The All Access Star Trek Podcast Makes Much Ado About ‘Lower Decks,’ Wil Wheaton, And The Dog

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 7

This week, Tony and Laurie talk about Tony’s recent interview with Wil Wheaton (and share an audio clip), preview the panels at NY Comic Con, and chat about the new official Star Trek podcast, the latest update on the not-happening-yet Star Trek movie, and CBS AA’s upcoming rebrand as Paramount+. Then they review the newest Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “Much Ado About Boimler.”

Links to topics discussed in the pod


New York Comic Con – Star Trek panels and schedule

The official Star Trek podcast: episode 1 with Ben Stiller

Wil Wheaton interview

CBS AA rebranding as Paramount+

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ S3 Theory: An Episode Of ‘Voyager’ Is The Origin Of “The Burn”

Star Trek movie update: Noah Hawley

Other mentions:

The Zabrak

Star Trek: Enterprise‘s “Vox Sola

Bo Yeon Kim’s drawing of what Saru was going to look like with “8 to 10” eyes

Production’s makeup test of multi-eyed Saru

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “The Most Toys

Melllvar from Futurama 

Maurice LaMarche

Metaverse Lower Decks panel with Mike McMahan, Barry J. Kelly, M. Willis, and Marisa Livingston

Paula M. Block on Twitter


Laurie: She-Ra: Progressive of Power podcast interview with Lower Decks writer M. Willis


Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments.

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The picture of the TOS and TNG casts and Gene Roddenberry at the building dedication is cool, but where is LeVar Burton? Was he off filming Reading Rainbow?

Another interesting podcast.

I’m really enjoying the mix of content: episode review, news, cross-links.

Glad you are enjoying it! Anything you’d like to hear that we’re not doing, or anything we need to do less of? (Can you tell we’re hungry for feedback?)

The only thing that I might have liked would to have heard a few more clips from the interview with Wil Wheaton.

It was nice to have the article about the interview available earlier, but it’s also nice to hear the audio clips.

Thanks! We’ll keep that in mind. We might do a supplemental episode with the Wil Wheaton interview that’s just that.

I second that. I was hoping to hear more from Wil. And it would be great if you guys did some more mini-interviews like that for your podcast. Like, it would be neat to hear from TNG-era writers on their thoughts on Lower Decks, especially if Lower Decks has a bit that related to something that they wrote on TNG.

Great Podcast. I love the deep knowledge in Trek, as always. I agree that the best gag was when The Dog turned into that cube and the characters acted like it was no big deal.

And as a huge fan of both She-Ra and Star Trek, I appreciate that podcast link to M. Willis.