good. I know I am not missing anything.

Strange Angel is pretty darn good and of course Twilight Zone. Any thing with Peele written on it is guaranteed $$$ at this point. I like they are going back to the era of trek where we can see 2 or 3 different series throughout the year. Trek was never bigger than tng ds9 voy days and I’m glad we’re heading in that direction again. They just need another big time sitcom now that BBT is going off air.

Never give the fans what they want. It never works out.

That is the worst business advice ever.

Steve Jobs turned Apple into a billion dollar company with the philosophy that “the consumer doesn’t know what they want until you give it to them.”

So true.

I’ve always been partial to the theory that GAME OF THRONES has been hugely successful by largely not giving the audience what it thinks it wants.

And I have to agree with that philosophy. It’s nice that they do listen to the fanbase but they need to have confidence in their own creative vision. I still hope we get a Pike show though!

Really, I don’t buy Apple products because I know what I want and that’s not it. I don’t buy into proprietary software or hardware that cost out the wazoo and is made by slave labor.

Only cool people have Apple products. Don’t you want to be cool?

“Only tool people have Apple products. Don’t you want to be tool?”

There, fixed it for you :P

Presuming that you find touchscreen smartphones to be generally useful devices, in 2006, did you know you wanted one?

No, because they didn’t exist. You couldn’t have known that you wanted one.

And Apple put a lot of thought into the touch interaction model, about what would make it usable, easy to learn, and the small touches (like the elastic bounce on scroll) that make it feel, if not delightful per se, like a well-rounded, finished product.

So we didn’t know, in 2006, that we wanted smartphones with touch screens, nor that we would embrace them so quickly thanks to the work that Apple put into defining the entire interaction paradigm.

That’s what we’re talking about here, not the problems of dating in the free and open source software scene.

Briefly, the question we keep coming back to is:

Is Star Trek to be some sort of theme park like Colonial Williamsburg, trapped in amber, whose appeal is limited to historical re-enactors and those who like to re-litigate the Federalist Papers?

Or is it a living thing that embraces a core spirit, but that adapts over time, changes appearance occasionally, whose protagonists can come from different backgrounds, and whose mode of storytelling can be different for different shows (episodic with no connections vs linear season arcs, live action, animation, interactive), etc?

The idea that ‘people don’t know what they want till you show it to them’ is another way of saying that storytelling needs to be obsessed with a very specific vision and when brought to life with care, hits you out of the blue.

“Giving people what they want” is any episode of any show on the Food Network or HGTV. There are few surprises (even on the ‘reality’ shows), the show has a rhythm and formula, and the final products are nice to look at, but predictably so.

What people don’t know they want are things like Black Mirror’s “San Junipero” and “Jabberwocky,” or Jordan Peele’s movies Get Out and Us, or sitcoms with a deep philosophical punch like The Good Place and Russian Doll.

Going out into the unknown involves risks. But RISK IS OUR BUSINESS.

The problem also with pandering to a Fanbase is the demand from the fans for “give me what I expect, but surprise me, too.“ That’s a tall order.

The deep space nine writers managed to do it very well. The Discovery writers don’t need people excusing their product. They are professionals and should be held accountable. They can and should do better.

1992: IBM sold the first mobile phone with touchscreen.
Some examples prior to the fist Iphone. The Sony Ericsson P800 is a true smartphone, as where many. That tale of Apple doing risky business and opening a new era with the Iphone is not true. And I have not even delved in the world of Japanese Phones that for a long time before the Iphone had full Smartphone features but where entirely restricted on distribution to Japan.

I use a VPN to set my source IP in the UK to watch Discovery on Netflix every week. It’s much cheaper that way.

Make it so CBS (it you want my money!)

I cancelled NETFLIX after almost 3-4 years. Too many price increases, and really not enough shows or movies in their catalog to keep my interest. I cancelled HULU too. I already have AMAZON PRIME Video (as it comes FREE with my AMAZON Prime), keeping CBSAA because there is like 6-7 shows I watch on CBS, HBO is like $5/month with my DirectvNOW, so I will keep it going especially with GOT.
Though, with Disney+ on the horizon…that will be an additional subscription.
However, still on the fence with DCUniverse Streaming…haven’t done anything yet with it…though don’t want to subscribe just to watch one show (Titans).

I was in Canada last week and noticed that Titans was available when I turned on the Netflix. I watched the first episode. Holy crap it was way more violent than I would have ever thought! It’s a little interesting but my interest in the show dropped after watching that opening episode.

It’s actually very good, but the “season” ends oddly, as if it was actually only half-way through a season and here should be more episodes because there was zero wrap-up of any plot-lines. So I’d wait until season 2 airs if i were you as that is likely to really be season 1 par 2.

So we are going to the future after all. Discovery is living up to its name, finally something new in Star Trek. When will the Picard show start shooting? Pike series is a good idea. Section 31 is a good idea too.

They have to go back sooner or later. Georgiou needs to go back to head up Section 31, Ash needs to hook up with his true love Burnham. Saru needs to see his sister again. All they need is another time crystal to get back home.

She doesn’t have to go back with the entire ship though. We seen tons of people travel back and forth alone in Star Trek.

The show has to tie into Calypso though so there must be a decent chance that she does have to go back with the entire ship just not the crew…

But we don’t actually KNOW whats the year in Calypso. Its never stated in the story itself. And yes, it also could be a matter of sending her back with the ship alone too. Literally anything is possible at this point.

You’re right we don’t and when you made this point in another thread I applauded it. I’m pretty convinced that sooner or later they will address Chabon’s short and it may very well be later so maybe next season will end with another time jump. That’s totally possible but at this point in time, I’m leaning more towards the theory that they will send it back simply because it kills 2 birds with one stone. Of course I’m well aware that theories made before a single episode has even aired rarely pan out exactly.

One thing that’s quite interesting from a casting point of view was that they appear to have gotten rid of 3 male members of the crew. Now Discovery is clearly not afraid of casting lots of women in prominent roles but I still think we’ll see at least one new male character added as a regular and that could be telling. For example if they cast the guy who played Craft as a regular that would pretty much establish the timeframe.

OK, cool! I do too think Calypso will factor into the season somehow so we could be in for another time jump and Zora could be added to the story in season 4. It would be very cool if Craft showed up again and became part of the crew. Wow, I didn’t think about that until you mentioned it. I would love it. Someone who is part of that time as a permanent character.

I have to hand it to these guys, when we first heard about Calypso, I thought it was just going to be this cool little side story you weren’t suppose to think that hard about. To know this was part of a much bigger and ambitious plan is amazing to me. Looking at what they did with season 2 (even with its flaws) and seeing where they are going with season 3, I think they have BIG plans for this show going forward from this point on.

It makes the first season of the boring Klingon war look quaint. Discovery is going to be boldly going to the 33rd century and maybe even beyond that in time.

Everything I have been reading about Calypso does say it takes place in the 33rd century. Zora says she has been waiting for 1000 years, so it would make sense for the ship to go back to the 23rd century and be hidden in the nebula and instructed to hold position while Zora spends that 1000 years to improve herself. Then the Discovery crew that remained in the 33rd century will return shortly after Calypso happens.

Yes but if they abandon Discovery in the 33rd century it would still make sense she waited a thousand years just the same. We all ASSUME it happened in the 23rd century but nothing in the story ever denotes a specific date or stardate.

I’m just guessing. Michelle Yeoh has been confirmed to be a part of season 3. So I am assuming by the end of the season, georgiou will take Discovery back to the 23rd century. Assuming her section 31 show is set in that time period. If the show is going to follow the blueprint of the Andromeda tv show, as some of us are speculating, it doesn’t sound like there will even be a section 31 in the 33rd century.

Also we have this quote from Kurtzman as well:

“If you’re a fan of Deep Space Nine, you’ve probably spent the past two years saying, “What the hell are they doing with Section 31? That’s nothing like the Section 31 we know.” That’s exactly right. In Deep Space Nine, they did not have badges or ships. They’re an underground organization. What you see on Discovery and our upcoming show with Michelle Yeoh is how Section 31 became that organization and why it was so underground by the time Deep Space Nine comes around.”

So clearly he’s suggesting that this show will follow Georgiou in the 23rd century. That’s why I like my theory as it address Calypso and Georgiou but I’m cautious of suggesting any idea is nailed on at this stage because we know very little. Tiger is therefore right to keep an open mind and whichever way it pans out it was a great observation to point out that they’d only implied a time period in Chabon’s short and not defined it as we all know that Discovery loves a good bit of misdirection. However, if they do go down the route of sending Georgiou back with Discovery I could see this happening comfortably before the end of the season. In part to give Yeoh adequate time off between series and also to bring in Zora and potentially Craft.

I must say I’m also one of those that’s suggested the Andromeda route, it just seems like a nice way of bringing it back to it’s Roddenberry roots whilst doing something completely different for Trek. Also the superficial similarities are uncanny right down to the ship presumably becoming a character in her own right.

Yeah this a possibility I agree. Gerogiou seems to be the wildcard in all of this. So she could go back with the ship to the 23rd century for sure. But I also think seeing how much they threw us all for a loop this season, I have a feeling it won’t be that simple either.

And then thinking about it a bit more, would anyone TRUST Georgiou of sending the ship back with just her for whatever vital they have to do it? Maybe by then she will have grown enough with the crew but I have a feeling its going to be a lot more complicated, assuming this will tie into Calypso next season obviously, which there are no guarantees it will.

