Get A Look At Sir Patrick Stewart As Jean-Luc Picard In ‘Star Trek: Picard’

The forthcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek of Star Trek: Picard. Folks at San Diego Comic-Con have been able to get their hands on it, and it will be released to the general public later this week. For now, we have quick pictures snapped from the convention floor thanks to social media.

In the image, an aged Picard with a walking cane and his faithful canine companion (who was first seen in promotional art released last week), are posed in the Picard family vineyards.

Photo of EW Bonus issue handed out at SDCC 2019

The section for Star Trek: Picard also includes two quotes from the producers.

Alex Kurtzman, who oversees CBS Star Trek, said:

There are many things that haunt Picard, but you will not see a version that betrays the man we loved from ‘Next Generation.’

Picard showrunner Michael Chabon spoke effusively about Sir Patrick himself:

The quality of Patrick’s acting has gotten even better. He can hold you riveted even when he’s just sitting and listening.

We’re sure to learn more on Saturday during the big CBS Star Trek Universe panel at Comic-Con. Keep checking TrekMovie for more.

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I can see it now….Picard (in retirement) owns a chain of sewing machine repair stores.

The name of the chain?


(runs and hides)

Ok… I laughed way harder at this than I should have!

Thanks, Dr B! :>)

for weddings he has a store chain called, “Engage”

He has a line of urinals called “Number One”

Stop it, you’re all killin’ me.

Stewart was always riveting. I’m not sure how I feel about Chabon making that statement.

Nothing but complimentary. Surely even the greatest actors constantly strive to improve.

In Chabon’s opinion a great actor got even better. I’m not sure why you should feel one way or another about him making that statement.

You shouldn’t feel a thing. This is presa release statements 101.

Given that Picard saw his alternate future in AGT (where he had a vineyard) and that Riker commented at the poker game that it was good Picard told them all about the “future” so that they could avoid things, I wonder why Picard chose to have a vineyard in this version of the future.

I suppose the voiceover in the teaser hints at this as well – but the vineyard wasn’t Picard’s only option.

He could have gone and worked on Atlantis with his friend Lewis (I think that was his name – the guy from “family”?). Or he could have become an archaeologist or an off-road dune buggy racer something. I just think all this vineyard imagery is nostalgia mining to an extent – but then again I’ve not seen any content from the series yet so for all I know it could be integral to the story, I don’t know.

Because Picard has always been shown as being conscious of his family history (“we’ve been in Europe since Charlemagne”), and if something happened to make him quit Starfleet, it’s entirely in character for him to return to La Barre. As you yourself acknowledge, we say just this in “All Good Things” and it was in keeping with the character then, as now.

“Because Picard has always been shown as being conscious of his family history (“we’ve been in Europe since Charlemagne”)”

Seems Picard is a nativist and not a globalist after all ;-)

Of course there is a big irony in the current showrunners out of all people, for all the choices they had to go with this, pushing the homeland angle for Picard and this series, given that this concept means nothing to them in other contexts. Or is the point of this to show “Picard in Darkness” the light again? Four lights to be exact :P

Picard isn’t a globalist; He’s a galaxyist. :p

Which part of “United Earth Space Ship,” not to mention Picard’s well-established contempt for all forms of nativism and tribalism, did you not understand?

When someone has a trauma or what they perceive as a personal failure, returning to home ground and their ‘safe space’ from early life is an expected response.

Not to mention that working with earth, plants and animals is an established therapeutic approach.

e.g. Riding a horse on a holodeck is not a two-way connection with a living being…

Not a nativIST, a nativE.
“Nativist” is a newspeak word used by neocolonialist land thieves in order to delegitimize the rightful claim of original inhabitants.

And really, it should’ve been obvious from Star Trek: Insurrection. The very message of that movie is “the ones who came first are the ones who matter” :P

Fair points. I always thought Picard reconciled his family issues in “Generations” when he discusses his brother’s death with Troi – he seemed to move past the fact that “there’ll be no more Picards”. That’s how I interpreted it at least – but I’m curious to see what his motivation is for actually retiring (even Kirk cautioned him not to) and following similar future history to the one Q showed him. We’ll find out in time I guess – “all good things” come to those who wait (that’s the wrong saying I think…!)

Even if Picard has made different choices, and is physically and mentally well, his return to his family vineyard may be a persistent event across many timelines.

Trek has been buying into the multiple universes theories where there are some fixed points (i.e. time crystals) that exist in all timelines, and some events that happen across almost all timelines.

In Discovery, it was Control’s eradication of sentient biological life. In the Relaunch novels by Kirsten Beyer, it was Janeway being killed off and staying dead in every timeline except where the Q interfered.

