Destination Star Trek London Postponed Until 2021

One of the last remaining scheduled in-person events for 2020 has been postponed. This time it’s the official Star Trek convention in London.

DST London moves to 2021

Massive Events, who runs the official Star Trek conventions in Europe, announced today that this year’s Destination Star Trek London will not take place as planned in November. The new dates for the UK Star Trek Event are November 12-14 2021. This follows last month’s announcement that Destination Star Trek Germany has moved from October 2020 to June 2021.

The official announcement cites the “ongoing situation with COVID-19” as the reason for the postponement. “We hope you understand that our most important consideration is your health and safety and at the moment there is just no way to bring you the event that you deserve and ensure you are safe at it,” said the announcement to attendees.

The 2020 event had the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager as its focus with a planned reunion of the cast, and this will still be the case for the 2021 event. According to the statement, “We still plan to center it around Voyager’s anniversary, since it’s not fair that we were not all able to celebrate it properly this year and we know they are still really looking forward to seeing you, as you are them!”

Tickets for the Destination Star Trek 2020 can be used for the 2021 event. For those who cannot make the new date, you’ll get a voucher that can be used for any Destination Star Trek event in Germany or the UK or on any DST product up until December 2022. Vouchers not used by that date can be exchanged for a refund. (Get more details  at

STLV still scheduled for December

In the USA, the official Star Trek Las Vegas convention is still set for December 9-13, rescheduled from its usual time in August. Creation Entertainment held its last in-person event in March and has postponed all 2020 events through to November. As of now, the only event still on the 2020 schedule is STLV in December.

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Shame. I had a blast, last year

Vegas will be postponed, as well.

No, President Trump’s Warp Speed vaccine should be in place by then.

Too bad, but I guess not really unexpected. The reason why sports like the NHL, NBA and MLB want to get their playoffs done by sometime in October is because many expect the pandemic to return full force with the cooler weather. Even north of the border where our numbers and casualties have been pretty low over the past 2-3 months, the case numbers are on the rise again with Toronto reporting about 250-350 new cases per day over the past few days. Most of the summer we saw less than 50 new cases per day in the city.
Hopefully they are able to somehow keep S4 Discovery production going, but of course health and safety will be the determining factor. Does anyone have a production update regarding S2 of Picard?

Does anyone have a production update regarding S2 of Picard?

In the Frakes interview he says something about maybe starting in January. But nothing seems to be set in stone.

Thanks, I will be reading that story now.

Just cancel the rest of 2020 and stop giving us false hope! We know nothing will be safe until next year anyway, might as well just scrap anything else for this year. I think we can wait.