Well that’s true, we all thought that it would tie in this season but it didn’t and I kind of like that. One of my criticisms of the year long arc is that everything is mostly tied up at the end of season yet here we have arguably the show’s biggest mystery and we still don’t know. Also I had mixed results with my predictions last season. I made a few good calls and that were mostly correct but I was way off when I said that they probably would acknowledge the Romulus situation in the Picard show and some of my early speculation for season 2 of Discovery was way of the mark as well.

They trusted her enough to take her with them when they didn’t have to so I’d say yes at this point they would.

I think it’s telling that the S32 show will begin after S3. I suspect Georgiou travels back more or less on her own (or they all travel back temporarily and leave her in the 23rd) after seeing something important that S31 will have to work to prevent.

I can’t see any way that Discovery does not end up in the future more or less permanently though

Crazy Calypso idea:
The Discovery, experiencing propulsion problems needs to be sent to a distant point in the galaxy.
But lets say the ship still can travel through time.
The ship (empty) is sent back in time (1000 years?) and proceeds to travel at a slow velocity to that distant point, a trip that might take a thousand years. From the point of view of those not on board, the ship will seem to “jump” to that far away location.
Could the crew of Discovery be using this method when the lonely computer encounters a visitor?

Calypso could be in the future, could be in the past before the dawn of human civilization (surprise!), or could be a holofeck program. We don’t know.

Saru needs to see his sister again.

One reason I don’t like the idea of a permanent time jump is the Kelpians. If there’s one thing Discovery has succeeded at brilliantly, it’s Saru and the Kelpians. This is not a plot arc I want to see stop dead in its tracks.

It doesn’t have to. A 1000 year plot jump means we really get the opportunity to see the full scope of the Kelpian decision.

As Corinthian said, going tot he future allows for the option of showing a further evolved Kelpian society if they choose to do so. Or they could instead explore it farther in the Section 31 series isntead.

Now that Kelpians have clearly shown their hand in helping the federation then it opens up the possibility of Kelpian characters in S31, maybe even Siranna herself. An obvious story is exploring what Kelpians will actually become as no-one knows this, maybe their now obviously less inhibited personalities would allow for the dual morality needed.

I’d actually be more interested in the S31 route because it could also pick up on how environments matter with character building, with no expectations how will a S31 kelpian develop in contrast to how Saru develops on Discovery?

I suspect that they’ll discover a way to get them back home only to have Georgiou use it to get herself back home.

Georgiou volunteered for the mission so why would she be desperate to escape? That doesn’t really make sense when Yeoh has already made it clear that they’ll be softening her character for the Section 31 series.

Highly doubt it. It’s more likely they end up either sending her back with a message or all going back temporarily for some reason and leaving her there.

Or the S31 series Georgiou is original Georgiou or a new version. Clone? Third universe? Hologram? Android?

Yeoh has suggested her character in the S31 show will be changed somehow in terms of her performance.

@Patrick Gerard Anything’s possible I guess, it was the Klingons who killed her and they have the ability to graft her memory engrams to another host. It’s just seems more plausible that it will be MU Georgiou as it seems very unlikely that Yeoh would commit to two ongoing Star Trek TV shows and bringing back the prime version of the character via some convoluted method so soon after Culber kind of undermines the stakes for the characters and would be a bit of a stretch for the audience.

Clearly Georgiou finds a way back to the 23rd Century, in order to be in 31 on the new show.

And it will be interesting to see how they do that. The Short Trek episode “Calypso” is obviously tied to this time jump, but the ship is abandoned. If Georgiou comes back, why not everyone else? If they do come back, will it be to the 23rd century or some other time period, maybe the Picard post-TNG time period?

Considering they have temporal transporters at least from the 29th century, I don’t think it will be a huge issue on the tech side.

Which would leave Jimmy’s question relevant- if Georgiou can go back, why not the others? (even if Discovery is left behind, which it clearly will be)

One possible answer to “why not the others” is that the Temporal Investigations won’t let them return — they have knowledge of the future.

Georgiou could steal the Red Angel suit to return to the 23rd century, leaving Burnham and Discovery stranded in the 33rd century.

They said that the time crystal would be burned out after that jump into the future which is why it was supposed to be a one-way trip from the start. So no stealing it and abandoning them.

All they need is another time crystal.

It’s the 33rd century. All they need is a time ship.

I thought that the new suit was keyed to Burnham’s DNA like her moms allowing only her to use it. Could be wrong.

And the suit was designed for Burnham specifically.

I suspect that Georgiou beamed off the Discovery shortly before they had entered the wormhole.

No, they will want to use her in Discovery S3, no doubt to soften her character enough for her role in S31. I suspect the end of S3 sees them either send her back with a message or they all go back temporarily (and she gets left there), the reason being to change somethign in the past to stop a future catastrophe, maybe to change the course of S31.

Maybe they will end up travelling back to a few decades after they left. Perhaps to the post Star Trek VI period or around the time of the Enterprise C. Given the length of Klingon lifespans, L’Rell would likely still be alive and maybe Tyler as well. It’s a period that’s wide open in terms of canon.

🙏🙏🙏 . Like cause and effect in tng

I’ve speculated elsewhere in the thread that we’ll have two plot threads at the start of next season.

1) A new 33rd century nemesis that completely outclasses Discovery.
2) An emerging AI personality onboard Discovery.

At some point these plot lines will converge and it will be determined that they need to send Discovery back in time in order to evolve the ship/AI to make it competitive against the new big bad. Georgiou would be the person that takes the ship back and hides it for the crew to find in the nebula. This is an initial theory after just watching the finale so I’m not saying this will definitely happen but it does address both the Calypso and Section 31 questions.

Wish the actual writers were as orderly in their thinking as you. 😊

I think going AI again so soon would be a mistake, it could come later but there should be a gap to let it breathe.

Can’t wait for the Pike series to begin!

That would be awesome!

The Pike series is by no means guaranteed. Just because we want to see it doesn’t mean that either CBS or Kurtzman will be on board.

Won’t happen. If ever.

I feel people are seriously setting themselves up for disappointment. Yes it may happen but its pretty clear there has been no serious talks about it with Mount and Kurtzman sounds like he’s open to it but that doesn’t mean its going to happen or even be a show. I get people really like this idea but its bizarre how everyone is acting like a show has been ordered. It hasn’t. Have to wait and see.

I’ve been a Pike skeptic but am now starting to think a miniseries is a real possibility, especially with all the time CBSAA has to fill. The actors probably wouldn’t be unduly expensive, and the sets are built. Why not?

I think its possible something will happen but as I keep saying it could be YEARS away. Section 31 is the show they keep talking about and thats not going to premiere until 2021 the earliest. I’m not saying they won’t do anything for it, but its probably not on the table anytime soon when they literally have five Trek shows already on the table now. I think Kurtzman has a plan and wants to stick with it.

But yes, I can see a mini-series or something happening. I personally would love a a TV movie every year. And you can make that a lot more faster in the process.

A Pike miniseries or TV movie could be prepped much faster than the Section 31 show, since everything but the story/script is already in place. Not saying it will happen, but who knows what’s being discussed at CBS right now?

What will the story be about ??

It’s not beyond possibility that some other project might get delayed in favor of fast tracking a potential Pike show. May not happen but still possible. I doubt they would delay the Section 31 show as they have been discussing that publicly for some time. But no reason Pike could not be on the table for a few years down the line.

For me personally Tiger I don’t think I will be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong there’s no guarantee that I will get a Pike show but as a fan I’m fairly receptive to any new Trek. After Voyager finished I was hoping for a Titan show or at least something in that era but I got onboard with the Enterprise concept pretty quickly once it became clear that’s what they were doing. The same goes for Pike, I’m happy to get my hopes up because even if it doesn’t happen there will be something new from Trek that comes along that hasn’t been announced yet,

Thats the thing, I don’t think we will have a lack of Trek for a loooong time to come. But if people are looking for something specific then yes they probably will be disappointed one way or the other. But if you’re open to everything (or most) then yeah. To be honest I have been generally happy with everything. Not HUGE on Section 31 but willing to still give it a chance even if I didn’t love the story line on DIS. Verdict still out on the cartoons but definitely interested.

Exactly. Don’t get me wrong there are things I’m more enthusiastic about than others but by and large I’m receptive to any fTrek. Lower Decks or the proposed Star Fleet Academy show wouldn’t be at the top of my wish list but I’m not a hater and I’ll keep an open mind on any Trek project.

The ONLY Trek show I admit I can’t stand the possibility of happening is Khan (ugh). I just can’t remotely care about it no matter what. But of course being a fan I will watch every episode if it happens lol. If it comes to pass hopefully it will be good but the complete lack of discussion about it has given me hope they have dumped it and moved on to more ambitious things.

Everything else I can say I’m pretty on board for. The Academy show wouldn’t be my first choice either but I can get behind it. The Lower Decks show sounds fun and different. So I’m up for anything, especially if its anything past Nemesis but fine if we get more 23rd century shows as well

Of the announced upcoming potential Trek projects the one I am most looking forward to is the animated Lower Decks. Especially if it takes place in the TNG era. Which I have always felt was far more rife for jokes. (Just look at Orville season as evidence) But that could be replaced by a Pike show if that ever gets seriously mentioned. And I mean beyond “we hear the fans”.