Practically, I expect the writers took the starting point of where he was in All Good Things and posed the questions: ‘What else would put Picard in that vineyard?’ And ‘Where else would he go from there?’

Really great promotion for DSC at SDCC. Three years into marketing and they continue to go all out, proof that it’s doing well.

Just think about this people, just a YEAR ago at this time we were all here debating if the Picard show was anything more than a rumor since that’s all it was then. And now we are already getting our first images of the show, less than a year from when it was announced, which was only a few weeks from last August.

I really hope this show takes off and people accept it. I never even personally cared if we saw anyone from TNG ever again, I just wanted a post Nemesis show back in the 24th century. But to have this feels amazing. And it may get us a more traditional Trek show in this period down the line if Picard is really out of Starfleet for good.

As usual, it seems that the two of us are on the same page Tiger2.

Did you notice that the text says that it’s ‘about 18 year’s after the destruction of Romulus.

Which would be about 2387 + 18 = 2405.

I believe that you have your wish to see the 25th century fulfilled.

Get a room…😘

LOL yes I thought that was odd as well? But they are saying its in 2399. Obviously its not a typo, they are all well aware of the discrepancy. I always said the 2399 thing is probably more for symbolic reasons of leaving one era and starting another.

But yes its basically the 25th century as the show will go for several seasons (if its successful enough but who are we kidding its on All Access. If half a million people watch a show on that platform it gets renewed lol. I mean they would REALLY have to screw it up for this to get less people to watch it than Discovery.).

I’m just happy we are finally back in the era I love and excited to see where it all goes. I was sooooooooo tired of boring prequels. :(

Gotta love an English Staffie, got two of them myself

The dog is Q in disguise!

Ep 1 – Picard scolds his dog for digging up some vines. Ep 2 – Picard takes his dog to the park and yells at the children for being too loud. Ep 3 – Picard knits his dog a new sweater vest. Ep 4 …

Ep 4 – and THEN ‘Q’ transforms from the dog into his usual form, nearly giving Picard a heart attack in the process, as highjinx ensue….

The writing in the article confirms Picard’s doomed rescue mission was to Romulus.

Wow! Look another picture from the vineyard to go with the trailer about the vineyard, the teaser from the vineyard and the poster from the vineyard!

Pretty amazing, huh? And people are eating it up like it’s the most amazing new revelation–hey, look, he’s got a dog in a vineyard! (sigh)

I’m just looking forward to eventually seeing what kinda ship he ends up in. Will it be a Starfleet ship for a sanctioned mission?….or will it be some kind of ‘firefly’ rustbucket for some random adventures?….that’s the question. I mean, he’s gonna end up on a ship at some point, surely? With or without the dog, is another question.

How do you know he will be on a ship? He could be working at Star Fleet Command or maybe on that project to raise the ocean floor which was discussed the first time we saw Picard in the vineyard.

@ ericbl – just pure supposition on my part, but I’m hopeful that he’s not just Earth-based in this.

Edit – seems that he’s headed back To space after all, according to the later article.

I’d love to see that big dog pacing down the passageway of a starship. Or even a “rustbucket” like Serenity! Oh, and Picard, too ;^)

I hope the dog talks. Dogs will talk in the future.

Advancements in the universal translator I should think.

Who wouldn’t want a talking dog?

“Someone’s outside Someone’s outside Someone’s outside They’re at the door they’re at the door they’re at the door they’re at the door”

“Bacon! Bacon! Oooooooh chicken! Oh, mann hot dogs! Cheese! I wuv youuuu”


I wonder how much nudity there will be in this show. Given Patrick Stewart has some level of creative input on it and how he likes to have female nudity in a project I would expect we will have all sorts of Ensigns and Yeomans have their tops fall down unexpectedly where Picard can see it all.

The crew members immediately cover themselves but it’s too late. We’ve already seen it all.

Brilliant sir, the day is yours!!!

Ha! That bit was hysterical –

A Picard full frontal is necessary for the fans. Fans love Number One.

Gotta tell ya, I really enjoyed Sir Patrick’s look in “Chains of Command” … well except for the bruises of torture

He likes to have female nudity …? Examples? Perhaps I haven’t seen these projects.

“Wines… the final frontier. These are the vines of the Picard Vineyard. His yearly mission: to produce delicious fine wines. To seek out fresh, juicy grapes. To boldly drink like no man has drunk before.”

Hey, buddy, this is the Next Generation you’re talking about here. It’s To boldly drink like no one has drunk before.

“… and age those grapes to perfection.”

Wonder why he needs a cane when medical tech is so good :-p

Why did Pike in ST 2009?

Also it could simply be a walking stick, handy for fending off grape snakes

….and he can always use it to play ‘fetch’ with his dog.

Yeah shouldn’t he have robot legs?