I would wager that the Pike popularity has taken them by surprise. Hence the lack of planning for a Pike led show. I’d wager that if subscribers had a choice more would prefer a Pike led show over a 33rd century Discovery show. But that’s their plan and they are following through.

That said, they would be remiss if they didn’t investigate the possibility of a Pike show after the positive feedback he got from season 2.

I’m not sure it’s so much that they have been taken by surprise as that there are very real logistical issues with a Pike era Enterprise show in terms of canon.

It’s been rough enough telling the story of Spock’s previously unknown sister without breaking acknowledge canon in two (and I’m still not convinced that the whole “we won’t tell, promise” explanation is a realistic one). To do so with the whole enterprise crew only 10 years before events we already know would be a major undertaking.

They’ve specifically chosen to move Discovery to the future and focus on a shadow organisation in order to move away from accepted canon issues, so moving towards them with Pike would be counter to that.

I really hope it happens. that’s the show they should be making after Picard, rather than Section 31.

YES! Pike Series! I’m on.

I’m okay with Discovery being 950 years in the future. One interesting dynamic, the actual ship goes from being state of the art to antique. A canoe compared to an aircraft carrier. It’ll be interesting to see the newly minted medieval time travelers navigate a future where they are nothing but living fossils.

What if the future is the dark ages, and they are a beacon of hope in a world of decay? THE most powerful ship in the quadrant?

Then the show ends up being Andromeda :P


I never understood how the proverbial ‘dark ages’ would occur in such an advanced stage of multi-cultural alliance like the Federation.
Its nonsense.
It doesn’t just ‘happen’ (that’s an idiotic projection with 0 basis in reality – and falls flat on face in scifi).

For something like that to occur, you’d need an external event such as a Borg invasion followed by most species being brought to extermination point and no technology lying about (its utterly unrealistic that in the future, no one would know how technology works, etc… because come on… you’d have neural interfaces and options to download knowledge into your brain easily – heck we will be doing that in a decade or two in real life).
In the Federation, EVERYONE would technically be exposed to relevant general education (methods of science and how the natural world works using scientific methodologies), critical thinking and problem solving – for people to NOT pass on that kind of knowledge and they end up useless seems utterly ridiculous.

The only option would be that majority of such indviduals would be eradicated or use their knowledge and technology to hide themselves from whatever that happened, or that only a few are left with others being those who chose not to use technology or science (but those people would be of little use as they’d likely refuse to do anything about such a situation).

Well, right, that is the point, something external. Perhaps a wave of supernovas came crashing around the galaxy and was caused by sentient rocks that were actually dilithium crystals angry at being used as fuel. The novas forced mass migrations of species over 1000 years, until finally, species collided, wars were fought, and the houses of straw collapsed. #starflight

I don’t agree. It has been about 150 years since Darwin’s breakthroughs, and we have a growing anti-evolution movement in our society. Science is politicized; climate change is decried by our president as a hoax made in China. My point is that just because science and knowledge exist does not mean psychological and sociological factors won’t push them aside. We now live in a post-truth world where facts don’t seem to matter, and lies dominate. If this direction continues, I can easily envision a dystopian future where science and progress is irrelevant.

But our issues stem from LACK of exposure to relevant general education, critical thinking and problem solving, coupled with use of an extremely outdated socio-economic system (Capitalism).
Humanity in Trek made the transition into an emergent society shortly after First Contact with the Vulcans. They are WAY PAST those kinds of problems (or at least they should be).
The writers are just making stuff up because they don’t really understand how things work.

Also, the Federation is not utopian… its just better than what we currently have.
Incidentally, I suggest you get acquainted with Resource Based Economy and The Venus Project (neither of which is utopian either – just a HECK of a lot better than the stupidity we are doing now – and easily surpasses the Federation in what it does – incidentally Gene roddenberry got his idea for the Federation in the 24th century from Jacque Frescos lectures in the 1970-ies).

Well, what you are saying is consistent with what I’m saying, I believe. My point was that just because technology and science is available does not mean society won’t go into a dark ages, if sociological and psychological (and economic) forces override them. We can go into a dark ages, and knowledge can be supressed if it serves society’s needs.

But if you already have a world in which everyone is exposed to relevant general education, critical thinking and problem solving, it is highly unlikely this would actually occur, short of an external disaster that might cause a catastrophe that say destroys all technology (which would be pretty difficult to do as we already developed means to even defend against EMP’s etc)… and even then, in The Venus Project for example (and very likely the fictional Federation), EVERYONE would still be aware of how things work and how to rebuild them.

Going into the dark ages never serves society, therefore it does NOT occur willingly.

In a multi-cultural society like the Federation where you have thousands of colony worlds, hundreds of main member worlds that have same/similar educational patterns… that kind of level of dark ages would be next to impossible… too many safe guards against it.

Bad writing on the other hand from current day writers is a different matter.

Unless they go for some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario where technology has regressed.

The second Andromeda Ascendant?

Discovery has the Sphere Data. 100 000 years worth of knowledge in its databanks.
The ship may end up being outclassed initially, but with an emerging personality (Zora) as the ship’s AI that’s benevolent, it can probably develop a ridiculous amount of advanced technologies in the first decade that would way outclass anything in the 31st century, and then spend the next 990 years refining it.

Automated Research and development has been a thing for a while now… and a sentient AI like Zora would have all the tools it needs to self-evolve (and she says she has spent the last 1000 years evolving herself… probably not just the personality, but also the technology).

Technology and science evolve at faster than exponential rates… and with an AI (or at least automation), this would accelerate even further as automation is hundreds of thousands of times faster than human(oid)s… and in the 23rd century, computer technology would be advanced due to faster than exponential developments and returns to the point where the Federation should have been FAR more advanced than what we saw.

So, an AI like Zora could easily keep developing new technologies in mere seconds or minutes (considering we can now use AI to develop new materials in days whereas without it, it would have taken about a decade).


“Yes! Absolutely! I do indeed concur! Wholeheartedly!”

Given the sphere data has been such a central element of season 2, and sentient itself to some degree, I expect Discovery to evolve to meet the challenges of the 33rd century. Indeed, I was a little disappointed we didn’t see a hint of a new offensive or defensive measure from Discovery during the battle with the Section 31 armada, as it was stressed in the previous episode that the data had “merged” with Discovery.

Turning to the conclusion of the season, I thought for a moment that we could be saying farewell to Discovery and boldly going with the Pike series. A last teaser from the show runners to test fan reaction?

I think it would be easy for Georgeu to get back into the 23rd century from the 33rd as from Voyager already in the 29th-century time travel ships are pretty common. Also there should be transwarp times 20 by the 33th century so traveling the whole galaxy should not be a problem.

“What you see on Discovery and our upcoming show with Michelle Yeoh is how Section 31 became that organization and why it was so underground by the time Deep Space Nine comes around.”

Sounds like confirmation the Section 31 show will not take place in the 950 year time jump, but in the 23rd century. This then begs the question of how Georgiou will lead a series in the 23rd century when she was aboard Discovery during its time jump. She couldn’t have gotten off Discovery before that because their shields were up, right?

What that tells me is that the endgame for Season 3 is the crew (or at least some of them) of the Discovery make it back to the 23rd century, but the ship doesn’t.

Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.

It tells me the opposite. The ship will get’s back to the 23rd century with Georgiou piloting it but the crew doesn’t tag along. My initial theory is that they’ll have to evolve the emerging intelligence in the ship in order to make Discovery competitive against a new 33rd century threat. Georgiou will ride it back in time and tuck it away in that nebula it was hidden inside in Calypso and the Emporer gets to rejoin Section 31.

They have also said that Georgiou would be part of Discovery season 3 so unless the season takes place in more than one time period she’s stuck in the future.

I believe Occam’s razor would tell us this is evidence that show runners have been changing course/storyline/arc all along and trying to cover it up with cryptic statements to the public. Not saying that is any sort of indictment, but just that they are trying to look more certain than they really are in order to retain faith among the fan base.

Occams razor…..nice Spock reference……

Midnight’s Edge-like typing detected.

I’m giddy as pie to see all these different time periods happening at once and can’t wait to hear where Dis is going (story wise) next season. Its so exciting. And with both that and Picard show coming, Star Trek can now add two more centuries of exploration to its resume: 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 33rd centuries. That last one really sticks out. ;)

So much to mine between both shows and can’t wait to see both of their takes on their prospective futures. I suspect Section 31 will be what covers the 23rd century for awhile so three time periods happening at once (assuming they are all renewed)! This is the Star Trek universe I’ve always wanted.

Tiger2 Discovery going to the future saved the show for me. It opens up new possibilities for Star Trek.

How will you feel when they return home?

Did you watch the finale? The ENTIRE point is for the ship to disappear for good. Thats why they did that whole ‘we have to pretend DIS was destroyed and can never mention them again’ line. They aren’t coming back. And if they are it will probably be the last season of the show.

It’s only temporary. They can return if they find a new time crystal. The sphere data will leave the ship on its own when it evolves. Then the crew will have no reason to remain in the future.

How will you feel if they don’t return home A34? At least there’s still a chance they might commission a Pike show so that you can still get your 23rd century fix ;)

I have no feelings since it’s not going to happen. They left way too many strings hanging for them not to return.

The Pizza face Pike show isn’t happening.

Any tips on the ponies, Seer? 😊

Ever play roulette? Always bet on Black.

That’s the thing though A34 other than the emperor they actually didn’t leave a lot hanging they pretty much wrote Discovery out of the timeline. I’ve already outlined one theory that shows just how easy it will be to put Georgiou back in the 23rd century and resolve the Calypso plot thread and there will be plenty of other people who will have come up with other plausible scenarios. As for Pike, we’ll I think we will get something but maybe we don’t but it was pretty clear from that ending and what’s been said that there’s no intention whatsoever for the crew to get back. There’s far more chance of this show becoming Andromeda over Voyager. Sorry dude.

LOL A34 you are in serious denial there. Just like you were when you said we would never get another post-Nemesis show. Well now we are getting two lol.

Kurtzman EXPLAINED why the show is going into the future. This is their way of explaining why Spock never mentioned a sister or spore drives. They been saying for a year now season 2 will explain it. Well now we know, because they are no longer part of the timeline in the 23rd century. They have solved their canon problems by literally removing them from canon. What’s the point of doing all of this just to have them pop back up in the 23rd century a year from now like they never left and the same issues persist all over again?

Kurtzman also explained having the show in the 23rd century limits them what they could do in terms of big stakes. He literally gave the Kelvin movies as an example once they moved everything out of the prime timeline it gave them more options and freedom to do whatever they wanted. In this case, they are are simply moving the show into the future so they now have the freedom to tell whatever story they want to. Thats what they SHOULD’VE done in the first season but Fuller was running things then.

Dude, you just have to accept the people running Star Trek now has a very different version of it then you do. Maybe if Fuller was still in charge Discovery wouldn’t have went anywhere. But this is being done to clearly undo a lot of his ideas in the first place.

Kurtzman and the other producers also said Spock wasn’t going to be on the show, all the while they were planning the first half of the season around Burnham’s search for Spock.

Good luck Tiger 😜

They brought those classic characters into help the show tie better into TOS and to turn around a disgruntled section of the fanbase and now they’ve written Discovery out of the timeline to further placate that discontented segment and sync it with canon. You must be able to see a pattern forming here A34. I get that you like the show, so do I and I thinks it’s overkill to have time jumped them a 1000 years into the future but it’s happened and it’s clear they’re not going back. You might as well relax and wait and see what happens you might even like it.

Exactly Corinthian7!

It’s funny A34 always in denial over these things. He said before there would be no new Star Trek show for a long time outside of Discovery. He swore up and down we would never get a post Nemesis show. He was convinced the Klingons would never get hair. He keeps being proven wrong over and over again, and he’s on his way to being proven wrong yet again.

You don’t set a ship 1000 YEARS into the future unless you are trying to avoid canon. That’s the point. They WANT to open the show up to completely new and different things. They probably got sick of the whining from fans and how so and so doesn’t fit into the 23rd century, so now they are placing it in a new timeline to tell whatever stories they want, to use any species they want, etc.

And Kurtzman made it pretty clear this is a permanent change by this line quote:

“There will be canonical references to everything that has happened in the various shows; we’re not erasing that. But we’re so far past that point that all of that is a very distant memory. We’re very excited to see how you put the elements of Star Trek in an entirely new universe.”

Why would he say something like this if they are just going to end up back in the 23rd century by episode 9 of next season? He’s making it clear as day, ALL the people we saw back in the 23rd and 24th century are simply gone as far as Discovery is concerned. This is a new era for the show! They will have moved on to a whole new adventure and life in the 33rd century. Some people need to make peace with that.

Anyway this will be made clear as day to him pretty soon as more interviews comes out.

I don’t need luck. I’m super happy we are getting to travel a thousand years into the future even if it was for just a season. Its going to open Trek up on a level that has never been done before. But I had no problems with DIS staying in the 23rd season either and said so, but the writing is clearly on the wall.

You’re the one who seem upset and in denial over it, not me. We’re going to know everything pretty soon anyway. But they been telling us for a year now season 2 will solve the canon issues. Well, they just solved it in a big way! I suspect they will get home, but like Voyager its going to take some time, ie, years.

If they’re moving the show to the future to subvert Canon, why name the characters Spock and Pike at all? Why bother calling it star trek at all?

I don’t get your point? Star Trek is not about 1-2 characters, its about humanity’s exploration of the galaxy in the FUTURE (emphasis on future). That’s what Star Trek is about for the last 50 years, covered by 6 shows and 13 films from the 22nd century to now the 33rd. Throwing Discovery into an advanced future will follow that same creed as all the other shows and films before it.

Star Trek should be about EXPANDING our notions of what the future is, not constantly limiting it. This is HUGE for the franchise that they are thinking outside of the box again and its about time. This should’ve happened long ago.

Plus the fact that they placed the show 10 years before TOS get get free of canon. People here don’t get that they will lie to prevent spoilers.

Yes and now they placed the show 950 years in the future to really free it from canon lol. The ‘spoiler’ was that Discovery has completely warped into another century for good! Your track record has been abysmal when it comes to these predictions. You need to stop living in denial chief, this is the show now.

perfect explanation. but in my mind discovery will not end up 33th century. it will be on 24th, after enterprise 4.. and it will mayby..maybe cross up to pickard show. we have to wait and see

Peter its been confirmed multiple times now by producers and actors the show will be in the 33rd century. We don’t have to wait and see, they have stated that’s where the show will take place.

For only one season.

discovery never cams back from future. its forbidden by federation. that is the reason spok never talks about his sister ever…its a forbidden ship


Where are you getting this idea its temporary? Yes I think they will eventually get home like Voyager did but you don’t A. Spend an entire season to get them to the future and B. Give Spock those lines Discovery is now ‘desttroyed’ and buried if they weren’t thinking is for the long term. It would be the opposite and everyone would be trying to think of a way to get it back. At least on Voyager everyone was COMMITTED to going back. On Discovery the entire crew treated it like a one way trip. That should people something. That was all being done because they are setting the show up to stay in the future for a long time.

I’ve always wondered why people see Kirk as the counterbalance of Spock. To me, McCoy was the one opposite of Spock. He was the one ruled by his emotions and Kirk was the bridge between the two worlds.

Absolutely! Of course, the dynamic worked best as Kirk-Spock-McCoy.

Did anyone else think that Spock looked better (and more Spock-like) with the beard and long hair?

Actualsly, I was pleasantly surprised Peck looked so much like Nimoy once shaved and in uniform, sans the over done sideburns.

Yeah, the sideburns still make me laugh. It’s not irritating, just funny that something so obvious could slip by like that.

Pointy sideburns, a tweak on the haircut, and less pink undertone in the make-up would help.

The make-up people have mentioned that they are learning through trial and error how make-up will actually look in the HD format they are using.

Compare Pike’s natural look at the end of season 2 vs a very pancake make-up look in episode 1. Number One has toned down too. At this point all the Discovery crew have a very natural look.

They clearly aren’t at the point that they can predict what will look right on particular people.

They laid off the Grecian Formula, too….

It appeared to me they heightened Pike’s grey hair after his initial interaction with the time crystal.

Yep. Clean-shaven you could really see how little Peck actually resembles Nimoy. Had to happen, though.

He looked better with the beard. He has a baby face. It’s like that scene from The Room.

“He looked better with the beard.”

Yes, it gave him character. 😊

LOL. I think you nailed it. Hee, hee…

Yeah true. But also think we just got so use to the beard look. If he was clean shaven on day one I think people would’ve got use to it faster.

I think the beard was to give us time to get used to an actor who doesn’t look like Nimoy.

That was my theory as well. I also think that Spock is more than just a look. It’s the cadence and how he carries himself. Which I think Peck managed fairly well.

To be fair, that’s almost always the reaction upon first seeing someone who’s always had a beard and long hair suddenly clean shaven and sporting a much shorter cut. It’s different from what you’re used to and thus jarring until you get used to the new look. I do think the hair was cropped a bit too short but overall I think he looked fine as I never expected a Leonard Nimoy clone.

Peck did a great job, taking on a legacy that Ill bet scared the bejesus out of him and most likely caused him a sleepless night or two at the least. I hope it’ll be a real boost to his career; he certainly earned it.

Had the same thought immediately when watching the show, that they were referencing McCoy.

Yes, I agree. McCoy is Spock’s opposite. Kirk is the balance between the two. I believe Nimoy once said something along the lines of “If you put a Spock and a McCoy together, you get a Kirk.”

Which is perfectly demonstrated in “Star Trek II” when McCoy and Spock debate Genesis as Kirk loos on.

McCoy: Dear Lord, do you think we’re intelligent enough to – – suppose – – what if this thing were used where life already exists?

Spock: It would destroy such life in favor of its new matrix.

Leonard McCoy: Its new matrix? Do you have any idea what you’re saying?!

Spock: I was not attempting to evaluate its moral implications, Doctor. As a matter of cosmic history, it has always been easier to destroy than to create.

Leonard McCoy: Not anymore. Now we can do both at the same time! According to myth, the earth was created in six days. Now watch out! Here comes Genesis. We’ll do it for you in six minutes!

Spock: Really, Dr. McCoy. You must learn to govern your passions. They will be your undoing. Logic suggests – –

Leonard McCoy: Logic? My God, the man’s talking about logic! We’re talking about universal Armageddon! You green-blooded, inhuman—

And remember who ends up getting Spock’s katra.

Yes. It just goes to show you that they don’t understand the characters of TOS Trek. Kurtzman probably thinks Kirk was a horndog who bedded any woman he could. Which is another falsehood. If anything McCoy was the opposite of Spock. Kirk was much more balanced than either of them.

When Michael was talking about Spock’s opposite, I was definitely thinking more about McCoy than about Kirk.

Me too, however, Kirk was an opposite of Spock in many ways as well…

I never thought they were “opposites,” per se as all three characters were more complex than that. They were certainly a very complementary trio.

From Star Trek VI:

KIRK: You’re a great one for logic. I’m a great one for rushing in where angels fear to tread. We are both extremists. Reality has brought us somewhere in-between.

No they were definitely talking about Kirk. However, I’m pretty sure that the idea of the big three in Trek was that Kirk kind of balanced out McCoy and Spock so even though it wasn’t the writers intent you were kind of right to think of McCoy when she said that.

As was I but this article confirms they were referencing Kirk. Again showing a lack of knowledge of the big three.

I think Georgiou and Leland both got off the ship before it went into the wormhole. The officer debriefing the Enterprise crew at the end sounded like Leland with a deeper voice and the lower half of his face looked like Leland. Maybe the Control nano-bots wiped his memory when they were pushed out?

Leland is dead and I think Georgiou got off too

I loved that.

The actor was Thom Marriot. And of course Tyler, Pike, and Number One would have recognized Leland.

But they definitely seemed to be doing something by not showing his face.

After watching the finale it has left me wanting more Pike/Number One/Spock/Enterprise. This was a perfect set up as a series finale for DSC-they went to the future and lived happily ever after. Now our story continues with the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

I with you

I’m with you on this also. Pike all the way!

I’m with you too. It feels appropriate to never hear from Discovery again and then to have the final moments to be of Pike and the Enterprise… It totally felt like a set up for a Pike show. Was that the intent?

If they do Star Trek Pike – they need to do 1 story per week again. Make it as close to TOS in the 21st century as possible. If the series goes ahead – I can’t be arsed with 1 story per season again. It means you can’t just dip in and out at a later date.

Also – Picard has been confirmed as being 1 story per season again so we need to get away from that.

Sorry, completely disagree.

Pike lends itself to a more traditional format. You can still do shorter story arcs but some of the strongest episodes of Discovery this season were essentially standalone episodes. They’re explorers.

Totally agree. I don’t mind 1 or 2 shows being hyper-serialized, but we need to get back to 22 episode seasons with 1-2 episodes per story. Maybe the occasional 3-parter.

Yep. I whole heartedly feel that is the best way to go. Full season with some 2 or 3 parters here and there. Enterprise season 4 hit that beat very well.

I think it should be the best of both worlds ie planet of the week but serialisation in terms of the crew stories.

A big NO to a return to episodic formats. That is not sophisticated viewing by today’s standards. I don’t want New MacGyver or Hawaii Five-0.

Kurtzman says, “All I can tell you is that Control is officially neutralized, but there will be much bigger problems when they get to the other side of that wormhole.”

Bigger problems, than the complete destruction of all sentient life? Talk about raising the stakes, DSC! S3: 950 years in the future, Discovery must neutralize a threat to all sentient and non-sentient life forms (in case they ever become sentient), CONFIRMED.

I think ‘bigger problems’ is basically trying to figure out how to survive, adapting to an unknown environment and the interpersonal problems which will no doubt arise. I think it would be a stornger series if they weren’t thrown into our future but somewhere removed from this galaxy or universe.

They aren’t capable of writing interpersonal anything and knowing Kurtzman and co it will most likely be another stupid threat to the universe/multiverse.

Bigger problems = same writers.

From the start of this season I felt like this was Kurtzman’s attempt to fix as many mistakes made by Bryan Fuller as he could and also address fan criticism at the same time. I’m not sure how successful that’s been, at least in terms of canon. I’ll have to think about that some more before I decide.

I’ll add my voice to wanting a Pike Enterprise series. Personally, the writers should be able to write stories in any era they want–from the Eugenics Wars to the 33rd century. The galaxy and Federation are vast and there’s just no way every event is known to everyone else. Everything else is left to the skill of the writers.

Will the Federation be galaxy-wide by that point? Bigger? Or something else entirely?

I agree much of this was a way out of the Fuller version of Star Trek Discovery. I think it was all superbly done, despite some plot holes. If you want really big plot holes, watch TOS. I love them the most, despite it.

A Pike series will be great and they already have a full bridge mock up. I paid special attention to part 2 Enterprise bridge, if they don’t do a new series what a waste of the art departments time

They build and disassemble sets all the time. I’m sure that set is already packed away.

You seem to want a 23rd show and the Pike show would do that, so why are you SO against the idea? And if Discovery really is going into the future and never coming back, the Pike show could be the starship based show to continue on where they left off.

Pike bores me.

OK thats fair. But he does seem to be more popular than Burnham and practically everyone else on Discovery. That says a lot, but everyone will feel differently.

I really love Pike to be honest and I would’ve had no problems with him staying on Discovery full time. We knew that couldn’t happen and now it DEFINITELY couldn’t happen lol. But I would be up for a mini-series. Even a show, but I’m not pining for it like others. I would prefer something new entirely but thats just me.

You do realise that fuller was out before Disco Season one actually got into production? You do realise that fuller´s version of disco was… without a Sporedrive?

And still people are projecting the Mistakes of Aaron, Gretchen and Alex to Brian… What the heck.

I bet fullers Discovery would have been much more true to trek than this mess.

Actually, Fuller wanted the Klingons as you saw them in season 1. I would say that Fuller’s ideas were 95% of what you saw. He wanted the uniforms different. He wanted to break from canon. And yes, HE wanted the spore drive. This was all mentioned a few years ago in an article here at TM.

I wonder what their explanation will be to keep the ship. Will there be no starfleet anymore? I mean, keeping the crew on the Discovery for work – a 23rd century ship in the 33rd century along with current starfleet ships?… – that wouldn’t make any sense. So I kind of suspect Starfleet and the federation will be in BIG trouble. Maybe they go the Andromeda-route to recreate the “Comonwealth” from scratch?

Assuming the Federation or the predecessor it, is around in the 33rd century, how Discovery deals with that interaction could be interesting, if it happens.

I was hoping Control wasn’t dead-dead, I wanted that Borg origin story. I’m still incredibly excited to see this new future, they could create a really spectacular new sci-fi setting and they certainly have the creatives and budget to do it. And at least we are finally in sequel territory instead of prequels, a state we’ve been in for 20 years now. The only problem I see here is the loss of Starfleet, it’s going to be a lonely and potentially bleak place for them. We could be heading deeper into dark-Trek. I guess it’s a good thing they have Jet Reno with a roll of Duct Tape.

I actually thought we were getting that. There were references everywhere in the episode to the borg spore “cube”, “follow the Queen” and more etc

On a shallow note if we see Spock again, please make his sideburns smaller like the ones of TOS and new movies Spock. Those big, massive sideburns just don’t look good with the haircut.

It would have saved tens of millions of CBSAA budget had Star Trek Burnham been set in the future since episode one or sent into the future after a spore drive failure two or three episodes in.

Instead, the producers/writers chose a soft reset to erase two seasons of melodrama and TOS tropes to attract CBSAA subscribers only to have Pike/Spock/Number One/Enterprise displace Star Trek Burnham in the eyes of what seems a majority of fans.

The greatest moments of Star Trek Burnham thus far was when Discovery disappeared into the wormhole never to be spoken of again. Only if that were true.

It seems beyond obvious the sole purpose of placing this series in its original timeframe was to cash in on the established enthusiasm for TOS. In other words, they were piggybacking on someone else’s hard work. It had nothing to do with creativity or storytelling but solely about exploitation.

You may not like what they came up with, or have substantial reservations about what they came up with (I certainly do). But, ‘nothing to do with creativty’? Please.

There is literally nothing creative about Star Trek Burnham storytelling. The ONLY elements that do not directly exploit the creation of others, i.e., Mudd, Spock, Pike, The Enterprise, Mirror Universe, is the tardigrade/spore drive.

Oh, wait…

And it was literally erased that with all of the “classified” nonsense at the end of the S2 finale.

Can’t imagine why.

And speaking of Harry Mudd. Mudd cut a deal with the Klingons to steal the Discovery – and its spore drive – and sell it to the enemy empire. Are we to conveniently forget that? Is Harry Mudd going to conveniently forget that?

Creativity? Please.

I don’t think the word ‘literally’ means what you think it means.

As much as I was looking forward to more 23rd Century stories from Discovery it’s probably for the best that they have a way to tell original stories unrestricted. They tied things up in a very fine way. I wish they’d given us a taste of what’s to come in season 3 because there are so many questions about the 33rd (or whatever) century they went too. Like does the federation even exist? If you look at the Short Trek episode Calipso it wouldn’t seem so (not in a in-story anyway). Will Michael or Suru be captain? With Control out of the way the galaxy should be full of life wright and a different place than Dr. Burnham’s far future? Will they leave the old ship behind in that storm and get a new ship or greatly upgrade her? A thousand year old vessel sounds like an easy target in a very unpredictable galaxy. It does seem like they’ve embraced the anthology model for this show which could be quite fresh. The problem with anthologies though are that sometimes the new story simple isn’t as compelling as old one. We shall see.


Between this, and social media postings from Toronto showing preproduction is starting this week, it seems like we have a tiny window as fans to let Kurtzman and the rest of the Discovery PTB hear some of our wishes for season 3.

Yes, many of these things are already captured in reviews and comments on the finale, but I bet we all have a wish list of things we’d like to see.

So, here’s a start on my TG47 wishlist…


– Engine Room with warp core — Discovery desperately real engine room and Jett Reno needs her own space to command. Writers room please make it so. Please stop writing around the problem, because if you don’t write it, they won’t build it.

— labs — for a science vessel, we don’t see much labspace other than Stamets spore drive engineering annex.

– Shuttle — we didn’t see any of the shuttles make it back to Discovery. As on Voyager, there’s an opportunity to build something a bit different to suit the new environment.


Kurtzman says that since they’ve gone all the way to bring the crew 950 years forward with Burnham, there will be more exploration of the ensemble.

For me, a real commitment to the ensemble with episodes that feature each of the bridge crew in turn would be welcome. There were entire episodes in the 90s series in which the notional ‘star’ captain did not appear in more than a brief group scene or two.

It sounds like all of the principal cast would welcome the occasional episode where they only have to be on set a day or two.

Somehow I believe that the never seem CMO and Chief Engineer are dead or did not stay with the ship…perhaps those who whose to stay had fewer ties to hold them to that time.

Jett Reno is already a commander – she has the rank to be Chief Engineer, and the creativity to adapt.

Nhan: hope she’s alive, if authentically severely injured by the fight with Leland. She is expressing a bit of a different temperament than the other Discovery characters.

The doctors – I’d like to see the acerbic Dr. Pollard as CMO. She seems to be able to manage the team. And she has a McCoy edge that really works in that role.

Culber – – still adapting to a new body, needs to manage himself first. More, he seems like the medical researcher of the two. He would be the better choice as a physician on an away team.

Tilly — please, please bring back the smart promising young officer from the middle of season 2.

I can’t believe that TrekMovie spoiled season 3’s defining scene, where Burnham hits someone with a sandwich.

And there will be absolutely no problem with 23rd century tech looking almost the same as 33rd century tech, right? They are going to create the “TOS tech vs Discovery tech” problem (visual canon reboot: same period – different tech, envisioned 50 years apart (1966 vs 2017)), just from the other way round (two vastly different periods – similar tech, envisioned in present day – which is even worse than the first one IMO, because the first one can be at least explained by visual reboot) Couldn’t they just go post-Nemesis?

I feel awful for saying this:
Does anyone actually think we humans will survive to the 33rd Century?
Sometimes I wonder if we will survive the 21st…!

I do think that we’ll survive. Whether we’ll have developed a sustainable technological civilization or be in recovery from another dark age is another question…

Humans have a chance of surviving the 21st century. Their status, though is the key because I have severe doubts civilization will survive what climate change, overpopulation and the Anthropocene extinction are bringing down the pike (no pun intended).

It’s really scary when you think what’s happening to this planet with overpopulation, poverty and, yes climate change.
Hopefully the intelligent people of this world will come up with solutions that will start to improve things.

Another thing is how fast the world is changing.
It’s exciting to think what the world would be like in 2119 if hopefully humanity makes good decisions and comes up with solutions that help mitigate or solve current problems we have now and in the coming decades.

Most of the world is stabilizing its population. The solution there is to make family planning, health care, and education available to everybody. That helps develop economies and stabilizes population growth.

Developing an economy and civilization that runs on sustainable, non-carbon polluting energy sources is the other key to a sustainable future. The oil and coal lobbies don’t want that happening, which is a major problem to overcome, as well as the very steep technological challenges.

Overpopulation is a myth – we have more than enough resources on Earth to provide for everyone (actually, we are currently producing enough food to feed between 10 and 17 billion people annually, but throw nearly 50% of produce away, and have 6.5x as many homes as there are homeless people in the USA, in EU, there’s 3x empty homes as there are homeless people). Furthermore, our current methods of production are unsustainable and have piled up all that trash in the oceans and landfills without actually recycling any of it (but it doesn’t have to be like this). This is because the current methods are based on OUTDATED methods which are based around cost efficiency and profits (not technical efficiency and environmental well-being). We can drop our environmental footprint easily by a factor of 10 by using fully automated vertical farming systems that use hydroponics and aeroponics (and not eat any animal products- in short, we don’t need them to survive or thrive- peer review medical data confirms this). Did you know that over 70 billion land animals (which require enormous amount of land, water and resources to breed/rear) are killed for (needless) human consumption… a number which rises to well over a TRILLION when you factor in marine life (which is measured by the tonnes and is on its last legs due to overfishing)? Incidentally, animal agriculture is the second highest cause of high amounts of Methane and CO2 (methane being more dangerous than CO2 as its shoert term, but traps heat incredibly efficiently). We can also harvest ALL of the trash on landfills and oceans, convert it into base elements and return it to the Earth in most usable forms to repair the damage we caused. We can keep roughly 10% of all that trash for our own uses if we wish, but what we have in existing cities or circulation is more than enough already (just look at the abandoned buildings and ruins in existing cities – plus, existing cities need to be redesigned from the ground up… raze most of them, break them down into base elements and construct entire new ‘smart’ cities that were intelligently designed to adapt and change over time – so we can just use what we have, break it down, and recombine it into other types of matter – yes, this has been more than doable for decades). Technical efficiency allows us to do more with less. Science already came up with thousands of synthetic derivatives that can replace ‘scarce’ materials decades ago. We can create technology, tools, goods and services using superior synthetic materials that can be made in sustainable abundance with minimal impact to the planet. The main reason we don’t use these things are ‘cost efficiency’ and ‘profits’. Money does NOT represent physical resources, nor our technical and scientific ability to make something in sustainable abundance for everyone, with minimal damage to the environment in the shortest time frame possible. Maglev trains existed since the 1960-ies. It was already possible to create a mass vacummed maglev trains global transit system which would achieve speeds of 2000 miles per hour in 1974 (it would take a decade to make it if there was a concentrated global effort). Also in 1974, NASA held a summit where students were tasked to come up with concepts for massive orbital habitats that could hold between 10 000 and 100 000 people. They came up with fully-self sustaining stations based on Bernal sphere and O’Neil cylinder… using technology, science and materials available in 1974, and could have been constructed for 1 third of what the USA military was getting annually. I detest Scifi that projects humanity only being space capable hundreds of years into the future when it was doable DECADES ago – just imagine what we could have accomplished had we made all of this back then. Seriously, I wish people would stop thinking that our current population numbers are the problem. This is such an erroneous statement that its not even funny. Even if you get rid of 90% of all Humans on Earth tomorrow, without changing the actual socio-economic system we use, it would result in that remaining 10% now thinking there’s more than enough to go around, and pollution could INCREASE (because you never changed the environment, human behavior would remain the same and human behavior stems from ENVIRONMENT). Look at the USA… it has about 4.5 times lower population than China, at yet its emissions are only HALF of that of China. Incidentally, its the rich people who cause the most emissions and pollution. Population is not the issue here… its how the population USES the resources and creates new things that’s what matters… and of course you will come up with planetary limits if you use ‘indefinite… Read more »

Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Climate change is the biggest issue we face as a species on this planet. Climate change is worse than a nuclear war. If we don’t stop climate change, humanity is doomed to extinction. We won’t survive the 21st century without slowing down climate change. Our survival is at stake. At risk for doom.

A nuclear war would cause massive climate change Professor!!

True, we don’t need WW3. Human greed and stupidity will doom us all soon enough. I think it’s already too late for us. Maybe the AI’s will have better luck.

The problem with climate change is: it cannot be stopped or slowed anymore by embracing trees. There are basically two factions out there: those skeptics denying the very existence of climate change and those who believe it can be countermended by going green. BOTH factions are wrong! Climate change is a fact, but stopping it basically comes down to taking control of the planet entirely. We need man-made Risa-style weather control, climate engineering ASAP. Humanity and nature as we know it are not compatible. Nature must be improved. Embracing trees is futile.

Honestly if your serious then I’m not in agreement.
‘Weather’ is very complicated. Weather forecasters can’t even predict with anymore than 50% certainty what can happen more than a few days ahead.
Controlling the weather is both science fiction and even if somehow possible it could be dangerous.

That depends on how quickly we get off this rock. With space travel being significantly cheaper now than even a decade ago we have the technology and opportunity now for intra-solar habitation – we just need a reason/incentive to send people. Personally, I think mining the asteroid belt will be what gets us up there initially.

If we don’t do this, you are correct – we are not likely to make it to the 23rd century, yet alone the 33rd.

Ekras we are going to Mars in 2030. So in 10 years.

That’s going to be a horror show.

While I’m all for a Mars mission, reigning-in our worst impulses and creating a sustainable civilization on Earth would be more feasible than Mars colonization by many orders of magnitude. It’s just not a viable solution to long-term human survival.

You’ve ditilled Star Trek’s optimism. That’s exactly it: a show that says humanity has a long-term successful future.

After directing TWOK, Nick Meyer was given to say on many occasions that far from surviving into the 23rd century he didn’t think we’d make it into the 21st. We’re still here.

More shows? With Pike and Picard I say bring it on. Will assess others as and when they air. Please though, sort out the story pacing, structure and scripts. Far too many blink and you miss it tenious technobabble and MacGuffin moments at present. Some epidodes felt like something you had to study to understand, rather than be entertained by.

Kirk isn’t Spock’s opposite — McCoy is his opposite. Kirk is the synthesis between them.

While it does feel as if the end of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery was done mainly for the sake of pandering to haters by removing the ship and its crew from their initial place in canon, I am curious to see what they remnants of the Federation they will find 950 years later.

Surely their first destination will be Earth.

Hopefully the 32nd Century Discovery finds itself in will be better than the 31st Century Archer briefly visited. Who knows, maybe they’ll run into Daniels (“Shockwave”).

If Discovery visits the Delta Quadrant, they might run into the Doctor (“Living Witness”)

Wait, wasn’t it hinted from the very beginning that Discovery will eventually end up in the future? If they listened to “TEH HATERS” they would have worked on other issues…

The final 5 minutes of the last episode looked like a “How to set up a spin-off 101”.

And I loved it! I really hope it happens!

Looked to me that they were just saying goodbye to Pike and the Enterprise.

Absolutely agree. I don’t care about Discovery Sonequa, Michele Yeo Section 31 or Picard’s new series. I want Pike, Spock Number One.

We humans will not survive the 21st century if we don’t stop climate change. Let’s stop using fossil fuels like coal and gasoline to reduce carbon emissions. Sustainable renewable energy with zero carbon emissions is the answer. We have a long way to go but we can do it. Climate change is a serious problem that must be overcome. Better for the environment and less pollution.

ST should really retcon climate change (in place of WWIII) as the thing that almost wiped us out in the 21st century prior to 2063. They could even do it silently and without explanation, just like the EW has been mostly retconned out of existence with the passage of time.

They could also retcon the Prime Directive to establish industrialism (not warp drive) as the thing that prompts Federation or its members to initiate first contact with less developed worlds. If you already knew that less than 1/100 civilizations were likely to survive industrialism on their own to the point of accomplishing interstellar travel (as states a VERY relevant hypothesis as to why there seems to not be other life out there across the distances of time and space), then such a proactive policy for establishing first contact sooner and exchanging environmental technologies would make sense.

Not going to be enough.
We need to transition away from Capitalism (infinite growth on a finite planet paradigm).
Its Capitalism that’s caused the problem and we cannot use it to solve it (you cannot have a ‘sustainable Capitalism’ – that just doesn’t exist).

We need to transition into a resource based economy as proposed by the Venus Project.

As for climate change… if we unleashed all of our science, technology and automation onto it, we could reverse it in 10 years or less – incidentally this time frame would be enough to transition away into a new socio-economic system like RBE.

Capitalism isn’t the problem and it didn’t cause anything. The only thing that capitalism lacks is a clear direction of interests. If you plant the ultimate goal of transforming the planet into capitalism, every company that truly wants to succeed, needs to work on terraforming, climate engineering and every stock investor will (have to) back that…

“Resource based economy” sounds a lot like medieval barter trade to me. And socialism didn’t work out at all. There is no going back or going left. And the right also failed. Time to go forward…into the future!

There is no need to abolish capitalism. It only needs to be reset and directed at the right destination, a new world order included. But as long as the lefties tend to blame capitalism for everything, the cannot see that path…

Sigh… you are just repeating outdated mantra with 0 basis in reality.
Check the science… its clear that cyclical consumption, mismanagement of resources and artificially induced scarcity (all resulting from Capitalism) are causing the problems we face with.

As for RBE being ‘medieval barter trade’… it is clear you know nothing about it, so I would suggest you educate yourself on the subject matter (also, it has nothing to do with exchange/barter, servitude, socialism or even communism for that matter).

Oh and for socialism to not work, you really need to be blind to what’s happening in Europe where things such as universal healthcare (for example) exist.

Capitalism is not an answer.
It is an outdated piece of garbage that has 0 use in the 21st century… actually, it ceased being of use in the early 20th century.
And as long as Capitalism exists, you won’t solve ANY world issues… you will simply be (as usual) focusing on patchwork as opposed to focusing on the core problem (the system itself).

I am fascinated how people like you almost never question the system as the possible cause in the first place (and of course make an erroneous assumption that anything else won’t possibly work).

“Sustainable renewable energy with zero carbon emissions is the answer.”

Nope, clearing the atmosphere artificially, directly influencing and eventually controlling the climate itself… THAT is the answer. Terraforming turning deserts into the garden of Eden.
Human lifestyle is incompatible with an untamed nature. But we do have the intellect ad ressources to transform and upgrade the planet to our standards. And THAT needs to be done.

Greta Thunberg says we should act as if our house was burning. I say, let the house burn down and build a better one. Just don’t use protomatter for what it’s worth…

Professor Spock, “We humans will not survive the 21st century if we don’t stop climate change.”

Humans will certainly survive. Humans already survived the last Ice Age, which was a far more severe change of the global climate than anything they’re talking about happening in the next century.

Civilization, on the other hand…

I want the Pike show so much more than anything else!

This tiny man will never learn. What a stupid, bad written series. Only the finale is decent, no terrible characters to spoil Star Trek “universe”. The trash will continue leaded by michael burnman. Who cares about this crap ?

Hey this show is not so bad but you said that.

Considering I had game night with my friends and all they could talk about was the finale and how much they want Season 3 now, I think this show is just, not for you. That’s okay, not everything Star Trek will be for you, this is okay. No need to be entitled.

The end of the episode showed a series that will not exist. Like the first season, he used characters from the original series as a crutch to support himself. They made this conclusion (showing Spock and Pike at the “Enterprise”) to please fans of Star Trek, but the reality is that now it will be just Discovery, with the same annoying characters, 950 years in the future. Be my guest. I´m not here to judge other people´s opinions, I´m refering to this series.

It would be a real shame if L’Rell was not in the next season. She’s my favorite character of the series, and Mary Chieffo is arguably one of the biggest Discovery advocates. The moments she had in this season were excellent.

My guess is she will guest star in the new Section 31 show.

Ash is still on the show.

“Ash is still on the show.”


Martin-Greene confirmed it on The Ready Room Ash and all the characters who stayed behind in the 23rd century are officially no longer on the show. Their stories are completely done as far as Discovery is concerned at least.

My guess is he and Mary Chieffo may pop up again on the Section 31 show in a few years but we won’t see them on Discovery anymore. I’m generally going to miss a lot of them (but excited about all the new characters we will probably get in the 33rd century). It would’ve been nice to get one more episode with Mudd too but I guess that’s what the Short Trek was for.

You really believe that?

Uh yeah. Why wouldn’t I? Since the show is now in a different setting and there is no reason to lie about it. You are in for a world of hurt man lol. This seems to be tearing you up inside to be in so much denial over the (now) obvious.

I guess there’s potential for some to get franchise contracts similar to what’s been done on The Walking Dead and the Arrowverse. Obviously we have the Section 31 show coming up, there may be opportunities for voice work in Lower Decks, some characters like Spock, Sarek and Amanda will be candidates for flashback scenes in Season 3 of Discovery and there’s still a possibility we get a Pike show too.

I think they will run into a Federation that has become lazy. Starfleet is run by drones and militant androids or something. I’m sure the Federation will be but an abstract of it’s formal self.

But this setting is only 100 years or so after the “Temporal Cold War” setting on Enterprise isn’t it? Seems like a drastic change.

Uggg. Time travel. Again. Why write compelling stories when you can simply travel in time and undo everything you might have screwed up yesterday? It’s so convenient.

Because Time Travel stories are the best.

Discovery apparently happens because of time travel…

It was already an altered timeline when Burnham’s mother went back in time and saved Michael from being killed on Vulcan. Originally, Michael was supposed to die when she ran away.

So either the entire series is in another timeline, or the show runners are saying that Michael’s mother created the prime Star Trek universe by saving her daughter from death.

We’ve known its a time travel story since like episode 5. Are you surprised now?

What surprises me are all the cries about canon if the show and main protagonist is the result of temporal interference.

So is Discovery taking place in an altered timeline, separate from the prime timeline, or did Burnham and her Mom create the prime timeline where the sacred canon resides?

Chronologically speaking Star Trek Enterprise is the first Star Trek show and interference in the timeline was a central premise of the show so that ship has well and truly sailed.

The Prime timeline has many temporal changes — there were a few in TOS, a big one in TAS where Spock goes back in time to save his childhood self, the Voyage Home..and more than a few in every other series.

The Bureau of Temporal Investigations first shown in DS9, was mandated to protect the timeline. They viewed Kirk as a principal problem in muddying the continuity of the Prime timeline.

Given this, why would anyone find it an obstacle to know or have revealed that other people, including Michael’s mother, had jagged the Prime timeline at various points.

The whole point of lying about where Discovery went was not about the time travel. It was so no one could get their hands on the sphere data. It could be exploited by anyone. Saying that Discovery was destroyed and not mentioning anything about Michael (or her mother) being able to time travel allows it so that no one could hypothesize that the Discovery could be hidden somewhere in time instead of being destroyed.

Unless that messes up the entire timeline and undoes majority of history.
Trek canon is actually FILLED with time travel and a lot of changes happening as a result of it.
Discovery using it like this to remove itself from the 23rd century is not a bad move.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if CBS crunches some numbers on a Pike series. They’ll have to see how S2 of Discovery actually did/does in streaming & disc/download sales to make a full assessment, as in our little bubble, a few thousand fans saying “Pike Series Now!” sounds like a few million.

I hope they meet the backup hologram doctor who was lost in when voyager was named a warship as he left that planet at least 750-900 years after voyager so that’s around about the time they are in now as he was on his journey home that would be a great nostalgic nod.

“Last night Star Trek: Discovery delivered on the promised game-changing second season finale.”
Did it really, tho?


So when do the new Short Treks start? Next month?

If someone had asked me, back in late 2015, when the newly-announced, and then-unnamed, Trek serious ought to be set, I would have said it should be “Star Trek: the Third Generation” (OK, “fourth gen, I guess”) set after Nemesis. And that is still the route I would have preferred they had taken.

While I’m open to seeing what they come up with, I’m not thrilled about moving DISCO to the future. It was supposed to be about the time before TOS, and this move undermines those of us who invested in that idea. It robs us of the chance to explore these characters’ relationships with anyone other than each other. Their relatives are gone. What would TOS have been without Spock and Sarek, or TNG without Robert Picard, or DS9 without Joseph Sisko? (The answer, sadly, is “Voyager.”)

I get that one of the few time travel memes Trek has never really explored is about a ship travelling to the future — there was Archer (for a couple of scenes in “Shockwave,”) and that’s about it, except for TNG “Cause and Effect.” And I admit that seeing how Capt. Fraisier would have dealt with being a “time-displaced person” might be interesting.

Still, Season 2 of Discovery was, on the whole, excellent — but I would just as soon see them pick up with a Pike series and wrap Discovery than “reboot” it yet again. Leave some mystery as to what happened to the Discovery.

Kurtzman’s excuse for moving Discovery so far into the future is puzzling. He says they have problems with running into canon, and uses the Kelvinverse as an example of how they were able to get their creative freedom.

Discovery basically establishes that it is also in an alternate timeline where Michael was saved from death as a child by her time traveling mother. So why don’t they have the same creative freedom with this altered timeline?

It seems to me that the decision to move the show so far ahead in time, from an altered timeline, for more creative freedom, is saying that they don’t really want to be making a Star Trek show at all.

Maybe they are using Discovery to try and resurrect the old Andromeda tv show with Star Trek characters and props. They will travel into the future and find that the federation no longer exists and will use their antiquated ship to try and rebuild it.

They will only be in the future for one season.


I’m right. Just wait.

No, you’re wrong. The fact you are the only one with this weird belief here pretty much proves it lol.

A lot of people on Reddit says different.

I’m not happy about the concept of the show being changed, but I am pretty sure they are permanently sending the crew, with the exception of Georgiou, to the 33rd century. Pike, Spock, and Number One all lied to Star Fleet and it would be the end of their careers to have Michael and company show up after being declared dead.

But you may be right, the show may only last for one more season after such a major change to its entire concept. That will depend on how many end up liking it. And with all the incoherent course corrections this show keeps taking because of the revolving door of writers and show runners, I’m not really sure I can continue to stick with it.

“Discovery basically establishes that it is also in an alternate timeline where Michael was saved from death as a child by her time traveling mother.”

Nope, this establishes that Spock always knew Michael as his foster-sister. Dr. Burnham saving her as a child is what happened in the Prime universe we always knew. This isn’t hard to follow, every even that ‘happened’ in the story is all part of the story, Michael dying was not something that happened because it was prevented from happening.

I thought it did actually happen and that is why Dr. Burnham appeared to young Spock and showed him Michael’s death so he could prevent it. “If Memory Serves” is the episode. It did happen and she prevented it from happening, creating a different outcome and timeline. How else could she show Spock how it happened, if it never happened to begin with? She tampered with time to save Michael.

I assume it always was another reality too regardless what they say.
Besides, how can michael&co know they went to the future of the prime reality and they didn’t do what Spock prime did in the kelvin movies, thus appeared into another reality instead? It all seems inconsistent and simplicistic naive.

DIS should’ve just been a reboot on day one and they could’ve kept it in the 23rd century and gave Spock three sisters if they wanted.

I figure that the first enemies that Discovery and her crew will have to deal with are the V’Draysh, from the Short Trek episode “Calypso”.

So after years of waiting for a new Trek show set after Voyager and the TNG movies this is what we get? A show with this terrible group of characters operating out of Starfleet? What a mess

Not predictions, just a few things I hope we’ll see in season 3.

The Federation and Starfleet still exist and they’ve advanced even further beyond what we saw of Braxton’s and Daniels’ eras.

The Borg have been defeated and freed, or have somehow been brought into the Federation. (More extreme and surprising than when we first saw Worf as a TNG Enterprise officer.)

The Discovery ship and crew are considered relics and there really isn’t a place for them in that era’s Starfleet, but they prove their mettle in battle against some menace and win some kind of official status in the 33rd century (along with a heap of upgrades).

Tilly becomes fatter. They need a fat character along with all the other diversities they’ve added to this series. (No, I’m not kidding and don’t mean this disparagingly at all.)

Not spoil EVERYTHING, but how about a few mentions of what happened to characters we know and love from the 23rd century, reading over the characters shoulders (so to speak) as they look up records in Starfleet’s 33rd century database.

“The Federation and Starfleet still exist and they’ve advanced even further beyond what we saw of Braxton’s and Daniels’ eras.”

I think we’re more likely to see a lawless war torn federation remnant that is going to be rebuilt.

“I think we’re more likely to see a lawless war torn federation remnant that is going to be rebuilt.”

The show is called Andromeda. Another Roddenberry creation.

Yup, that’s what we’ll be basically getting. The Discovery Ascendant, restoring the Commonwealth…erm…Federation, only this time within 13 episodes not three seasons :-)

discovery will be on 24th century, NOT on 33rd. just 20-30 years after “next generation”… that will be PERFECT!

Bring Kevin Sorbo as a guest star :D

YAS! Captain Pike/Enterprise show! That has me incredibly stoked!!!!

I know some people don’t want it for whatever reason, but I so do. In fact, I thought about a Captain Pike show back in the 90s, even though there were so many on back then. Speaking of which, is this the start of a new Trek resurgence like the 90s? I hope so. I know there are a lot of Disco haters and I agree it has a lot of issues, but all of this has me really, really excited.

A Picard show. A Disco show in the far future. A Pike/Enterprise show. I don’t care for the Section 31 show, but I’ll still watch it. And more animated Trek coming! This is awesome.

The fact that Disco is now in the far future makes it MUCH more interesting to me. I hope they keep their same props like the phasers and communicators. SO stoked.

I hope they keep their same props like the phasers and communicators. SO stoked.

Um, why? If you transported some medieval warrior to the present day, would he stand a chance in combat with a sword and a ram’s horn for communication equipment? The longbow hadn’t even been invented then.

Because they look cool. Perhaps with future tech and the sphere data the Disco crew could enhance the phasers to be equal to the future bad guys, but keep the same housing.

You must ask yourself Alex, why us Star Trek fans want a Captain Pike series. Yes it is because Captain Pike is the only thing memorable on the second season of Discovery, but also the character of Michael Burnham would most assuredly not be on it. You know Anson Mount will never do it, but it says alot.

I’d like a Pike series, and Michael Burnham has nothing to do with my reasons. She’s an intriguing character.

I would love to see enterprise and captain pike series also section 31 i love michelle yeoh even as a rough georgiou couldnt get enough of her !!!! Keep star trek going ive missed it

Good God they have made a soap opera Star Trek with Discovery yet again, and its getting worse. They will probably end up ruining it completely like they did Enterprise with a screwed up ending that nobody could understand! I don’t know how much longer I can watch this? There’s just a different breed of young wierd people watching this crap!

Don’t watch it if you don’t like it Gary

Who knew being in my mid thirties was “young weird people” age. Heck, my MIL counts Discovery as one of her favorite Treks and she’s been watching since the 60s when her father introduced her. She’d love it if she was one of the “young weird people”.

I still find it amusing. When Discovery first started, many fans were against another pre-Kirk series. Now that they’ve gotten a taste of this new take on the Enterprise under Captain Pike, people want more. So fascinating.

Pike is their safe place

No, it’s just that Pike actually feels like an actual Star Trek character, unlike most of the characters on Discovery. So the allure of a Pike series is the allure of somebody actually making STAR TREK again, as opposed to whatever this mess called Discovery is.

Pike is a coherent character…

I’ve argued elsewhere that the writing team did better when they had existing characters that imposed boundaries and limits that the writing had to respect.

Burnham was intended to start as a very controlled Vulcan raised human who over the course of the show discovers how to deal with her own emotions and human relationships, and through that become a successful and charismatic leader.

Instead, she’s been all over the map, and hasn’t developed into the kind of leader most would follow.

Her lack of relatability or recognizability as a leader has nothing to do with gender or colour, or even the talent and skill of SMG.

It’s the writing…

And I felt much the same way about Jonathan Archer — except in that case the situation was made worse by a very poor casting fit. Baluka was used to playing the man-on-his-own star of Quantum Leap and never was credible as a leader of a ship.

SMG by contrast is by all accounts a great and successful leader of the acting company, but the character has not been written to be one that people follow.

That is, I can see the cast following SMG into the wormhole, but I can only see duty and bonding as a crew keeping the characters on the ship going forward through time.

TPTB can keep telling us that Burnham has become a leader that people will follow through fire, but it’s not resonating because the writing hasn’t shown that evolution.